Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/1099

Improved Parameters for the Ring-TESLA Digital Signature Scheme

Arjun Chopra

Abstract: Akleylek et al have proposed Ring-TESLA, a practical and efficient digital signature scheme based on the Ring Learning With Errors problem. However we have identified there are some problems with the parameters proposed for Ring-TESLA, as we believe they do not ensure the correct operation of the scheme and do not provide the targeted levels of security under either the provable Ring-TESLA reduction, or an assessment of practical modern attacks such as lattice sieving.

We recommend new Ring-TESLA parameters that target more security levels and provide for correct, secure, and efficient instantiation. We describe the necessary preliminaries, recap the Ring-TESLA scheme, and present our parameter recommendations, selection methodology, and analysis.

We have implemented Ring-TESLA using our recommended parameters, and we place this software in the public domain.

Category / Keywords: Cryptography, Post-Quantum Cryptography, Lattice, Ring-LWE, Ring Learning With Errors, Digital Signature, Ring-TESLA

Date: received 22 Nov 2016, last revised 6 Feb 2017

Contact author: arjun chopra vsc at outlook com

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