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Simple Homomorphisms of Cocks IBE and Applications

Rio LaVigne

Abstract: The Cocks Identity Based Encryption (IBE) scheme, proposed in 2001 by Clifford Cocks, has been the standard for Quadratic Residue-based IBE. It had been long believed that this IBE did not have enough structure to have homomorphic properties. In 2013, Clear, Hughes, and Tewari (Africacrypt 2013) created a Cocks scheme derivative where they viewed ciphertexts as polynomials modulo a quadratic. While the scheme was homomorphic, it required sending twice as much information per ciphertext as the original Cocks scheme. A recent result by Joye (PKC 2016) used complex algebraic structures to demonstrate the fact that Cocks IBE, on its own, is additively homomorphic.

In this work, we build upon the results from CHT and Joye. We take the simple intuition from CHT, that ciphertexts can be seen as polynomials, but also demonstrate that we only need to send as much data as in the original Cocks scheme. This perspective leads to better intuition as to why these ciphertexts are homomorphic and to explicit efficient algorithms for computing this homomorphic addition.

We believe that our approach will facilitate other extensions of Cocks IBE. As an example, we exhibit a two-way proxy re-encryption algorithm, which arises as a simple consequence of the structure we propose. That is, given a re-encryption key, we can securely convert a ciphertext under one key to a ciphertext under the other key and vice-versa (hence two-way).

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Date: received 14 Dec 2016, last revised 20 May 2017

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