Cryptology ePrint Archive: Listing for 2011

2011/714 ( PDF )
Position-Verification in Multi-Channel Models
Huajun Zhang and Zongyang Zhang and Zhenfu Cao
2011/713 ( PDF )
A server-aided verification signature scheme without random oracles
Bin Wang and Qing Zhao
2011/712 ( PDF )
Efficient Java Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography for J2ME-Enabled Mobile Devices
Johann Großschädl and Dan Page and Stefan Tillich
2011/711 ( PDF )
Evolutionary Construction of de Bruijn Sequences
Meltem Sonmez Turan
2011/710 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the Full AES Using GPU-Like Special-Purpose Hardware
Alex Biryukov and Johann Großschädl
2011/709 ( PDF )
Fault Attack against Miller's algorithm
Nadia El Mrabet
2011/708 ( PDF )
Computational Extractors and Pseudorandomness
Dana Dachman-Soled and Rosario Gennaro and Hugo Krawczyk and Tal Malkin
2011/707 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of The Atmel Cipher in SecureMemory, CryptoMemory and CryptoRF
Alex Biryukov and Ilya Kizhvatov and Bin Zhang
2011/706 ( PDF )
Improved Side Channel Attacks on Pairing Based Cryptography
Johannes Blömer and Peter Günther and Gennadij Liske
2011/705 ( PDF )
Differential Attacks on Generalized Feistel Schemes
Valerie Nachef and Emmanuel Volte and Jacques Patarin
2011/704 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Security Analysis of a PUF based RFID Authentication Protocol
Masoumeh Safkhani and Nasour Bagheri and Majid Naderi
2011/703 ( PDF )
Waters Signatures with Optimal Security Reduction
Dennis Hofheinz and Tibor Jager and Edward Knapp
2011/702 ( PDF )
Comments of an efficient and secure multi-server authentication scheme with key agreement
Yitao Chen
2011/701 ( PDF )
Decentralized Attribute-Based Signatures
Tatsuaki Okamoto and Katsuyuki Takashima
2011/700 ( PDF )
Efficient Attribute-Based Signatures for Non-Monotone Predicates in the Standard Model
Tatsuaki Okamoto and Katsuyuki Takashima
2011/699 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Public-Key Encryption with Cluster-Chain-based Keyword Search
Peng Xu and Hai Jin and Wei Wang and Deqing Zou
2011/698 ( PDF )
A generalization of the class of hyper-bent Boolean functions in binomial forms
Chunming Tang, Yu Lou, Yanfeng Qi, Baocheng Wang, Yixian Yang
2011/697 ( PDF )
SPONGENT: The Design Space of Lightweight Cryptographic Hashing
Andrey Bogdanov, Miroslav Knezevic, Gregor Leander, Deniz Toz, Kerem Varici, Ingrid Verbauwhede
2011/696 ( PDF )
Efficient Network Coding Signatures in the Standard Model
Dario Catalano and Dario Fiore and Bogdan Warinschi
2011/695 ( PDF )
Deterministic Identity Based Signature Scheme and its Application for Aggregate Signatures
S. Sharmila Deva Selvi and S. Sree Vivek and C. Pandu Rangan
2011/694 ( PDF )
Generic Side-channel Distinguisher Based on Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test: Explicit Construction and Practical Evaluation
Jiye Liu, Yongbin Zhou, Shuguo Yang, Dengguo Feng
2011/693 ( PDF )
A non-interactive deniable authentication scheme in the standard model
Bin Wang ,Qing Zhao and Ke Dai
2011/692 ( PDF )
Fully Secure (Doubly-)Spatial Encryption under Simpler Assumptions
Cheng Chen and Zhenfeng Zhang and Dengguo Feng
2011/691 ( PDF )
Yet Another Ultralightweight Authentication Protocol that is Broken
Gildas Avoine and Xavier Carpent
2011/690 ( PDF )
A New Class of Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystem Constructed on the Basis of Message-Dependent Transformation
2011/689 ( -- withdrawn -- )
(Efficient) Universally Composable Two-Party Computation Using a Minimal Number of Stateless Tokens
Seung Geol Choi and Jonathan Katz and Dominique Schröder and Arkady Yerukhimovich and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2011/688 ( PDF )
Authenticated Key Exchange under Bad Randomness
Guomin Yang and Shanshan Duan and Duncan S. Wong and Chik How Tan and Huaxiong Wang
2011/687 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of WG-7 (A Lightweight Stream Cipher for RFID Encryption)
Mohammad Ali Orumiehchiha and Josef Pieprzyk and Ron Steinfeld
2011/686 ( PDF )
Analysis of some natural variants of the PKP Algorithm
Rodolphe LAMPE and Jacques PATARIN
2011/685 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Symmetric Block Ciphers Based on the Feistel Network with Non-bijective S-boxes in the Round Function
Roman Oliynykov
2011/684 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Identification Based Encryption with RSA-OAEP. Using SEM and Without
Rkia Aouinatou, Mostafa Belkasmi
2011/683 ( PDF )
Timing Attacks against the Syndrome Inversion in Code-based Cryptosystems
Falko Strenzke
2011/682 ( PDF )
UC framework for anonymous communication
István Vajda
2011/681 ( PDF )
Physically Uncloneable Functions in the Universal Composition Framework
Christina Brzuska and Marc Fischlin and Heike Schröder and Stefan Katzenbeisser
2011/680 ( PDF )
Better Bootstrapping in Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Nigel P. Smart
2011/679 ( PDF )
CTL: A Platform-Independent Crypto Tools Library Based on Dataflow Programming Paradigm
Junaid Jameel Ahmad and Shujun Li and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Thomas Schneider
2011/678 ( PDF )
On definitions of selective opening security
Florian Böhl and Dennis Hofheinz and Daniel Kraschewski
2011/677 ( PDF )
CommitCoin: Carbon Dating Commitments with Bitcoin
Jeremy Clark and Aleksander Essex
2011/676 ( PDF )
Enhanced Biometrics-based Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards
Jian-Zhu Lu, Shaoyuan Zhang, Shijie Qie
2011/675 ( PDF )
Basing Obfuscation on Simple Tamper-Proof Hardware Assumptions
Nico Döttling and Thilo Mie and Jörn Müller-Quade and Tobias Nilges
2011/674 ( PDF )
Extended Combinatorial Constructions for Peer-to-peer User-Private Information Retrieval
Colleen M. Swanson and Douglas R. Stinson
2011/673 ( PDF )
Pseudorandom Signatures
Nils Fleischhacker and Felix Günther and Franziskus Kiefer and Mark Manulis and Bertram Poettering
2011/672 ( PDF )
Fast and Secure Root Finding for Code-based Cryptosystems
Falko Strenzke
2011/671 ( PDF )
Improved Results on Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round Camellia-192/256
Ya Liu and Dawu Gu and Zhiqiang Liu and Wei Li and Ying Man
2011/670 ( PDF )
SHA-3 on ARM11 processors
Peter Schwabe and Bo-Yin Yang and Shang-Yi Yang
2011/669 ( PDF )
Small Linearization: Memory Friendly Solving of Non-Linear Equations over Finite Fields
Christopher Wolf and Enrico Thomae
2011/668 ( PDF )
Re-Encryption-Based Key Management Towards Secure and Scalable Mobile Applications in Clouds
Piotr K. Tysowski and M. Anwarul Hasan
2011/667 ( -- withdrawn -- )
An Efficient and Private RFID Authentication Protocol Supporting Ownership Transfer
Suleyman Kardas and Atakan Arslan and Serkan Celik and Albert Levi
2011/666 ( PDF )
A Gross-Zagier formula for quaternion algebras over totally real fields
Eyal Z. Goren and Kristin E. Lauter
2011/665 ( PDF )
Efficient Modular Exponentiation-based Puzzles for Denial-of-Service Protection
Jothi Rangasamy \and Douglas Stebila \and Lakshmi Kuppusamy \and Colin Boyd \and Juan Gonzalez Nieto
2011/664 ( PDF )
On the Security of ID Based Signcryption Schemes
S. Sharmila Deva Selvi and S. Sree Vivek and Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy and C. Pandu Rangan
2011/663 ( PDF )
