Cryptology ePrint Archive: Listing for 2016

2016/1196 ( PDF )
MASCAT: Stopping Microarchitectural Attacks Before Execution
Gorka Irazoqui and Thomas Eisenbarth and Berk Sunar
2016/1195 ( PDF )
Constant-Time Callees with Variable-Time Callers
Cesar Pereida Garcïa and Billy Bob Brumley
2016/1194 ( PDF )
Efficient Encryption from Random Quasi-Cyclic Codes
Carlos Aguilar and Olivier Blazy and Jean-Christophe Deneuville and Philippe Gaborit and Gilles Zémor
2016/1193 ( PDF )
The Secret Processor Will Go to The Ball: Benchmark Insider-Proof Encrypted Computing
P.T. Breuer and J.P. Bowen and E. Palomar and Z. Liu
2016/1192 ( PDF )
Non-Malleable Codes with Split-State Refresh
Antonio Faonio and Jesper Buus Nielsen
2016/1191 ( PDF )
On the Security of Practical and Complete Homomorphic Encrypted Computation
P.T. Breuer and J.P. Bowen
2016/1190 ( PDF )
Equivocating Yao: Constant-Round Adaptively Secure Multiparty Computation in the Plain Model
Ran Canetti and Oxana Poburinnaya and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2016/1189 ( PDF )
On the Bit Security of Elliptic Curve Diffie--Hellman
Barak Shani
2016/1188 ( PDF )
Farfalle: parallel permutation-based cryptography
Guido Bertoni and Joan Daemen and Seth Hoffert and Michaël Peeters and Gilles Van Assche and Ronny Van Keer
2016/1187 ( PDF )
Computing Optimal Ate Pairings on Elliptic Curves with Embedding Degree $9,15$ and $27$
Emmanuel Fouotsa and Nadia El Mrabet and Aminatou Pecha
2016/1186 ( PDF )
On the Complexity of Breaking Pseudoentropy
Maciej Skorski
2016/1185 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Digital Signature Scheme Based On Supersingular Isogeny Problem
Kisoon Yoon, Jihoon Kwon, and Suhri Kim
2016/1184 ( PDF )
Bitcoin Private Key Locked Transactions
Sergi Delgado-Segura and Cristina Pérez-Solà and Jordi Herrera-Joancomartí and Guillermo Navarro-Arribas
2016/1183 ( PDF )
Some Results on the Known Classes of Quadratic APN Functions
Lilya Budaghyan and Tor Helleseth and Nian Li and Bo Sun
2016/1182 ( PDF )
Public Key Encryption with Equality Test in the Standard Model
Hyung Tae Lee and San Ling and Jae Hong Seo and Huaxiong Wang and Taek-Young Youn
2016/1181 ( PDF )
New Impossible Differential Search Tool from Design and Cryptanalysis Aspects
Yu Sasaki and Yosuke Todo
2016/1180 ( -- withdrawn -- )
How to Meet Big Data When Private Set Intersection Realizes Constatnt Communication Complexity
Sumit Kumar Debnath and Ratna Dutta
2016/1179 ( PDF )
Updatable Functional Encryption
Afonso Arriaga and Vincenzo Iovino and Qiang Tang
2016/1178 ( PDF )
Implementing and Proving the TLS 1.3 Record Layer
Karthikeyan Bhargavan and Antoine Delignat-Lavaud and Cédric Fournet and Markulf Kohlweiss and Jianyang Pan and Jonathan Protzenko and Aseem Rastogi and Nikhil Swamy and Santiago Zanella-Béguelin and Jean Karim Zinzindohoué
2016/1177 ( PDF )
Efficient Slide Attacks
Achiya Bar-On and Eli Biham and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller
2016/1176 ( PDF )
Leakage of Signal function with reused keys in RLWE key exchange
Jintai Ding and Saed Alsayigh and Saraswathy RV and Scott Fluhrer and Xiaodong Lin
2016/1175 ( PDF )
On the Security Notions for Homomorphic Signatures
Dario Catalano and Dario Fiore and Luca Nizzardo
2016/1174 ( PDF )
Revisiting Full-PRF-Secure PMAC and Using It for Beyond-Birthday Authenticated Encryption
Eik List and Mridul Nandi
2016/1173 ( PDF )
Construction of Lightweight MDS Matrices over the Matrix Polynomial Residue Ring
Lijing Zhou, Licheng Wang and Yiru Sun
2016/1172 ( PDF )
On the Provable Security of the Tweakable Even-Mansour Cipher Against Multi-Key and Related-Key Attacks
Ping Zhang and Honggang Hu
2016/1171 ( PDF )
A Salad of Block Ciphers
Roberto Avanzi
2016/1170 ( PDF )
Impossible-Differential and Boomerang Cryptanalysis of Round-Reduced Kiasu-BC
Christoph Dobraunig and Eik List
2016/1169 ( PDF )
LWE from Non-commutative Group Rings
Qi Cheng and Jun Zhang and Jincheng Zhuang
2016/1168 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Generic Zero-Knowledge and Multivariate Quadratic Systems
Alan Szepieniec and Bart Preneel
2016/1167 ( PDF )
Mobile Commerce: Secure Multi-party Computation & Financial Cryptography
Sumit Chakraborty
2016/1166 ( PDF )
Group key exchange protocols withstanding ephemeral-key reveals
Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco and Angel L. Perez del Pozo and Adriana Suarez Corona
2016/1165 ( PDF )
Efficient Transparent Redactable Signatures with a Single Signature Invocation
Stuart Haber and William Horne and Miaomiao Zhang
2016/1164 ( PDF )
Attacking FHE-based applications by software fault injections
Ilaria Chillotti and Nicolas Gama and Louis Goubin
2016/1163 ( PDF )
Using Fully Homomorphic Encryption for Statistical Analysis of Categorical, Ordinal and Numerical Data
Wen-jie Lu and Shohei Kawasaki and Jun Sakuma
2016/1162 ( PDF )
Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks on Classes of Contracting and Expanding Feistel Constructions
Jian Guo and Jérémy Jean and Ivica Nikolic and Yu Sasaki
2016/1161 ( PDF )
Impossible Differential Attack on Simpira v2
Rui Zong and Xiaoyang Dong and Xiaoyun Wang
2016/1160 ( PDF )
Meet-in-the-Middle Attack on QARMA Block Cipher
Rui Zong and Xiaoyang Dong
2016/1159 ( PDF )
SPECTRE: A Fast and Scalable Cryptocurrency Protocol
Yonatan Sompolinsky and Yoad Lewenberg and Aviv Zohar
2016/1158 ( PDF )
Activate Later Certificates for V2X -- Combining ITS efficiency with privacy
Eric R. Verheul
2016/1157 ( PDF )
NewHope without reconciliation
Erdem Alkim and Léo Ducas and Thomas Pöppelmann and Peter Schwabe
2016/1156 ( PDF )
Scripting smart contracts for distributed ledger technology
Pablo Lamela Seijas and Simon Thompson and Darryl McAdams
2016/1155 ( PDF )
Comparative Study of Various Approximations to the Covariance Matrix in Template Attacks
Mathias Wagner and Yongbo Hu and Chen Zhang and Yeyang Zheng
2016/1154 ( PDF )
Identification Protocols and Signature Schemes Based on Supersingular Isogeny Problems
Steven D. Galbraith and Christophe Petit and Javier Silva
2016/1153 ( PDF )
Attacks against search Poly-LWE
Momonari Kudo
2016/1152 ( PDF )
Leak Me If You Can: Does TVLA Reveal Success Rate?
Debapriya Basu Roy and Shivam Bhasin and Sylvain Guilley and Annelie Heuser and Sikhar Patranabis and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2016/1151 ( PDF )
A Novel Multi-factor ID-based Designated Verifier Signature scheme
Mike Scott
2016/1150 ( PDF )
Simple Homomorphisms of Cocks IBE and Applications
Rio LaVigne
2016/1149 ( PDF )
Exploiting Safe Error based Leakage of RFID Authentication Protocol using Hardware Trojan Horse
Krishna Bagadia and Urbi Chatterjee and Debapriya Basu Roy and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Rajat Subhra Chakraborty
2016/1148 ( PDF )
Splinter: Practical Private Queries on Public Data
Frank Wang and Catherine Yun and Shafi Goldwasser and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Matei Zaharia
2016/1147 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of a certificateless aggregate signature scheme
Nasrollah Pakniat, Mahnaz Noroozi
2016/1146 ( PDF )
Preventing Adaptive Key Recovery Attacks on the Gentry-Sahai-Waters Leveled Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
Zengpeng Li and Steven D. Galbraith and Chunguang Ma
2016/1145 ( PDF )
Evolving S-Boxes with Reduced Differential Power Analysis Susceptibility
Merrielle Spain and Mayank Varia
2016/1144 ( PDF )
Private Projections & Variants
Xavier Carpent and Sky Faber and Tomas Sander and Gene Tsudik
2016/1143 ( PDF )
Ciphertext and Plaintext Leakage Reveals the Entire TDES Key
Yongbo Hu and Chen Zhang and Yeyang Zheng and Mathias Wagner
2016/1142 ( PDF )
New construction of single-cycle T-function families
Shiyi ZHANG and Yongjuan WANG and Guangpu GAO
2016/1141 ( PDF )
An Oblivious Parallel RAM with $O(\log^2 N)$ Parallel Runtime Blowup
Kartik Nayak and Jonathan Katz
2016/1140 ( PDF )
Attribute Based Encryption: Traitor Tracing, Revocation and Fully Security on Prime Order Groups
Xiaoyi Li and Kaitai Liang and Zhen Liu and Duncan S. Wong
2016/1139 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Comments on “Flaw in the Security Analysis of Leakage-resilient Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol from CT-RSA 2016 and Restoring the Security Proof”
Rongmao Chen and Yi Mu and Guomin Yang and Willy Susilo and Fuchun Guo
2016/1138 ( PDF )
Pairing Cryptography Meets Isogeny: A New Framework of Isogenous Pairing Groups
Takeshi Koshiba and Katsuyuki Takashima
2016/1137 ( PDF )
New Impossible Differential Characteristic of SPECK64 using MILP
HoChang Lee, HyungChul Kang, Deukjo Hong, Jaechul Sung, Seokhie Hong
2016/1136 ( PDF )
Cryptography During the French and American Wars in Vietnam
Phan Duong Hieu and Neal Koblitz
2016/1135 ( PDF )
Static Power Side-Channel Analysis of a Threshold Implementation Prototype Chip
Thorben Moos and Amir Moradi and Bastian Richter
2016/1134 ( PDF )
Privacy-preserving Hybrid Recommender System
Qiang Tang and Husen Wang
2016/1133 ( PDF )
Implementing Complete Formulas on Weierstrass Curves in Hardware
Pedro Maat C. Massolino and Joost Renes and Lejla Batina
2016/1132 ( PDF )
Some results on ACORN
Dibyendu Roy and Sourav Mukhopadhyay
2016/1131 ( PDF )
New construction of single cycle T-function families
Shiyi ZHANG and Yongjuan WANG and Guangpu GAO
2016/1130 ( PDF )
Are RNGs Achilles’ heel of RFID Security and Privacy Protocols ?
Atakan Arslan and Suleyman Kardas and Sultan Aldirmaz and Sarp Erturk
2016/1129 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Certificateless Public Key Encryption with Equality Test
Xi-Jun Lin, Zhen Yan, Qi Zhang and Haipeng Qu
2016/1128 ( PDF )
Modifying Shor’s algorithm to compute short discrete logarithms
Martin Ekerå
2016/1127 ( PDF )
Related-Key Impossible-Differential Attack on Reduced-Round SKINNY
Ralph Ankele and Subhadeep Banik and Avik Chakraborti and Eik List and Florian Mendel and Siang Meng Sim and Gaoli Wang
2016/1126 ( PDF )
Lizard: Cut off the Tail! Practical Post-Quantum Public-Key Encryption from LWE and LWR
Jung Hee Cheon and Duhyeong Kim and Joohee Lee and Yongsoo Song
2016/1125 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Estonian Voting Verification Mechanism Revisited
Koksal Mus and Mehmet Sabir Kiraz and Murat Cenk and Isa Sertkaya
2016/1124 ( PDF )
Integrity Analysis of Authenticated Encryption Based on Stream Ciphers
Kazuya Imamura and Kazuhiko Minematsu and Tetsu Iwata
2016/1123 ( PDF )
Dude, is my code constant time?
Oscar Reparaz and Josep Balasch and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2016/1122 ( PDF )
Quantum Key Recycling with eight-state encoding (The Quantum One Time Pad is more interesting than we thought)
B. Skoric and M. de Vries
2016/1121 ( PDF )
Insecurity of RCB: Leakage-Resilient Authenticated Encryption
Farzaneh abed and Francesco Berti and Stefan Lucks
2016/1120 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Reduced round SKINNY Block Cipher
Sadegh Sadeghi and Tahere Mohammadi and Nasour Bagheri
2016/1119 ( PDF )
A Code-Based Group Signature Scheme
Quentin Alamélou and Olivier Blazy and Stéphane Cauchie and Philippe Gaborit
2016/1118 ( PDF )
Designing Optimal Implementations of Linear Layers (Full Version)
Ruoxin Zhao and Baofeng Wu and Rui Zhang and Qian Zhang
2016/1117 ( PDF )
Privacy-friendly Forecasting for the Smart Grid using Homomorphic Encryption and the Group Method of Data Handling
Joppe W. Bos and Wouter Castryck and and Ilia Iliashenko and Frederik Vercauteren
2016/1116 ( PDF )
Evaluating Entropy for TRNGs: Efficient, Robust and Provably Secure
Maciej Skorski
2016/1115 ( PDF )
Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round SKINNY
Mohamed Tolba and Ahmed Abdelkhalek and Amr M. Youssef
2016/1114 ( PDF )
Full Disk Encryption: Bridging Theory and Practice
Louiza Khati and Nicky Mouha and Damien Vergnaud
2016/1113 ( PDF )
Efficient Construction of Visual Cryptographic Scheme for Compartmented Access Structures
Sabyasachi Dutta and Tamal Bhore and Avishek Adhikari
2016/1112 ( PDF )
Direct construction of quasi-involutory recursive-like MDS matrices from $2$-cyclic codes
Victor Cauchois and Pierre Loidreau and Nabil Merkiche
2016/1111 ( PDF )
Hiding Higher-Order Side-Channel Leakage - Randomizing Cryptographic Implementations in Reconfigurable Hardware
Pascal Sasdrich and Amir Moradi and Tim Güneysu
2016/1110 ( PDF )
Efficient Post-Quantum Zero-Knowledge and Signatures
Steven Goldfeder and Melissa Chase and Greg Zaverucha
2016/1109 ( PDF )
Practical CCA2-Secure and Masked Ring-LWE Implementation
Tobias Oder and Tobias Schneider and Thomas Pöppelmann and Tim Güneysu
2016/1108 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of SKINNY under Related-Tweakey Settings
Guozhen Liu and Mohona Ghosh and Ling Song
2016/1107 ( PDF )
Magic Adversaries Versus Individual Reduction: Science Wins Either Way
Yi Deng
2016/1106 ( PDF )
Functional Encryption for Quadratic Functions, and Applications to Predicate Encryption
Romain Gay
2016/1105 ( PDF )
Generic Transformations of Predicate Encodings: Constructions and Applications
Miguel Ambrona and Gilles Barthe and Benedikt Schmidt
2016/1104 ( PDF )
Practical Functional Encryption for Bilinear Forms
Carmen Elisabetta Zaira Baltico and Dario Catalano and Dario Fiore
2016/1103 ( PDF )
A Fast Single-Key Two-Level Universal Hash Function
Debrup Chakraborty and Sebati Ghosh and Palash Sarkar
2016/1102 ( PDF )
Challenges with Assessing the Impact of NFS Advances on the Security of Pairing-based Cryptography
Alfred Menezes and Palash Sarkar and Shashank Singh
2016/1101 ( PDF )
MILP-Aided Bit-Based Division Property for ARX-Based Block Cipher
Ling Sun, Wei Wang, Ru Liu, Meiqin Wang
2016/1100 ( PDF )
Pseudoentropic Isometries: A New Framework for Fuzzy Extractor Reusability
Quentin Alamélou and Paul-Edmond Berthier and Chloé Cachet and Stéphane Cauchie and Benjamin Fuller and Philippe Gaborit and Sailesh Simhadri
2016/1099 ( PDF )
Improved Parameters for the Ring-TESLA Digital Signature Scheme
Arjun Chopra
2016/1098 ( PDF )
Multi-key Analysis of Tweakable Even-Mansour with Applications to Minalpher and OPP
Zhiyuan Guo and Wenling Wu and Renzhang Liu and Liting Zhang
2016/1097 ( PDF )
Projective Arithmetic Functional Encryption and Indistinguishability Obfuscation From Degree-5 Multilinear Maps
Prabhanjan Ananth and Amit Sahai
2016/1096 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation from SXDH on 5-Linear Maps and Locality-5 PRGs
Huijia Lin
2016/1095 ( PDF )
Improved Key Recovery Algorithms from Noisy RSA Secret Keys with Analog Noise
Noboru Kunihiro and Yuki Takahashi
2016/1094 ( PDF )
New Revocable IBE in Prime-Order Groups: Adaptively Secure, Decryption Key Exposure Resistant, and with Short Public Parameters
Yohei Watanabe and Keita Emura and Jae Hong Seo
2016/1093 ( PDF )
Energy Optimization of Unrolled Block Ciphers using Combinational Checkpointing
Siva Nishok Dhanuskodi and Daniel Holcomb
2016/1092 ( PDF )
Parametrizations for Families of ECM-friendly curves
Alexandre Gélin and Thorsten Kleinjung and Arjen K. Lenstra
2016/1091 ( PDF )
On the Entropy of Oscillator-Based True Random Number Generators
Yuan Ma and Jingqiang Lin and Jiwu Jing
2016/1090 ( PDF )
OleF: An Inverse-Free Online Cipher
Ritam Bhaumik and Mridul Nandi
2016/1089 ( PDF )
Homomorphic-Policy Attribute-Based Key Encapsulation Mechanisms
Jérémy Chotard and Duong Hieu Phan and David Pointcheval
2016/1088 ( PDF )
How to infinitely share a secret more efficiently
Anat Paskin-Cherniavsky
2016/1087 ( PDF )
CENC is Optimally Secure
Tetsu Iwata and Bart Mennink and Damian Vizár
2016/1086 ( PDF )
An Attribute-Based Anonymous Broadcast Encryption Scheme with Adaptive Security in the Standard Model
Reyhaneh Rabaninejad and Mohammad Hassan Ameri and Mahshid Delavar and Javad Mohajeri
2016/1085 ( PDF )
Digital Signatures from Symmetric-Key Primitives
David Derler and Claudio Orlandi and Sebastian Ramacher and Christian Rechberger and Daniel Slamanig
2016/1084 ( PDF )
Circuit OPRAM: Unifying Statistically and Computationally Secure ORAMs and OPRAMs
T-H. Hubert Chan and Elaine Shi
2016/1083 ( PDF )
Constructions Secure against Receiver Selective Opening and Chosen Ciphertext Attacks
Dingding Jia and Xianhui Lu and Bao Li
2016/1082 ( PDF )
My traces learn what you did in the dark: recovering secret signals without key guesses
Si Gao and Hua Chen and Wenling Wu and Limin Fan and Weiqiong Cao and Xiangliang Ma
2016/1081 ( PDF )
Attacks to a proxy-mediated key agreement protocol based on symmetric encryption
David Nuñez, and Isaac Agudo, and Javier Lopez
2016/1080 ( PDF )
Does Coupling Affect the Security of Masked Implementations?
