Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/1174

Revisiting Full-PRF-Secure PMAC and Using It for Beyond-Birthday Authenticated Encryption

Eik List and Mridul Nandi

Abstract: This paper proposes an authenticated encryption scheme, called SIVx, that preserves BBB security also in the case of unlimited nonce reuses. For this purpose, we propose a single-key BBB-secure message authentication code with 2n-bit outputs, called PMAC2x, based on a tweakable block cipher. PMAC2x is motivated by PMAC_TBC1k by Naito; we revisit its security proof and point out an invalid assumption. As a remedy, we provide an alternative proof for our construction, and derive a corrected bound for PMAC_TBC1k.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / message authentication codes, authenticated encryption, provable security

Original Publication (with major differences): CT-RSA 2017

Date: received 21 Dec 2016, last revised 21 Jun 2017

Contact author: eik list at uni-weimar de

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Note: Replaced the ePrint reference of Minematsu and Iwata’s paper after its acceptance in ToSC with the ToSC reference

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