Cloud-Assisted Multiparty Computation from Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Adriana Lopez-Alt and Eran Tromer and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2011/662 ( PDF )
Deploying secure multi-party computation for financial data analysis
Dan Bogdanov and Riivo Talviste and Jan Willemson
2011/661 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
New Impossible Differential Attacks on Camellia
Dongxia Bai and Leibo Li
2011/660 ( PDF )
Program Obfuscation with Leaky Hardware
Nir Bitansky and Ran Canetti and Shafi Goldwasser and Shai Halevi and Yael Tauman Kalai and Guy N. Rothblum
2011/659 ( PDF )
Formally Assessing Cryptographic Entropy
Daniel R. L. Brown
2011/658 ( PDF )
Anonymous attestation with user-controlled linkability
D. Bernhard and G. Fuchsbauer and E. Ghadafi and N.P. Smart and B. Warinschi
2011/657 ( PDF )
A Systematic Method to Evaluate and Compare the Performance of Physical Unclonable Functions
Abhranil Maiti and Vikash Gunreddy and Patrick Schaumont
2011/656 ( PDF )
Use Data-depend Function Build Message Expansion Function
ZiJie Xu and Ke Xu
2011/655 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Stream Aggregation with Fault Tolerance
T-H. Hubert Chan, Elaine Shi and Dawn Song
2011/654 ( PDF )
Elliptic Curve Cryptography in JavaScript
Laurie Haustenne and Quentin De Neyer and Olivier Pereira
2011/653 ( -- withdrawn -- )
An Improved Certificateless Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol
Haomin Yang and Yaoxue Zhang and Yuezhi Zhou
2011/652 ( PDF )
Security Enhancement of the Vortex Family of Hash Functions
Shay Gueron and Michael Kounavis
2011/651 ( PDF )
CHECKER: On-site checking in RFID-based supply chains
Kaoutar Elkhiyaoui and Erik-Oliver Blass and Refik Molva
2011/650 ( PDF )
Fully Secure Spatial Encryption under Simple Assumptions with Constant-Size Ciphertexts
Jie Chen and Hoon Wei Lim and San Ling and Huaxiong Wang
2011/649 ( PDF )
On the Security of NMAC and Its Variants
Fanbao Liu and Changxiang Shen and Tao Xie and Dengguo Feng
2011/648 ( PDF )
Achieving Short Ciphertexts or Short Secret-Keys for Adaptively Secure General Inner-Product Encryption
Tatsuaki Okamoto and Katsuyuki Takashima
2011/647 ( PDF )
Breaking $H^2$-MAC Using Birthday Paradox
Fanbao Liu and Tao Xie and Changxiang Shen
2011/646 ( PDF )
The security impact of a new cryptographic library
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange and Peter Schwabe
2011/645 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption Based on Approximate Matrix GCD
Gu Chunsheng
2011/644 ( PDF )
McOE: A Family of Almost Foolproof On-Line Authenticated Encryption Schemes
Ewan Fleischmann and Christian Forler and Stefan Lucks and Jakob Wenzel
2011/643 ( PDF )
Some Words About Cryptographic Key Recognition In Data Streams
Alexey Chilikov and Evgeny Alekseev
2011/642 ( PDF )
Constructing differentially 4-uniform permutations over $\mbf_{2^{2m}}$ from quadratic APN permutations over $\mbf_{2^{2m+1}}$
Yongqiang Li and Mingsheng Wang
2011/641 ( PDF )
Collision for 75-step SHA-1: Intensive Parallelization with GPU
E.A. Grechnikov and A.V. Adinetz
2011/640 ( PDF )
Hummingbird: Privacy at the time of Twitter
Emiliano De Cristofaro, Claudio Soriente, Gene Tsudik, Andrew Williams
2011/639 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Towards a Probabilistic Complexity-theoretic Modeling of Biological Cyanide Poisoning as Service Attack in Self-organizing Networks
Jiejun Kong, Dapeng Wu, Xiaoyan Hong, Mario Gerla
2011/638 ( PDF )
Rubik's for cryptographers
Christophe Petit and Jean-Jacques Quisquater
2011/637 ( PDF )
Random Number Generation Based on Oscillatory Metastability in Ring Circuits
Laszlo Hars
2011/636 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Untangling RFID Privacy Models
Iwen Coisel and Tania Martin
2011/635 ( PDF )
Groestl Tweaks and their Effect on FPGA Results
Marcin Rogawski and Kris Gaj
2011/634 ( PDF )
Security of Multiple-Key Agreement Protocols and Propose an Enhanced Protocol
Mohammad Sabzinejad Farash and Mahmoud Ahmadian Attari and Majid Bayat1
2011/633 ( PDF )
Practical realisation and elimination of an ECC-related software bug attack
B.B. Brumley and M. Barbosa and D. Page and F. Vercauteren
2011/632 ( PDF )
A Scalable Method for Constructing Galois NLFSRs with Period $2^n-1$ using Cross-Join Pairs
Elena Dubrova
2011/631 ( PDF )
Cheating Human Vision in Visual Secret Sharing
Yu-Chi Chen and Gwoboa Horng and Du-Shiau Tsai
2011/630 ( PDF )
Indifferentiability Security of the Fast Wide Pipe Hash: Breaking the Birthday Barrier
Dustin Moody and Souradyuti Paul and Daniel Smith-Tone
2011/629 ( PDF )
Near-Linear Unconditionally-Secure Multiparty Computation with a Dishonest Minority
Eli Ben-Sasson and Serge Fehr and Rafail Ostrovsky
2011/628 ( PDF )
Maximum Leakage Resilient IBE and IPE
Kaoru Kurosawa and Le Trieu Phong
2011/627 ( PDF )
A note on semi-bent functions with multiple trace terms and hyperelliptic curves
Sihem Mesnager
2011/626 ( PDF )
Algebraic Complexity Reduction and Cryptanalysis of GOST
Nicolas T. Courtois
2011/625 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Two RFID Privacy Models in Front of a Court
Mohammad Hassan Habibi, Mohammad Reza Aref
2011/624 ( PDF )
New attacks on Keccak-224 and Keccak-256
Itai Dinur and Orr Dunkelman and Adi Shamir
2011/623 ( PDF )
Indifferentiability of the Hash Algorithm BLAKE
Donghoon Chang and Mridul Nandi and Moti Yung
2011/622 ( PDF )
Homomorphic encryption from codes
Andrej Bogdanov and Chin Ho Lee
2011/621 ( PDF )
Adaptive Security of Concurrent Non-Malleable Zero-Knowledge
Zhenfu Cao, Zongyang Zhang , Yunlei Zhao
2011/620 ( PDF )
Provable Security of BLAKE with Non-Ideal Compression Function
Elena Andreeva and Atul Luykx and Bart Mennink
2011/619 ( PDF )
Multidimensional Meet-in-the-Middle Attack and Its Applications to KATAN32/48/64
Bo Zhu and Guang Gong
2011/618 ( PDF )
Practical Relay Attack on Contactless Transactions by Using NFC Mobile Phones
Lishoy Francis and Gerhard Hancke and Keith Mayes and Konstantinos Markantonakis
2011/617 ( PDF )
Charm: A framework for Rapidly Prototyping Cryptosystems
Joseph A. Akinyele and Matthew D. Green and Avi D. Rubin
2011/616 ( PDF )
Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of the Lightweight Block Ciphers TEA, XTEA and HIGHT
Jiazhe Chen and Meiqin Wang and Bart Preneel
2011/615 ( PDF )
On the Joint Security of Encryption and Signature in EMV
Jean Paul Degabriele and Anja Lehmann and Kenneth G. Paterson and Nigel P. Smart and Mario Strefler
2011/614 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On Security of RASP Data Perturbation for Secure Half-Space Queries in the Cloud
Keke Chen
2011/613 ( PDF )
Multiparty Computation with Low Communication, Computation and Interaction via Threshold FHE
Gilad Asharov and Abhishek Jain and Daniel Wichs
2011/612 ( PDF )
IBAKE: Identity-Based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol
Vladimir Kolesnikov and Ganapathy S. Sundaram
2011/611 ( PDF )
Adaptive and Concurrent Secure Computation from New Notions of Non-Malleability
Dana Dachman-Soled and Tal Malkin and Mariana Raykova and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2011/610 ( PDF )
An optimal Key Enumeration Algorithm and its Application to Side-Channel Attacks
Nicolas Veyrat-Charvillon and Benoît Gérard and Mathieu Renauld and François-Xavier Standaert
2011/609 ( PDF )
The PHOTON Family of Lightweight Hash Functions