Thomas De Cnudde and Begül Bilgin and Benedikt Gierlichs and Ventzislav Nikov and Svetla Nikova and Vincent Rijmen
2016/1079 ( PDF )
Revisiting the Cubic UOV Signature Scheme
Dung Hoang Duong and Takanori Yasuda and Albrecht Petzoldt and Yacheng Wang and Tsuyoshi Takagi
2016/1078 ( PDF )
Construction of $n$-variable ($n\equiv 2 \bmod 4$) balanced Boolean functions with maximum absolute value in autocorrelation spectra $< 2^{\frac n2}$
Deng Tang and Subhamoy Maitra
2016/1077 ( PDF )
Blurry-ORAM: A Multi-Client Oblivious Storage Architecture
N. P. Karvelas and Andreas Peter and Stefan Katzenbeisser
2016/1076 ( PDF )
A Note on Quantum-Secure PRPs
Mark Zhandry
2016/1075 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Simple Matrix Scheme for Encryption
Gu Chunsheng
2016/1074 ( PDF )
Side-Channel Plaintext-Recovery Attacks on Leakage-Resilient Encryption
Thomas Unterluggauer and Mario Werner and Stefan Mangard
2016/1073 ( PDF )
Linking-Based Revocation for Group Signatures: A Pragmatic Approach for Efficient Revocation Checks
Daniel Slamanig and Raphael Spreitzer and Thomas Unterluggauer
2016/1072 ( PDF )
Game-Theoretic Security for Two-Party Protocols
Haruna Higo and Keisuke Tanaka and Akihiro Yamada and Kenji Yasunaga
2016/1071 ( PDF )
Iron: Functional Encryption using Intel SGX
Ben A. Fisch, Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy, Dan Boneh, Sergey Gorbunov
2016/1070 ( PDF )
Preventing CLT Attacks on Obfuscation with Linear Overhead
Rex Fernando and Peter M. R. Rasmussen and Amit Sahai
2016/1069 ( PDF )
Constant Round Maliciously Secure 2PC with Function-independent Preprocessing using LEGO
Jesper Buus Nielsen and Thomas Schneider and Roberto Trifiletti
2016/1068 ( PDF )
On Finding Short Cycles in Cryptographic Algorithms
Elena Dubrova and Maxim Teslenko
2016/1067 ( PDF )
Scalable Bias-Resistant Distributed Randomness
Ewa Syta and Philipp Jovanovic and Eleftherios Kokoris Kogias and Nicolas Gailly and Linus Gasser and Ismail Khoffi and Michael J. Fischer and Bryan Ford
2016/1066 ( PDF )
Optimizing Semi-Honest Secure Multiparty Computation for the Internet
Aner Ben-Efraim and Yehuda Lindell and Eran Omri
2016/1065 ( PDF )
Revisiting the Efficient Key Generation of ZHFE
Yasuhiko Ikematsu and Dung H. Duong and Albrecht Petzoldt and Tsuyoshi Takagi
2016/1064 ( PDF )
Signer-Anonymous Designated-Verifier Redactable Signatures for Cloud-Based Data Sharing
David Derler and Stephan Krenn and Daniel Slamanig
2016/1063 ( PDF )
Authenticated LSM Trees with Minimal Trust
Yuzhe (Richard) Tang and Ju Chen and Kai Li
2016/1062 ( PDF )
Catena: Efficient Non-equivocation via Bitcoin
Alin Tomescu and Srinivas Devadas
2016/1061 ( PDF )
Changing of the Guards: a simple and efficient method for achieving uniformity in threshold sharing
Joan Daemen
2016/1060 ( PDF )
On Analyzing Program Behavior Under Fault Injection Attacks
Jakub Breier
2016/1059 ( PDF )
The INT-RUP Security of OCB with Intermediate (Parity) Checksum
Ping Zhang, Peng Wang, and Honggang Hu
2016/1058 ( PDF )
Ring-LWE Ciphertext Compression and Error Correction: Tools for Lightweight Post-Quantum Cryptography
Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen
2016/1057 ( PDF )
Secure Multiparty Computation from SGX
Raad Bahmani and Manuel Barbosa and Ferdinand Brasser and Bernardo Portela and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Guillaume Scerri and Bogdan Warinschi
2016/1056 ( PDF )
A Tool Kit for Partial Key Exposure Attacks on RSA
Atsushi Takayasu and Noboru Kunihiro
2016/1055 ( PDF )
A Practical Post-Quantum Public-Key Cryptosystem Based on spLWE
Jung Hee Cheon, Kyoo Hyung Han, Jinsu Kim, Changmin Lee, and Yongha Son
2016/1054 ( PDF )
SilentWhispers: Enforcing Security and Privacy in Decentralized Credit Networks
Giulio Malavolta and Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Aniket Kate and Matteo Maffei
2016/1053 ( PDF )
SAT-based Cryptanalysis of Authenticated Ciphers from the CAESAR Competition
Ashutosh Dhar Dwivedi and Miloš Klouček and Pawel Morawiecki and Ivica Nikolic̈ and Josef Pieprzyk and Sebastian Wöjtowicz
2016/1052 ( PDF )
Hickory Hash(TM): Implementing an Instance of an Algebraic Eraser(TM) Hash Function on an MSP430 Microcontroller
Iris Anshel and Derek Atkins and Dorian Goldfeld and Paul E Gunnells
2016/1051 ( PDF )
Super-Strong RKA Secure MAC, PKE and SE from Tag-based Hash Proof System
Shuai Han and Shengli Liu and Lin Lyu
2016/1050 ( PDF )
Cryptographic decoding of the Leech lattice
Alex van Poppelen
2016/1049 ( PDF )
Randomized stopping times and provably secure pseudorandom permutation generators
Michal Kulis and Pawel Lorek and Filip Zagorski
2016/1048 ( PDF )
The Bitcoin Backbone Protocol with Chains of Variable Difficulty
Juan A. Garay and Aggelos Kiayias and Nikos Leonardos
2016/1047 ( PDF )
IoT Goes Nuclear: Creating a ZigBee Chain Reaction
Eyal Ronen and Colin O’Flynn and Adi Shamir and Achi-Or Weingarten
2016/1046 ( PDF )
Efficient Finite field multiplication for isogeny based post quantum cryptography
Angshuman karmakar and Sujoy Sinha Roy and Frederik Vercauteren and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2016/1045 ( PDF )
On Fast Calculation of Addition Chains for Isogeny-Based Cryptography
Brian Koziel, Reza Azarderakhsh, David Jao, and Mehran Mozaffari-Kermani
2016/1044 ( PDF )
Fast Hardware Architectures for Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange on FPGA
Brian Koziel, Reza Azarderakhsh, Mehran Mozaffari Kermani
2016/1043 ( PDF )
Concurrently Composable Security With Shielded Super-polynomial Simulators
Brandon Broadnax and Nico Döttling and Gunnar Hartung and Jörn Müller-Quade and Matthias Nagel
2016/1042 ( PDF )
"Oops, I did it again" -- Security of One-Time Signatures under Two-Message Attacks
Leon Groot Bruinderink and Andreas Hülsing
2016/1041 ( PDF )
XDedup: Efficient Provably-Secure Cross-User Chunk-Level Client-Side Deduplicated Cloud Storage of Encrypted Data
Chia-Mu Yu
2016/1040 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Semi-Honest Secure Multiparty Computation Can Be Insecure by Using Secure Pseudorandom Generators
Koji Nuida
2016/1039 ( PDF )
A Fiat-Shamir Implementation Note
Simon Cogliani and Rémi Géraud and David Naccache
2016/1038 ( PDF )
An Efficient Non-Interactive Multi-client Searchable Encryption with Support for Boolean Queries
Shi-Feng Sun, Joseph K. Liu, Amin Sakzad, Ron Steinfeld, Tsz Hon Yuen
2016/1037 ( PDF )
Apollo - End-to-end Verifiable Internet Voting with Recovery from Vote Manipulation
Dawid Gawel and Maciej Kosarzecki and Poorvi L. Vora and Hua Wu and Filip Zagorski
2016/1036 ( PDF )
Direct Construction of Lightweight Rotational-XOR MDS Diffusion Layers
Zhiyuan Guo and Renzhang Liu and Wenling Wu and Dongdai Lin
2016/1035 ( PDF )
Improved Estimation of Collision Entropy in High and Low-Entropy Regimes and Applications to Anomaly Detection
Maciej Skorski
2016/1034 ( PDF )
Significantly Improved Multi-bit Differentials for Reduced Round Salsa and ChaCha
Arka Rai Choudhuri and Subhamoy Maitra
2016/1033 ( PDF )
Decentralized Anonymous Micropayments
Alessandro Chiesa and Matthew Green and Jingcheng Liu and Peihan Miao and Ian Miers and Pratyush Mishra
2016/1032 ( PDF )
Efficient Covert Two-Party Computation
Stanislaw Jarecki
2016/1031 ( PDF )
A Multiplexer based Arbiter PUF Composition with Enhanced Reliability and Security
Durga Prasad Sahoo, Debdeep Mukhopadhyay, Rajat Subhra Chakraborty, Phuong Ha Nguyen
2016/1030 ( PDF )
Novel Inner Product Encryption Resistant to Partial Collusion Attacks
Yuqiao Deng, Ge Song
2016/1029 ( PDF )
Scalable Attribute-Based Encryption Under the Strictly Weaker Assumption Family
Yuqiao Deng, Ge Song
2016/1028 ( PDF )
Ratcheted Encryption and Key Exchange: The Security of Messaging
Mihir Bellare and Asha Camper Singh and Joseph Jaeger and Maya Nyayapati and Igors Stepanovs
2016/1027 ( PDF )
Formal Abstractions for Attested Execution Secure Processors
Rafael Pass and Elaine Shi and Florian Tramer
2016/1026 ( PDF )
Sharper Ring-LWE Signatures
Paulo S. L. M. Barreto and Patrick Longa and Michael Naehrig and Jefferson E. Ricardini and Gustavo Zanon
2016/1025 ( PDF )
An Algorithm for Counting the Number of $2^n$-Periodic Binary Sequences with Fixed $k$-Error Linear Complexity
Wenlun Pan and Zhenzhen Bao and Dongdai Lin and Feng Liu
2016/1024 ( PDF )
LDA-Based Clustering as a Side-Channel Distinguisher
Rauf Mahmudlu and Valentina Banciu and Lejla Batina and Ileana Buhan
2016/1023 ( PDF )
Constant-Time Higher-Order Boolean-to-Arithmetic Masking
Michael Hutter and Michael Tunstall
2016/1022 ( PDF )
Randomized Mixed-Radix Scalar Multiplication
Eleonora Guerrini and Laurent Imbert and Théo Winterhalter
2016/1021 ( PDF )
Cryptographic Randomness on a CC2538: a Case Study
Yan Yan and Elisabeth Oswald and Theo Tryfonas
2016/1020 ( PDF )
KDM Security for Identity-Based Encryption: Constructions and Separations
Yu Chen and Jiang Zhang and Yi Deng and Jinyong Chang
2016/1019 ( PDF )
Faster Homomorphic Evaluation of Discrete Fourier Transforms
Anamaria Costache and Nigel P. Smart and Srinivas Vivek
2016/1018 ( PDF )
IKP: Turning a PKI Around with Blockchains
Stephanos Matsumoto and Raphael M. Reischuk
2016/1017 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Key Exchange for the Internet and the Open Quantum Safe Project
Douglas Stebila and Michele Mosca
2016/1016 ( PDF )
Deterring Certificate Subversion: Efficient Double-Authentication-Preventing Signatures
Mihir Bellare and Bertram Poettering and Douglas Stebila
2016/1015 ( PDF )
MaxLength Considered Harmful to the RPKI
Yossi Gilad and Omar Sagga and Sharon Goldberg
2016/1014 ( PDF )
Revisiting and Extending the AONT-RS scheme: a Robust Computationally Secure Secret Sharing Scheme
Liqun Chen and Thalia M. Laing and Keith M. Martin
2016/1013 ( PDF )
A Formal Security Analysis of the Signal Messaging Protocol
Katriel Cohn-Gordon and Cas Cremers and Benjamin Dowling and Luke Garratt and Douglas Stebila
2016/1012 ( PDF )
Comment on "Attribute-Based Signatures for Supporting Anonymous Certification" by N. Kaaniche and M. Laurent (ESORICS 2016)
Damien Vergnaud
2016/1011 ( PDF )
Zeroizing Attacks on Indistinguishability Obfuscation over CLT13
Jean-Sébastien Coron and Moon Sung Lee and Tancrède Lepoint and Mehdi Tibouchi
2016/1010 ( PDF )
Are We There Yet? On RPKI's Deployment and Security
Yossi Gilad and Avichai Cohen and Amir Herzberg and Michael Schapira and Haya Shulman
2016/1009 ( PDF )
Efficient Resettably Secure Two-Party Computation
Tobias Nilges
2016/1008 ( PDF )
KP+ : Fixing Availability Issues on KP Ownership Transfer Protocols
Jorge Munilla
2016/1007 ( PDF )
A survey of attacks on Ethereum smart contracts
Nicola Atzei and Massimo Bartoletti and Tiziana Cimoli
2016/1006 ( PDF )
The Security of NTP’s Datagram Protocol
Aanchal Malhotra and Matthew Van Gundy and Mayank Varia and Haydn Kennedy and Jonathan Gardner and Sharon Goldberg
2016/1005 ( PDF )
Atomic-AES v2.0
Subhadeep Banik and Andrey Bogdanov and Francesco Regazzoni
2016/1004 ( PDF )
Private Circuits III: Hardware Trojan-Resilience via Testing Amplification
Stefan Dziembowski and Sebastian Faust and Francois-Xavier Standaert
2016/1003 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Indistinguishability Obfuscations of Circuits over GGH13
Daniel Apon and Nico Döttling and Sanjam Garg and Pratyay Mukherjee
2016/1002 ( PDF )
Decryption phase in Norwegian electronic voting
Anders Smedstuen Lund and Martin Strand
2016/1001 ( PDF )
Revisiting RC4 Key Collision: Faster Search Algorithm and New 22-byte Colliding Key Pairs
Amit Jana and Goutam Paul
2016/1000 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Solving Trapdoor Basis of Ideal Lattice from Public Basis
Yupu Hu and Zhizhu Lian and Jiangshan Chen
2016/999 ( PDF )
Indiscreet Logs: Persistent Diffie-Hellman Backdoors in TLS
Kristen Dorey and Nicholas Chang-Fong and Aleksander Essex
2016/998 ( PDF )
Cryptanalyses of Candidate Branching Program Obfuscators
Yilei Chen and Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi
2016/997 ( PDF )
More Efficient Commitments from Structured Lattice Assumptions
Carsten Baum and Ivan Damgård and Vadim Lyubashevsky and Sabine Oechsner and Chris Peikert
2016/996 ( PDF )
Leakage-Resilient and Misuse-Resistant Authenticated Encryption
Francesco Berti and François Koeune and Olivier Pereira and Thomas Peters and François-Xavier Standaert
2016/995 ( PDF )
Measuring small subgroup attacks against Diffie-Hellman
Luke Valenta and David Adrian and Antonio Sanso and Shaanan Cohney and Joshua Fried and Marcella Hastings and J. Alex Halderman and Nadia Heninger
2016/994 ( PDF )
Improving Authenticated Dynamic Dictionaries, with Applications to Cryptocurrencies
Leonid Reyzin and Dmitry Meshkov and Alexander Chepurnoy and Sasha Ivanov
2016/993 ( PDF )
Comparing Sboxes of Ciphers from the Perspective of Side-Channel Attacks
Liran Lerman and Olivier Markowitch and Nikita Veshchikov
2016/992 ( PDF )
Estimating the cost of generic quantum pre-image attacks on SHA-2 and SHA-3
Matthew Amy and Olivia Di Matteo and Vlad Gheorghiu and Michele Mosca and Alex Parent and John Schanck
2016/991 ( PDF )
Bootstrapping the Blockchain, with Applications to Consensus and Fast PKI Setup
Juan A. Garay and Aggelos Kiayias and Nikos Leonardos and Giorgos Panagiotakos
2016/990 ( PDF )
Revisiting the Wrong-Key-Randomization Hypothesis
Tomer Ashur and Tim Beyne and Vincent Rijmen
2016/989 ( PDF )
Scrypt is Maximally Memory-Hard
Joël Alwen and Binyi Chen and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Leonid Reyzin and Stefano Tessaro
2016/988 ( PDF )
Zero Knowledge Protocols from Succinct Constraint Detection
Eli Ben-Sasson and Alessandro Chiesa and Michael A. Forbes and Ariel Gabizon and Michael Riabzev and Nicholas Spooner
2016/987 ( PDF )
A Key to Success -- Success Exponents for Side-Channel Distinguishers
Sylvain Guilley and Annelie Heuser and Olivier Rioul
2016/986 ( PDF )
Fast Arithmetic Modulo $2^xp^y\pm 1$
Joppe W. Bos and Simon Friedberger
2016/985 ( PDF )
Hash First, Argue Later: Adaptive Verifiable Computations on Outsourced Data
Dario Fiore and Cédric Fournet and Esha Ghosh and Markulf Kohlweiss and Olga Ohrimenko and Bryan Parno
2016/984 ( PDF )
Design Strategies for ARX with Provable Bounds: SPARX and LAX (Full Version)
Daniel Dinu and Léo Perrin and Aleksei Udovenko and Vesselin Velichkov and Johann Großschädl and Alex Biryukov
2016/983 ( PDF )
Exact Security Analysis of Hash-then-Mask Type Probabilistic MAC Constructions
Avijit Dutta and Ashwin Jha and Mridul Nandi
2016/982 ( PDF )
Securing Systems with Scarce Entropy: LWE-Based Lossless Computational Fuzzy Extractor for the IoT
Christopher Huth and Daniela Becker and Jorge Guajardo and Paul Duplys and Tim Güneysu
2016/981 ( PDF )
Efficient No-dictionary Verifiable SSE
Wakaha Ogata and Kaoru Kurosawa
2016/980 ( PDF )
TruSpy: Cache Side-Channel Information Leakage from the Secure World on ARM Devices
Ning Zhang and Kun Sun and Deborah Shands and Wenjing Lou and Y. Thomas Hou
2016/979 ( PDF )
The Reason Why Some Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms Cannot Be Efficiently Implemented
Zhengjun Cao, Lihua Liu
2016/978 ( PDF )
Testing the Trustworthiness of IC Testing: An Oracle-less Attack on IC Camouflaging
Muhammad Yasin and Ozgur Sinanoglu and Jeyavijayan Rajendran
2016/977 ( PDF )
Side channels in deduplication: trade-offs between leakage and efficiency
Frederik Armknecht and Colin Boyd and Gareth T. Davies and Kristian Gjøsteen and Mohsen Toorani
2016/976 ( PDF )
On Adaptively Secure Multiparty Computation with a Short CRS
Ran Cohen and Chris Peikert
2016/975 ( PDF )
(Universal) Unconditional Verifiability in E-Voting without Trusted Parties
Gina Gallegos-Garcia and Vincenzo Iovino and Alfredo Rial and Peter B. Roenne and Peter Y. A. Ryan
2016/974 ( PDF )
Server-Aided Revocable Identity-Based Encryption from Lattices
Khoa Nguyen and Huaxiong Wang and Juanyang Zhang
2016/973 ( PDF )
Invariant Subspace Attack Against Midori64 and The Resistance Criteria for S-box Designs
Jian Guo and Jérémy Jean andIvica Nikolić and Kexin Qiao andYu Sasaki and Siang Meng Sim
2016/972 ( PDF )
Revealing Encryption for Partial Ordering
Helene Haagh and Yue Ji and Chenxing Li and Claudio Orlandi and and Yifan Song
2016/971 ( PDF )
Authenticated communication from Quantum Readout of PUFs
B. Skoric and P.W.H. Pinkse and A.P. Mosk
2016/970 ( PDF )
Statistical Analysis for Access-Driven Cache Attacks Against AES
Liwei Zhang and A. Adam Ding and Yunsi Fei and Zhen Hang Jiang
2016/969 ( PDF )
Garbling Gadgets for Boolean and Arithmetic Circuits
Marshall Ball and Tal Malkin and Mike Rosulek
2016/968 ( PDF )
System Clock and Power Supply Cross-Checking for Glitch Detection
Pei Luo and Chao Luo and Yunsi Fei
2016/967 ( PDF )
Faulty Clock Detection for Crypto Circuits Against Differential Fault Analysis Attack
Pei Luo and Yunsi Fei
2016/966 ( PDF )
High-speed VLSI implementation of Digit-serial Gaussian normal basis Multiplication over GF(2m)
Bahram Rashidi, Sayed Masoud Sayedi, Reza Rezaeian Farashahi
2016/965 ( PDF )
A Cryptographic Proof of Regularity Lemmas: Simpler Unified Proofs and Refined Bounds
Maciej Skorski
2016/964 ( PDF )
Practical low data-complexity subspace-trail cryptanalysis of round-reduced PRINCE
Lorenzo Grassi and Christian Rechberger
2016/963 ( PDF )
Efficient compression of SIDH public keys
Craig Costello and David Jao and Patrick Longa and Michael Naehrig and Joost Renes and David Urbanik
2016/962 ( PDF )
On Removing Graded Encodings from Functional Encryption
Nir Bitansky and Huijia Lin and Omer Paneth
2016/961 ( PDF )
A kilobit hidden SNFS discrete logarithm computation
Joshua Fried and Pierrick Gaudry and Nadia Heninger and Emmanuel Thomé
2016/960 ( PDF )
Quantum-Secure Symmetric-Key Cryptography Based on Hidden Shifts
Gorjan Alagic and Alexander Russell
2016/959 ( PDF )
Impossibility of Simulation Secure Functional Encryption Even with Random Oracles
Shashank Agrawal and Venkata Koppula and Brent Waters
2016/958 ( PDF )
SafeDeflate: compression without leaking secrets
Michał Zieliński
2016/957 ( PDF )
Computing generator in cyclotomic integer rings
Thomas Espitau and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Alexandre Gélin and Paul Kirchner
2016/956 ( PDF )
Two Simple Composition Theorems with H-coefficients
Jacques Patarin
2016/955 ( PDF )
Constant-deposit multiparty lotteries on Bitcoin
Massimo Bartoletti and Roberto Zunino
2016/954 ( PDF )
Improving the lower bound on the maximum nonlinearity of 1-resilient Boolean functions and designing functions satisfying all cryptographic criteria
WeiGuo Zhang and Enes Pasalic
2016/953 ( PDF )
Collusion-Resistant Broadcast Encryption with Tight Reductions and Beyond
Linfeng Zhou
2016/952 ( PDF )
ISAP -- Towards Side-Channel Secure Authenticated Encryption
Christoph Dobraunig and Maria Eichlseder and Stefan Mangard and Florian Mendel and Thomas Unterluggauer
2016/951 ( PDF )
Revisiting Covert Multiparty Computation
Geoffroy Couteau
2016/950 ( PDF )
Orthogonalized Lattice Enumeration for Solving SVP
Zhongxiang Zheng and Xiaoyun Wang and Guangwu Xu and Yang Yu
2016/949 ( PDF )
Functional Encryption for Computational Hiding in Prime Order Groups via Pair Encodings
Jongkil Kim and Willy Susilo and Fuchun Guo and Man Ho Au
2016/948 ( PDF )
Secure Computation in Online Social Networks
Foteini Baldimtsi and Dimitrios Papadopoulos and Stavros Papadopoulos and Alessandra Scafuro and Nikos Triandopoulos
2016/947 ( PDF )
Isogeny graphs of ordinary abelian varieties
Ernest Hunter Brooks and Dimitar Jetchev and Benjamin Wesolowski
2016/946 ( PDF )
Bitsliced Masking and ARM: Friends or Foes?
