News and Changes

26 May 2022
By popular demand, the compact view view is back.
25 Apr 2022
The Cryptology ePrint Archive has been rewritten in Python. Features include better capture of metadata and OAI-PMH harvesting.
28 Sep 2021
The Cryptology ePrint Archive now supports UTF-8
19 May 2019
Joppe W. Bos joins as new co-editor and replaces Alexandra Boldyreva.
15 Aug 2016
Tancrède Lepoint joins as new co-editor and replaces Nigel Smart.
23 Dec 2015
The server now displays Latex encoded math on the paper pages using MathJax.
5 Aug 2015
Alexandra Boldyreva joins as new co-editor, Tal Rabin steps down.
1 Jan 2014
Nigel Smart joins as new co-editor, Christian Cachin steps down.
23 Jul 2013
Enhanced version information, direct links to versions, and modified acceptance conditions.
6 Feb 2010
Orr Dunkelman joins as a new editor of the discussion forum.
14 Apr 2008
The archive has migrated to a new server.
20 Dec 2007
Tal Rabin joins as a new co-editor.
26 Jun 2007
Discussion forum for papers has been added. Anna Lysyanskaya joins the team for moderating it. Additionally, all past revisions of papers are now accessible.
23 Nov 2005
An experimental RSS feed of new papers for the Archive is now available.
3 Jan 2005
The Archive has been moved to IACR's server.
28 Nov 2004
I'm considering to moving the archive to IACR's new server.
21 Jul 2002
Clarification of editorial policy and acceptance criteria.
15 Oct 2001
Fixed a bug that sometimes made internal strings like END-OF visible.
9 Mar 2001
Partially fixed handling of special characters. The idea is to use LaTeX encoding for special characters and for math, and at least &, <, and > are now correctly displayed to the user. This means that you really shouldn't use any html tags!
6 Mar 2001
Started this page. There's an author's comment section for each paper, as well as automatically generated BibTeX references.
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