Jian Guo and Thomas Peyrin and Axel Poschmann
2011/608 ( PDF )
Four-Dimensional Gallant-Lambert-Vanstone Scalar Multiplication
Patrick Longa and Francesco Sica
2011/607 ( PDF )
Improving Additive and Multiplicative Homomorphic Encryption Schemes Based on Worst-Case Hardness Assumptions}
Carlos {Aguilar Melchor} and Slim Bettaieb and Philippe Gaborit and Javier Herranz
2011/606 ( -- withdrawn -- )
$GF(2^{n})$ Subquadratic Polynomial Basis Multipliers for Some Irreducible Trinomials
Xi Xiong and Haining Fan
2011/605 ( PDF )
Efficient and Secure Delegation of Linear Algebra
Payman Mohassel
2011/604 ( PDF )
Genus 2 Hyperelliptic Curve Families with Explicit Jacobian Order Evaluation and Pairing-Friendly Constructions
Aurore Guillevic and Damien Vergnaud
2011/603 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Advanced Zero-Sum Distinguishers for the Permutations of the PHOTON Family
Le Dong and Wenling Wu and Shuang Wu and Jian Zou
2011/602 ( PDF )
Positive Results for Concurrently Secure Computation in the Plain Model
Vipul Goyal
2011/601 ( PDF )
A Multi-Receiver ID-Based Generalized Signcryption Scheme
Caixue Zhou
2011/600 ( PDF )
A New Class of Hyper-bent Boolean Functions with Multiple Trace Terms
Chunming Tang, Yanfeng Qi, Maozhi Xu, Baocheng Wang, Yixian Yang
2011/599 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Efficient Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange from Lattices
Yi Ding and Lei Fan
2011/598 ( PDF )
New Subexponential Algorithms for Factoring in $SL(2,\fq)$
Jean-Charles Faugère and Ludovic Perret and Christophe Petit and Guénaël Renault
2011/597 ( PDF )
How to Delegate and Verify in Public: Verifiable Computation from Attribute-based Encryption
Bryan Parno and Mariana Raykova and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2011/596 ( PDF )
Parallel Homomorphic Encryption
Seny Kamara and Mariana Raykova
2011/595 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Efficient Multi-Query CPIR from Ring-LWE
Helger Lipmaa
2011/594 ( PDF )
Receipt Freeness of Prêt à Voter Provably Secure
Dalia Khader and Peter Y.A. Ryan
2011/593 ( PDF )
CCA Secure IB-KEM from the Computational Bilinear Diffie-Hellman Assumption in the Standard Model
Yu Chen and Liqun Chen and Zongyang Zhang
2011/592 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Generic Constructions for Verifiable Signcryption
Laila El Aimani
2011/591 ( PDF )
A Unified Framework for Small Secret Exponent Attack on RSA
Noboru Kunihiro and Naoyuki Shinohara and Tetsuya Izu
2011/590 ( PDF )
An Efficient Broadcast Attack against NTRU
Jianwei Li and Yanbin Pan and Mingjie Liu and Guizhen Zhu
2011/589 ( PDF )
Impact of Intel's New Instruction Sets on Software Implementation of $GF(2)[x]$ Multiplication
Chen Su and Haining Fan
2011/588 ( PDF )
Another Look at Symmetric Incoherent Optimal Eavesdropping against BB84
Arpita Maitra and Goutam Paul
2011/587 ( PDF )
Signatures of Correct Computation
Charalampos Papamanthou and Elaine Shi and Roberto Tamassia
2011/586 ( PDF )
TweLEX: A Tweaked Version of the LEX Stream Cipher
Mainack Mondal and Avik Chakraborti and Nilanjan Datta and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2011/585 ( PDF )
Iris: A Scalable Cloud File System with Efficient Integrity Checks
Emil Stefanov and Marten van Dijk and Alina Oprea and Ari Juels
2011/584 ( PDF )
A Single-Key Attack on 6-Round KASUMI
Teruo Saito
2011/583 ( PDF )
Revocable Identity-Based Encryption from Lattices
Jie Chen and Hoon Wei Lim and San Ling and Huaxiong Wang and Khoa Nguyen
2011/582 ( PDF )
Randomness Extraction in finite fields $\mathbb{F}_{p^{n}}$
Abdoul Aziz Ciss
2011/581 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Standard Security Does Not Imply Security Against Selective-Opening
Mihir Bellare and Rafael Dowsley and Brent Waters and Scott Yilek
2011/580 ( PDF )
On a new generalization of Huff curves
Abdoul Aziz Ciss and Djiby Sow
2011/579 ( PDF )
Clockwise Collision Analysis -- Overlooked Side-Channel Leakage Inside Your Measurements
Yang Li and Daisuke Nakatsu and Qi Li and Kazuo Ohta and Kazuo Sakiyama
2011/578 ( PDF )
Balasingham Balamohan
2011/577 ( PDF )
An Efficient Protocol for the Commit-Prove-Fair-Open functionality
Ou Ruan , Cai Fu and Guohua Cui
2011/576 ( PDF )
Efficient Multicast Key Distribution Using HOWP-Based Dynamic Group Access Structures
Jing Liu, Qiong Huang, Bo Yang, Yang Zhang
2011/575 ( PDF )
Exclusive Key Based Group Rekeying Protocols
Jing Liu and Changji Wang
2011/574 ( PDF )
Towards Efficient Provable Data Possession in Cloud Storage
Jia Xu and Ee-Chien Chang and Jianying Zhou
2011/573 ( PDF )
A New Class of Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystems Constructed Based on Random Pseudo Cyclic Codes, K(XIII)SE(2)PKC, Realizing Coding Rate of Exactly 1.0
Masao Kasahara
2011/572 ( PDF )
The ElGamal cryptosystem over circulant matrices
Ayan Mahalanobis
2011/571 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Lower Bound on Covering Radius of Reed-Muller Codes in Set of Balanced Functions
Brajesh Kumar Singh and Sugata Gangopadhyay
2011/570 ( PDF )
Degree of regularity for HFE-
Jintai Ding and Thorsten Kleinjung
2011/569 ( PDF )
Analysis of the Hamming Weight of the Extended wmbNAF
Ming Li, Ali Miri and Daming Zhu
2011/568 ( PDF )
Single Layer Optical-scan Voting with Fully Distributed Trust
Aleksander Essex and Christian Henrich and Urs Hengartner
2011/567 ( PDF )
On the sparse subset sum problem from Gentry-Halevi's implementation of fully homomorphic encryption
Moon Sung Lee
2011/566 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Polylog Overhead
Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Nigel P. Smart
2011/565 ( PDF )
Cryptographic Hash Functions: Recent Design Trends and Security Notions
Saif Al-Kuwari and James H. Davenport and Russell J. Bradford
2011/564 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Private-key Symbolic Encryption
N. Ahmed and C.D. Jensen and E. Zenner
2011/563 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On the Security of RFID Anti Cloning Security Protocol(ACSP)
Masoumeh Safkhani and Nasour Bagheri and Majid Naderi
2011/562 ( PDF )
A Group Testing Approach to Improved Corruption Localizing Hashing
Annalisa De Bonis and Giovanni Di Crescenzo
2011/561 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Domain-Specific Language for Computing on Encrypted Data
Alex Bain and John Mitchell and Rahul Sharma and Deian Stefan and Joe Zimmerman
2011/560 ( PDF )
Randomized Secure Two-Party Computation for Modular Conversion, Zero Test, Comparison, MOD and Exponentiation
Ching-Hua Yu and Bo-Yin Yang
2011/559 ( PDF )
Instantiability of RSA-OAEP under Chosen-Plaintext Attack
Eike Kiltz and Adam O'Neill and Adam Smith
2011/558 ( PDF )
Improved Attacks on Full GOST
Itai Dinur and Orr Dunkelman and Adi Shamir
2011/557 ( PDF )
An Improved Trace Driven Instruction Cache Timing Attack on RSA
Chen Cai-Sen, Wang Tao, Chen Xiao-Cen and Zhou Ping
2011/556 ( PDF )
GF(2^n) redundant representation using matrix embedding
Yongjia Wang and Xi Xiong and Haining Fan
2011/555 ( PDF )
On the Role of Expander Graphs in Key Predistribution Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks
Michelle Kendall and Keith Martin
2011/554 ( PDF )
On the security models for certificateless signature schemes achieving level 3 security
Yu-Chi Chen and Gwoboa Horng
2011/553 ( PDF )
Publicly Verifiable Proofs of Sequential Work