Wouter de Groot and Kostas Papagiannopoulos and Antonio de La Piedra and Erik Schneider and Lejla Batina
2016/945 ( PDF )
High throughput in slices: the case of PRESENT, PRINCE and KATAN64 ciphers
Kostas Papapagiannopoulos
2016/944 ( PDF )
High-Throughput Secure Three-Party Computation for Malicious Adversaries and an Honest Majority
Jun Furukawa and Yehuda Lindell and Ariel Nof and Or Weinstein
2016/943 ( PDF )
Stadium: A Distributed Metadata-Private Messaging System
Nirvan Tyagi and Yossi Gilad and Derek Leung and Matei Zaharia and Nickolai Zeldovich
2016/942 ( PDF )
Optimizing Secure Computation Programs with Private Conditionals
Peeter Laud and Alisa Pankova
2016/941 ( PDF )
A New Class of Differentially 4-uniform Permutations from the Inverse Function
Jian Bai and Dingkang Wang
2016/940 ( PDF )
Fast Actively Secure OT Extension for Short Secrets
Arpita Patra and Pratik Sarkar and Ajith Suresh
2016/939 ( PDF )
Key Reconciliation Protocols for Error Correction of Silicon PUF Responses
Brice Colombier and Lilian Bossuet, and David Hély and Viktor Fischer
2016/938 ( PDF )
Kummer for Genus One over Prime Order Fields
Sabyasachi Karati and Palash Sarkar
2016/937 ( PDF )
A Comparative S-Index in Factoring RSA Modulus via Lucas Sequences
Nur Azman Abu and Shekh Faisal Abdul-Latip and Muhammad Rezal Kamel Ariffin
2016/936 ( PDF )
Linear Complexity of Designs based on Coordinate Sequences of LRS and on Digital Sequences of Matrix/Skew LRS Coordinate Sequences over Galois Ring
Vadim N. Tsypyschev
2016/935 ( PDF )
Concealing Secrets in Embedded Processors Designs
Hannes Gross and Manuel Jelinek and Stefan Mangard and Thomas Unterluggauer and Mario Werner
2016/934 ( PDF )
Cryptography with Updates
Prabhanjan Ananth and Aloni Cohen and Abhishek Jain
2016/933 ( PDF )
Actively Secure 1-out-of-N OT Extension with Application to Private Set Intersection
Michele Orrù and Emmanuela Orsini and Peter Scholl
2016/932 ( PDF )
Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying: On Verifying Software Encoding Schemes' Resistance to Fault Injection Attacks
Jakub Breier and Dirmanto Jap and Shivam Bhasin
2016/931 ( PDF )
Feeding Two Cats with One Bowl: On Designing a Fault and Side-Channel Resistant Software Encoding Scheme (Extended Version)
Jakub Breier and Xiaolu Hou
2016/930 ( PDF )
Scalable Private Set Intersection Based on OT Extension
Benny Pinkas and Thomas Schneider and Michael Zohner
2016/929 ( PDF )
A Generalized Ideal Secret Sharing Scheme
Tanujay Sha
2016/928 ( PDF )
The complexity of the connected graph access structure on seven participants
Massoud Hadian Dehkordi and Ali Safi
2016/927 ( PDF )
Atomic-AES: A Compact Implementation of the AES Encryption/Decryption Core
Subhadeep Banik and Andrey Bogdanov and Francesco Regazzoni
2016/926 ( PDF )
LIZARD - A Lightweight Stream Cipher for Power-constrained Devices
Matthias Hamann and Matthias Krause and Willi Meier
2016/925 ( PDF )
Secure Channel Injection and Anonymous Proofs of Account Ownership
Liang Wang and Rafael Pass and abhi shelat and Thomas Ristenpart
2016/924 ( PDF )
Bit Coincidence Mining Algorithm II
Koh-ichi Nagao
2016/923 ( PDF )
Attacking embedded ECC implementations through cmov side channels
Erick Nascimento and Lukasz Chmielewski and David Oswald and Peter Schwabe
2016/922 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Side-Channel Leakage Evaluation and Detection Based on Communication Theory
Wei Yang, Yuchen Cao, Ke Ma, and Hailong Zhang
2016/921 ( PDF )
Breaking Cryptographic Implementations Using Deep Learning Techniques
Houssem Maghrebi and Thibault Portigliatti and Emmanuel Prouff
2016/920 ( PDF )
Breaking Web Applications Built On Top of Encrypted Data
Paul Grubbs and Richard McPherson and Muhammad Naveed and Thomas Ristenpart and Vitaly Shmatikov
2016/919 ( PDF )
Snow White: Robustly Reconfigurable Consensus and Applications to Provably Secure Proof of Stake
Phil Daian and Rafael Pass and Elaine Shi
2016/918 ( PDF )
The Sleepy Model of Consensus
Rafael Pass and Elaine Shi
2016/917 ( PDF )
Hybrid Consensus: Efficient Consensus in the Permissionless Model
Rafael Pass and Elaine Shi
2016/916 ( PDF )
FruitChains: A Fair Blockchain
Rafael Pass and Elaine Shi
2016/915 ( PDF )
Transparency Overlays and Applications
Melissa Chase and Sarah Meiklejohn
2016/914 ( PDF )
Computing discrete logarithms in cryptographically-interesting characteristic-three finite fields
Gora Adj and Isaac Canales-Martínez and Nareli Cruz-Cortés and Alfred Menezes and Thomaz Oliveira and Luis Rivera-Zamarripa and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez
2016/913 ( PDF )
Small Field Attack, and Revisiting RLWE-Based Authenticated Key Exchange from Eurocrypt'15
Boru Gong and Yunlei Zhao
2016/912 ( PDF )
Parallel Implementations of Masking Schemes and the Bounded Moment Leakage Model
Gilles Barthe and François Dupressoir and Sebastian Faust and Benjamin Grégoire and François-Xavier Standaert and Pierre-Yves Strub
2016/911 ( PDF )
The Shortest Signatures Ever
Mohamed Saied Emam Mohamed and Albrecht Petzoldt
2016/910 ( PDF )
The closest vector problem in tensored root lattices of type A and in their duals
Léo Ducas and Wessel P.J. van Woerden
2016/909 ( PDF )
Multi-core FPGA Implementation of ECC with Homogeneous Co-Z Coordinate Representation
Bo-Yuan Peng and Yuan-Che Hsu and Yu-Jia Chen and Di-Chia Chueh and Chen-Mou Cheng and Bo-Yin Yang
2016/908 ( PDF )
Secure Error-Tolerant Graph Matching Protocols
Kalikinkar Mandal and Basel Alomair and Radha Poovendran
2016/907 ( PDF )
Cut-and-Choose for Garbled RAM
Peihan Miao
2016/906 ( PDF )
On Basing Search SIVP on NP-Hardness
Tianren Liu
2016/905 ( PDF )
Generalized Desynchronization Attack on UMAP: Application to RCIA, KMAP, SLAP and SASI$^+$ protocols
Masoumeh Safkhani and Nasour Bagheri
2016/904 ( PDF )
Succinct Predicate and Online-Offline Multi-Input Inner Product Encryptions under Standard Static Assumptions
Pratish Datta and Ratna Dutta and Sourav Mukhopadhyay
2016/903 ( PDF )
From Indifferentiability to Constructive Cryptography (and Back)
Ueli Maurer and Renato Renner
2016/902 ( PDF )
Universally Composable Cryptographic Role-Based Access Control
Bin Liu and Bogdan Warinschi
2016/901 ( PDF )
Distance Bounding based on PUF
Mathilde Igier and Serge Vaudenay
2016/900 ( PDF )
Quantifying Web Adblocker Privacy
Arthur Gervais and Alexandros Filios and Vincent Lenders and Srdjan Capkun
2016/899 ( PDF )
Parallelized Side-Channel Attack Resisted Scalar Multiplication Using q-Based Addition-Subtraction k-chains
Kittiphop Phalakarn and Kittiphon Phalakarn and Vorapong Suppakitpaisarn
2016/898 ( PDF )
Physical Unclonable Functions based on Temperature Compensated Ring Oscillators
Sha Tao and Elena Dubrova
2016/897 ( PDF )
An efficient somewhat homomorphic encryption scheme based on factorization
Gérald Gavin
2016/896 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of Anti-SAT
Muhammad Yasin and Bodhisatwa Mazumdar and Ozgur Sinanoglu and Jeyavijayan Rajendran
2016/895 ( PDF )
Leakage-Abuse Attacks against Order-Revealing Encryption
Paul Grubbs and Kevin Sekniqi and Vincent Bindschaedler and Muhammad Naveed and Thomas Ristenpart
2016/894 ( PDF )
Indifferentiability of 3-Round Even-Mansour with Random Oracle Key Derivation
Chun Guo and Dongdai Lin
2016/893 ( PDF )
Building web applications on top of encrypted data using Mylar
Raluca Ada Popa and Emily Stark and Jonas Helfer and Steven Valdez and Nickolai Zeldovich and M. Frans Kaashoek and Hari Balakrishnan
2016/892 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Distributed Linear Regression on High-Dimensional Data
Adrià Gascón and Phillipp Schoppmann and Borja Balle and Mariana Raykova and Jack Doerner and Samee Zahur and David Evans
2016/891 ( PDF )
Tightly Secure IBE under Constant-size Master Public Key
Jie Chen and Junqing Gong and Jian Weng
2016/890 ( PDF )
A Parallel Variant of LDSieve for the SVP on Lattices
Artur Mariano and Thijs Laarhoven and Christian Bischof
2016/889 ( PDF )
Ouroboros: A Provably Secure Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocol
Aggelos Kiayias and Alexander Russell and Bernardo David and Roman Oliynykov
2016/888 ( PDF )
Finding closest lattice vectors using approximate Voronoi cells
Emmanouil Doulgerakis and Thijs Laarhoven and Benne de Weger
2016/887 ( PDF )
A generalisation of Dillon's APN permutation with the best known differential and nonlinear properties for all fields of size $2^{4k+2}$
Anne Canteaut and Sébastien Duval and Léo Perrin
2016/886 ( PDF )
A Robust and Sponge-Like PRNG with Improved Efficiency
Daniel Hutchinson
2016/885 ( PDF )
Short Stickelberger Class Relations and application to Ideal-SVP
Ronald Cramer and Léo Ducas and Benjamin Wesolowski
2016/884 ( PDF )
Robust, low-cost, auditable random number generation for embedded system security
Ben Lampert and Riad S. Wahby and Shane Leonard and Philip Levis
2016/883 ( PDF )
DEMO: Integrating MPC in Big Data Workflows
Nikolaj Volgushev and Malte Schwarzkopf and Andrei Lapets and Mayank Varia and Azer Bestavros
2016/882 ( PDF )
MSKT-ORAM: A Constant Bandwidth ORAM without Homomorphic Encryption
Jinsheng Zhang and Qiumao Ma and Wensheng Zhang and Daji Qiao
2016/881 ( PDF )
Near Collisions in the RC4 Stream Cipher
Anindya Shankar Bhandari
2016/880 ( PDF )
Naor-Yung Paradigm with Shared Randomness and Applications
Silvio Biagioni and Daniel Masny and Daniele Venturi
2016/879 ( PDF )
Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Matrix-Vector Relations and Lattice-Based Group Encryption
Benoît Libert and San Ling and Fabrice Mouhartem and Khoa Nguyen and Huaxiong Wang
2016/878 ( PDF )
Linear Structures: Applications to Cryptanalysis of Round-Reduced Keccak
Jian Guo and Meicheng Liu and Ling Song
2016/877 ( PDF )
How to Obtain Fully Structure-Preserving (Automorphic) Signatures from Structure-Preserving Ones
Yuyu Wang, Zongyang Zhang, Takahiro Matsuda, Goichiro Hanaoka, and Keisuke Tanaka
2016/876 ( PDF )
How to Build Fully Secure Tweakable Blockciphers from Classical Blockciphers
Lei Wang and Jian Guo and Guoyan Zhang and Jingyuan Zhao and Dawu Gu
2016/875 ( PDF )
Depth-Robust Graphs and Their Cumulative Memory Complexity
Joël Alwen and Jeremiah Blocki and Krzysztof Pietrzak
2016/873 ( PDF )
Cryptographic Reverse Firewall via Malleable Smooth Projective Hash Functions
Rongmao Chen and Yi Mu and Guomin Yang and Willy Susilo and Fuchun Guo and Mingwu Zhang
2016/872 ( PDF )
Iterated Random Oracle: A Universal Approach for Finding Loss in Security Reduction
Fuchun Guo and Willy Susilo and Yi Mu and Rongmao Chen and Jianchang Lai and Guomin Yang
2016/871 ( PDF )
Blockchain-Free Cryptocurrencies: A Framework for Truly Decentralised Fast Transactions
Xavier Boyen and Christopher Carr and Thomas Haines
2016/870 ( PDF )
Faster Fully Homomorphic Encryption: Bootstrapping in less than 0.1 Seconds
Ilaria Chillotti and Nicolas Gama and Mariya Georgieva and Malika Izabachène
2016/869 ( PDF )
Cryptographic applications of capacity theory: On the optimality of Coppersmith's method for univariate polynomials
Ted Chinburg and Brett Hemenway and Nadia Heninger and Zachary Scherr
2016/868 ( PDF )
Selective-Opening Security in the Presence of Randomness Failures
Viet Tung Hoang and Jonathan Katz and Adam O’Neill and Mohammad Zaheri
2016/867 ( PDF )
A survey on physiological-signal-based security for medical devices
Eduard Marin and Enrique Argones Rúa and Dave Singelée and Bart Preneel
2016/866 ( PDF )
A Shuffle Argument Secure in the Generic Model
Prastudy Fauzi and Helger Lipmaa and Michał Zając
2016/865 ( PDF )
Reverse Cycle Walking and Its Applications
Sarah Miracle and Scott Yilek
2016/864 ( PDF )
Salvaging Weak Security Bounds for Blockcipher-Based Constructions
Thomas Shrimpton and R. Seth Terashima
2016/863 ( PDF )
More Powerful and Reliable Second-level Statistical Randomness Tests for NIST SP 800-22
Shuangyi Zhu and Yuan Ma and Jingqiang Lin and Jia Zhuang and Jiwu Jing
2016/862 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Flaw in the Security Analysis of Leakage-resilient Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol from CT-RSA 2016 and Restoring the Security Proof
Suvradip Chakraborty and Goutam Paul and C. Pandu Rangan
2016/861 ( PDF )
Secure Stable Matching at Scale
Jack Doerner and David Evans and abhi shelat
2016/860 ( PDF )
Efficient IBE with Tight Reduction to Standard Assumption in the Multi-challenge Setting
Junqing Gong and Xiaolei Dong and Jie Chen and Zhenfu Cao
2016/859 ( PDF )
On the Security of Supersingular Isogeny Cryptosystems
Steven D. Galbraith and Christophe Petit and Barak Shani and Yan Bo Ti
2016/858 ( PDF )
A Key Recovery Attack on MDPC with CCA Security Using Decoding Errors
Qian Guo and Thomas Johansson and Paul Stankovski
2016/857 ( PDF )
Applying MILP Method to Searching Integral Distinguishers Based on Division Property for 6 Lightweight Block Ciphers
Zejun Xiang and Wentao Zhang and Zhenzhen Bao and Dongdai Lin
2016/856 ( PDF )
Spritz---a spongy RC4-like stream cipher and hash function.
Ronald L. Rivest and Jacob C. N. Schuldt
2016/855 ( PDF )
Combinatorial Repairability for Threshold Schemes
Douglas R. Stinson and Ruizhong Wei
2016/854 ( PDF )
Algebraic Security Analysis of Key Generation with Physical Unclonable Functions
Matthias Hiller and Michael Pehl and Gerhard Kramer and Georg Sigl
2016/853 ( PDF )
Stronger Security Variants of GCM-SIV
Tetsu Iwata and Kazuhiko Minematsu
2016/852 ( PDF )
Faster LLL-type Reduction of Lattice Bases
Arnold Neumaier and Damien Stehle
2016/851 ( PDF )
A New Algorithm for the Unbalanced Meet-in-the-Middle Problem
Ivica Nikolic and Yu Sasaki
2016/850 ( PDF )
Lightweight Fault Attack Resistance in Software Using Intra-Instruction Redundancy
Conor Patrick and Bilgiday Yuce and Nahid Farhady Ghalaty and Patrick Schaumont
2016/849 ( PDF )
Asymptotically Tight Bounds for Composing ORAM with PIR
Ittai Abraham and Christopher W. Fletcher and Kartik Nayak and Benny Pinkas and Ling Ren
2016/848 ( PDF )
From Weakly Selective to Selective Security in Compact Functional Encryption, Revisited
Linfeng Zhou
2016/847 ( PDF )
On the smallest ratio problem of lattice bases
Jianwei Li
2016/846 ( PDF )
Survey of Approaches for Security Verification of Hardware/Software Systems
Ferhat Erata and Shuwen Deng and Faisal Zaghloul and Wenjie Xiong and Onur Demir and Jakub Szefer
2016/845 ( PDF )
Selective Opening Security from Simulatable Data Encapsulation
Felix Heuer and Bertram Poettering
2016/844 ( PDF )
Secure and Efficient Construction of Broadcast Encryption with Dealership
Kamalesh Acharya and Ratna Dutta
2016/843 ( PDF )
Partitioning via Non-Linear Polynomial Functions: More Compact IBEs from Ideal Lattices and Bilinear Maps
Shuichi Katsumata and Shota Yamada
2016/842 ( PDF )
Improved, Black-Box, Non-Malleable Encryption from Semantic Security
Seung Geol Choi and Dana Dachman-Soled and Tal Malkin and Hoeteck Wee
2016/841 ( PDF )
A Methodology for the Characterisation of Leakages in Combinatorial Logic
Guido Bertoni and Marco Martinoli
2016/840 ( PDF )
Deja Q All Over Again: Tighter and Broader Reductions of q-Type Assumptions
Melissa Chase and Mary Maller and Sarah Meiklejohn
2016/839 ( PDF )
On the Division Property of SIMON48 and SIMON64
Zejun Xiang and Wentao Zhang and Dongdai Lin
2016/838 ( PDF )
Passive Secret Disclosure Attack on an Ultralightweight Authentication Protocol for Internet of Things
Masoumeh Safkhani and Nasour Bagheri
2016/837 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Integers Revisited
Jung Hee Cheon and Damien Stehle
2016/836 ( PDF )
The Discrete Logarithm Problem over Prime Fields can be transformed to a Linear Multivariable Chinese Remainder Theorem
H. Gopalakrishna Gadiyar and R. Padma
2016/835 ( PDF )
Lightweight Diffusion Layer: Importance of Toeplitz Matrices
Sumanta Sarkar and Habeeb Syed
2016/834 ( PDF )
Multi-Key Homomorphic Signatures Unforgeable under Insider Corruption
Russell W. F. Lai and Raymond K. H. Tai and Harry W. H. Wong and Sherman S. M. Chow
2016/833 ( PDF )
Multi-Cast Key Distribution: Scalable, Dynamic and Provably Secure Construction
Kazuki Yoneyama and Reo Yoshida and Yuto Kawahara and Tetsutaro Kobayashi and Hitoshi Fuji and Tomohide Yamamoto
2016/832 ( PDF )
Is AEZ v4.1 Sufficiently Resilient Against Key-Recovery Attacks?
Colin Chaigneau and Henri Gilbert
2016/831 ( PDF )
Reducing the Number of Non-linear Multiplications in Masking Schemes
Jürgen Pulkus and Srinivas Vivek
2016/830 ( PDF )
IO-DSSE: Scaling Dynamic Searchable Encryption to Millions of Indexes By Improving Locality
Ian Miers and Payman Mohassel
2016/829 ( PDF )
Efficient KDM-CCA Secure Public-Key Encryption for Polynomial Functions
Shuai Han and Shengli Liu and Lin Lyu
2016/828 ( PDF )
Faster Key Recovery Attack on Round-Reduced PRINCE
Shahram Rasoolzadeh and Håvard Raddum
2016/827 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of BLAKE2's Modes of Operation
Atul Luykx and Bart Mennink and Samuel Neves
2016/826 ( PDF )
Rotational Cryptanalysis in the Presence of Constants
Tomer Ashur and Yunwen Liu
2016/825 ( PDF )
Revisiting Cascade Ciphers in Indifferentiability Setting
Chun Guo and Dongdai Lin and Meicheng Liu
2016/824 ( PDF )
P2P Mixing and Unlinkable Bitcoin Transactions
Tim Ruffing and Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Aniket Kate
2016/823 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Attribute-Based Signatures from Lattice Assumptions
Rachid El Bansarkhani and Ali El Kaafarani
2016/822 ( PDF )
A Secure and Efficient Authentication Technique for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Maryam Rajabzadeh Asaar and Mahmoud Salmasizadeh and Willy Susilo and Akbar Majidi
2016/821 ( PDF )
Multivariate Cryptography with Mappings of Discrete Logarithms and Polynomials
Duggirala Meher Krishna and Duggirala Ravi
2016/820 ( PDF )
Separating Computational and Statistical Differential Privacy in the Client-Server Model
Mark Bun and Yi-Hsiu Chen and Salil Vadhan
2016/819 ( PDF )
Virtual Grey-Boxes Beyond Obfuscation: A Statistical Security Notion for Cryptographic Agents
Shashank Agrawal and Manoj Prabhakaran and Ching-Hua Yu
2016/818 ( PDF )
Composable Adaptive Secure Protocols without Setup under Polytime Assumptions
Carmit Hazay and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2016/817 ( PDF )
Secure Obfuscation in a Weak Multilinear Map Model
Sanjam Garg and Eric Miles and Pratyay Mukherjee and Amit Sahai and Akshayaram Srinivasan and Mark Zhandry
2016/816 ( PDF )
Concentrated Differential Privacy: Simplifications, Extensions, and Lower Bounds
Mark Bun and Thomas Steinke
2016/815 ( PDF )
Secure Multiparty RAM Computation in Constant Rounds
Sanjam Garg and Divya Gupta and Peihan Miao and Omkant Pandey
2016/814 ( PDF )
Adaptive Security of Yao's Garbled Circuits
Zahra Jafargholi and Daniel Wichs
2016/813 ( PDF )
Fast Pseudorandom Functions Based on Expander Graphs
Benny Applebaum and Pavel Raykov
2016/812 ( PDF )
Towards Non-Black-Box Separations of Public Key Encryption and One Way Function
Dana Dachman-Soled
2016/811 ( PDF )
MILP-Aided Bit-Based Division Property for Primitives with Non-Bit-Permutation Linear Layers
Ling Sun and Wei Wang and Meiqin Wang
2016/810 ( PDF )
Fault Injection using Crowbars on Embedded Systems
Colin O'Flynn
2016/809 ( PDF )
Binary AMD Circuits from Secure Multiparty Computation
Daniel Genkin and Yuval Ishai and Mor Weiss
2016/808 ( PDF )
Simulating Auxiliary Inputs, Revisited
Maciej Skorski
2016/807 ( PDF )
Multilateral White-Box Cryptanalysis: Case study on WB-AES of CHES Challenge 2016
Hyunjin Ahn, Dong-Guk Han
2016/806 ( PDF )
Healing the Hill Cipher, Improved Approach to Secure Modified Hill against Zero-plaintext Attack
Mohammad Hadi Valizadeh
2016/805 ( PDF )
Constant-Round Maliciously Secure Two-Party Computation in the RAM Model
Carmit Hazay and Avishay Yanai
2016/804 ( PDF )
Multi-Key Homomorphic Authenticators
Dario Fiore and Aikaterini Mitrokotsa and Luca Nizzardo and Elena Pagnin
2016/803 ( PDF )
Biometric Based Network Security Using MIPS Cryptography Processor
Kirat Pal Singh
2016/802 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Proofs of Data Residency: Checking whether Your Cloud Files Have Been Relocated
Hung Dang and Erick Purwanto and Ee-Chien Chang
2016/801 ( PDF )
Blind Web Search: How far are we from a privacy preserving search engine?
Gizem S. Çetin and Wei Dai and Yarkın Doröz and William J. Martin and Berk Sunar
2016/800 ( PDF )
Almost-Optimally Fair Multiparty Coin-Tossing with Nearly Three-Quarters Malicious
Bar Alon and Eran Omri
2016/799 ( PDF )
Efficient Batched Oblivious PRF with Applications to Private Set Intersection
Vladimir Kolesnikov and Ranjit Kumaresan and Mike Rosulek and Ni Trieu
2016/798 ( PDF )
On the Practical (In-)Security of 64-bit Block Ciphers: Collision Attacks on HTTP over TLS and OpenVPN
Karthikeyan Bhargavan and Gaëtan Leurent
2016/797 ( PDF )
An MPC-based Privacy-Preserving Protocol for a Local Electricity Trading Market
Aysajan Abidin and Abdelrahaman Aly and Sara Cleemput and Mustafa A. Mustafa
2016/796 ( PDF )
Digital Signatures Based on the Hardness of Ideal Lattice Problems in all Rings
Vadim Lyubashevsky
2016/795 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation from DDH-like Assumptions on Constant-Degree Graded Encodings
Huijia Lin and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2016/794 ( PDF )
Message-recovery attacks on Feistel-based Format Preserving Encryption
Mihir Bellare and Viet Tung Hoang and Stefano Tessaro
2016/793 ( PDF )
Side-Channel Analysis of Keymill
Christoph Dobraunig and Maria Eichlseder and Thomas Korak and Florian Mendel
2016/792 ( PDF )
Key-Homomorphic Signatures: Definitions and Applications to Multiparty Signatures and Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge
David Derler and Daniel Slamanig
2016/791 ( PDF )
Leakage Resilient One-Way Functions: The Auxiliary-Input Setting
Ilan Komargodski
2016/790 ( PDF )
Conditional Cube Attack on Reduced-Round Keccak Sponge Function
Senyang Huang, Xiaoyun Wang, Guangwu Xu, Meiqin Wang, Jingyuan Zhao
2016/789 ( PDF )
An Efficient Hardware design and Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm
Kirat Pal Singh, Shiwani Dod
2016/788 ( PDF )
On the security of Cubic UOV and its variants
Yasufumi Hashimoto
2016/787 ( PDF )
On the security of new vinegar-like variant of multivariate signature scheme
Yasufumi Hashimoto
2016/786 ( PDF )
What Else is Revealed by Order-Revealing Encryption?
F. Betül Durak and Thomas M. DuBuisson and David Cash
2016/785 ( PDF )
Optimization of Bootstrapping in Circuits
Fabrice Benhamouda and Tancrède Lepoint and Claire Mathieu and Hang Zhou
2016/784 ( PDF )
Verifiable and Delegatable Constrained Pseudorandom Functions for Unconstrained Inputs
Pratish Datta and Ratna Dutta and Sourav Mukhopadhyay
2016/783 ( PDF )
On the Memory-Hardness of Data-Independent Password-Hashing Functions
Joël Alwen and Peter Gaži and Chethan Kamath and Karen Klein and Georg Osang and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Leonid Reyzin and Michal Rolínek and Michal Rybár
2016/782 ( PDF )
Challenges for Ring-LWE
Eric Crockett and Chris Peikert
2016/781 ( PDF )
Privately Matching $k$-mers
Justin Bed{ő} and Thomas Conway and Kim Ramchen and Vanessa Teague
2016/780 ( PDF )
Efficient and Provable Secure Anonymous Hierarchical Identity-based Broadcast Encryption (HIBBE) Scheme without Random Oracle
Mohammmad Hassan Ameri and Javad Mohajeri and Mahmoud Salmasizadeh
2016/779 ( PDF )
Code-based Strong Designated Verifier Signatures: Security Analysis and a New Construction
Maryam Rajabzadeh Asaar
2016/778 ( PDF )
Algorithmic Mechanism Construction bridging Secure Multiparty Computation and Intelligent Reasoning
Sumit Chakraborty
2016/777 ( PDF )
Fast, uniform scalar multiplication for genus 2 Jacobians with fast Kummers
Ping Ngai Chung and Craig Costello and Benjamin Smith
2016/776 ( PDF )
Homomorphic Tallying for the Estonian Internet Voting System
Arnis Parsovs
2016/775 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of a Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
Sonia Bogos and John Gaspoz and Serge Vaudenay
2016/774 ( PDF )
TV-PUF : A Fast Lightweight Aging-Resistant Threshold Voltage PUF
Tanujay Saha and Vikash Sehwag
2016/773 ( PDF )
Alternative Implementations of Secure Real Numbers
Vassil Dimitrov and Liisi Kerik and Toomas Krips and Jaak Randmets and Jan Willemson
2016/772 ( PDF )
Time-Frequency Analysis for Second-Order Attacks
Pierre BELGARRIC and Shivam BHASIN and Nicolas BRUNEAU and Jean-Luc DANGER and Nicolas DEBANDE and Sylvain GUILLEY and Annelie HEUSER and Zakaria NAJM and Olivier RIOUL
2016/771 ( PDF )
How not to Prove Yourself: Pitfalls of the Fiat-Shamir Heuristic and Applications to Helios
David Bernhard and Olivier Pereira and Bogdan Warinschi
2016/770 ( PDF )
KangarooTwelve: fast hashing based on Keccak-p
Guido Bertoni and Joan Daemen and Michaël Peeters and Gilles Van Assche and Ronny Van Keer and Benoît Viguier
2016/769 ( PDF )
Low-temperature data remanence attacks against intrinsic SRAM PUFs
Nikolaos Athanasios Anagnostopoulos and Stefan Katzenbeisser and Markus Rosenstihl and André Schaller and Sebastian Gabmeyer and Tolga Arul
2016/768 ( PDF )
High-Throughput Semi-Honest Secure Three-Party Computation with an Honest Majority
Toshinori Araki and Jun Furukawa and Yehuda Lindell and Ariel Nof and Kazuma Ohara
2016/767 ( PDF )
A conjecture about Gauss sums and bentness of binomial Boolean functions
Jean-Pierre Flori
2016/766 ( PDF )
Functional Commitment Schemes: From Polynomial Commitments to Pairing-Based Accumulators from Simple Assumptions
Benoît Libert and Somindu C. Ramanna and Moti Yung
2016/765 ( PDF )
Cryptographic Voting — A Gentle Introduction
David Bernhard and Bogdan Warinschi
2016/764 ( PDF )
ANOTEL: Cellular Networks with Location Privacy (Extended Version)
Tim Dittler and Florian Tschorsch and Stefan Dietzel and Björn Scheuermann
2016/763 ( PDF )
Human Public-Key Encryption
Houda Ferradi and Rémi Géraud and David Naccache
2016/762 ( PDF )
Faster Secure Two-Party Computation in the Single-Execution Setting
Xiao Wang and Alex J. Malozemoff and Jonathan Katz
2016/761 ( PDF )
Two-party authenticated key exchange protocol using lattice-based cryptography
Xiaopeng Yang and Wenping Ma
2016/760 ( PDF )
Simultaneous Secrecy and Reliability Amplification for a General Channel Model
Russell Impagliazzo and Ragesh Jaiswal and Valentine Kabanets and Bruce M. Kapron and Valerie King and Stefano Tessaro
2016/759 ( PDF )
Towards Practical Attacks on Argon2i and Balloon Hashing
Joël Alwen and Jeremiah Blocki
2016/758 ( PDF )
NewHope on ARM Cortex-M
Erdem Alkim and Philipp Jakubeit and Peter Schwabe
2016/757 ( PDF )
Redactable Blockchain -- or -- Rewriting History in Bitcoin and Friends
Giuseppe Ateniese and Bernardo Magri and Daniele Venturi and Ewerton Andrade
2016/756 ( PDF )
Adapting Helios for provable ballot privacy
David Bernhard and Véronique Cortier and Olivier Pereira and Ben Smyth and Bogdan Warinschi
2016/755 ( PDF )
Auditable Data Structures
Michael T. Goodrich and Evgenios M. Kornaropoulos and Michael Mitzenmacher and Roberto Tamassia
2016/754 ( PDF )
Practical Key Recovery Attack on MANTIS-5
Christoph Dobraunig and Maria Eichlseder and Daniel Kales and Florian Mendel
2016/753 ( PDF )
Improved Reduction from the Bounded Distance Decoding Problem to the Unique Shortest Vector Problem in Lattices
Shi Bai and Damien Stehle and Weiqiang Wen
2016/752 ( PDF )
ELiF : An Extremely Lightweight & Flexible Block Cipher Family and Its Experimental Security
Adnan Baysal and Ünal Kocabaş
2016/751 ( PDF )
Feistel Like Construction of Involutory Binary Matrices With High Branch Number
Adnan Baysal and Mustafa Çoban and Mehmet Özen
2016/750 ( PDF )
Public-Key Based Lightweight Swarm Authentication
Simon Cogliani and Bao Feng and Houda Ferradi and Rémi Géraud and Diana Maimut and David Naccache and Rodrigo Portella do Canto and Guilin Wang
2016/749 ( PDF )
Revocable Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption with Adaptive Security
Kwangsu Lee
2016/748 ( PDF )
A Generic Dynamic Provable Data Possession Framework
Mohammad Etemad and Alptekin Küpçü
2016/747 ( PDF )
Beyond Bitcoin -- Part II: Blockchain-based systems without mining
Pasquale Forte and Diego Romano and Giovanni Schmid
2016/746 ( PDF )
Improved Private Set Intersection against Malicious Adversaries
Peter Rindal and Mike Rosulek
2016/745 ( PDF )
Novel differentially private mechanisms for graphs
Solenn Brunet and Sébastien Canard and Sébastien Gambs and Baptiste Olivier
2016/744 ( PDF )
A New Method to Investigate the CCZ-Equivalence between Functions with Low Differential Uniformity
Xi Chen, Longjiang Qu, Chao Li and Jiao Du
2016/743 ( PDF )
Investigating Cube Attacks on the Authenticated Encryption Stream Cipher ACORN
Md Iftekhar Salam and Harry Bartlett and Ed Dawson and Josef Pieprzyk and Leonie Simpson and Kenneth Koon-Ho Wong
2016/742 ( PDF )
LINCOS - A Storage System Providing Long-Term Integrity, Authenticity, and Confidentiality (Full Paper)
Johannes Braun and Johannes Buchmann and Denise Demirel and Mikio Fujiwara and Matthias Geihs and Shiho Moriai and Masahide Sasaki and Atsushi Waseda
2016/741 ( PDF )
Hoda Maleki and Saeed Valizadeh and William Koch and Azer Bestavros and Marten van Dijk
2016/740 ( PDF )
Software Benchmarking of the 2$^{\text{nd}}$ round CAESAR Candidates
Ankele, Ralph and Ankele, Robin
2016/739 ( PDF )
Unconditionally Secure Signatures
Ryan Amiri and Aysajan Abidin and Petros Wallden and Erika Andersson
2016/738 ( PDF )
FHPKE with Zero Norm Noises based on DLA&CDH
Masahiro Yagisawa
2016/737 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Zero Knowledge Authentication Protocols With Algebraic Geometry Techniques
Edgar González and Guillermo Morales-Luna and Feliú D. Sagols
2016/736 ( PDF )
Efficient and Private Scoring of Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines and Logistic Regression Models based on Pre-Computation
Martine De Cock and Rafael Dowsley and Caleb Horst and Raj Katti and Anderson C. A. Nascimento and Stacey C. Newman and Wing-Sea Poon
2016/735 ( PDF )
Efficient Robust Secret Sharing from Expander Graphs
Brett Hemenway and Rafail Ostrovsky
2016/734 ( PDF )
Efficient Oblivious Transfer Protocols based on White-Box Cryptography
Aram Jivanyan and Gurgen Khachatryan and Andriy Oliynyk and Mykola Raievskyi
2016/733 ( PDF )
Revisiting the Hybrid Attack: Improved Analysis and Refined Security Estimates
Thomas Wunderer
2016/732 ( PDF )
Nonlinear Invariant Attack --Practical Attack on Full SCREAM, iSCREAM, and Midori64
Yosuke Todo and Gregor Leander and Yu Sasaki
2016/731 ( PDF )
SRMAP and ISLAP Authentication Protocols: Attacks and Improvements
Mohammad Mardani Shahrbabak and Shahab Abdolmaleky
2016/730 ( PDF )
Leakage-Resilient Public-Key Encryption from Obfuscation
Dana Dachman-Soled and S. Dov Gordon and Feng-Hao Liu and Adam O’Neill and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2016/729 ( PDF )
Attacks on cMix - Some Small Overlooked Details
Herman Galteland and Stig F. Mjølsnes and Ruxandra F. Olimid
2016/728 ( PDF )
Sophos - Forward Secure Searchable Encryption
Raphael Bost
2016/727 ( PDF )
Improvements on the Individual Logarithm Step in Extended Tower Number Field Sieve
Yuqing Zhu and Jincheng Zhuang and Chang Lv and Dongdai Lin
2016/726 ( PDF )
Local Bounds for the Optimal Information Ratio of Secret Sharing Schemes
Oriol Farràs and Jordi Ribes-González and Sara Ricci
2016/725 ( PDF )
Tile-Based Modular Architecture for Accelerating Homomorphic Function Evaluation on FPGA
Mustafa Khairallah and Maged Ghoneima
2016/724 ( PDF )
SPORT: Sharing Proofs of Retrievability across Tenants
Frederik Armknecht and Jens-Matthias Bohli and David Froelicher and Ghassan O. Karame
2016/723 ( PDF )
Robust Multi-Property Combiners for Hash Functions
Marc Fischlin and Anja Lehmann and Krzysztof Pietrzak
2016/722 ( PDF )
Improved Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks on Reduced-Round Kalyna-128/256 and Kalyna-256/512
Li Lin and Wenling Wu
2016/721 ( PDF )
Strong Hardness of Privacy from Weak Traitor Tracing
Lucas Kowalczyk and Tal Malkin and Jonathan Ullman and Mark Zhandry
2016/720 ( PDF )
A Black-Box Construction of Non-Malleable Encryption from Semantically Secure Encryption
Seung Geol Choi and Dana Dachman-Soled and Tal Malkin and Hoeteck Wee
2016/719 ( PDF )
Bridging the Gap: Advanced Tools for Side-Channel Leakage Estimation beyond Gaussian Templates and Histograms
Tobias Schneider and Amir Moradi and François-Xavier Standaert and Tim Güneysu
2016/718 ( PDF )
Leakage-Abuse Attacks Against Searchable Encryption
David Cash and Paul Grubbs and Jason Perry and Thomas Ristenpart
2016/717 ( PDF )
Comparison between Subfield and Straightforward Attacks on NTRU
Paul Kirchner and Pierre-Alain Fouque
2016/716 ( PDF )
2-hop Blockchain: Combining Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake Securely
Tuyet Duong and Lei Fan and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2016/715 ( PDF )
Uniform First-Order Threshold Implementations
Tim Beyne and Begül Bilgin
2016/714 ( PDF )
All the AES You Need on Cortex-M3 and M4
Peter Schwabe and Ko Stoffelen
2016/713 ( PDF )
Tuple lattice sieving
Shi Bai and Thijs Laarhoven and Damien Stehle
2016/712 ( PDF )
A Survey of Hardware Implementations of Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Systems
Basel Halak and Said Subhan Waizi and Asad Islam
2016/711 ( PDF )
A Unilateral-to-Mutual Authentication Compiler for Key Exchange (with Applications to Client Authentication in TLS 1.3)
Hugo Krawczyk
2016/710 ( PDF )
Keymill: Side-Channel Resilient Key Generator
Mostafa Taha, Arash Reyhani-Masoleh and Patrick Schaumont
2016/709 ( PDF )
Differential Fault Analysis of SHA3-224 and SHA3-256
Pei Luo and Yunsi Fei and Liwei Zhang and A. Adam Ding
2016/708 ( PDF )
From 5-pass MQ-based identification to MQ-based signatures
Ming-Shing Chen and Andreas Hülsing and Joost Rijneveld and Simona Samardjiska and Peter Schwabe
2016/707 ( PDF )
Towards a Characterization of the Related-Key Attack Security of the Iterated Even-Mansour Cipher
Dana Dachman-Soled and Angela Park and Ben San Nicolas
2016/706 ( PDF )
Memory Erasability Amplification
Jan Camenisch, Robert R. Enderlein, and Ueli Maurer
2016/705 ( -- withdrawn -- )
New construction of single cycle T-function families
Shiyi ZHANG and Yongjuan WANG and Guangpu GAO
2016/704 ( PDF )
High Saturation Complete Graph Approach for EC Point Decomposition and ECDL Problem
Nicolas T. Courtois
2016/703 ( PDF )
(In-)Secure messaging with the Silent Circle instant messaging protocol
Sebastian R. Verschoor and Tanja Lange
2016/702 ( PDF )
Mirror Theory and Cryptography
Jacques Patarin
2016/701 ( PDF )
Bolt: Anonymous Payment Channels for Decentralized Currencies
Matthew Green and Ian Miers
2016/700 ( PDF )
Side-Channel Protections for Cryptographic Instruction Set Extensions
Sami Saab, Pankaj Rohatgi, and Craig Hampel
2016/699 ( PDF )
A Note on One Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data
Zhengjun Cao and Lihua Liu
2016/698 ( PDF )
A Note on One Secure Anti-Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud
Zhengjun Cao and Lihua Liu
2016/697 ( PDF )
Ciphertext Forgery on HANUMAN
Damian Vizár
2016/696 ( PDF )
Solving the Secure Storage Dilemma: An Efficient Scheme for Secure Deduplication with Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing
Süleyman Kardaş and Mehmet Sabır Kiraz
2016/695 ( PDF )
Gate-scrambling Revisited - or: The TinyTable protocol for 2-Party Secure Computation
Ivan Damgård and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Michael Nielsen and Samuel Ranellucci
2016/694 ( PDF )
Mastrovito Form of Non-recursive Karatsuba Multiplier for All Trinomials
Yin Li and Xingpo Ma and Yu Zhang and Chuanda Qi
2016/693 ( PDF )
Identity-Based Key Aggregate Cryptosystem from Multilinear Maps
Sikhar Patranabis and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2016/692 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis and improvement of certificateless aggregate signature with conditional privacy-preserving for vehicular sensor networks
Jiguo Li, Hong Yuan and Yichen Zhang
2016/691 ( PDF )
Targeted Homomorphic Attribute Based Encryption
Zvika Brakerski and David Cash and Rotem Tsabary and Hoeteck Wee
2016/690 ( PDF )
When Are Three Voters Enough for Privacy Properties?
Myrto Arapinis and Véronique Cortier and Steve Kremer
2016/689 ( PDF )
New Automatic Search Tool for Impossible Differentials and Zero-Correlation Linear Approximations
Tingting Cui, Shiyao Chen, Keting Jia, Kai Fu, Meiqin Wang
2016/688 ( PDF )
Bounded KDM Security from iO and OWF
Antonio Marcedone and Rafael Pass and abhi shelat
2016/687 ( PDF )
Ciphers for MPC and FHE
Martin Albrecht and Christian Rechberger and Thomas Schneider and Tyge Tiessen and Michael Zohner
2016/686 ( PDF )
The Lightest 4x4 MDS Matrices over $GL(4,\mathbb{F}_2)$
Jian Bai and Ting Li and Yao Sun and Dingkang Wang and Dongdai Lin
2016/685 ( PDF )
Overlaying Circuit Clauses for Secure Computation
W. Sean Kennedy and Vladimir Kolesnikov and Gordon Wilfong
2016/684 ( PDF )
Faster individual discrete logarithms in finite fields of composite extension degree
Aurore Guillevic
2016/683 ( PDF )
Efficient Sparse Merkle Trees: Caching Strategies and Secure (Non-)Membership Proofs
Rasmus Dahlberg and Tobias Pulls and Roel Peeters
2016/682 ( PDF )
Finding Significant Fourier Coefficients: Clarifications, Simplifications, Applications and Limitations
Steven D. Galbraith, Joel Laity and Barak Shani
2016/681 ( PDF )
Amortized Complexity of Zero-Knowledge Proofs Revisited: Achieving Linear Soundness Slack
Ronald Cramer, Ivan Damgard, Chaoping Xing, Chen Yuan
2016/680 ( PDF )
Fair Client Puzzles from the Bitcoin Blockchain
Colin Boyd and Christopher Carr
2016/679 ( PDF )
Hybrid WBC: Secure and Efficient White-Box Encryption Schemes
Jihoon Cho and Kyu Young Choi and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller and Dukjae Moon and Aviya Vaidberg
2016/678 ( PDF )
Anonymous RAM
Michael Backes and Amir Herzberg and Aniket Kate and Ivan Pryvalov
2016/677 ( PDF )
Breaking Into the KeyStore: A Practical Forgery Attack Against Android KeyStore
Mohamed Sabt and Jacques Traoré
2016/676 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round Midori64 Block Cipher
Xiaoyang Dong and Yanzhao Shen
2016/675 ( PDF )
Accelerating Homomorphic Computations on Rational Numbers
Angela Jäschke and Frederik Armknecht
2016/674 ( PDF )
A PUF-based Secure Communication Protocol for IoT
2016/673 ( PDF )
Dirichlet Product for Boolean Functions
Abderrahmane Nitaj and Willy Susilo and Joseph Tonien
2016/672 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Post-Quantum Cryptography on FPGA Based on Isogenies on Elliptic Curves
Brian Koziel, Reza Azarderakhsh, Mehran Mozaffari Kermani, David Jao
2016/671 ( PDF )
Efficient probabilistic algorithm for estimating the algebraic properties of Boolean functions for large $n$
Yongzhuang Wei and Enes Pasalic and Fengrong Zhang and Samir Hod\v zić
2016/670 ( PDF )
DRE-ip: A Verifiable E-Voting Scheme without Tallying Authorities
Siamak F. Shahandashti and Feng Hao
2016/669 ( PDF )
NEON-SIDH: Efficient Implementation of Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman Key-Exchange Protocol on ARM
Brian Koziel, Amir Jalali, Reza Azarderakhsh, Mehran Mozaffari Kermani and David Jao
2016/668 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Analysis of a Secure and Verifiable Policy Update Outsourcing Scheme for Big Data Access Control in the Cloud
Wei Yuan
2016/667 ( PDF )
Multivariate Profiling of Hulls for Linear Cryptanalysis
Andrey Bogdanov and Elmar Tischhauser and Philip S. Vejre
2016/666 ( PDF )
Construction of resilient S-boxes with higher-dimensional vectorial outputs and strictly almost optimal nonlinearity
WeiGuo Zhang and LuYang Li and Enes Pasalic
2016/665 ( PDF )
Breaking and Fixing Private Set Intersection Protocols
Mikkel Lambæk
2016/664 ( PDF )
Efficient Conversion Method from Arithmetic to Boolean Masking in Constrained Devices
Yoo-Seung Won and Dong-Guk Han
2016/663 ( PDF )
Anonymous Attestation Using the Strong Diffie Hellman Assumption Revisited
Jan Camenisch and Manu Drijvers and Anja Lehmann
2016/662 ( PDF )
Practical Round-Optimal Blind Signatures in the Standard Model from Weaker Assumptions
Georg Fuchsbauer and Christian Hanser and Chethan Kamath and Daniel Slamanig
2016/661 ( PDF )
Reducing the Leakage in Practical Order-Revealing Encryption
David Cash and Feng-Hao Liu and Adam O'Neill and Cong Zhang
2016/660 ( PDF )
The SKINNY Family of Block Ciphers and its Low-Latency Variant MANTIS
Christof Beierle and Jérémy Jean and Stefan Kölbl and Gregor Leander and Amir Moradi and Thomas Peyrin and Yu Sasaki and Pascal Sasdrich and Siang Meng Sim
2016/659 ( PDF )
Frodo: Take off the ring! Practical, Quantum-Secure Key Exchange from LWE
Joppe Bos and Craig Costello and Léo Ducas and Ilya Mironov and Michael Naehrig and Valeria Nikolaenko and Ananth Raghunathan and Douglas Stebila
2016/658 ( PDF )
Asymptotic Analysis of Plausible Tree Hash Modes for SHA-3
Kevin Atighehchi and Alexis Bonnecaze
2016/657 ( PDF )
Bounded Size-Hiding Private Set Intersection
Tatiana Bradley and Sky Faber and Gene Tsudik
2016/656 ( PDF )
Improving Practical UC-Secure Commitments based on the DDH Assumption
Eiichiro Fujisaki
2016/655 ( PDF )
A Tag Based Encoding: An Efficient Encoding for Predicate Encryption in Prime Order Groups
Jongkil Kim and Willy Susilo and Fuchun Guo and Man Ho Au
2016/654 ( PDF )
Stronger Security for Reusable Garbled Circuits, General Definitions and Attacks
Shweta Agrawal
2016/653 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Zero Norm Cipher Text
Masahiro Yagisawa
2016/652 ( PDF )
Automatic Search for a Maximum Probability Differential Characteristic in a Substitution-Permutation Network
Arnaud BANNIER and Nicolas BODIN and Eric FILIOL
2016/651 ( PDF )
Pen and Paper Arguments for SIMON and SIMON-like Designs
Christof Beierle
2016/650 ( PDF )
Securing Multiparty Protocols against the Exposure of Data to Honest Parties
Peeter Laud and Alisa Pankova
2016/649 ( PDF )
Game-Based Privacy Analysis of RFID Security Schemes for Confident Authentication in IoT
Behzad Abdolmaleki and Karim Baghery and Shahram Khazaei and Mohammad Reza Aref
2016/648 ( PDF )
ParTI -- Towards Combined Hardware Countermeasures against Side-Channel and Fault-Injection Attacks
Tobias Schneider and Amir Moradi and Tim Güneysu
2016/647 ( PDF )
Strong 8-bit Sboxes with Efficient Masking in Hardware
Erik Boss and Vincent Grosso and Tim Güneysu and Gregor Leander and Amir Moradi and Tobias Schneider
2016/646 ( PDF )
Computational integrity with a public random string from quasi-linear PCPs
Eli Ben-Sasson and Iddo Ben-Tov and Alessandro Chiesa and Ariel Gabizon and Daniel Genkin and Matan Hamilis and Evgenya Pergament and Michael Riabzev and Mark Silberstein and Eran Tromer and Madars Virza
2016/645 ( PDF )
FourQNEON: Faster Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplications on ARM Processors
Patrick Longa
2016/644 ( PDF )
How to Backdoor Diffie-Hellman
David Wong
2016/643 ( PDF )
On the Computational Overhead of MPC with Dishonest Majority
Jesper Buus Nielsen and Samuel Ranellucci
2016/642 ( PDF )
Efficient and Provable White-Box Primitives
Pierre-Alain Fouque and Pierre Karpman and Paul Kirchner and Brice Minaud
2016/641 ( PDF )
Bitstream Fault Injections (BiFI) – Automated Fault Attacks against SRAM-based FPGAs
Pawel Swierczynski and Georg T. Becker and Amir Moradi and Christof Paar
2016/640 ( PDF )
Universal Forgery and Key Recovery Attacks on ELmD Authenticated Encryption Algorithm
Asli Bay and Oguzhan Ersoy and Ferhat Karakoç
2016/639 ( PDF )
Game-Theoretic Framework for Integrity Verification in Computation Outsourcing
Qiang Tang and Balazs Pejo
2016/638 ( PDF )
A Tweak for a PRF Mode of a Compression Function and Its Applications
Shoichi Hirose and Atsushi Yabumoto
2016/637 ( PDF )
On the Security and Key Generation of the ZHFE Encryption Scheme
Wenbin Zhang and Chik How Tan
2016/636 ( PDF )
Unconditional UC-Secure Computation with (Stronger-Malicious) PUFs
Saikrishna Badrinarayanan and Dakshita Khurana and Rafail Ostrovsky and Ivan Visconti
2016/635 ( PDF )
Sealed-Glass Proofs: Using Transparent Enclaves to Prove and Sell Knowledge
Florian Tramer and Fan Zhang and Huang Lin and Jean-Pierre Hubaux and Ari Juels and Elaine Shi
2016/634 ( PDF )
Compact CCA2-secure Hierarchical Identity-Based Broadcast Encryption for Fuzzy-entity Data Sharing
Weiran Liu and Jianwei Liu and Qianhong Wu and Bo Qin and David Naccache and Houda Ferradi
2016/633 ( PDF )
Making Smart Contracts Smarter
Loi Luu and Duc-Hiep Chu and Hrishi Olickel and Prateek Saxena and Aquinas Hobor
2016/632 ( PDF )
Faster Malicious 2-party Secure Computation with Online/Ofine Dual Execution
Peter Rindal and Mike Rosulek
2016/631 ( PDF )
Masking AES with d+1 Shares in Hardware
Thomas De Cnudde and Oscar Reparaz and Begül Bilgin and Svetla Nikova and Ventzislav Nikov and Vincent Rijmen
2016/630 ( PDF )
Decomposed S-Boxes and DPA Attacks: A Quantitative Case Study using PRINCE
Ravikumar Selvam and Dillibabu Shanmugam and Suganya Annadurai and Jothi Rangasamy
2016/629 ( PDF )
Verifiable Functional Encryption
Saikrishna Badrinarayanan and Vipul Goyal and Aayush Jain and Amit Sahai
2016/628 ( PDF )
On the properties of the CTR encryption mode of the Magma and Kuznyechik block ciphers with re-keying method based on CryptoPro Key Meshing
Liliya R. Ahmetzyanova and Evgeny K. Alekseev and Igor B. Oshkin and Stanislav V. Smyshlyaev and Lolita A. Sonina
2016/627 ( PDF )
Cyber Passport: Preventing Massive Identity Theft
Gideon Samid
2016/626 ( PDF )