Mohammad Mahmoody and Tal Moran and Salil Vadhan
2011/552 ( PDF )
Recyclable PUFs: Logically Reconfigurable PUFs
Stefan Katzenbeisser, Ünal Kocabas, Vincent van der Leest, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Geert-Jan Schrijen, Heike Schröder, Christian Wachsmann
2011/551 ( PDF )
Security Evaluation against Differential Cryptanalysis for Block Cipher Structures
Shengbao Wu and Mingsheng Wang
2011/550 ( PDF )
A New Distinguisher for CubeHash-8/b and CubeHash-15/b Compression Functions
Javad Alizadeh and Abdolrasoul Mirghadri
2011/549 ( PDF )
1-Resilient Boolean Function with Optimal Algebraic Immunity
Qingfang Jin and Zhuojun Liu and Baofeng Wu
2011/548 ( PDF )
On the security of MQ_DRBG
V.O. Drelikhov and G.B. Marshalko and A.V. Pokrovskiy
2011/547 ( PDF )
The Single Cycle T-functions
Zhaopeng Dai and Zhuojun Liu
2011/546 ( PDF )
Hidden Vector Encryption Fully Secure Against Unrestricted Queries
Angelo De Caro and Vincenzo Iovino and Giuseppe Persiano
2011/545 ( PDF )
Public Key Cryptosystems Constructed Based on Random Pseudo Cyclic Codes, K(IX)SE(1)PKC, Realizing Coding Rate of Exactly 1.0
Masao Kasahara
2011/544 ( PDF )
Designing Privacy-preserving Smart Meters with Low-cost Microcontrollers
Andres Molina-Markham and George Danezis and Kevin Fu and Prashant Shenoy and David Irwin
2011/543 ( PDF )
Adaptively Attribute-Hiding (Hierarchical) Inner Product Encryption
Tatsuaki Okamoto and Katsuyuki Takashima
2011/542 ( PDF )
Certificate-Based Signcryption: Security Model and Efficient Construction
Yang Lu and Jiguo Li
2011/541 ( PDF )
Minimalism in Cryptography: The Even-Mansour Scheme Revisited
Orr Dunkelman, Nathan Keller, Adi Shamir
2011/540 ( PDF )
Efficient Implementation of the $\eta_T$ Pairing on GPU
Yosuke Katoh and Yun-Ju Huang and Chen-Mou Cheng and Tsuyoshi Takagi
2011/539 ( PDF )
Sign Modules in Secure Arithmetic Circuits
Ching-Hua Yu
2011/538 ( PDF )
Leakage-Resilient Client-side Deduplication of Encrypted Data in Cloud Storage
Jia Xu and Ee-Chien Chang and Jianying Zhou
2011/537 ( PDF )
Lattice Signatures Without Trapdoors
Vadim Lyubashevsky
2011/536 ( PDF )
Revisiting Lower and Upper Bounds for Selective Decommitments
Rafail Ostrovsky and Vanishree Rao and Alessandra Scafuro and Ivan Visconti
2011/535 ( PDF )
Multiparty Computation from Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption
I. Damgard and V. Pastro and N.P. Smart and S. Zakarias
2011/534 ( PDF )
Formal Analysis of the Entropy / Security Trade-off in First-Order Masking Countermeasures against Side-Channel Attacks
Maxime Nassar and Sylvain Guilley and Jean-Luc Danger
2011/533 ( PDF )
Two-Output Secure Computation with Malicious Adversaries
abhi shelat and Chih-hao Shen
2011/532 ( PDF )
Hash Functions Based on Three Permutations: A Generic Security Analysis
Bart Mennink and Bart Preneel
2011/531 ( PDF )
Static Fault Attacks on Hardware DES Registers
Philippe Loubet-Moundi and David Vigilant and Francis Olivier
2011/530 ( PDF )
Key-Evolution Schemes Resilient to Space-Bounded Leakage
Stefan Dziembowski and Tomasz Kazana and Daniel Wichs
2011/529 ( PDF )
Secure and Efficient Proof of Storage with Deduplication
Qingji Zheng and Shouhuai Xu
2011/528 ( PDF )
Efficient Delegation-Based Authentication Protocol with Strong Mobile Privacy
Jian-Zhu Lu, Hong-Qing Ren, and Jipeng Zhou
2011/527 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Security Weaknesses of password-only authenticated key establishment protocol without public key cryptography
Mohsen Toorani and Maryam Saeed
2011/526 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Universally Composable Security Analysis of OAuth v2.0
Suresh Chari and Charanjit Jutla and Arnab Roy
2011/525 ( PDF )
A Note on the Density of the Multiple Subset Sum Problems
Yanbin Pan and Feng Zhang
2011/524 ( PDF )
Security of Reduced-Round Camellia against Impossible Differential Attack
Leibo Li, Jiazhe Chen and Xiaoyun Wang
2011/523 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Security analysis of a fuzzy identity-based encryption scheme
Miaomiao Tian and Liusheng Huang and Wei Yang
2011/522 ( PDF )
A Compact S-Box Design for SMS4 Block Cipher
Imran Abbasi, Mehreen Afzal
2011/521 ( PDF )
Pseudorandom Knapsacks and the Sample Complexity of LWE Search-to-Decision Reductions
Daniele Micciancio and Petros Mol
2011/520 ( PDF )
Houssem Maghrebi and Sylvain Guilley and Claude Carlet and Jean-Luc Danger
Houssem maghebi, Sylvain Guilley, Claude Carlet, Jean-Luc Danger
2011/519 ( PDF )
Leakage-Resilient Cryptography From the Inner-Product Extractor
Stefan Dziembowski and Sebastian Faust
2011/518 ( PDF )
Two 1-Round Protocols for Delegation of Computation
Ran Canetti and Ben Riva and Guy N. Rothblum
2011/517 ( PDF )
Verifiability, Privacy, and Coercion-Resistance: New Insights from a Case Study
Ralf Kuesters and Tomasz Truderung and Andreas Vogt
2011/516 ( PDF )
Protecting AES with Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme
Louis Goubin and Ange Martinelli
2011/515 ( PDF )
A general conjecture similar to T-D conjecture and its applications in constructing Boolean functions with optimal algebraic immunity
Qingfang Jin and Zhuojun Liu and Baofeng Wu and Xiaoming Zhang
2011/514 ( PDF )
Milder Definitions of Computational Approximability: The Case of Zero-Knowledge Protocols
Mohammad Sadeq Dousti and Rasool Jalili
2011/513 ( PDF )
Non-Malleable Zero Knowledge: Black-Box Constructions and Definitional Relationships
Abhishek Jain and Omkant Pandey
2011/512 ( PDF )
A Dichotomy for Local Small-Bias Generators
Benny Applebaum and Andrej Bogdanov and Alon Rosen
2011/511 ( PDF )
The Cryptographic Power of Random Selection
Matthias Krause and Matthias Hamann
2011/510 ( PDF )
On the Security of the Free-XOR Technique
Seung Geol Choi and Jonathan Katz and Ranjit Kumaresan and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2011/509 ( PDF )
Policy-Enhanced Private Set Intersection: Sharing Information While Enforcing Privacy Policies
Emil Stefanov and Elaine Shi and Dawn Song
2011/508 ( PDF )
Secure Two-Party Computation with Low Communication
Ivan Damgård and Sebastian Faust and Carmit Hazay
2011/507 ( PDF )
Relatively-Sound NIZKs and Password-Based Key-Exchange
Charanjit Jutla and Arnab Roy
2011/506 ( PDF )
Towards quantum-resistant cryptosystems from supersingular elliptic curve isogenies
Luca De Feo and David Jao and Jérôme Plût
2011/505 ( PDF )
A New Second Order Side Channel Attack Based on Linear Regression
Julien Doget and Guillaume Dabosville and Emmanuel Prouff
2011/504 ( PDF )
From Non-Adaptive to Adaptive Pseudorandom Functions
Iftach Haitner and Itay Berman
2011/503 ( PDF )
On the influence of the algebraic degree of $F^{−1}$ on the algebraic degree of $G \circ F$
Christina Boura and Anne Canteaut
2011/502 ( PDF )
Wild McEliece Incognito
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange and Christiane Peters
2011/501 ( PDF )
Trapdoors for Lattices: Simpler, Tighter, Faster, Smaller
Daniele Micciancio and Chris Peikert
2011/500 ( PDF )
Biclique Cryptanalysis of the Block Cipher SQUARE
Hamid Mala
2011/499 ( PDF )
Duplexing the sponge: single-pass authenticated encryption and other applications
Guido Bertoni and Joan Daemen and Michaël Peeters and Gilles Van Assche
2011/498 ( PDF )
An Efficient Secure Anonymous Proxy Signature Scheme
*Jue-Sam Chou 1, Shih-Che Hung 2, Yalin Chen
2011/497 ( PDF )
Can a Program Reverse-Engineer Itself?