Ekawat Homsirikamol and William Diehl and Ahmed Ferozpuri and Farnoud Farahmand and Panasayya Yalla and Jens-Peter Kaps and Kris Gaj
2016/625 ( PDF )
On the Design Rationale of SIMON Block Cipher: Integral Attacks and Impossible Differential Attacks against SIMON Variants
Kota Kondo and Yu Sasaki and Tetsu Iwata
2016/624 ( PDF )
Equational Security Proofs of Oblivious Transfer Protocols
Baiyu Li and Daniele Micciancio
2016/623 ( PDF )
EnCounter: On Breaking the Nonce Barrier in Differential Fault Analysis with a Case-Study on PAEQ
Dhiman Saha and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
2016/622 ( PDF )
Function-Revealing Encryption
Marc Joye and Alain Passelègue
2016/621 ( PDF )
4-Round Concurrent Non-Malleable Commitments from One-Way Functions
Michele Ciampi and Rafail Ostrovsky and Luisa Siniscalchi and Ivan Visconti
2016/620 ( PDF )
Secure Data Exchange: A Marketplace in the Cloud
Ran Gilad-Bachrach and Kim Laine and Kristin Lauter and Peter Rindal and Mike Rosulek
2016/619 ( PDF )
5Gen: A Framework for Prototyping Applications Using Multilinear Maps and Matrix Branching Programs
Kevin Lewi and Alex J. Malozemoff and Daniel Apon and Brent Carmer and Adam Foltzer and Daniel Wagner and David W. Archer and Dan Boneh and Jonathan Katz and Mariana Raykova
2016/618 ( PDF )
Curious case of Rowhammer: Flipping Secret Exponent Bits using Timing Analysis
Sarani Bhattacharya and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2016/617 ( PDF )
On the Impossibility of Merkle Merge Homomorphism
Yuzhe Tang
2016/616 ( PDF )
Statistical Fault Attacks on Nonce-Based Authenticated Encryption Schemes
Christoph Dobraunig and Maria Eichlseder and Thomas Korak and Victor Lomné and Florian Mendel
2016/615 ( PDF )
Reusing Tamper-Proof Hardware in UC-Secure Protocols
Jeremias Mechler and Jörn Müller-Quade and Tobias Nilges
2016/614 ( PDF )
Better Two-Round Adaptive Multi-Party Computation
Ran Canetti and Oxana Poburinnaya and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2016/613 ( PDF )
A Survey of Microarchitectural Timing Attacks and Countermeasures on Contemporary Hardware
Qian Ge and Yuval Yarom and David Cock and Gernot Heiser
2016/612 ( PDF )
Order-Revealing Encryption: New Constructions, Applications, and Lower Bounds
Kevin Lewi and David J. Wu
2016/611 ( PDF )
Catching MPC Cheaters: Identification and Openability
Robert Cunningham and Benjamin Fuller and Sophia Yakoubov
2016/610 ( PDF )
The GGM Function Family is Weakly One-Way
Aloni Cohen and Saleet Klein
2016/609 ( PDF )
How low can you go? Using side-channel data to enhance brute-force key recovery
Jake Longo and Daniel P. Martin and Luke Mather and Elisabeth Oswald and Benjamin Sach and Martijn Stam
2016/608 ( PDF )
LightSource: Ultra Lightweight Clone Detection of RFID Tags from Software Unclonable Responses
Hoda Maleki, Reza Rahaeimehr, and Marten van Dijk
2016/607 ( PDF )
Protocols for Authenticated Oblivious Transfer
Mehrad Jaberi and Hamid Mala
2016/606 ( PDF )
Strong Machine Learning Attack against PUFs with No Mathematical Model
Fatemeh Ganji and Shahin Tajik and Fabian Fäßler and Jean-Pierre Seifert
2016/605 ( PDF )
Improving NFS for the discrete logarithm problem in non-prime finite fields
Razvan Barbulescu and Pierrick Gaudry and Aurore Guillevic and François Morain
2016/604 ( PDF )
FMNV Continuous Non-malleable Encoding Scheme is More Efficient Than Believed
Amir S. Mortazavia and Mahmoud Salmasizadeh and Amir Daneshgar
2016/603 ( PDF )
Koblitz curves over quadratic fields
Thomaz Oliveira and Julio López and and Daniel Cervantes-Vázquez and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez
2016/602 ( PDF )
More Efficient Oblivious Transfer Extensions
Gilad Asharov and Yehuda Lindell and Thomas Schneider and Michael Zohner
2016/601 ( PDF )
Physical Layer Group Key Agreement for Automotive Controller Area Networks
Shalabh Jain and Jorge Guajardo
2016/600 ( PDF )
A Design Methodology for Stealthy Parametric Trojans and Its Application to Bug Attacks
Samaneh Ghandali and Georg T. Becker and Daniel Holcomb and Christof Paar
2016/599 ( PDF )
Obfuscation from Low Noise Multilinear Maps
Nico Döttling and Sanjam Garg and Divya Gupta and Peihan Miao and Pratyay Mukherjee
2016/598 ( PDF )
Polynomial Batch Codes for Efficient IT-PIR
Ryan Henry
2016/597 ( PDF )
Correlated Extra-Reductions Defeat Blinded Regular Exponentiation - Extended Version
Margaux Dugardin and Sylvain Guilley and Jean-Luc Danger and Zakaria Najm and Olivier Rioul
2016/596 ( PDF )
Cache Attacks Enable Bulk Key Recovery on the Cloud
Mehmet S. Inci and Berk Gulmezoglu and Gorka Irazoqui and Thomas Eisenbarth and Berk Sunar
2016/595 ( PDF )
A High Throughput/Gate AES Hardware Architecture by Compressing Encryption and Decryption Datapaths --- Toward Efficient CBC-Mode Implementation
Rei Ueno and Sumio Morioka and Naofumi Homma and Takafumi Aoki
2016/594 ( PDF )
"Make Sure DSA Signing Exponentiations Really are Constant-Time''
Cesar Pereida García and Billy Bob Brumley and Yuval Yarom
2016/593 ( PDF )
No Place to Hide: Contactless Probing of Secret Data on FPGAs
Heiko Lohrke and Shahin Tajik and Christian Boit and Jean-Pierre Seifert
2016/592 ( PDF )
Subspace Trail Cryptanalysis and its Applications to AES
Lorenzo Grassi and Christian Rechberger and Sondre Rønjom
2016/591 ( PDF )
Arx: An Encrypted Database using Semantically Secure Encryption
Rishabh Poddar and Tobias Boelter and Raluca Ada Popa
2016/590 ( PDF )
Mitigating SAT Attack on Logic Locking
Yang Xie and Ankur Srivastava
2016/589 ( PDF )
Dimension-Preserving Reductions from LWE to LWR
Jacob Alperin-Sheriff and Daniel Apon
2016/588 ( PDF )
Secure obfuscation in a weak multilinear map model: A simple construction secure against all known attacks
Eric Miles and Amit Sahai and Mark Zhandry
2016/587 ( PDF )
Bash-f: another LRX sponge function
Sergey Agievich and Vadim Marchuk and Alexander Maslau and Vlad Semenov
2016/586 ( PDF )
A Modular Treatment of Cryptographic APIs: The Symmetric-Key Case
Thomas Shrimpton and Martijn Stam and Bogdan Warinschi
2016/585 ( PDF )
Breaking the Circuit Size Barrier for Secure Computation Under DDH
Elette Boyle and Niv Gilboa and Yuval Ishai
2016/584 ( PDF )
Network Oblivious Transfer
Ranjit Kumaresan and Srinivasan Raghuraman and Adam Sealfon
2016/583 ( PDF )
Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proof of Algebraic and Non-Algebraic Statements with Applications to Privacy Preserving Credentials
Melissa Chase and Chaya Ganesh and Payman Mohassel
2016/582 ( PDF )
TV-PUF : A Fast Lightweight Analog Physically Unclonable Function
Tanujay Saha
2016/581 ( PDF )
UC Commitments for Modular Protocol Design and Applications to Revocation and Attribute Tokens
Jan Camenisch and Maria Dubovitskaya and Alfredo Rial
2016/580 ( PDF )
Fine-grained Cryptography
Akshay Degwekar and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Prashant Nalini Vasudevan
2016/579 ( PDF )
Automatic Search of Meet-in-the-Middle and Impossible Differential Attacks
Patrick Derbez and Pierre-Alain Fouque
2016/578 ( PDF )
Key-alternating Ciphers and Key-length Extension: Exact Bounds and Multi-user Security
Viet Tung Hoang and Stefano Tessaro
2016/577 ( PDF )
Backdoors in Pseudorandom Number Generators: Possibility and Impossibility Results
Jean Paul Degabriele and Kenneth G. Paterson and Jacob C. N. Schuldt and Joanne Woodage
2016/576 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation Does Not Reduce to Structured Languages
Gilad Asharov and Alon Rosen and Gil Segev
2016/575 ( PDF )
TumbleBit: An Untrusted Bitcoin-Compatible Anonymous Payment Hub
Ethan Heilman and Leen Alshenibr and Foteini Baldimtsi and Alessandra Scafuro and Sharon Goldberg
2016/574 ( PDF )
Structure vs Hardness through the Obfuscation Lens
Nir Bitansky and Akshay Degwekar and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2016/573 ( PDF )
Towards Sound Fresh Re-Keying with Hard (Physical) Learning Problems
Stefan Dziembowski and Sebastian Faust and Gottfried Herold and Anthony Journault and Daniel Masny and Francois-Xavier Standaert
2016/572 ( PDF )
Faster Evaluation of SBoxes via Common Shares
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Aurelien Greuet and Emmanuel Prouff and Rina Zeitoun
2016/571 ( PDF )
Simple Key Enumeration (and Rank Estimation) using Histograms: an Integrated Approach
Romain poussier and François-Xavier Standaert and Vincent Grosso
2016/570 ( PDF )
Design in Type-I, Run in Type-III: Fast and Scalable Bilinear-Type Conversion using Integer Programming
Masayuki Abe, Fumitaka Hoshino, Miyako Ohkubo
2016/569 ( PDF )
FourQ on FPGA: New Hardware Speed Records for Elliptic Curve Cryptography over Large Prime Characteristic Fields
Kimmo Järvinen and Andrea Miele and Reza Azarderakhsh and Patrick Longa
2016/568 ( PDF )
A Secure One-Roundtrip Index for Range Queries
Tobias Boelter and Rishabh Poddar and Raluca Ada Popa
2016/567 ( PDF )
Adversary-dependent Lossy Trapdoor Function from Hardness of Factoring Semi-smooth RSA Subgroup Moduli
Takashi Yamakawa and Shota Yamada and Goichiro Hanaoka and Noboru Kunihiro
2016/566 ( PDF )
Concurrent Non-Malleable Commitments (and More) in 3 Rounds
Michele Ciampi and Rafail Ostrovsky and Luisa Siniscalchi and Ivan Visconti
2016/565 ( PDF )
Bounded Indistinguishability and the Complexity of Recovering Secrets
Andrej Bogdanov and Yuval Ishai and Emanuele Viola and Christopher Williamson
2016/564 ( PDF )
The Multi-User Security of Authenticated Encryption: AES-GCM in TLS 1.3
Mihir Bellare and Bjoern Tackmann
2016/563 ( PDF )
Garbling Scheme for Formulas with Constant Size of Garbled Gates
Carmen Kempka and Ryo Kikuchi and Susumu Kiyoshima and Koutarou Suzuki
2016/562 ( PDF )
Deniable Attribute Based Encryption for Branching Programs from LWE
Daniel Apon and Xiong Fan and Feng-Hao Liu
2016/561 ( PDF )
Compactness vs Collusion Resistance in Functional Encryption
Baiyu Li and Daniele Micciancio
2016/560 ( PDF )
Memory-Efficient Algorithms for Finding Needles in Haystacks
Itai Dinur and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller and Adi Shamir
2016/559 ( PDF )
Quantum homomorphic encryption for polynomial-sized circuits
Yfke Dulek and Christian Schaffner and Florian Speelman
2016/558 ( PDF )
From Cryptomania to Obfustopia through Secret-Key Functional Encryption
Nir Bitansky and Ryo Nishimaki and Alain Passelègue and Daniel Wichs
2016/557 ( PDF )
On the Multiplicative Complexity of Boolean Functions and Bitsliced Higher-Order Masking
Dahmun Goudarzi and Matthieu Rivain
2016/556 ( PDF )
Network-Hiding Communication and Applications to Multi-Party Protocols
Martin Hirt and Ueli Maurer and Daniel Tschudi and Vassilis Zikas
2016/555 ( PDF )
On the Security and Performance of Proof of Work Blockchains
Arthur Gervais and Ghassan O. Karame and Karl Wüst and Vasileios Glykantzis and Hubert Ritzdorf and Srdjan Capkun
2016/554 ( PDF )
Another view of the division property
Christina Boura and Anne Canteaut
2016/553 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Storage Efficient Substring Searchable Symmetric Encryption
Iraklis Leontiadis and Ming Li
2016/552 ( PDF )
Provably Secure Password Authenticated Key Exchange Based on RLWE for the Post-QuantumWorld
Jintai Ding and Saed Alsayigh and Jean Lancrenon and Saraswathy RV and Michael Snook
2016/551 ( PDF )
Improved Factorization of $N=p^rq^s$
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Rina Zeitoun
2016/550 ( PDF )
Antikernel: A Decentralized Secure Hardware-Software Operating System Architecture
Andrew D. Zonenberg and Bulent Yener
2016/549 ( PDF )
Short and Adjustable Signatures
Xiong Fan and Juan Garay and Payman Mohassel
2016/548 ( PDF )
Linicrypt: A Model for Practical Cryptography
Brent Carmer and Mike Rosulek
2016/547 ( PDF )
Efficient High-Speed WPA2 Brute Force Attacks using Scalable Low-Cost FPGA Clustering
Markus Kammerstetter and Markus Muellner and Daniel Burian and Christian Kudera and Wolfgang Kastner
2016/546 ( PDF )
An Unconditionally Hiding Auditing Procedure for Multi-Party Computations
Lucas Schabhüser and Denise Demirel and Johannes Buchmann
2016/545 ( PDF )
On Trees, Chains and Fast Transactions in the Blockchain
Aggelos Kiayias and Giorgos Panagiotakos
2016/544 ( PDF )
New Protocols for Secure Equality Test and Comparison
Geoffroy Couteau
2016/543 ( PDF )
ObliviSync: Practical Oblivious File Backup and Synchronization
Adam J. Aviv and Seung Geol Choi and Travis Mayberry and Daniel S. Roche
2016/542 ( PDF )
MPC-Friendly Symmetric Key Primitives
Lorenzo Grassi and Christian Rechberger and Dragos Rotaru and Peter Scholl and Nigel P. Smart
2016/541 ( PDF )
Big-Key Symmetric Encryption: Resisting Key Exfiltration
Mihir Bellare and Daniel Kane and Phillip Rogaway
2016/540 ( PDF )
Horizontal Side-Channel Attacks and Countermeasures on the ISW Masking Scheme
Alberto Battistello and Jean-Sebastien Coron and Emmanuel Prouff and Rina Zeitoun
2016/539 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of a Theorem: Decomposing the Only Known Solution to the Big APN Problem (Full Version)
Léo Perrin and Aleksei Udovenko and Alex Biryukov
2016/538 ( PDF )
How to prove knowledge of small secrets
Carsten Baum and Ivan Damgård and Kasper Larsen and Michael Nielsen
2016/537 ( PDF )
A Generalisation of the Conjugation Method for Polynomial Selection for the Extended Tower Number Field Sieve Algorithm
Palash Sarkar and Shashank Singh
2016/536 ( PDF )
Position-Based Cryptography and Multiparty Communication Complexity
Joshua Brody and Stefan Dziembowski and Sebastian Faust and Krzysztof Pietrzak
2016/535 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Midori
Chen Zhan and Wang Xiaoyun
2016/534 ( PDF )
Damaging, Simplifying, and Salvaging p-OMD
Tomer Ashur and Bart Mennink
2016/533 ( PDF )
New Insights on AES-like SPN Ciphers
Bing Sun and Meicheng Liu and Jian Guo and Longjiang Qu and Vincent Rijmen
2016/532 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of GOST2
Tomer Ashur and Achiya Bar-On and Orr Dunkelman
2016/531 ( PDF )
Reducing number field defining polynomials: An application to class group computations
Alexandre Gélin and Antoine Joux
2016/530 ( PDF )
Generic Semantic Security against a Kleptographic Adversary
Alexander Russell and Qiang Tang and Moti Yung and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2016/529 ( PDF )
Efficient Public-Key Cryptography with Bounded Leakage and Tamper Resilience
Antonio Faonio and Daniele Venturi
2016/528 ( PDF )
Certified lattice reduction
Thomas Espitau and Antoine Joux
2016/527 ( PDF )
Secure Outsourcing of Circuit Manufacturing
Giuseppe Ateniese and Aggelos Kiayias and Bernardo Magri and Yiannis Tselekounis and Daniele Venturi
2016/526 ( PDF )
Extended Tower Number Field Sieve with Application to Finite Fields of Arbitrary Composite Extension Degree
Taechan Kim and Jinhyuck Jeong
2016/525 ( PDF )
EWCDM: An Efficient, Beyond-Birthday Secure, Nonce-Misuse Resistant MAC
Benoît Cogliati and Yannick Seurin
2016/524 ( PDF )
Single-Key to Multi-Key Functional Encryption with Polynomial Loss
Sanjam Garg and Akshayaram Srinivasan
2016/523 ( PDF )
Programmable Hash Functions from Lattices: Short Signatures and IBEs with Small Key Sizes
Jiang Zhang and Yu Chen and Zhenfeng Zhang
2016/522 ( PDF )
A Novel Methodology for Testing Hardware Security and Trust Exploiting On-Chip Power Noise Measurements (Extended Version)
Daisuke Fujimoto and Shivam Bhasin and Makoto Nagata and Jean-Luc Danger
2016/521 ( PDF )
SAT-based cryptanalysis of ACORN
Frédéric Lafitte and Liran Lerman and Olivier Markowitch and Dirk Van Heule
2016/520 ( PDF )
Universally Composable Two-Server PAKE
Franziskus Kiefer and Mark Manulis
2016/519 ( PDF )
On the Relationship between Statistical Zero-Knowledge and Statistical Randomized Encodings
Benny Applebaum and Pavel Raykov
2016/518 ( PDF )
Attribute-based Key Exchange with General Policies
Vladimir Kolesnikov and Hugo Krawczyk and Yehuda Lindell and Alex J. Malozemoff and Tal Rabin
2016/517 ( PDF )
Towards Practical Tools for Side Channel Aware Software Engineering: `Grey Box' Modelling for Instruction Leakages
David McCann and Elisabeth Oswald and Carolyn Whitnall
2016/516 ( PDF )
Boneh-Gentry-Hamburg's Identity-based Encryption Schemes Revisited
George Teseleanu and Ferucio Laurentiu Tiplea and Sorin Iftene and Anca-Maria Nica
2016/515 ( PDF )
RSA Weak Public Keys available on the Internet
Mihai Barbulescu and Adrian Stratulat and Vlad Traista-Popescu and Emil Simion
2016/514 ( PDF )
Cryptography with Auxiliary Input and Trapdoor from Constant-Noise LPN
Yu Yu and Jiang Zhang
2016/513 ( PDF )
Applying TVLA to Public Key Cryptographic Algorithms
Michael Tunstall and Gilbert Goodwill
2016/512 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of ePrint Report 2016/500 "Efficient Identity-Based Encryption and Public-Key Signature from Trapdoor Subgroups"
Lucjan Hanzlik and Kamil Kluczniak
2016/511 ( PDF )
Optimal-Rate Non-Committing Encryption in a CRS Model
Ran Canetti and Oxana Poburinnaya and Mariana Raykova
2016/510 ( PDF )
A Full RNS Variant of FV like Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption Schemes
Jean-Claude Bajard and Julien Eynard and Anwar Hasan and Vincent Zucca
2016/509 ( PDF )
Chosen-Key Distinguishers on 12-Round Feistel-SP and 11-Round Collision Attacks on Its Hashing Modes
Xiaoyang Dong and Xiaoyun Wang
2016/508 ( PDF )
Collapse-binding quantum commitments without random oracles
Dominique Unruh
2016/507 ( PDF )
Solving discrete logarithms on a 170-bit MNT curve by pairing reduction
Aurore Guillevic and François Morain and Emmanuel Thomé
2016/506 ( PDF )
TOR - Didactic pluggable transport
Ioana-Cristina Panait and Cristian Pop and Alexandru Sirbu and Adelina Vidovici and Emil Simion
2016/505 ( PDF )
MASCOT: Faster Malicious Arithmetic Secure Computation with Oblivious Transfer
Marcel Keller and Emmanuela Orsini and Peter Scholl
2016/504 ( PDF )
Speeding up the Number Theoretic Transform for Faster Ideal Lattice-Based Cryptography
Patrick Longa and Michael Naehrig
2016/503 ( PDF )
MQSAS - A Multivariate Sequential Aggregate Signature Scheme
Rachid El Bansarkhani and Mohamed Saied Emam Mohamed and Albrecht Petzoldt
2016/502 ( PDF )
Key Recovery Attack against 2.5-round pi-Cipher
Christina Boura and Avik Chakraborti and Gaëtan Leurent and Goutam Paul and Dhiman Saha and Hadi Soleimany and Valentin Suder
2016/501 ( PDF )
Certificateless Key Insulated Encryption: Cryptographic Primitive for Achieving Key-escrow free and Key-exposure Resilience
Libo He, Chen Yuan, Hu Xiong, and Zhiguang Qin
2016/500 ( PDF )
Efficient Identity-Based Encryption and Public-Key Signature from Trapdoor Subgroups
Jong Hwan Park and Kwangsu Lee and Dong Hoon Lee
2016/499 ( PDF )
Drone Targeted Cryptography
Gideon Samid
2016/498 ( PDF )
Towards Tightly Secure Short Signature and IBE
Xavier Boyen and Qinyi Li
2016/497 ( PDF )
Secure Computation from Elastic Noisy Channels
Dakshita Khurana and Hemanta K. Maji and Amit Sahai
2016/496 ( PDF )
All Complete Functionalities are Reversible
Daniel Kraschewski and Dakshita Khurana and Hemanta K. Maji and Manoj Prabhakaran and Amit Sahai
2016/495 ( PDF )
Cross&Clean: Amortized Garbled Circuits with Constant Overhead
Jesper Buus Nielsen and Claudio Orlandi
2016/494 ( PDF )
AEP-M: Practical Anonymous E-Payment for Mobile Devices using ARM TrustZone and Divisible E-Cash (Full Version)
Bo Yang and Kang Yang and Zhenfeng Zhang and Yu Qin and Dengguo Feng
2016/493 ( PDF )
Partition-Based Trapdoor Ciphers
Arnaud Bannier and Nicolas Bodin and Eric Filiol
2016/492 ( PDF )
MiMC: Efficient Encryption and Cryptographic Hashing with Minimal Multiplicative Complexity
Martin Albrecht and Lorenzo Grassi and Christian Rechberger and Arnab Roy and Tyge Tiessen
2016/491 ( PDF )
Characterisation and Estimation of the Key Rank Distribution in the Context of Side Channel Evaluations
Daniel P. Martin and Luke Mather and Elisabeth Oswald and Martijn Stam
2016/490 ( PDF )
Truncated, Impossible, and Improbable Differential Analysis of Ascon
Cihangir Tezcan
2016/489 ( PDF )
Two Cents for Strong Anonymity: The Anonymous Post-office Protocol
Nethanel Gelernter and Amir Herzberg and Hemi Leibowitz
2016/488 ( PDF )
Efficient Homomorphic Integer Polynomial Evaluation based on GSW FHE
Husen Wang and Qiang Tang
2016/487 ( PDF )
A Systolic Hardware Architectures of Montgomery Modular Multiplication for Public Key Cryptosystems
2016/486 ( PDF )
Domain-Oriented Masking: Compact Masked Hardware Implementations with Arbitrary Protection Order
Hannes Gross and Stefan Mangard and Thomas Korak
2016/485 ( PDF )
A General Polynomial Selection Method and New Asymptotic Complexities for the Tower Number Field Sieve Algorithm
Palash Sarkar and Shashank Singh
2016/484 ( PDF )
Ghostshell: Secure Biometric Authentication using Integrity-based Homomorphic Evaluations
Jung Hee Cheon and HeeWon Chung and Myungsun Kim and Kang-Won Lee
2016/483 ( PDF )
Proofs of Knowledge on Monotone Predicates and its Application to Attribute-Based Identifications and Signatures
Hiroaki Anada and Seiko Arita and Kouichi Sakurai
2016/482 ( PDF )
Functional Encryption: Deterministic to Randomized Functions from Simple Assumptions
Shashank Agrawal and David J. Wu
2016/481 ( PDF )
Side-Channel Analysis Protection and Low-Latency in Action - case study of PRINCE and Midori
Amir Moradi and Tobias Schneider
2016/480 ( PDF )
Achieving Better Privacy for the 3GPP AKA Protocol
Pierre-Alain Fouque and Cristina Onete and Benjamin Richard
2016/479 ( PDF )
Survey of Microarchitectural Side and Covert Channels, Attacks, and Defenses
Jakub Szefer
2016/478 ( PDF )
Cryptographic Solutions for Credibility and Liability Issues of Genomic Data
Erman Ayday and Qiang Tang and Arif Yilmaz
2016/477 ( PDF )
Shortening the Libert-Peters-Yung Revocable Group Signature Scheme by Using the Random Oracle Methodology
Kazuma Ohara and Keita Emura and Goichiro Hanaoka and Ai Ishida and Kazuo Ohta and Yusuke Sakai
2016/476 ( PDF )
Groth-Sahai Proofs Revisited Again: A Bug in ``Optimized'' Randomization
Keita Xagawa
2016/475 ( PDF )
Nonce-Disrespecting Adversaries: Practical Forgery Attacks on GCM in TLS
Hanno Böck and Aaron Zauner and Sean Devlin and Juraj Somorovsky and Philipp Jovanovic
2016/474 ( PDF )
T-Proof: Secure Communication via Non-Algorithmic Randomization
Gideon Samid
2016/473 ( PDF )
Exploiting the Physical Disparity: Side-Channel Attacks on Memory Encryption
Thomas Unterluggauer and Stefan Mangard
2016/472 ( PDF )
Adequate Elliptic Curve for Computing the Product of n Pairings
Loubna Ghammam and Emmanuel Fouotsa
2016/471 ( PDF )
NTRU Modular Lattice Signature Scheme on CUDA GPUs
Wei Dai and John Schanck and Berk Sunar and William Whyte and Zhenfei Zhang
2016/470 ( PDF )
Better Security for Queries on Encrypted Databases
Myungsun Kim and Hyung Tae Lee and San Ling and Shu Qin Ren and Benjamin Hong Meng Tan and Huaxiong Wang
2016/469 ( PDF )
Identity Chains
Andrew Egbert and Brad Chun and Thomas Otte
2016/468 ( PDF )
Chaos Machine: Different Approach to the Application and Significance of Numbers
Maciej A. Czyzewski
2016/467 ( PDF )
Speeding up R-LWE post-quantum key exchange
Shay Gueron and Fabian Schlieker
2016/466 ( PDF )
AnNotify: A Private Notification Service
Ania Piotrowska and Jamie Hayes and Nethanel Gelernter and George Danezis and Amir Herzberg
2016/465 ( PDF )
Can Large Deviation Theory be Used for Estimating Data Complexity?
Subhabrata Samajder and Palash Sarkar
2016/464 ( PDF )
Beaver: A Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace with Secure Reputation
Kyle Soska and Albert Kwon and Nicolas Christin and Srinivas Devadas
2016/463 ( PDF )
Authenticated Encryption with Variable Stretch
Reza Reyhanitabar and Serge Vaudenay and Damian Vizár
2016/462 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Isotropic Elements
Masahiro Yagisawa
2016/461 ( PDF )
NTRU Prime: reducing attack surface at low cost
Daniel J. Bernstein and Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup and Tanja Lange and Christine van Vredendaal
2016/460 ( PDF )
Revocable Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption with Shorter Private Keys and Update Keys
Kwangsu Lee and Seunghwan Park
2016/459 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive RAM and Batch NP Delegation from any PIR
Zvika Brakerski and Justin Holmgren and Yael Kalai
2016/458 ( PDF )
CompGC: Efficient Offline/Online Semi-honest Two-party Computation
Adam Groce and Alex Ledger and Alex J. Malozemoff and Arkady Yerukhimovich
2016/457 ( PDF )
Wei Yuan
2016/456 ( PDF )
Secure Protocol Transformations
Yuval Ishai, Eyal Kushilevitz, Manoj Prabhakaran, Amit Sahai, Ching-Hua Yu
2016/455 ( PDF )
Extracting the RC4 secret key of the Open Smart Grid Protocol
Linus Feiten, Matthias Sauer
2016/454 ( PDF )
Analysis of the Blockchain Protocol in Asynchronous Networks
Rafael Pass and Lior Seeman and abhi shelat
2016/453 ( PDF )
SQL on Structurally-Encrypted Databases
Seny Kamara and Tarik Moataz
2016/452 ( PDF )
Secure Logging Schemes and Certificate Transparency
Benjamin Dowling and Felix Günther and Udyani Herath and Douglas Stebila
2016/451 ( PDF )
Efficient Zero-Knowledge Contingent Payments in Cryptocurrencies Without Scripts
Wacław Banasik and Stefan Dziembowski and Daniel Malinowski
2016/450 ( PDF )
A Provably Secure Code-based Concurrent Signature Scheme
Maryam Rajabzadeh Asaar and Mahmoud Salmasizadeh and Mohammad Reza Aref
2016/449 ( PDF )
Loop-Abort Faults on Lattice-Based Fiat–Shamir and Hash-and-Sign Signatures
Thomas Espitau and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Benoît Gérard and Mehdi Tibouchi
2016/448 ( PDF )
A Note on ``Outsourcing Large Matrix Inversion Computation to a Public Cloud"
Zhengjun Cao and Lihua Liu
2016/447 ( PDF )
Theoretical Attacks on E2E Voting Systems
Peter Hyun-Jeen Lee and Siamak F. Shahandashti
2016/446 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Quantum key distribution with combined conjugate coding and information overloading
Boris Skoric
2016/445 ( PDF )
SecureMed: Secure Medical Computation using GPU-Accelerated Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
Alhassan Khedr and Glenn Gulak
2016/444 ( PDF )
The QARMA Block Cipher Family -- Almost MDS Matrices Over Rings With Zero Divisors, Nearly Symmetric Even-Mansour Constructions With Non-Involutory Central Rounds, and Search Heuristics for Low-Latency S-Boxes
Roberto Avanzi
2016/443 ( PDF )
Thrifty Zero-Knowledge - When Linear Programming Meets Cryptography
Simon Cogliani and Houda Ferradi and Rémi Géraud and David Naccache
2016/442 ( PDF )
Blind Password Registration for Verifier-based PAKE
Franziskus Kiefer and Mark Manulis
2016/441 ( PDF )
Fault Tolerant Implementations of Delay-based Physically Unclonable Functions on FPGA
Durga Prasad Sahoo and Sikhar Patranabis and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Rajat Subhra Chakraborty
2016/440 ( PDF )
Function-Hiding Inner Product Encryption is Practical
Sam Kim and Kevin Lewi and Avradip Mandal and Hart Montgomery and Arnab Roy and David J. Wu
2016/439 ( PDF )
A Measure Version of Gaussian Heuristic
Hao Chen
2016/438 ( PDF )
sElect: A Lightweight Verifiable Remote Voting System
Ralf Kuesters and Johannes Mueller and Enrico Scapin and Tomasz Truderung
2016/437 ( PDF )
Observations on the LPN Solving Algorithm from Eurocrypt'16
Sonia Bogos and Serge Vaudenay
2016/436 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Reduced NORX
Nasour Bagheri and Tao Huang and Keting Jia and Florian Mendel and Yu Sasaki
2016/435 ( PDF )
The Whole is Less than the Sum of its Parts: Constructing More Efficient Lattice-Based AKEs
Rafael del Pino and Vadim Lyubashevsky and David Pointcheval
2016/434 ( PDF )
A Tale of Two Shares: Why Two-Share Threshold Implementation Seems Worthwhile-and Why it is Not
Cong Chen and Mohammad Farmani and Thomas Eisenbarth
2016/433 ( PDF )
Analysis of Key Wrapping APIs: Generic Policies, Computational Security
Guillaume Scerri and Ryan Stanley-Oakes
2016/432 ( PDF )
Two-Input Functional Encryption for Inner Products from Bilinear Maps
Kwangsu Lee and Dong Hoon Lee
2016/431 ( PDF )
Security Proofs for Participation Privacy, Receipt-Freeness, Ballot Privacy, and Verifiability Against Malicious Bulletin Board for the Helios Voting Scheme
David Bernhard, Oksana Kulyk, Melanie Volkamer
2016/430 ( PDF )
Partially homomorphic encryption schemes over finite fields
Jian Liu and Lusheng Chen and Sihem Mesnager
2016/429 ( PDF )
Information-Theoretical Analysis of Two Shannon's Ciphers
Boris Ryabko
2016/428 ( PDF )
An Efficient and Scalable Modeling Attack on Lightweight Secure Physically Unclonable Function
Phuong Ha Nguyen and Durga Prasad Sahoo
2016/427 ( PDF )
Privacy Preserving Network Analysis of Distributed Social Networks
Varsha Bhat Kukkala and Jaspal Singh Saini and S.R.S. Iyengar
2016/426 ( PDF )
A Practical Framework for Executing Complex Queries over Encrypted Multimedia Data
Fahad Shaon and Murat Kantarcioglu
2016/425 ( PDF )
Multi-Input Inner-Product Functional Encryption from Pairings
Michel Abdalla and Romain Gay and Mariana Raykova and Hoeteck Wee
2016/424 ( PDF )
Computational Security of Quantum Encryption
Gorjan Alagic and Anne Broadbent and Bill Fefferman and Tommaso Gagliardoni and Christian Schaffner and Michael St. Jules
2016/423 ( PDF )
Modeling Random Oracles under Unpredictable Queries
Pooya Farshim and Arno Mittelbach
2016/422 ( PDF )
A deeper understanding of the XOR count distribution in the context of lightweight cryptography
Sumanta Sarkar and Siang Meng Sim
2016/421 ( PDF )
Homomorphic Encryption for Arithmetic of Approximate Numbers
Jung Hee Cheon and Andrey Kim and Miran Kim and Yongsoo Song
2016/420 ( PDF )
A note on the security of threshold implementations with $d+1$ input shares
Santos Merino Del Pozo and François-Xavier Standaert
2016/419 ( PDF )
Walsh-Hadamard Transform and Cryptographic Applications in Bias Computing
2016/418 ( PDF )
Shorter Circuit Obfuscation in Challenging Security Models
Zvika Brakerski and Or Dagmi
2016/417 ( PDF )
New Tools for Multi-Party Computation
Lisa Kohl
2016/416 ( PDF )
A Decentralized Anonymity-Preserving Reputation System with Constant-time Score Retrieval
Rémi Bazin and Alexander Schaub and Omar Hasan and Lionel Brunie
2016/415 ( PDF )
Lattice-Based Signature Schemes and their Sensitivity to Fault Attacks
Nina Bindel and Johannes Buchmann and Juliane Krämer
2016/414 ( PDF )
Automatic Search for Key-Bridging Technique: Applications to LBlock and TWINE (Full Version)
Li Lin and Wenling Wu and Yafei Zheng
2016/413 ( PDF )
Efficient algorithms for supersingular isogeny Diffie-Hellman
Craig Costello and Patrick Longa and Michael Naehrig
2016/412 ( PDF )
Solving Quadratic Equations with XL on Parallel Architectures - extended version
Chen-Mou Cheng, Tung Chou, Ruben Niederhagen, and Bo-Yin Yang
2016/411 ( PDF )
Polymorphic Encryption and Pseudonymisation for Personalised Healthcare
Eric Verheul and Bart Jacobs and Carlo Meijer and Mireille Hildebrandt and Joeri de Ruiter
2016/410 ( PDF )
Efficient Quantum-Resistant Trust Infrastructure based on HIMMO
Oscar Garcia-Morchon and Sauvik Bhattacharya and Ronald Rietman and Ludo Tolhuizen and Jose-Luis Torre-Arce and Maarten Bodlaender
2016/409 ( PDF )
Automatic Search for the Best Trails in ARX: Application to Block Cipher \textsc{Speck}
Alex Biryukov and Vesselin Velichkov and Yann Le Corre
2016/408 ( PDF )
Towards Bitcoin Payment Networks
Patrick McCorry and Malte Möser and Siamak F. Shahandashti and Feng Hao
2016/407 ( PDF )
MILP-Based Automatic Search Algorithms for Differential and Linear Trails for Speck
Kai Fu and Meiqin Wang and Yinghua Guo and Siwei Sun and Lei Hu
2016/406 ( PDF )
On the Construction of Lightweight Circulant Involutory MDS Matrices
Yongqiang Li and Mingsheng Wang
2016/405 ( PDF )
Multiple Differential Cryptanalysis: A Rigorous Analysis
Subhabrata Samajder and Palash Sarkar
2016/404 ( PDF )
A New Test Statistic for Key Recovery Attacks Using Multiple Linear Approximations
Subhabrata Samajder and Palash Sarkar
2016/403 ( PDF )
On Instantiating Pairing-Based Protocols with Elliptic Curves of Embedding Degree One
Sanjit Chatterjee and Alfred Menezes and Francisco Rodriguez-Henriquez
2016/402 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption for Point Numbers
Seiko Arita and Shota Nakasato
2016/401 ( PDF )
Tower Number Field Sieve Variant of a Recent Polynomial Selection Method
Palash Sarkar and Shashank Singh
2016/400 ( PDF )
Towards Secure Quadratic Voting
Sunoo Park and Ronald L. Rivest
2016/399 ( PDF )
Slow Motion Zero Knowledge Identifying With Colliding Commitments
Houda Ferradi and Rémi Géraud and David Naccache
2016/398 ( PDF )
Algebraic Insights into the Secret Feistel Network (Full version)
Léo Perrin and Aleksei Udovenko
2016/397 ( PDF )
Linear-Time Non-Malleable Codes in the Bit-Wise Independent Tampering Model
Ronald Cramer and Ivan Damgård and Nico Döttling and Irene Giacomelli and Chaoping Xing
2016/396 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Haraka
Jérémy Jean
2016/395 ( PDF )
Efficient Beyond-Birthday-Bound-Secure Deterministic Authenticated Encryption with Minimal Stretch
Christian Forler and Eik List and Stefan Lucks and Jakob Wenzel
2016/394 ( PDF )
Strengthening the Known-Key Security Notion for Block Ciphers
Benoît Cogliati and Yannick Seurin
2016/393 ( PDF )
De Bruijn Sequences, Adjacency Graphs and Cyclotomy
Ming Li and Dongdai Lin
2016/392 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Towards a Further Understanding of Bit-Based Division Property
Ling Sun and Meiqin Wang
2016/391 ( PDF )
A Digital Signature Scheme Based on Random Split of St-Gen Codes
Danilo Gligoroski and Simona Samardjiska
2016/390 ( PDF )
Obfuscation without the Vulnerabilities of Multilinear Maps
Sanjam Garg and Pratyay Mukherjee and Akshayaram Srinivasan
2016/389 ( PDF )
A Quasipolynomial Reduction for Generalized Selective Decryption on Trees
Georg Fuchsbauer and Zahra Jafargholi and Krzysztof Pietrzak
2016/388 ( PDF )
Tightly-Secure Authenticated Key Exchange without NAXOS' approach based on Decision Linear Problem
Mojahed Mohamed and Xiaofen Wang and Xiaosong Zhang
2016/387 ( PDF )
Game-Based Cryptanalysis of a Lightweight CRC-Based Authentication Protocol for EPC Tags
K. Baghery, B. Abdolmaleki, M. J. Emadi
2016/386 ( PDF )
Canary Numbers: Design for Light-weight Online Testability of True Random Number Generators
Vladimir Rožić and Bohan Yang and Nele Mentens and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2016/385 ( PDF )
A note on Ring-LWE security in the case of Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Guillaume Bonnoron and Caroline Fontaine
2016/384 ( PDF )
Attacks against Filter Generators Exploiting Monomial Mappings
Anne Canteaut and Yann Rotella
2016/383 ( PDF )
Reducing the Key Size of the SRP Encryption Scheme - Extended version
Dung Hoang Duong and Albrecht Petzoldt and Tsuyoshi Takagi
2016/382 ( PDF )
Faster elliptic-curve discrete logarithms on FPGAs
Daniel J. Bernstein and Susanne Engels and Tanja Lange and Ruben Niederhagen and Christof Paar and Peter Schwabe and Ralf Zimmermann
2016/381 ( PDF )
FHE Circuit Privacy Almost For Free
Florian Bourse and Rafaël Del Pino and Michele Minelli and Hoeteck Wee
2016/380 ( PDF )
Parallel Implementation of BDD enumeration for LWE
Elena Kirshanova and Alexander May and Friedrich Wiemer
2016/379 ( PDF )
Two More Efficient Variants of the J-PAKE Protocol
Jean Lancrenon and Marjan Škrobot and Qiang Tang
2016/378 ( PDF )
Using semidirect product of (semi)groups in public key cryptography
Delaram Kahrobaei and Vladimir Shpilrain
2016/377 ( PDF )
Differential Cryptanalysis of Salsa and ChaCha -- An Evaluation with a Hybrid Model
Arka Rai Choudhuri and Subhamoy Maitra
2016/376 ( PDF )
A Systematic Analysis of the Juniper Dual EC Incident
Stephen Checkoway and Shaanan Cohney and Christina Garman and Matthew Green and Nadia Heninger and Jacob Maskiewicz and Eric Rescorla and Hovav Shacham and Ralf-Philipp Weinmann
2016/375 ( PDF )
Can PPAD Hardness be Based on Standard Cryptographic Assumptions?
Alon Rosen and Gil Segev and Ido Shahaf
2016/374 ( PDF )
Analysis of SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256
Christoph Dobraunig and Maria Eichlseder and Florian Mendel
2016/373 ( PDF )
Adaptive partitioning
Dennis Hofheinz
2016/372 ( PDF )
NIZKs with an Untrusted CRS: Security in the Face of Parameter Subversion
Mihir Bellare and Georg Fuchsbauer and Alessandra Scafuro
2016/371 ( PDF )
A Cryptographic Analysis of UMTS/LTE AKA
Stéphanie Alt and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Gilles Macario-rat and Cristina Onete and Benjamin Richard
2016/370 ( PDF )
Malleability of the blockchain’s entropy
Cecile Pierrot and Benjamin Wesolowski
2016/369 ( PDF )
Efficient Multi-Point Local Decoding of Reed-Muller Codes via Interleaved Codex
Ronald Cramer and Chaoping Xing and Chen Yuan
2016/368 ( PDF )
Foundations of Fully Dynamic Group Signatures
Jonathan Bootle and Andrea Cerulli and Pyrros Chaidos and Essam Ghadafi and Jens Groth
2016/367 ( PDF )
An Analysis of OpenSSL's Random Number Generator
Falko Strenzke
2016/366 ( PDF )
\(\mu\)Kummer: efficient hyperelliptic signatures and key exchange on microcontrollers
Joost Renes and Peter Schwabe and Benjamin Smith and Lejla Batina
2016/365 ( PDF )
Fast Modular Arithmetic on the Kalray MPPA-256 Processor for an Energy-Efficient Implementation of ECM
Masahiro Ishii and Jérémie Detrey and Pierrick Gaudry and Atsuo Inomata and Kazutoshi Fujikawa
2016/364 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Cryptographic Analysis of the 3GPP AKA Protocol
Stéphanie Alt and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Gilles Macario-rat and Cristina Onete and Benjamin Richard
2016/363 ( PDF )
Legally Fair Contract Signing Without Keystones
Houda Ferradi, Rémi Géraud, Diana Maimut,, David Naccache, and David Pointcheval
2016/362 ( PDF )
An Empirical Study towards Refining the AKS Primality Testing Algorithm
Lalitha Kiran Nemana and V. Ch. Venkaiah
2016/361 ( PDF )
Functional Encryption for Bounded Collusions, Revisited
Shweta Agrawal and Alon Rosen
2016/360 ( PDF )
Another Look at Tightness II: Practical Issues in Cryptography
Sanjit Chatterjee and Neal Koblitz and Alfred Menezes and Palash Sarkar
2016/359 ( PDF )
Less is More - Dimensionality Reduction from a Theoretical Perspective
Nicolas Bruneau and Sylvain Guilley and Annelie Heuser and Damien Marion and Olivier Rioul
2016/358 ( PDF )
The Ring of Gyges: Investigating the Future of Criminal Smart Contracts
Ari Juels and Ahmed Kosba and Elaine Shi
2016/357 ( PDF )
State Management for Hash-Based Signatures
David McGrew and Panos Kampanakis and Scott Fluhrer and Stefan-Lukas Gazdag and Denis Butin and Johannes Buchmann
2016/356 ( PDF )
More Efficient Constructions for Inner-Product Encryption
Somindu C. Ramanna
2016/355 ( PDF )
Fruit-v2: Ultra-Lightweight Stream Cipher with Shorter Internal State
Vahid Amin Ghafari, Honggang Hu, and Ying Chen
2016/354 ( PDF )
A Pairing-Free, One Round Identity Based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol Secure Against Memory-Scrapers
Suvradip Chakraborty and Srinivasan Raghuraman and C. Pandu Rangan
2016/353 ( PDF )
General Bounds for Small Inverse Problems and Its Applications to Multi-Prime RSA
Atsushi Takayasu and Noboru Kunihiro
2016/352 ( PDF )
Closing the Gap in RFC 7748: Implementing Curve448 in Hardware
Pascal Sasdrich and Tim Güneysu
2016/351 ( PDF )
How (Not) to Instantiate Ring-LWE
Chris Peikert
2016/350 ( PDF )
Probabilistic Termination and Composability of Cryptographic Protocols
Ran Cohen and Sandro Coretti and Juan Garay and Vassilis Zikas
2016/349 ( PDF )
Note on Impossible Differential Attacks
Patrick Derbez
2016/348 ( PDF )
A Note on Non-Perfect Secret Sharing
Oriol Farràs and Sebastià Martín and Carles Padró
2016/347 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Searchable Anonymous Attribute Based Encryption
Payal Chaudhari and Manik Lal Das
2016/346 ( -- withdrawn -- )
New Framework for Secure Server-Designation Public Key Encryption with Keyword Search
Xi-Jun Lin and Lin Sun and Haipeng Qu
2016/345 ( PDF )
Provably Secure Password Reset Protocol: Model, Definition, and Generic Construction
Satsuya Ohata and Takahiro Matsuda and Kanta Matsuura
2016/344 ( PDF )
Encoding Rational Numbers for FHE-based Applications
HeeWon Chung and Myungsun Kim
2016/343 ( PDF )
On the complexity of constructing pseudorandom functions (especially when they don't exist)
Eric Miles and Emanuele Viola
2016/342 ( PDF )
On the Selective Opening Security of Practical Public-Key Encryption Schemes
Felix Heuer and Tibor Jager and Eike Kiltz and Sven Schäge
2016/341 ( PDF )
Semantically Secure Anonymity: Foundations of Re-encryption
Adam L. Young and Moti Yung
2016/340 ( PDF )
Non-Malleable Extractors and Codes, with their Many Tampered Extensions
Eshan Chattopadhyay and Vipul Goyal and Xin Li
2016/339 ( PDF )
Lattice-Based Fully Dynamic Multi-Key FHE with Short Ciphertexts
Zvika Brakerski and Renen Perlman
2016/338 ( PDF )
Mixed Integer Programming Models for Finite Automaton and Its Application to Additive Differential Patterns of Exclusive-Or
Siwei Sun, Lei Hu, Peng Wang, Meiqin Wang, Danping Shi, Xiaoshuang Ma, Qianqian Yang, Kai Fu
2016/337 ( PDF )
State recovery of RC4 and Spritz Revisited
Martin Gábriš and Martin Stanek
2016/336 ( PDF )
No Bot Expects the DeepCAPTCHA! Introducing Immutable Adversarial Examples with Applications to CAPTCHA
Margarita Osadchy and Julio Hernandez-Castro and Stuart Gibson and Orr Dunkelman and Daniel Pérez-Cabo
2016/335 ( PDF )
Complete characterization of generalized bent and 2^k-bent Boolean functions
Chunming Tang, Can Xiang, Yanfeng Qi, Keqin Feng
2016/334 ( PDF )
Probability that the k-gcd of products of positive integers is B-friable
Jung Hee Cheon and Duhyeong Kim
2016/333 ( PDF )
Proof of Space from Stacked Expanders
Ling Ren and Srinivas Devadas
2016/332 ( PDF )
Micropayments for Decentralized Currencies
Rafael Pass and abhi shelat
2016/331 ( PDF )
TRVote: A New, Trustworthy and Robust Electronic Voting System
Fatih Tiryakioglu and Mehmet Sabir Kiraz and Fatih Birinci
2016/330 ( PDF )
NaCl's Crypto_Box in Hardware
Michael Hutter and Jürgen Schilling and Peter Schwabe and Wolfgang Wieser
2016/329 ( PDF )
A modified block Lanczos algorithm with fewer vectors
Emmanuel Thomé
2016/328 ( PDF )
Constructing genus 3 hyperelliptic Jacobians with CM
Jennifer Balakrishnan and Sorina Ionica and Kristin Lauter and Christelle Vincent
2016/327 ( PDF )
Proxy Re-Encryption Schemes with Key Privacy from LWE
Le Trieu Phong and Lihua Wang and Yoshinori Aono and Manh Ha Nguyen and Xavier Boyen
2016/326 ( PDF )
Square Attack on 7-Round Kiasu-BC
Christoph Dobraunig and Maria Eichlseder and Florian Mendel
2016/325 ( PDF )
Optimized quantization in Zero Leakage Helper Data Systems
Taras Stanko and Fitria Nur Andini and Boris Skoric
2016/324 ( PDF )
Interactive Oracle Proofs with Constant Rate and Query Complexity
Eli Ben-Sasson and Alessandro Chiesa and Ariel Gabizon and Michael Riabzev and Nicholas Spooner
2016/323 ( PDF )
A Family of Scalable Polynomial Multiplier Architectures for Ring-LWE Based Cryptosystems
Chaohui Du and Guoqiang Bai
2016/322 ( PDF )
On the Security of PUF Protocols under Bad PUFs and PUFs-inside-PUFs Attacks
Ulrich Rührmair
2016/321 ( PDF )
Algebraic Decomposition for Probing Security
Claude Carlet and Emmanuel Prouff and Matthieu Rivain and Thomas Roche
2016/320 ( PDF )
On Metrics to Quantify the Inter-Device Uniqueness of PUFs
Linus Feiten, Matthias Sauer, Bernd Becker
2016/319 ( PDF )
High-precision Secure Computation of Satellite Collision Probabilities
Brett Hemenway and Steve Lu and Rafail Ostrovsky and William Welser IV
2016/318 ( PDF )
Generic Construction of Certificateless Signcryption Scheme
Jayaprakash Kar and Sagar Naik
2016/317 ( PDF )
Semi-Adaptive Security and Bundling Functionalities Made Generic and Easy
Rishab Goyal and Venkata Koppula and Brent Waters
2016/316 ( PDF )
A Note on Black-Box Separations for Indistinguishability Obfuscation
Mohammad Mahmoody and Ameer Mohammed and Soheil Nematihaji and Rafael Pass and abhi shelat
2016/315 ( PDF )
Flattening NTRU for Evaluation Key Free Homomorphic Encryption
Yarkın Doröz and Berk Sunar
2016/314 ( PDF )
Blind Source Separation from Single Measurements using Singular Spectrum Analysis
Santos Merino Del Pozo and François-Xavier Standaert
2016/313 ( PDF )
Fiat-Shamir for Highly Sound Protocols is Instantiable
Arno Mittelbach and Daniele Venturi
2016/312 ( PDF )
Refinements of the k-tree Algorithm for the Generalized Birthday Problem
Ivica Nikolic and Yu Sasaki
2016/311 ( PDF )
Fast Correlation Attacks over Extension Fields, Large-unit Linear Approximation and Cryptanalysis of SNOW 2.0
Bin Zhang and Chao Xu and Willi Meier
2016/310 ( PDF )
Coded-BKW: Solving LWE Using Lattice Codes
Qian Guo and Thomas Johansson and Paul Stankovski
2016/309 ( PDF )
Privately Outsourcing Exponentiation to a Single Server: Cryptanalysis and Optimal Constructions
Celine Chevalier and Fabien Laguillaumie and Damien Vergnaud
2016/308 ( PDF )
Strongly Leakage-Resilient Authenticated Key Exchange
Rongmao Chen and Yi Mu and Guomin Yang and Willy Susilo and Fuchun Guo
2016/307 ( PDF )
Non-Malleable Codes for Bounded Depth, Bounded Fan-in Circuits
Marshall Ball and Dana Dachman-Soled and Mukul Kulkarni and Tal Malkin
2016/306 ( PDF )
A Formal Treatment of Backdoored Pseudorandom Generators
Yevgeniy Dodis and Chaya Ganesh and Alexander Golovnev and Ari Juels and Thomas Ristenpart
2016/305 ( PDF )
Certicateless Aggregate Short Signature Scheme
Jayaprakash Kar
2016/304 ( PDF )
A Fast Attribute Based Encryption
Yacov Yacobi
2016/303 ( PDF )
From Obfuscation to the Security of Fiat-Shamir for Proofs
Yael Tauman Kalai and Guy N. Rothblum and Ron D. Rothblum
2016/302 ( PDF )
A Polynomial-Time Attack on the BBCRS Scheme
Alain Couvreur and Ayoub Otmani and Jean-Pierre Tillich and Valérie Gauthier-Umana
2016/301 ( PDF )
Constrained Pseudorandom Functions for Unconstrained Inputs
Apoorvaa Deshpande and Venkata Koppula and Brent Waters
2016/300 ( PDF )
Flush, Gauss, and Reload -- A Cache Attack on the BLISS Lattice-Based Signature Scheme
Leon Groot Bruinderink and Andreas Hülsing and Tanja Lange and Yuval Yarom
2016/299 ( PDF )
Efficient Design Strategies Based on the AES Round Function
Jérémy Jean and Ivica Nikolic
2016/298 ( PDF )
Reverse-Engineering of the Cryptanalytic Attack Used in the Flame Super-Malware
Max Fillinger and Marc Stevens
2016/297 ( PDF )
A Unified Metric for Quantifying Information Leakage of Cryptographic Devices under Power Analysis Attacks
Liwei Zhang and A. Adam Ding and Yunsi Fei and Pei Luo
2016/296 ( PDF )
How to Sequentialize Independent Parallel Attacks?