Antoine Amarilli and David Naccache and Pablo Rauzy and Emil Simion
2011/496 ( PDF )
On the Public Indifferentiability and Correlation Intractability of the 6-Round Feistel Construction
Avradip Mandal and Jacques Patarin and Yannick Seurin
2011/495 ( PDF )
Vector Commitments and their Applications
Dario Catalano and Dario Fiore
2011/494 ( PDF )
Efficient RSA Key Generation and Threshold Paillier in the Two-Party Setting
Carmit Hazay and Gert Læssøe Mikkelsen and Tal Rabin and Tomas Toft and Angelo Agatino Nicolosi
2011/493 ( PDF )
From Point Obfuscation To 3-round Zero-Knowledge
Nir Bitansky and Omer Paneth
2011/492 ( PDF )
Rational distance-bounding protocols over noisy channels
Long H. Nguyen
2011/491 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Cryptanalysis of a Privacy-Preserving Communication Architecture for V2G Networks in Smart Grid
Qi Jiang, Jianfeng Ma, Guangsong Li and Xiang Lu
2011/490 ( PDF )
Tools for Simulating Features of Composite Order Bilinear Groups in the Prime Order Setting
Allison Lewko
2011/489 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Towards a Theory of Security Evaluation for GOST-like Ciphers against Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis
A. N. Alekseychuk and L. V. Kovalchuk
2011/488 ( PS PS.GZ )
A Survey of Cryptography Based on Physically Unclonable Objects
Kai-Yuen Cheong
2011/487 ( PDF )
Noiseless Database Privacy
Raghav Bhaskar and Abhishek Bhowmick and Vipul Goyal and Srivatsan Laxman and Abhradeep Thakurta
2011/486 ( PDF )
On the Joint Security of Encryption and Signature, Revisited
Kenneth G. Paterson and Jacob C.N. Schuldt and Martijn Stam and Susan Thomson
2011/485 ( PDF )
Another Look at Automated Theorem-Proving. II
Neal Koblitz
2011/484 ( PDF )
XMSS - A Practical Forward Secure Signature Scheme based on Minimal Security Assumptions
Johannes Buchmann, Erik Dahmen, and Andreas Hülsing
2011/483 ( PDF )
Adaption of Pollard's kangaroo algorithm to the FACTOR problem
Mario Romsy
2011/482 ( PDF )
Secure Computation with Sublinear Amortized Work
Dov Gordon and Jonathan Katz and Vladimir Kolesnikov and Tal Malkin and Mariana Raykova and Yevgeniy Vahlis
2011/481 ( PDF )
Close to Uniform Prime Number Generation With Fewer Random Bits
Pierre-Alain Fouque and Mehdi Tibouchi
2011/480 ( PDF )
Complete Tree Subset Difference Broadcast Encryption Scheme and its Analysis
Sanjay Bhattacherjee and Palash Sarkar
2011/479 ( PDF )
Identity-Based (Lossy) Trapdoor Functions and Applications
Mihir Bellare and Eike Kiltz and Chris Peikert and Brent Waters
2011/478 ( PDF )
An efficient certificateless authenticated key agreement scheme
Debiao He, Sahadeo Padhye, Jianhua Chen
2011/477 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of NTRU with two public keys
Abderrahmane Nitaj
2011/476 ( PDF )
Anonymous Broadcast Encryption: Adaptive Security and Efficient Constructions in the Standard Model
Benoit Libert and Kenneth G. Paterson and Elizabeth A. Quaglia
2011/475 ( PDF )
Solving Circuit Optimisation Problems in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
Nicolas T. Courtois, Daniel Hulme and Theodosis Mourouzis
2011/474 ( PDF )
Improved Generic Algorithms for Hard Knapsacks
Anja Becker and Jean-Sébastien Coron and Antoine Joux
2011/473 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Practically Efficient Verifiable Delegation of Polynomial and its Applications
Jia XU
2011/472 ( PDF )
Forward Secure Ring Signature without Random Oracles
Joseph K. Liu and Tsz Hon Yuen and Jianying Zhou
2011/471 ( PDF )
Improved Key Generation For Gentry's Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
P. Scholl and N.P. Smart
2011/470 ( PDF )
Non-malleable public key encryption in BRSIM/UC
István Vajda
2011/469 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of INCrypt32 in HID's iCLASS Systems
ChangKyun Kim, Eun-Gu Jung, Dong Hoon Lee, Chang-Ho Jung, and Daewan Han
2011/468 ( PDF )
Faster Scalar Multiplication on Ordinary Weierstrass Elliptic Curves over Fields of Characteristic Three
Hongfeng Wu and Chang-An Zhao
2011/467 ( PDF )
A !ew Efficient Asymmetric Cryptosystem for large data sets
M.R.K. Ariffin, M.A. Asbullah and N.A. Abu
2011/466 ( PDF )
Green Cryptanalysis: Meet-in-the-Middle Key-Recovery for the Full KASUMI Cipher
Keting Jia and Christian Rechberger and Xiaoyun Wang
2011/465 ( PDF )
Attractive Subfamilies of BLS Curves for Implementing High-Security Pairings
Craig Costello and Kristin Lauter and Michael Naehrig
2011/464 ( PDF )
Private and Oblivious Set and Multiset Operations
Marina Blanton and Everaldo Aguiar
2011/463 ( PDF )
Decentralized Dynamic Broadcast Encryption
Duong Hieu Phan and David Pointcheval and Mario Strefler
2011/462 ( PDF )
Secure Outsourced Computation of Iris Matching
Marina Blanton and Mehrdad Aliasgari
2011/461 ( PDF )
Speeding Up Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Computations with Point Halving
Fangguo Zhang and Ping Wang
2011/460 ( PDF )
Computationally Sound Symbolic Security Reduction Analysis of Group Key Exchange Protocol using Bilinear Pairings
Zijian Zhang and Liehuang Zhu and Lejian Liao
2011/459 ( PDF )
Sufficient conditions for sound hashing using a truncated permutation
Joan Daemen and Tony Dusenge and Gilles Van Assche
2011/458 ( PDF )
Sieving for Shortest Vectors in Ideal Lattices
Michael Schneider
2011/457 ( PDF )
Resettable Statistical Zero Knowledge
Sanjam Garg, Rafail Ostrovsky, Ivan Visconti, Akshay Wadia
2011/456 ( PDF )
Delegation of Computation without Rejection Problem from Designated Verifier CS-Proofs
Shafi Goldwasser, Huijia Lin, Aviad Rubinstein
2011/455 ( PDF )
The Relation and Transformation between Hierarchical Inner Product Encryption and Spatial Encryption
Jie Chen and Hoon Wei Lim and San Ling and Huaxiong Wang
2011/454 ( PDF )
Threshold Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Secure Computation
Steven Myers and Mona Sergi and abhi shelat
2011/453 ( PDF )
Practical Complexity Differential Cryptanalysis and Fault Analysis of AES
Michael Tunstall
2011/452 ( PDF )
The Good lower bound of Second-order nonlinearity of a class of Boolean function
Manish Garg and Sugata Gangopadhyay
2011/451 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis and improvement of a biometrics-based multi-server authentication with key agreement scheme
Hakhyun Kim, Woongryul Jeon, Yunho Lee and Dongho Won
2011/450 ( -- withdrawn -- )
R-hash : Hash Function Using Random Quadratic Polynomials Over GF (2)
Dhananjoy Dey, Noopur Shrotriya, Indranath Sengupta
2011/449 ( PDF )
Biclique Cryptanalysis of the Full AES
Andrey Bogdanov and Dmitry Khovratovich and Christian Rechberger
2011/448 ( PDF )
(Non-)Random Sequences from (Non-)Random Permutations - Analysis of RC4 stream cipher
Sourav Sen Gupta and Subhamoy Maitra and Goutam Paul and Santanu Sarkar
2011/447 ( PDF )
On Verifying Dynamic Multiple Data Copies over Cloud Servers
Ayad F. Barsoum and M. Anwar Hasan
2011/446 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Privacy-Preserving Friend Search over Online Social Networks
Huang Lin and Yuguang Fang and Zhenfu Cao
2011/445 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Privacy-Preserving Friend Search over Online Social Networks
Huang Lin and Sherman S. M. Chow and Dongsheng Xing and Yuguang Fang and Zhenfu Cao
2011/444 ( PDF )
Generalised Mersenne Numbers Revisited
Robert Granger and Andrew Moss
2011/443 ( PDF )
From Extractable Collision Resistance to Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge, and Back Again
Nir Bitansky and Ran Canetti and Alessandro Chiesa and Eran Tromer
2011/442 ( PDF )
Another Look at Tightness
Sanjit Chatterjee and Alfred Menezes and Palash Sarkar
2011/441 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Integers with Shorter Public Keys
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Avradip Mandal and David Naccache and Mehdi Tibouchi
2011/440 ( PDF )
Public Key Compression and Modulus Switching for Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Integers
Jean-Sebastien Coron and David Naccache and Mehdi Tibouchi
2011/439 ( PDF )
Optimal Data Authentication from Directed Transitive Signatures
Philippe Camacho
2011/438 ( PDF )
Short Transitive Signatures for Directed Trees
Philippe Camacho and Alejandro Hevia
2011/437 ( PDF )
Approximate common divisors via lattices
Henry Cohn and Nadia Heninger
2011/436 ( PDF )
Faster Algorithms for Approximate Common Divisors: Breaking Fully-Homomorphic-Encryption Challenges over the Integers
Yuanmi Chen and Phong Q. Nguyen
2011/435 ( PDF )
The IPS Compiler: Optimizations, Variants and Concrete Efficiency
Yehuda Lindell and Benny Pinkas and Eli Oxman
2011/434 ( PDF )
An Efficient Protocol for Oblivious DFA Evaluation and Applications
Payman Mohassel and Salman Niksefat and Saeed Sadeghian and Babak Sadeghiyan
2011/433 ( PDF )
Collusion-Preserving Computation
Joel Alwen and Jonathan Katz and Ueli Maurer and Vassilis Zikas
2011/432 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Ciphers that Securely Encipher their own Keys
Mihir Bellare and David Cash and Sriram Keelveedhi
2011/431 ( PDF )
Roots of Square: Cryptanalysis of Double-Layer Square and Square+
Enrico Thomae and Christopher Wolf
2011/430 ( PDF )
Analogues of Velu's Formulas for Isogenies on Alternate Models of Elliptic Curves
Dustin Moody and Daniel Shumow
2011/429 ( PDF )
Round-efficient Oblivious Database Manipulation
Sven Laur and Jan Willemson and Bingsheng Zhang
2011/428 ( PDF )
AES Flow Interception: Key Snooping Method on Virtual Machine - Exception Handling Attack for AES-NI -
Tatsuya TAKEHISA and Hiroki NOGAWA and Masakatu MORII
2011/427 ( PDF )
A new attack on the KMOVcryptosystem
Abderrahmane Nitaj
2011/426 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of improved Yeh \textit{et al. }'s authentication Protocol: An EPC Class-1 Generation-2 standard compliant protocol
Masoumeh Safkhani and Nasour Bagheri and Somitra Kumar Sanadhya and Majid Naderi
2011/425 ( PDF )
Thwarting Higher-Order Side Channel Analysis with Additive and Multiplicative Maskings
Laurie Genelle and Emmanuel Prouff and Michaël Quisquater
2011/424 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of AZUMI: an EPC Class-1 Generation-2 Standard Compliant RFID Authentication Protocol
Masoumeh Safkhani and Nasour Bagheri and Majid Naderi
2011/423 ( PDF )
Linear Cryptanalysis of PRINTcipher --- Trails and Samples Everywhere
Martin Ågren and Thomas Johansson
2011/422 ( PDF )
Improved Analysis of ECHO-256
Jérémy Jean and María Naya-Plasencia and Martin Schläffer
2011/421 ( PDF )
Superposition Attacks on Cryptographic Protocols
Ivan Damgård and Jakob Funder and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Louis Salvail
2011/420 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Unaligned Rebound Attack - Application to Keccak
Alexandre Duc, Jian Guo, Thomas Peyrin, Lei Wei
2011/419 ( -- withdrawn -- )
On the security of a certificateless short signature scheme
Miaomiao Tian and Liusheng Huang and Wei Yang
2011/418 ( PDF )
An efficient RFID mutual authentication scheme based on ECC
Jue-Sam Chou, Yalin Chen, Cheng-Lun Wu, Chi-Fong Lin
2011/417 ( PDF )
New Data-Efficient Attacks on Reduced-Round IDEA
Eli Biham and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller and Adi Shamir
2011/416 ( PDF )
Efficient Parallelization of Lanczos Type Algorithms
Ilya Popovyan
2011/415 ( PDF )
On the Access Structures of Hyperelliptic Secret Sharing
Lei Li and Siman Yang
2011/414 ( PDF )
Fuzzy Identity Based Encryption from Lattices
Shweta Agrawal and Xavier Boyen and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Panagiotis Voulgaris and Hoeteck Wee
2011/413 ( PDF )
Higher-Order Glitches Free Implementation of the AES using Secure Multi-Party Computation Protocols - Extended Version
Thomas Roche and Emmanuel Prouff
2011/412 ( PDF )
Automatic Insertion of DPA Countermeasures
Andrew Moss and Elisabeth Oswald and Dan Page and Michael Tunstall
2011/411 ( PDF )
Comments on a password authentication and update scheme based on elliptic curve cryptography
Debiao He
2011/410 ( PDF )
Functional Encryption for Inner Product Predicates from Learning with Errors
Shweta Agrawal and David Mandell Freeman and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2011/409 ( -- withdrawn -- )
2011/408 ( PDF )
Resettable Cryptography in Constant Rounds -- the Case of Zero Knowledge
Yi Deng and Dengguo Feng and Vipul Goyal and Dongdai Lin and Amit Sahai and Moti Yung
2011/407 ( PDF )
Oblivious RAM with O((log N)^3) Worst-Case Cost
Elaine Shi, Hubert Chan, Emil Stefanov, Mingfei Li
2011/406 ( PDF )
Composition Theorems Without Pre-Established Session Identifiers
Ralf Kuesters and Max Tuengerthal
2011/405 ( PDF )
Can Homomorphic Encryption be Practical?
Kristin Lauter and Michael Naehrig and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2011/404 ( PDF )
A constant-round resettably-sound resettable zero-knowledge argument in the BPK model
Seiko Arita
2011/403 ( PDF )
A Fair Evaluation Framework for Comparing Side-Channel Distinguishers
Carolyn Whitnall and Elisabeth Oswald
2011/402 ( PDF )
Formalizing Group Blind Signatures and Practical Constructions without Random Oracles
Essam Ghadafi
2011/401 ( PDF )
Pseudorandom Functions and Lattices
Abhishek Banerjee and Chris Peikert and Alon Rosen
2011/400 ( PDF )
On a generalized combinatorial conjecture involving addition $\mod 2^k - 1$
Gérard Cohen and Jean-Pierre Flori
2011/399 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of HFE, Multi-HFE and Variants for Odd and Even Characteristic
Luk Bettale and Jean-Charles Faugère and Ludovic Perret
2011/398 ( PDF )
Hardness of Learning Problems over Burnside Groups of Exponent 3
Nelly Fazio and Kevin Iga and Antonio Nicolosi and Ludovic Perret and William E. Skeith III
2011/397 ( PS PS.GZ )
The n-Diffie-Hellman Problem and its Applications
Liqun Chen and Yu Chen
2011/396 ( PDF )
Fair Computation with Rational Players
Amos Beimel and Adam Groce and Jonathan Katz and Ilan Orlov
2011/395 ( PDF )
Improved Anonymity for Key-Trees
Beye, Michael and Veugen, Thijs
2011/394 ( PDF )
A More Efficient Computationally Sound Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Shuffle Argument
Helger Lipmaa and Bingsheng Zhang
2011/393 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Analysis and Improvement of Thing's Time-Memory Trade-Off Attack
Zhenqi Li, Dongdai Lin and Wenhao Wang
2011/392 ( PDF )
An Efficient Rational Secret Sharing Scheme Based on the Chinese Remainder Theorem (Revised Version)
Yun Zhang, Christophe Tartary and Huaxiong Wang
2011/391 ( PDF )
On the Portability of Side-Channel Attacks - An Analysis of the Xilinx Virtex 4, Virtex 5, and Spartan 6 Bitstream Encryption Mechanism
Amir Moradi and Markus Kasper and Christof Paar
2011/390 ( PDF )
On the Vulnerability of FPGA Bitstream Encryption against Power Analysis Attacks - Extracting Keys from Xilinx Virtex-II FPGAs
Amir Moradi and Alessandro Barenghi and Timo Kasper and Christof Paar
2011/389 ( PDF )
Spatial Encryption
Mike Hamburg
2011/388 ( PDF )
Modulus Fault Attacks Against RSA-CRT Signatures
Eric Brier and David Naccache and Phong Q. Nguyen and Mehdi Tibouchi
2011/387 ( PDF )
Analysis of the Parallel Distinguished Point Tradeoff
Jin Hong and Ga Won Lee and Daegun Ma
2011/386 ( PDF )
How to share secrets simultaneously
Laszlo Csirmaz
2011/385 ( PDF )
Efficient Implementation of Grand Cru with TI C6x+ Processor
Azhar Ali Khan and Ghulam Murtaza
2011/384 ( PDF )
Distributed Oblivious RAM for Secure Two-Party Computation
Steve Lu and Rafail Ostrovsky
2011/383 ( PDF )
A representation of the $p$-sylow subgroup of $\perm(\F_p^n)$ and a cryptographic application
Stefan Maubach
2011/382 ( PDF )
Generic Fully Simulatable Adaptive Oblivious Transfer
Kaoru Kurosawa and Ryo Nojima and Le Trieu Phong
2011/381 ( PDF )