Sonia Bogos and Serge Vaudenay
2016/295 ( PDF )
Collision Attack on GRINDAHL
Thomas Peyrin
2016/294 ( PDF )
Evaluation and Improvement of Generic-Emulating DPA Attacks
Weijia Wang and Yu Yu and Junrong Liu and Zheng Guo and François-Xavier Standaert Standaert and Dawu Gu and Sen Xu and Rong Fu
2016/293 ( PDF )
A Parametric Family of Attack Models for Proxy Re-Encryption
David Nuñez, Isaac Agudo, and Javier Lopez
2016/292 ( PDF )
New Bounds for Keyed Sponges with Extendable Output: Independence between Capacity and Message Length
Yusuke Naito and Kan Yasuda
2016/291 ( PDF )
Spooky Interaction and its Discontents: Compilers for Succinct Two-Message Argument Systems
Cynthia Dwork and Moni Naor and Guy N. Rothblum
2016/290 ( PDF )
Nonce-Based Cryptography: Retaining Security when Randomness Fails
Mihir Bellare and Björn Tackmann
2016/289 ( PDF )
Obfuscation Combiners
Marc Fischlin and Amir Herzberg and Hod Bin Noon and Haya Shulman
2016/288 ( PDF )
Optimization of LPN Solving Algorithms
Sonia Bogos and Serge Vaudenay
2016/287 ( PDF )
Verifiability Notions for E-Voting Protocols
Veronique Cortier and David Galindo and Ralf Kuesters and Johannes Mueller and Tomasz Truderung
2016/286 ( PDF )
On a remarkable property of APN Gold functions
Anastasiya Gorodilova
2016/285 ( PDF )
Bit-Based Division Property and Application to Simon Family
Yosuke Todo and Masakatu Morii
2016/284 ( PDF )
Co-location detection on the Cloud
Mehmet Sinan Inci and Berk Gulmezoglu and Thomas Eisenbarth and Berk Sunar
2016/283 ( PDF )
Secure Audit Logs with Verifiable Excerpts
Gunnar Hartung
2016/282 ( PDF )
Detecting flawed masking schemes with leakage detection tests
Oscar Reparaz
2016/281 ( PDF )
Universal Obfuscation and Witness Encryption: Boosting Correctness and Combining Security
Prabhanjan Ananth and Aayush Jain and Moni Naor and Amit Sahai and Eylon Yogev
2016/280 ( PDF )
Low Power Montgomery Modular Multiplication on Reconfigurable Systems
Pedro Maat C. Massolino and Lejla Batina and Ricardo Chaves and Nele Mentens
2016/279 ( PDF )
Constrained PRFs for Unbounded Inputs with Short Keys
Hamza Abusalah and Georg Fuchsbauer
2016/278 ( PDF )
Various Proxy Re-Encryption Schemes from Lattices
Xiong Fan and Feng-Hao Liu
2016/277 ( PDF )
Public Key Encryption Supporting Equality Test and Flexible Authorization without Bilinear Pairings
Xi-Jun Lin and Haipeng Qu and Xiaoshuai Zhang
2016/276 ( PDF )
Arithmetic coding and blinding countermeasures for lattice signatures
Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen
2016/275 ( PDF )
Faster Algorithms for Solving LPN
Bin Zhang and Lin Jiao and Mingsheng Wang
2016/274 ( PDF )
What users should know about Full Disk Encryption based on LUKS
Simone Bossi and Andrea Visconti
2016/273 ( PDF )
On the weaknesses of PBKDF2
Andrea Visconti and Simone Bossi and Hany Ragab and Alexandro Calò
2016/272 ( PDF )
Spooky Encryption and its Applications
Yevgeniy Dodis and Shai Halevi and Ron D. Rothblum and Daniel Wichs
2016/271 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the FLIP Family of Stream Ciphers
Sébastien Duval and Virginie Lallemand and Yann Rotella
2016/270 ( PDF )
Automated Unbounded Analysis of Cryptographic Constructions in the Generic Group Model
Miguel Ambrona and Gilles Barthe and Benedikt Schmidt
2016/269 ( PDF )
The Adjacency Graphs of Linear Feedback Shift Registers with Primitive-like Characteristic Polynomials
Ming Li and Dongdai Lin
2016/268 ( PDF )
Efficient Lattice-based Authenticated Encryption: A Practice-Oriented Provable Security Approach
Ahmad Boorghany and Siavash Bayat-Sarmadi and Rasool Jalili
2016/267 ( PDF )
Improved Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks on Round-Reduced Crypton-256
Yonglin Hao
2016/266 ( PDF )
Exact Error Bound of Cox-Rower Architecture for RNS Arithmetic
Shinichi Kawamura and Tomoko Yonemura and Yuichi Komano and Hideo Shimizu
2016/265 ( PDF )
Multi-prover Proof-of-Retrievability
Maura B. Paterson and Douglas R. Stinson and Jalaj Upadhyay
2016/264 ( PDF )
How Fast Can Higher-Order Masking Be in Software?
Dahmun Goudarzi and Matthieu Rivain
2016/263 ( PDF )
Efficient Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Arithmetic Circuits in the Discrete Log Setting
Jonathan Bootle, Andrea Cerulli, Pyrros Chaidos, Jens Groth, Christophe Petit
2016/262 ( PDF )
Collaborative Multi-Authority Key-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for Shorter Keys and Parameters
Riccardo Longo and Chiara Marcolla and Massimiliano Sala
2016/261 ( PDF )
MEMS-based Gyroscopes as Physical Unclonable Functions
Oliver Willers and Christopher Huth and Jorge Guajardo and Helmut Seidel
2016/260 ( PDF )
On the Size of Pairing-based Non-interactive Arguments
Jens Groth
2016/259 ( PDF )
Adaptive Oblivious Transfer and Generalizations
Olivier Blazy and Céline Chevalier and Paul Germouty
2016/258 ( PDF )
Structure-Preserving Smooth Projective Hashing
Olivier Blazy and Céline Chevalier
2016/257 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation from Constant-Degree Graded Encoding Schemes
Huijia Lin
2016/256 ( PDF )
SE-ORAM: A Storage-Efficient Oblivious RAM for Privacy-Preserving Access to Cloud Storage
Qiumao Ma and Jinsheng Zhang and Wensheng Zhang and Daji Qiao
2016/255 ( PDF )
More Efficient Structure-Preserving Signatures - Or: Bypassing the Type-III Lower Bounds
Essam Ghadafi
2016/254 ( PDF )
Towards Stream Ciphers for Efficient FHE with Low-Noise Ciphertexts
Pierrick Méaux and Anthony Journault and François-Xavier Standaert and Claude Carlet
2016/253 ( PDF )
Run-time Accessible DRAM PUFs in Commodity Devices
Wenjie Xiong and André Schaller and Nikolaos A. Anagnostopoulos and Muhammad Umair Saleem and Sebastian Gabmeyer and Stefan Katzenbeisser and Jakub Szefer
2016/252 ( PDF )
The Exact Round Complexity of Secure Computation
Sanjam Garg and Pratyay Mukherjee and Omkant Pandey and Antigoni Polychroniadou
2016/251 ( PDF )
Searchable Symmetric Encryption: Optimal Locality in Linear Space via Two-Dimensional Balanced Allocations
Gilad Asharov and Moni Naor and Gil Segev and Ido Shahaf
2016/250 ( PDF )
Fixed Point Arithmetic in SHE Scheme
A. Costache and N.P. Smart and S. Vivek and A. Waller
2016/249 ( PDF )
Improved Side-Channel Analysis Attacks on Xilinx Bitstream Encryption of 5, 6, and 7 Series
Amir Moradi and Tobias Schneider
2016/248 ( PDF )
Invariant subspaces in Simpira
Sondre Rønjom
2016/247 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Public Verifiable Function Secret Sharing
Wang Qiang and Zhou Fucai and Chen Chunyu and Li Fuxiang and Xu Zifeng
2016/246 ( PDF )
Peder Sparell and Mikael Simovits
2016/245 ( PDF )
DEcryption Contract ENforcement Tool (DECENT): A Practical Alternative to Government Decryption Backdoors
Peter Linder
2016/244 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Simpira v1
Christoph Dobraunig and Maria Eichlseder and Florian Mendel
2016/243 ( PDF )
On the Key Dependent Message Security of the Fujisaki-Okamoto Constructions
Fuyuki Kitagawa and Takahiro Matsuda and Goichiro Hanaoka and Keisuke Tanaka
2016/242 ( PDF )
Attribute-Based Signatures for Circuits from Bilinear Map
Yusuke Sakai and Nuttapong Attrapadung and Goichiro Hanaoka
2016/241 ( PDF )
A trivial debiasing scheme for Helper Data Systems
Boris Skoric
2016/240 ( PDF )
On Error Distributions in Ring-based LWE
Wouter Castryck and Ilia Iliashenko and Frederik Vercauteren
2016/239 ( PDF )
Provably Weak Instances of Ring-LWE Revisited
Wouter Castryck and Ilia Iliashenko and Frederik Vercauteren
2016/238 ( PDF )
Algorithmic Countermeasures Against Fault Attacks and Power Analysis for RSA-CRT
Ágnes Kiss and Juliane Krämer and Pablo Rauzy and Jean-Pierre Seifert
2016/237 ( PDF )
May-Ozerov Algorithm for Nearest-Neighbor Problem over $\mathbb{F}_{q}$ and Its Application to Information Set Decoding
Shoichi Hirose
2016/236 ( PDF )
A Distinguisher on PRESENT-Like Permutations with Application to SPONGENT
Guoyan Zhang and Meicheng Liu
2016/235 ( PDF )
Trading Plaintext-Awareness for Simulatability to Achieve Chosen Ciphertext Security
Takahiro Matsuda and Goichiro Hanaoka
2016/234 ( PDF )
Trick or Tweak: On the (In)security of OTR’s Tweaks
Raphael Bost and Olivier Sanders
2016/233 ( PDF )
Smooth NIZK Arguments with Applications to Asymmetric UC-PAKE and Threshold-IBE
Charanjit S. Jutla and Arnab Roy
2016/232 ( PDF )
Efficient Privacy-Preserving Matrix Factorization via Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Sungwook Kim and Jinsu Kim and Dongyoung Koo and Yuna Kim and Hyunsoo Yoon and Junbum Shin
2016/231 ( PDF )
Side-Channel Analysis of Weierstrass and Koblitz Curve ECDSA on Android Smartphones
Pierre Belgarric and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Gilles Macario-Rat and Mehdi Tibouchi
2016/230 ( PDF )
ECDSA Key Extraction from Mobile Devices via Nonintrusive Physical Side Channels
Daniel Genkin and Lev Pachmanov and Itamar Pipman and Eran Tromer and Yuval Yarom
2016/229 ( PDF )
Key Compression for Isogeny-Based Cryptosystems
Reza Azarderakhsh, David Jao, Kassem Kalach, Brian Koziel, and Christopher Leonardi
2016/228 ( PDF )
On a decentralized trustless pseudo-random number generation algorithm
Serguei Popov
2016/227 ( PDF )
Process Table Covert Channels: Exploitation and Countermeasures
Jean-Michel Cioranesco and Houda Ferradi and Rémi Géraud and David Naccache
2016/226 ( PDF )
On Statistically Secure Obfuscation with Approximate Correctness
Zvika Brakerski and Chris Brzuska and Nils Fleischhacker
2016/225 ( PDF )
A New Birthday-Type Algorithm for Attacking the Fresh Re-Keying Countermeasure
Qian Guo, and Thomas Johansson
2016/224 ( PDF )
CacheBleed: A Timing Attack on OpenSSL Constant Time RSA
Yuval Yarom and Daniel Genkin and Nadia Heninger
2016/223 ( PDF )
Still Wrong Use of Pairings in Cryptography
Mehmet Sabır Kiraz and Osmanbey Uzunkol
2016/222 ( PDF )
Time-Memory Trade-Off for Lattice Enumeration in a Ball
Paul Kirchner and Pierre-Alain Fouque
2016/221 ( PDF )
Post-Compromise Security
Katriel Cohn-Gordon and Cas Cremers and Luke Garratt
2016/220 ( PDF )
Algorithms on Ideal over Complex Multiplication order
Paul Kirchner
2016/219 ( PDF )
Nonce-based Kerberos is a Secure Delegated AKE Protocol
Jörg Schwenk
2016/218 ( PDF )
Semantic Security and Key-Privacy With Random Split of St-Gen Codes
Danilo Gligoroski and Simona Samardjiska
2016/217 ( PDF )
Practical backward unlinkable revocation in FIDO, German e-ID, Idemix and U-Prove
Eric R. Verheul
2016/216 ( PDF )
Fair mPSI and mPSI-CA: Efficient Constructions in Prime Order Groups with Security in the Standard Model against Malicious Adversary
Sumit Kumar Debnath and Ratna Dutta
2016/215 ( PDF )
Algorithms for the Approximate Common Divisor Problem
Steven D. Galbraith and Shishay W. Gebregiyorgis and Sean Murphy
2016/214 ( PDF )
An Improvement of Both Security and Reliability for Keccak Implementations on Smart Card
Pei Luo and Liwei Zhang and Yunsi Fei and A. Adam Ding
2016/213 ( PDF )
3-Message Zero Knowledge Against Human Ignorance
Nir Bitansky and Zvika Brakerski and Yael Kalai and Omer Paneth and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2016/212 ( PDF )
Low Linear Complexity Estimates for Coordinate Sequences of Linear Recurrences of Maximal Period over Galois Ring
Vadim N.Tsypyschev
2016/211 ( PDF )
Randomness Complexity of Private Circuits for Multiplication
Sonia Belaïd and Fabrice Benhamouda and Alain Passelègue and Emmanuel Prouff and Adrian Thillard and Damien Vergnaud
2016/210 ( PDF )
Hopes, Fears and Software Obfuscation: A Survey
Boaz Barak
2016/209 ( PDF )
Automatic Differential Analysis of ARX Block Ciphers with Application to SPECK and LEA
Ling Song and Zhangjie Huang and Qianqian Yang
2016/208 ( PDF )
Constant-Round Asynchronous Multi-Party Computation Based on One-Way Functions
Sandro Coretti and Juan Garay and Martin Hirt and Vassilis Zikas
2016/207 ( PDF )
Fault analysis and weak key-IV attack on Sprout
Dibyendu Roy and Sourav Mukhopadhyay
2016/206 ( PDF )
Construction of Fully CCA-Secure Predicate Encryptions from Pair Encoding Schemes
Johannes Blömer and Gennadij Liske
2016/205 ( PDF )
Addressing the Algebraic Eraser Diffie--Hellman Over-the-Air Protocol
Derek Atkins and Dorian Goldfeld
2016/204 ( PDF )
A Memory Encryption Engine Suitable for General Purpose Processors
Shay Gueron
2016/203 ( PDF )
White-Box Cryptography in the Gray Box - A Hardware Implementation and its Side Channels
Pascal Sasdrich and Amir Moradi and Tim Güneysu
2016/202 ( PDF )
An Encryption Scheme based on Random Split of St-Gen Codes
Simona Samardjiska and Danilo Gligoroski
2016/201 ( PDF )
From Stateful Hardware to Resettable Hardware Using Symmetric Assumptions
Nico Doettling and Daniel Kraschewski and Joern Mueller-Quade and Tobias Nilges
2016/200 ( PDF )
An Alternative View of the Graph-Induced Multilinear Maps
Yilei Chen
2016/199 ( PDF )
The Honey Badger of BFT Protocols
Andrew Miller and Yu Xia and Kyle Croman and Elaine Shi and Dawn Song
2016/198 ( PDF )
Optimizing S-box Implementations for Several Criteria using SAT Solvers
Ko Stoffelen
2016/197 ( PDF )
Post-quantum Security of the CBC, CFB, OFB, CTR, and XTS Modes of Operation
Mayuresh Vivekanand Anand and Ehsan Ebrahimi Targhi and Gelo Noel Tabia and Dominique Unruh
2016/196 ( PDF )
Multi-Key FHE from LWE, Revisited
Chris Peikert and Sina Shiehian
2016/195 ( PDF )
How to Generalize RSA Cryptanalyses
Atsushi Takayasu and Noboru Kunihiro
2016/194 ( PDF )
How to Share a Secret, Infinitely
Ilan Komargodski and Moni Naor and Eylon Yogev
2016/193 ( PDF )
Security considerations for Galois non-dual RLWE families
Hao Chen and Kristin Lauter and Katherine E. Stange
2016/192 ( PDF )
On Negation Complexity of Injections, Surjections and Collision-Resistance in Cryptography
Douglas Miller and Adam Scrivener and Jesse Stern and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2016/191 ( PDF )
Optimal Security Proofs for Signatures from Identification Schemes
Eike Kiltz and Daniel Masny and Jiaxin Pan
2016/190 ( PDF )
A MAC Mode for Lightweight Block Ciphers
Atul Luykx, Bart Preneel, Elmar Tischhauser, Kan Yasuda
2016/189 ( PDF )
Yao's millionaires' problem and public-key encryption without computational assumptions
Dima Grigoriev and Laszlo B. Kish and Vladimir Shpilrain
2016/188 ( PDF )
On the division property of S-boxes
Faruk Göloğlu and Vincent Rijmen and Qingju Wang
2016/187 ( PDF )
Efficient Secure Multiparty Computation with Identifiable Abort
Carsten Baum and Emmanuela Orsini and Peter Scholl
2016/186 ( PDF )
Lightweight MDS Generalized Circulant Matrices (Full Version)
Meicheng Liu and Siang Meng Sim
2016/185 ( PDF )
On the Influence of Message Length in PMAC's Security Bounds
Atul Luykx and Bart Preneel and Alan Szepieniec and Kan Yasuda
2016/184 ( PDF )
Efficiently Enforcing Input Validity in Secure Two-party Computation
Jonathan Katz and Alex J. Malozemoff and Xiao Wang
2016/183 ( PDF )
There is Wisdom in Harnessing the Strengths of your Enemy: Customized Encoding to Thwart Side-Channel Attacks -- Extended Version --
Houssem Maghrebi and Victor Servant and Julien Bringer
2016/182 ( PDF )
Side-Channel Watchdog: Run-Time Evaluation of Side-Channel Vulnerability in FPGA-Based Crypto-systems
Souvik Sonar, Debapriya Basu Roy, Rajat Subhra Chakraborty and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2016/181 ( PDF )
Cryptographic Properties of Addition Modulo $2^n$
S. M. Dehnavi and A. Mahmoodi Rishakani and M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad and Hamidreza Maimani and Einollah Pasha
2016/180 ( PDF )
Public-Key Encryption with Simulation-Based Selective-Opening Security and Compact Ciphertexts
Dennis Hofheinz and Tibor Jager and Andy Rupp
2016/179 ( PDF )
Computing theta functions in quasi-linear time in genus 2 and above
Hugo Labrande and Emmanuel Thomé
2016/178 ( PDF )
Integrals go Statistical: Cryptanalysis of Full Skipjack Variants
Meiqin Wang, Tingting Cui, Huaifeng Chen, Ling Sun, Long Wen, Andrey Bogdanov
2016/177 ( PDF )
Reduced Memory Meet-in-the-Middle Attack against the NTRU Private Key
Christine van Vredendaal
2016/176 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Anonymous Role-Based Access Control on E-Health Records
Xingguang Zhou and Jianwei Liu and Weiran Liu and Qianhong Wu
2016/175 ( PDF )
Online/Offline OR Composition of Sigma Protocols
Michele Ciampi and Giuseppe Persiano and Alessandra Scafuro and Luisa Siniscalchi and Ivan Visconti
2016/174 ( PDF )
Honey Encryption Beyond Message Recovery Security
Joseph Jaeger and Thomas Ristenpart and Qiang Tang
2016/173 ( PDF )
Circuit Compilers with O(1/ log(n)) Leakage Rate
Marcin Andrychowicz and Stefan Dziembowski and and Sebastian Faust
2016/172 ( PDF )
All Your Queries Are Belong to Us: The Power of File-Injection Attacks on Searchable Encryption
Yupeng Zhang and Jonathan Katz and Charalampos Papamanthou
2016/171 ( PDF )
Commutativity, Associativity, and Public Key Cryptography
Jacques Patarin and Valérie Nachef
2016/170 ( PDF )
Fast Learning Requires Good Memory: A Time-Space Lower Bound for Parity Learning
Ran Raz
2016/169 ( PDF )
Provably Robust Sponge-Based PRNGs and KDFs
Peter Gaži and Stefano Tessaro
2016/168 ( PDF )
Town Crier: An Authenticated Data Feed for Smart Contracts
Fan Zhang and Ethan Cecchetti and Kyle Croman and Ari Juels and Elaine Shi
2016/167 ( PDF )
On Bitcoin Security in the Presence of Broken Crypto Primitives
Ilias Giechaskiel and Cas Cremers and Kasper Rasmussen
2016/166 ( PDF )
Per-Session Security: Password-Based Cryptography Revisited
Grégory Demay and Peter Gaži and Ueli Maurer and Björn Tackmann
2016/165 ( -- withdrawn -- )
PrAd: Enabling Privacy-Aware Location based Advertising
Hung Dang and Ee-Chien Chang
2016/164 ( PDF )
Sanitization of FHE Ciphertexts
Léo Ducas and Damien Stehle
2016/163 ( PDF )
ZKBoo: Faster Zero-Knowledge for Boolean Circuits
Irene Giacomelli and Jesper Madsen and Claudio Orlandi
2016/162 ( PDF )
New Negative Results on Differing-Inputs Obfuscation
Mihir Bellare and Igors Stepanovs and Brent Waters
2016/161 ( PDF )
Revisiting Structure Graphs: Applications to CBC-MAC and EMAC
Ashwin Jha and Mridul Nandi
2016/160 ( PDF )
Polytopic Cryptanalysis
Tyge Tiessen
2016/159 ( PDF )
Pseudoentropy: Lower-bounds for Chain rules and Transformations
Krzysztof Pietrzak and Maciej Skorski
2016/158 ( PDF )
A Subgradient Algorithm For Computational Distances and Applications to Cryptography
Maciej Skórski
2016/157 ( PDF )
Key Derivation for Squared-Friendly Applications: Lower Bounds
Maciej Skorski
2016/156 ( PDF )
More Efficient Constant-Round Multi-Party Computation from BMR and SHE
Yehuda Lindell and Nigel P. Smart and Eduardo Soria-Vazquez
2016/155 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Multi-Prime $\Phi$-Hiding Assumption
Jun Xu and Lei Hu and Santanu Sarkar and Xiaona Zhang and Zhangjie Huang and Liqiang Peng
2016/154 ( PDF )
Highly-Efficient Fully-Anonymous Dynamic Group Signatures
David Derler and Daniel Slamanig
2016/153 ( PDF )
Differentially Private Password Frequency Lists
Jeremiah Blocki and Anupam Datta and Joseph Bonneau
2016/152 ( PDF )
Attacks and parameter choices in HIMMO
Oscar Garcia-Morchon and Ronald Rietman and Ludo Tolhuizen and Jose-Luis Torre-Arce and Moon Sung Lee and Domingo Gomez-Perez and Jaime Gutierrez and Berry Schoenmakers
2016/151 ( PDF )
Pseudorandom Functions in Almost Constant Depth from Low-Noise LPN
Yu Yu and John Steinberger
2016/150 ( PDF )
On Garbling Schemes with and without Privacy
Carsten Baum
2016/149 ( PDF )
Improved Integral and Zero-correlation Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced-round CLEFIA Block Cipher
Wentan Yi and Shaozhen Chen
2016/148 ( PDF )
Isogeny-based Quantum-resistant Undeniable Blind Signature Scheme
Srinath M. S. and V. Chandrasekaran
2016/147 ( PDF )
Annihilation Attacks for Multilinear Maps: Cryptanalysis of Indistinguishability Obfuscation over GGH13
Eric Miles and Amit Sahai and Mark Zhandry
2016/146 ( PDF )
Improved Progressive BKZ Algorithms and their Precise Cost Estimation by Sharp Simulator