A Novel RFID Authentication Protocol based on Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
Yalin Chen1, Jue-Sam Chou2, Chi-Fong Lin3, Cheng-Lun Wu4
2011/380 ( PDF )
An Exploration of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test as Competitor to Mutual Information Analysis
Carolyn Whitnall and Elisabeth Oswald and Luke Mather
2011/379 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Cryptanalysis and improvement of a certificateless multi-proxy signature scheme
Miaomiao Tian and Wei Yang and Liusheng Huang
2011/378 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A generalization of the Lucas addition chains
Amadou TALL
2011/377 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Improved Generalized Birthday Attack
Paul Kirchner
2011/376 ( PDF )
Backward Unlinkability for a VLR Group Signature Scheme with Efficient Revocation Check
Julien Bringer and Alain Patey
2011/375 ( PDF )
Complexity of universal access structures
Laszlo Csirmaz
2011/374 ( PDF )
Restoring the Differential Resistance of MD6
Ethan Heilman
2011/373 ( PDF )
An efficient characterization of a family of hyperbent functions with multiple trace terms
Jean-Pierre Flori and Sihem Mesnager
2011/372 ( PDF )
Identity based signcryption schemes without random oracles
Prashant Kushwah and Sunder Lal
2011/371 ( PDF )
Monoidic Codes in Cryptography
Paulo S. L. M. Barreto and Richard Lindner and Rafael Misoczki
2011/370 ( PDF )
Socio-Rational Secret Sharing as a New Direction in Rational Cryptography
Mehrdad Nojoumian and Douglas R. Stinson
2011/369 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Storing Secrets on Continually Leaky Devices
Yevgeniy Dodis and Allison Lewko and Brent Waters and Daniel Wichs
2011/368 ( PDF )
High-speed high-security signatures
Daniel J. Bernstein and Niels Duif and Tanja Lange and Peter Schwabe and Bo-Yin Yang
2011/367 ( PDF )
Decoding One Out of Many
Nicolas Sendrier
2011/366 ( PDF )
Highly Nonlinear Boolean Functions with Optimal Algebraic Immunity and Good Behavior Against Fast Algebraic Attacks
Deng Tang and Claude Carlet and Xiaohu Tang
2011/365 ( PDF )
Security flaws in a biometrics-based multi-server authentication with key agreement scheme
Debiao He
2011/364 ( PDF )
The Value $4$ of Binary Kloosterman Sums
Jean-Pierre Flori and Sihem Mesnager and Gérard Cohen
2011/363 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Dynamic Group Blind Signatures
Essam Ghadafi
2011/362 ( PDF )
Practically Efficient Proof of Retrievability in Cloud Storage
Jia XU and Ee-Chien CHANG
2011/361 ( PDF )
The Exact Security of a Stateful IBE and New Compact Stateful PKE Schemes
S. Sree Vivek, S. Sharmila Deva Selvi, C. Pandu Rangan
2011/360 ( PDF )
Certificateless Aggregate Signcryption Schemes
Ziba Eslami, Nasrollah Pakniat
2011/359 ( PDF )
High-Entropy Visual Identification for Touch Screen Devices
Nathaniel Wesley Filardo and Giuseppe Ateniese
2011/358 ( PDF )
Constructing a Ternary FCSR with a Given Connection Integer
Lin Zhiqiang and Pei Dingyi
2011/357 ( PDF )
Generalized Learning Problems and Applications to Non-Commutative Cryptography
Gilbert Baumslag and Nelly Fazio and Antonio R. Nicolosi and Vladimir Shpilrain and William E. Skeith III
2011/356 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
An Efficient Attack on All Concrete KKS Proposals
Ayoub Otmani and Jean-Pierre Tillich
2011/355 ( PDF )
On the (Non-)Equivalence of UC Security Notions
Oana Ciobotaru
2011/354 ( PDF )
A coprocessor for secure and high speed modular arithmetic
Nicolas Guillermin
2011/353 ( PDF )
Hidden Pair of Bijection Signature Scheme
Masahito Gotaishi and Shigeo Tsujii
2011/352 ( PDF )
Bi-Deniable Public-Key Encryption
Adam O'Neill and Chris Peikert and Brent Waters
2011/351 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Cryptanalysis of the $AA_{\beta}$ Cryptosystem based on Linear Diophantine Equation Discrete Log Problem
Yanbin Pan , Yingpu Deng
2011/350 ( PDF )
$HB^N$: An HB-like protocol secure against man-in-the-middle attacks
Carl Bosley and Kristiyan Haralambiev and Antonio Nicolosi
2011/349 ( PDF )
Efficient Methods for Exploiting Faults Induced at AES Middle Rounds
Chong Hee Kim
2011/348 ( PDF )
Extractors Against Side-Channel Attacks: Weak or Strong?
Marcel Medwed and Francois-Xavier Standaert
2011/347 ( -- withdrawn -- )
An efficient certificateless authenticated key agreement protocol without bilinear pairings
Debiao He
2011/346 ( PDF )
Strongly Secure One Round Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol with Perfect Forward Security
Hai Huang
2011/345 ( PDF )
LBlock: A Lightweight Block Cipher *
Wenling Wu and Lei Zhang
2011/344 ( PDF )
Efficient Fully Homomorphic Encryption from (Standard) LWE
Zvika Brakerski and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2011/343 ( PDF )
Another Look at Security Definitions
Neal Koblitz and Alfred Menezes
2011/342 ( PDF )
A Domain Transformation for Structure-Preserving Signatures on Group Elements
Melissa Chase and Markulf Kohlweiss
2011/341 ( -- withdrawn -- )
An Improved Internet Voting Protocol
Mehmet Sabir Kiraz and Süleyman Kardaş and Muhammed Ali Bingöl and Fatih Birinci
2011/340 ( PDF )
Encrypting More Information in Visual Cryptography Scheme
Feng Liu, Peng Li, ChuanKun Wu
2011/339 ( PDF )
Careful with Composition: Limitations of Indifferentiability and Universal Composability
Thomas Ristenpart and Hovav Shacham and Thomas Shrimpton
2011/338 ( PDF )
Fast and Regular Algorithms for Scalar Multiplication over Elliptic Curves
Matthieu Rivain
2011/337 ( PDF )
Functional Re-encryption and Collusion-Resistant Obfuscation
Nishanth Chandran and Melissa Chase and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2011/336 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Cryptanalysis of an Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol for Wireless Mobile Communications
Debiao He
2011/335 ( PDF )
New look at impossibility result on Dolev-Yao models with hashes
István Vajda
2011/334 ( PDF )
On the Efficient Implementation of Pairing-Based Protocols
Michael Scott
2011/333 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of a key agreement protocol based on chaotic Hash
Debiao He
2011/332 ( PDF )
A depth-16 circuit for the AES S-box
Joan Boyar and Rene Peralta
2011/331 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Cho \textit{et al.}'s Protocol, A Hash-Based Mutual Authentication Protocol for RFID Systems
Masoumeh Safkhani and Pedro Peris-Lopez and Julio Cesar Hernandez-Castro and Nasour Bagheri and Majid Naderi
2011/330 ( PDF )
Simple and Asymptotically Optimal $t$-Cheater Identifiable Secret Sharing Scheme
Ashish Choudhury
2011/329 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Hardness of Computing Individual Bits for One-way Functions on Elliptic Curves
Alexandre Duc and Dimitar Jetchev
2011/328 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the Smart-Vercauteren and Gentry-Halevi’s Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Gu Chunsheng
2011/327 ( PDF )
On the (In)security of Hash-based Oblivious RAM and a New Balancing Scheme
Eyal Kushilevitz and Steve Lu and Rafail Ostrovsky
2011/326 ( PDF )
SGCM: The Sophie Germain Counter Mode
Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen
2011/325 ( PDF )
New Receipt-Free E-Voting Scheme and Self-Proving Mix Net as New Paradigm
Aram Jivanyan and Gurgen Khachatryan
2011/324 ( PDF )
On the Efficiency of Bit Commitment Reductions
Samuel Ranellucci and Alain Tapp and Severin Winkler and Jürg Wullschleger
2011/323 ( PDF )
A New Related-Key Boomerang Distinguishing Attack of Reduced-Round Threefish-256
Shusheng Liu and Libin Wang and Zheng Gong
2011/322 ( PDF )
A Comprehensive Evaluation of Mutual Information Analysis Using a Fair Evaluation Framework
Carolyn Whitnall and Elisabeth Oswald
2011/321 ( PDF )
A Formal Approach to Distance-Bounding RFID Protocols
Ulrich Duerholz and Marc Fischlin and Michael Kasper and Cristina Onete
2011/320 ( PDF )