Yoshinori Aono and Yuntao Wang and Takuya Hayashi and Tsuyoshi Takagi
2016/145 ( PDF )
Designing Proof of Human-work Puzzles for Cryptocurrency and Beyond
Jeremiah Blocki and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2016/144 ( PDF )
Highly-Efficient and Composable Password-Protected Secret Sharing (Or: How to Protect Your Bitcoin Wallet Online)
Stanislaw Jarecki and Aggelos Kiayias and Hugo Krawczyk and Jiayu Xu
2016/143 ( PDF )
On upper bounds for algebraic degrees of APN functions
Lilya Budaghyan, Claude Carlet, Tor Helleseth, Nian Li, Bo Sun
2016/142 ( PDF )
Hash-Function based PRFs: AMAC and its Multi-User Security
Mihir Bellare and Daniel J. Bernstein and Stefano Tessaro
2016/141 ( PDF )
On low degree polynomials in 2-round AES
Igor Semaev
2016/140 ( PDF )
Adaptively Secure Identity-Based Encryption from Lattices with Asymptotically Shorter Public Parameters
Shota Yamada
2016/139 ( PDF )
An Algorithm for NTRU Problems and Cryptanalysis of the GGH Multilinear Map without a Low Level Encoding of Zero
Jung Hee Cheon and Jinhyuck Jeong and Changmin Lee
2016/138 ( PDF )
A new algorithm for residue multiplication modulo $2^{521}-1$
Shoukat Ali, Murat Cenk
2016/137 ( PDF )
Rate-1, Linear Time and Additively Homomorphic UC Commitments
Ignacio Cascudo and Ivan Damgård and Bernardo David and Nico Döttling and Jesper Buus Nielsen
2016/136 ( PDF )
Automatic Expectation and Variance Computing for Attacks on Feistel Schemes
Emmanuel Volte and Valérie Nachef and Nicolas Marrière
2016/135 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the New CLT Multilinear Map over the Integers
Jung Hee Cheon and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Changmin Lee and Brice Minaud and Hansol Ryu
2016/134 ( PDF )
More Practical and Secure History-Independent Hash Tables
Michael T. Goodrich and Evgenios M. Kornaropoulos and Michael Mitzenmacher and Roberto Tamassia
2016/133 ( PDF )
On the nonlinearity of monotone Boolean functions
Claude Carlet
2016/132 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of 6-round PRINCE using 2 Known Plaintexts
Shahram Rasoolzadeh and Håvard Raddum
2016/131 ( PDF )
New Attacks on the Concatenation and XOR Hash Combiners
Itai Dinur
2016/130 ( PDF )
On the Computation of the Optimal Ate Pairing at the 192-bit Security Level
Loubna Ghammam and Emmanuel Fouotsa
2016/129 ( PDF )
ECDH Key-Extraction via Low-Bandwidth Electromagnetic Attacks on PCs
Daniel Genkin and Lev Pachmanov and Itamar Pipman and Eran Tromer
2016/128 ( PDF )
Removing the Strong RSA Assumption from Arguments over the Integers
Geoffroy Couteau and Thomas Peters and David Pointcheval
2016/127 ( PDF )
A subfield lattice attack on overstretched NTRU assumptions: Cryptanalysis of some FHE and Graded Encoding Schemes
Martin Albrecht, Shi Bai, Léo Ducas
2016/126 ( PDF )
Server Notaries: A Complementary Approach to the Web PKI Trust Model
Emre Yüce and Ali Aydın Selçuk
2016/125 ( PDF )
Compact Identity Based Encryption from LWE
Daniel Apon and Xiong Fan and Feng-Hao Liu
2016/124 ( PDF )
Collecting relations for the Number Field Sieve in $GF(p^6)$
Pierrick Gaudry and Laurent Grémy and Marion Videau
2016/123 ( PDF )
Robust Password-Protected Secret Sharing
Michel Abdalla and Mario Cornejo and Anca Nitulescu and David Pointcheval
2016/122 ( PDF )
Simpira v2: A Family of Efficient Permutations Using the AES Round Function
Shay Gueron and Nicky Mouha
2016/121 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Tightly-Secure Pseudorandom Functions via Work Factor Partitioning
Tibor Jager
2016/120 ( PDF )
Oblivious Transfer from Any Non-Trivial Elastic Noisy Channels via Secret Key Agreement
Ignacio Cascudo and Ivan Damgård and Felipe Lacerda and Samuel Ranellucci
2016/119 ( PDF )
Lightweight Multiplication in GF(2^n) with Applications to MDS Matrices
Christof Beierle and Thorsten Kranz and Gregor Leander
2016/118 ( PDF )
Circuit-ABE from LWE: Unbounded Attributes and Semi-Adaptive Security
Zvika Brakerski and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2016/117 ( PDF )
Circular Security Separations for Arbitrary Length Cycles from LWE
Venkata Koppula and Brent Waters
2016/116 ( PDF )
Interactive Oracle Proofs
Eli Ben-Sasson and Alessandro Chiesa and Nicholas Spooner
2016/115 ( PDF )
Efficiently Computing Data-Independent Memory-Hard Functions
Joel Alwen and Jeremiah Blocki
2016/114 ( PDF )
The Magic of ELFs
Mark Zhandry
2016/113 ( PDF )
On the Composition of Two-Prover Commitments, and Applications to Multi-Round Relativistic Commitments
Serge Fehr and Max Fillinger
2016/112 ( PDF )
On the (In)security of SNARKs in the Presence of Oracles
Dario Fiore and Anca Nitulescu
2016/111 ( PDF )
Scalable and Secure Logistic Regression via Homomorphic Encryption
Yoshinori Aono and Takuya Hayashi and Le Trieu Phong and Lihua Wang
2016/110 ( PDF )
Three's Compromised Too: Circular Insecurity for Any Cycle Length from (Ring-)LWE
Navid Alamati and Chris Peikert
2016/109 ( PDF )
Fast Multiparty Multiplications from shared bits
Ivan Damgård and Tomas Toft and Rasmus Winther Zakarias
2016/108 ( PDF )
An Efficient Toolkit for Computing Private Set Operations
Alex Davidson and Carlos Cid
2016/107 ( PDF )
Fully Anonymous Transferable Ecash
Hitesh Tewari and Arthur Hughes
2016/106 ( PDF )
Access Control Encryption: Enforcing Information Flow with Cryptography
Ivan Damgård and Helene Haagh and Claudio Orlandi
2016/105 ( PDF )
Can there be efficient and natural FHE schemes?
Kristian Gjøsteen and Martin Strand
2016/104 ( PDF )
Open Sesame: The Password Hashing Competition and Argon2
Jos Wetzels
2016/103 ( PDF )
Speed Optimizations in Bitcoin Key Recovery Attacks
Nicolas Courtois and Guangyan Song and Ryan Castellucci
2016/102 ( PDF )
Breaking the Sub-Exponential Barrier in Obfustopia
Sanjam Garg and Omkant Pandey and Akshayaram Srinivasan and Mark Zhandry
2016/101 ( PDF )
Signature Schemes with Efficient Protocols and Dynamic Group Signatures from Lattice Assumptions
Benoit Libert and San Ling and Fabrice Mouhartem and Khoa Nguyen and Huaxiong Wang
2016/100 ( PDF )
On the Complexity of Scrypt and Proofs of Space in the Parallel Random Oracle Model
Joël Alwen and Binyi Chen and Chethan Kamath and Vladimir Kolmogorov and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Stefano Tessaro
2016/099 ( PDF )
Attribute-Based Fully Homomorphic Encryption with a Bounded Number of Inputs
Michael Clear and Ciaran McGoldrick
2016/098 ( PDF )
Haraka v2 - Efficient Short-Input Hashing for Post-Quantum Applications
Stefan Kölbl and Martin M. Lauridsen and Florian Mendel and Christian Rechberger
2016/097 ( PDF )
A Maiorana-McFarland Construction of a GBF on Galois ring
Shashi Kant Pandey and P.R.Mishra and B.K.Dass
2016/096 ( PDF )
Provable Security Evaluation of Structures against Impossible Differential and Zero Correlation Linear Cryptanalysis
Bing Sun and Meicheng Liu and Jian Guo and Vincent Rijmen and Ruilin Li
2016/095 ( PDF )
Obfuscation without Multilinear Maps
Dingfeng Ye and Peng Liu
2016/094 ( PDF )
Tightly CCA-Secure Encryption without Pairings
Romain Gay and Dennis Hofheinz and Eike Kiltz and Hoeteck Wee
2016/093 ( PDF )
Valiant's Universal Circuit is Practical
Ágnes Kiss and Thomas Schneider
2016/092 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the Full Spritz Stream Cipher
Subhadeep Banik and Takanori Isobe
2016/091 ( PDF )
On the Security of the Algebraic Eraser Tag Authentication Protocol
Simon R. Blackburn and M.J.B. Robshaw
2016/090 ( PDF )
Spectral characterization of iterating lossy mappings
Joan Daemen
2016/089 ( PDF )
On the Hardness of LWE with Binary Error: Revisiting the Hybrid Lattice-Reduction and Meet-in-the-Middle Attack
Johannes Buchmann and Florian Göpfert and Rachel Player and Thomas Wunderer
2016/088 ( PDF )
On Linear Hulls and Trails
Tomer Ashur and Vincent Rijmen
2016/087 ( PDF )
Safely Exporting Keys from Secure Channels: On the Security of EAP-TLS and TLS Key Exporters
Chris Brzuska and Håkon Jacobsen and Douglas Stebila
2016/086 ( PDF )
Intel SGX Explained
Victor Costan and Srinivas Devadas
2016/085 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of ring-LWE based key exchange with key share reuse
Scott Fluhrer
2016/084 ( PDF )
Truncated Differential Analysis of Round-Reduced RoadRunneR Block Cipher
Qianqian Yang and Lei Hu and Siwei Sun and Ling Song
2016/083 ( PDF )
NSEC5 from Elliptic Curves: Provably Preventing DNSSEC Zone Enumeration with Shorter Responses
Sharon Goldberg and Moni Naor and Dimitrios Papadopoulos and Leonid Reyzin
2016/082 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Plaintext (In-)Equality Proofs and Group Signatures with Verifiable Controllable Linkability
Olivier Blazy and David Derler and Daniel Slamanig and Raphael Spreitzer
2016/081 ( PDF )
A Cryptographic Analysis of the TLS 1.3 draft-10 Full and Pre-shared Key Handshake Protocol
Benjamin Dowling and Marc Fischlin and Felix Günther and Douglas Stebila
2016/080 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of PRINCE with Minimal Data
Shahram Rasoolzadeh and Håvard Raddum
2016/079 ( PDF )
Protect both Integrity and Confidentiality in Outsourcing Collaborative Filtering Computations
Qiang Tang and Balazs Pejo and Husen Wang
2016/078 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Verifiable Secret Sharing For Monotone Circuits
Ge Bai and Ivan Damgård and Claudio Orlandi and Yu Xia
2016/077 ( PDF )
Improved Multi-Dimensional Meet-in-the-Middle Cryptanalysis of KATAN
Shahram Rasoolzadeh and Håvard Raddum
2016/076 ( PDF )
New Efficient and Flexible Algorithms for Secure Outsourcing of Bilinear Pairings
Xi-Jun Lin and Haipeng Qu and Xiaoshuai Zhang
2016/075 ( PDF )
Weaknesses in Hadamard Based Symmetric Key Encryption Schemes
Gajraj Kuldeep and Devendra Kumar Yadav and A. K. Sharma
2016/074 ( PDF )
On the Power of Secure Two-Party Computation
Carmit Hazay and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2016/073 ( PDF )
MU-ORAM: Dealing with Stealthy Privacy Attacks in Multi-User Data Outsourcing Services
Jinsheng Zhang and Wensheng Zhang and Daji Qiao
2016/072 ( PDF )
Downgrade Resilience in Key-Exchange Protocols
Karthikeyan Bhargavan and Chris Brzuska and Cédric Fournet and Matthew Green and Markulf Kohlweiss and Santiago Zanella-Béguelin
2016/071 ( PDF )
Reverse-Engineering the S-Box of Streebog, Kuznyechik and STRIBOBr1 (Full Version)
Alex Biryukov and Léo Perrin and Aleksei Udovenko
2016/070 ( PDF )
Domain-Specific Pseudonymous Signatures Revisited
Kamil Kluczniak
2016/069 ( PDF )
Verification Methods for the Computationally Complete Symbolic Attacker Based on Indistinguishability
Gergei Bana and Rohit Chadha
2016/068 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Octonion Algebra and Noise-Free Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) Schemes
Yongge Wang
2016/067 ( PDF )
OPFE: Outsourcing Computation for Private Function Evaluation
Henry Carter and Patrick Traynor
2016/066 ( PDF )
Linear Hull Attack on Round-Reduced Simeck with Dynamic Key-guessing Techniques
Lingyue Qin and Huaifeng Chen and Xiaoyun Wang
2016/065 ( PDF )
A note on Tensor Simple Matrix Encryption Scheme
Yasufumi Hashimoto
2016/064 ( PDF )
Unconditionally Secure Revocable Storage: Tight Bounds, Optimal Construction, and Robustness
Yohei Watanabe and Goichiro Hanaoka and Junji Shikata
2016/063 ( PDF )
Analysing and Exploiting the Mantin Biases in RC4
Remi Bricout and Sean Murphy and Kenneth G. Paterson and Thyla van der Merwe
2016/062 ( PDF )
Verifiable Dynamic Symmetric Searchable Encryption: Optimality and Forward Security
Raphael Bost and Pierre-Alain Fouque and David Pointcheval
2016/061 ( PDF )
Accountable Privacy for Decentralized Anonymous Payments
Christina Garman and Matthew Green and Ian Miers
2016/060 ( PDF )
Automated key setup and recovery from key exposure for power networks
Amir Herzberg and Yehonatan Kfir
2016/059 ( PDF )
Secure positioning and quantum non-local correlations
Muhammad Nadeem
2016/058 ( PDF )
New Lattice Attacks on DSA Schemes
Dimitrios Poulakis
2016/057 ( PDF )
On the Architectural Analysis of Arbiter Delay PUF Variants
2016/056 ( PDF )
Blindly Signed Contracts: Anonymous On-Blockchain and Off-Blockchain Bitcoin Transactions
Ethan Heilman and Foteini Baldimtsi and Sharon Goldberg
2016/055 ( PDF )
Attacking NTP's Authenticated Broadcast Mode
Aanchal Malhotra and Sharon Goldberg
2016/054 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Public-Key Encryption with Two Ciphertexts based on Discrete Logarithm Problem
Masahiro Yagisawa
2016/053 ( PDF )
Speed and Area Optimized Parallel Higher-Radix Modular Multipliers
khalid Javeed and Xiaojun Wang
2016/052 ( PDF )
Fault-Tolerant Aggregate Signatures
Gunnar Hartung and Björn Kaidel and Alexander Koch and Jessica Koch and Andy Rupp
2016/051 ( PDF )
Capacity and Data Complexity in Multidimensional Linear Attack
Jialin Huang and Serge Vaudenay and Xuejia Lai and Kaisa Nyberg
2016/050 ( PDF )
Improved Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Composite Number Modulus
Masahiro Yagisawa
2016/049 ( PDF )
Implementing a Toolkit for Ring-LWE Based Cryptography in Arbitrary Cyclotomic Number Fields
Christoph M. Mayer
2016/048 ( PDF )
Better Preprocessing for Secure Multiparty Computation
Carsten Baum and Ivan Damgård and Tomas Toft and Rasmus Zakarias
2016/047 ( PDF )
Comb to Pipeline: Fast Software Encryption Revisited
Andrey Bogdanov and Martin M. Lauridsen and Elmar Tischhauser
2016/046 ( PDF )
How To Simulate It - A Tutorial on the Simulation Proof Technique
Yehuda Lindell
2016/045 ( PDF )
New Approaches for Secure Outsourcing Algorithm for Modular Exponentiations
Xi-Jun Lin and Lin Sun and Haipeng Qu and Xiaoshuai Zhang
2016/044 ( PDF )
Defeating the Ben-Zvi, Blackburn, and Tsaban Attack on the Algebraic Eraser
Iris Anshel and Derek Atkins and Dorian Goldfeld and Paul E. Gunnells
2016/043 ( PDF )
Strong Continuous Non-malleable Encoding Schemes with Tamper-Detection
Amir S. Mortazavi, Mahmoud Salmasizadeh, Amir Daneshgar
2016/042 ( PDF )
Neeva: A Lightweight Hash Function
Khushboo Bussi and Dhananjoy Dey and Manoj Kumar and B. K. Dass
2016/041 ( PDF )
Preeti Kulshrestha and Arun Kumar
2016/040 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Packet Header Anomaly Detection Using Bayesian Topic Models
Xuefei Cao and Bo Chen and Hui Li and Yulong Fu
2016/039 ( PDF )
Standard quantum bit commitment – an indefinite commitment time
Muhammad Nadeem
2016/038 ( PDF )
Collateral Damage in Online Social Networks: computing the significance of information collection
Iraklis Symeonids and Bart Preneel
2016/037 ( PDF )
A Framework for Outsourcing of Secure Computation
Thomas P. Jakobsen and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Claudio Orlandi
2016/036 ( PDF )
Characterizations of the Degraded Boolean Function and Cryptanalysis of the SAFER Family
wentan Yi and Shaozhen Chen
2016/035 ( PDF )
Simple Proofs of Space-Time and Rational Proofs of Storage
Tal Moran and Ilan Orlov
2016/034 ( PDF )
Universal Composition with Responsive Environments
Jan Camenisch and Robert R. Enderlein and Stephan Krenn and Ralf Kuesters and Daniel Rausch
2016/033 ( PDF )
Towards a Unified Security Model for Physically Unclonable Functions
Frederik Armknecht and Daisuke Moriyama and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Moti Yung
2016/032 ( PDF )
On the Leakage-Resilient Key Exchange
Janaka Alawatugoda
2016/031 ( PDF )
Beyond the selective disclosure of ABCs on RAM-constrained devices
Antonio de la Piedra
2016/030 ( PDF )
An Efficient Lattice-Based Signature Scheme with Provably Secure Instantiation
Sedat Akleylek and Nina Bindel and Johannes Buchmann and Juliane Krämer and Giorgia Azzurra Marson
2016/029 ( PDF )
Simple SIMON: FPGA implementations of the SIMON 64/128 Block Cipher
Jos Wetzels and Wouter Bokslag
2016/028 ( PDF )
Sponges and Engines: An introduction to Keccak and Keyak
Jos Wetzels and Wouter Bokslag
2016/027 ( PDF )
Balloon Hashing: A Memory-Hard Function Providing Provable Protection Against Sequential Attacks
Dan Boneh and Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Stuart Schechter
2016/026 ( PDF )
A Practical Template Attack on MICKEY-128 2.0 Using PSO Generated IVs and LS-SVM
Abhishek Chakraborty and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2016/025 ( PDF )
Human-readable Proof of the Related-Key Security of AES-128
Khoongming Khoo and Eugene Lee and Thomas Peyrin and Siang Meng Sim
2016/024 ( PDF )
Refund attacks on Bitcoin’s Payment Protocol
Patrick McCorry and Siamak F. Shahandashti and Feng Hao
2016/023 ( PDF )
Improved on an improved remote user authentication scheme with key agreement
Yalin Chen and Jue-Sam Chou and I - Chiung Liao
2016/022 ( PDF )
On derivatives of polynomials over finite fields through integration
Enes Pasalic and Amela Muratovic-Ribic and Samir Hodzic and Sugata Gangopadhyay
2016/021 ( PDF )
Quasi-Linear Size Zero Knowledge from Linear-Algebraic PCPs
Eli Ben-Sasson and Alessandro Chiesa and Ariel Gabizon and Madars Virza
2016/020 ( PDF )
Truncated Differential Based Known-Key Attacks on Round-Reduced Simon
Yonglin Hao and Willi Meier
2016/019 ( PDF )
Analysis of Gong et al.'s CCA2-Secure Homomorphic Encryption
Hyung Tae Lee and San Ling and Huaxiong Wang
2016/018 ( PDF )
Private Functional Encryption: Indistinguishability-Based Definitions and Constructions from Obfuscation
Afonso Arriaga and Manuel Barbosa and Pooya Farshim
2016/017 ( PDF )
Valiant's Universal Circuit: Improvements, Implementation, and Applications
Helger Lipmaa and Payman Mohassel and Saeed Sadeghian
2016/016 ( PDF )
A trustless privacy-preserving reputation system
Alexander Schaub and Rémi Bazin and Omar Hasan and Lionel Brunie
2016/015 ( PDF )
Quantum Collision-Resistance of Non-Uniformly Distributed Functions
Ehsan Ebrahimi Targhi and Gelo Noel Tabia and Dominique Unruh
2016/014 ( PDF )
Foundations of Hardware-Based Attested Computation and Application to SGX
Manuel Barbosa and Bernardo Portela and Guillaume Scerri and Bogdan Warinschi
2016/013 ( PDF )
Threshold-optimal DSA/ECDSA signatures and an application to Bitcoin wallet security
Rosario Gennaro and Steven Goldfeder and Arvind Narayanan
2016/012 ( PDF )
Cryptography for Big Data Security
Ariel Hamlin and Nabil Schear and Emily Shen and Mayank Varia and Sophia Yakoubov and Arkady Yerukhimovich
2016/011 ( PDF )
Better Security for Functional Encryption for Inner Product Evaluations
Michel Abdalla and Florian Bourse and Angelo De Caro and David Pointcheval
2016/010 ( PDF )
Eliminating Decryption Failures from the Simple Matrix Encryption Scheme
Albrecht Petzoldt and Jintai Ding and Lih-Chung Wang
2016/009 ( PDF )
Mahshid Delavar and Sattar Mirzakuchaki and Mohammad Hassan Ameri and Javad Mohajeri
2016/008 ( PDF )
cMix: Mixing with Minimal Real-Time Asymmetric Cryptographic Operations
David Chaum and Debajyoti Das and Farid Javani and Aniket Kate and Anna Krasnova and Joeri de Ruiter and Alan T. Sherman
2016/007 ( PDF )
Easing Coppersmith Methods using Analytic Combinatorics: Applications to Public-Key Cryptography with Weak Pseudorandomness
Fabrice Benhamouda and Céline Chevalier and Adrian Thillard and Damien Vergnaud
2016/006 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation with Non-trivial Efficiency
Huijia Lin and Rafael Pass and Karn Seth and Sidharth Telang
2016/005 ( PDF )
A Columnar Transposition cipher in a contemporary setting.
John Jones
2016/004 ( PDF )
Bounding basis reduction properties
Arnold Neumaier
2016/003 ( PDF )
On Splitting a Point with Summation Polynomials in Binary Elliptic Curves
Nicolas T. Courtois
2016/002 ( PDF )
Remote Cache-Timing Attack without Learning Phase
Ali Can Atici and Cemal Yilmaz and Erkay Savas
2016/001 ( PDF )
Improved on an efficient user authentication scheme for heterogeneous wireless sensor network tailored for the Internet of Things environment
Yalin Chen and Jue-Sam Chou and Hung-Sheng Wu

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