Minimal Connectivity for Unconditionally Secure Message Transmission in Synchronous Directed Networks
Manan Nayak and Shashank Agrawal and Kannan Srinathan
2011/319 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Structure Preserving CCA Secure Encryption and Its Application to Oblivious Third Parties
Jan Camenisch and Kristiyan Haralambiev and Markulf Kohlweiss and Jorn Lapon and Vincent Naessens
2011/318 ( PDF )
Scalar Multiplication on Koblitz Curves using $\tau^2-$NAF
Sujoy Sinha Roy and Chester Rebeiro and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Junko Takahashi and Toshinori Fukunaga
2011/317 ( PDF )
Two Simple Code-Verification Voting Protocols
Helger Lipmaa
2011/316 ( PDF )
Security of Blind Signatures Revisited
Dominique Schröder and Dominique Unruh
2011/315 ( PDF )
Implementing 4-Dimensional GLV Method on GLS Elliptic Curves with j-Invariant 0
Zhi Hu and Patrick Longa and Maozhi Xu
2011/314 ( PDF )
Tamper-Proof Circuits: How to Trade Leakage for Tamper-Resilience
Sebastian Faust and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Daniele Venturi
2011/313 ( PDF )
Error-free Multi-valued Broadcast and Byzantine Agreement with Optimal Communication Complexity
Arpita Patra
2011/312 ( PDF )
Differential Cryptanalysis of GOST
Nicolas T. Courtois and Michal Misztal
2011/311 ( PDF )
Targeted Malleability: Homomorphic Encryption for Restricted Computations
Dan Boneh and Gil Segev and Brent Waters
2011/310 ( PDF )
Universally Composable Synchronous Computation
Jonathan Katz and Ueli Maurer and Bjoern Tackmann and Vassilis Zikas
2011/309 ( PDF )
On Constructing Homomorphic Encryption Schemes from Coding Theory
Frederik Armknecht and Daniel Augot and Ludovic Perret and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
2011/308 ( PDF )
Provably Secure and Practical Onion Routing
Michael Backes, Ian Goldberg, Aniket Kate, Esfandiar Mohammadi
2011/307 ( PDF )
Ways to restrict the differential path
ZiJie Xu and Ke Xu
2011/306 ( PDF )
Group Law Computations on Jacobians of Hyperelliptic Curves
Craig Costello and Kristin Lauter
2011/305 ( PDF )
A new attack on Jakobsson Hybrid Mix-Net
Seyyed Amir Mortazavi
2011/304 ( PDF )
Auditing the Auditor: Secure Delegation of Auditing Operation over Cloud Storage
Jia XU
2011/303 ( PDF )
GNUC: A New Universal Composability Framework
Dennis Hofheinz and Victor Shoup
2011/302 ( PDF )
Univariate Side Channel Attacks and Leakage Modeling
Julien Doget and Emmanuel Prouff and Matthieu Rivain and François-Xavier Standaert
2011/301 ( PDF )
On the Amortized Complexity of Zero Knowledge Protocols for Multiplicative Relations
Ronald Cramer and Ivan Damgard and Valerio Pastro
2011/300 ( PDF )
One-round Strongly Secure Key Exchange with Perfect Forward Secrecy and Deniability
Cas Cremers and Michele Feltz
2011/299 ( PDF )
Modes of Operations for Encryption and Authentication Using Stream Ciphers Supporting an Initialisation Vector
Palash Sarkar
2011/298 ( PDF )
Local limit theorem for large deviations and statistical box-tests
Igor Semaev
2011/297 ( PDF )
Igor Semaev and Mehdi M. Hassanzadeh
2011/296 ( PDF )
Short Signatures From Weaker Assumptions
Dennis Hofheinz and Tibor Jager and Eike Kiltz
2011/295 ( PDF )
Counting Points on Genus 2 Curves with Real Multiplication
P. Gaudry and D. Kohel and B. Smith
2011/294 ( PDF )
Small Public Keys and Fast Verification for Multivariate Quadratic Public Key Systems
Albrecht Petzoldt and Enrico Thomae and Stanislav Bulygin and Christopher Wolf
2011/293 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Weakness of a Secured Authentication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Elliptic Curves Cryptography
W. Han
2011/292 ( PDF )
On Nonlinear Polynomial Selection and Geometric Progression (mod N) for Number Field Sieve
Namhun Koo and Gooc Hwa Jo and Soonhak Kwon
2011/291 ( PDF )
Leakage-Resilient Coin Tossing
Elette Boyle and Shafi Goldwasser and Yael Tauman Kalai
2011/290 ( PDF )
Some Results Concerning Generalized Bent Functions
Pantelimon Stanica, Sugata Gangopadhyay, Brajesh Kumar Singh
2011/289 ( PDF )
Polly Cracker, Revisited
Martin R. Albrecht and Jean-Charles Faugère and Pooya Farshim and Gottfried Herold and Ludovic Perret
2011/288 ( PDF )
On the Communication Complexity of Reliable and Secure Message Transmission in Asynchronous Networks
Ashish Choudhury and Arpita Patra
2011/287 ( PDF )
Algebraic cryptanalysis of the round-reduced and side channel analysis of the full PRINTCipher-48
Stanislav Bulygin
2011/286 ( PDF )
Bicliques for Preimages: Attacks on Skein-512 and the SHA-2 family
Dmitry Khovratovich and Christian Rechberger and Alexandra Savelieva
2011/285 ( PDF )
Exploiting Linear Hull in Matsui’s Algorithm 1 (extended version)
Andrea Röck and Kaisa Nyberg
2011/284 ( -- withdrawn -- )
On the Security of PPPoE Network
Fanbao Liu and Yumeng Feng and Yuan Cao
2011/283 ( PDF )
The Fault Attack ECDLP Revisited
Mingqiang Wang and Xiaoyun Wang and Tao Zhan
2011/282 ( PDF )
An Experimentally Verified Attack on Full Grain-128 Using Dedicated Reconfigurable Hardware
Itai Dinur and Tim Güneysu and Christof Paar and Adi Shamir and Ralf Zimmermann
2011/281 ( PDF )
Computational Verifiable Secret Sharing Revisited
Michael Backes and Aniket Kate and Arpita Patra
2011/280 ( PDF )
DDH-like Assumptions Based on Extension Rings
Ronald Cramer and Ivan Damgaard and Eike Kiltz and Sarah Zakarias and Angela Zottarel
2011/279 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption without Squashing Using Depth-3 Arithmetic Circuits
Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi
2011/278 ( PDF )
Comparing Different Definitions of Secure Session
Can Zhang
2011/277 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption without Bootstrapping
Zvika Brakerski and Craig Gentry and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2011/276 ( PDF )
Analysis of the SSH Key Exchange Protocol
Stephen C. Williams
2011/275 ( PDF )
Inverting the Square systems is exponential
Jintai Ding
2011/274 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Splice-and-Cut Cryptanalysis of the AES
Dmitry Khovratovich and Christian Rechberger
2011/273 ( PDF )
Memory Delegation
Kai-Min Chung and Yael Tauman Kalai and Feng-Hao Liu and Ran Raz
2011/272 ( PDF )
Outsourcing Multi-Party Computation
Seny Kamara and Payman Mohassel and Mariana Raykova
2011/271 ( PDF )
Practical Key-recovery For All Possible Parameters of SFLASH
Charles Bouillaguet and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Gilles Macario-Rat
2011/270 ( PDF )
Programmable Hash Functions and Their Applications
Dennis Hofheinz and Eike Kiltz
2011/269 ( PDF )
Authenticated and Misuse-Resistant Encryption of Key-Dependent Data
Mihir Bellare and Sriram Keelveedhi
2011/268 ( PDF )
Birthday Forgery Attack on 128-EIA3 Version 1.5
Raja Zeshan Haider
2011/267 ( PDF )
Mutual Private Set Intersection with Linear Complexity
Myungsun Kim and Hyung Tae Lee and Jung Hee Cheon
2011/266 ( PDF )
Identity-Based Decryption
Daniel R. L. Brown
2011/265 ( PDF )
Efficient 2-Round General Perfectly Secure Message Transmission: A Minor Correction to Yang and Desmedt's Protocol
Qiushi Yang and Yvo Desmedt
2011/264 ( PDF )
Round Optimal Blind Signatures
Dominique Schröder and Dominique Unruh
2011/263 ( PDF )
The Computational Square-Root Exponent Problem- Revisited
Fangguo Zhang
2011/262 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the Light-Weight Cipher A2U2 - Reduced draft version
Mohamed Ahmed Abdelraheem and Julia Borghoff and Erik Zenner
2011/261 ( PDF )
OBSERVATION: An explicit form for a class of second preimages for any message M for the SHA-3 candidate Keccak
Danilo Gligoroski and Rune Steinsmo Ødeård and Rune Erlend Jensen
2011/260 ( PDF )
Security \& Indistinguishability in the Presence of Traffic Analysis
Cristina Onete and Daniele Venturi
2011/259 ( PDF )
Comments on a sensor network key redistribution technique of Cichon, Golebiewski and Kutylowski
Douglas R.~Stinson
2011/258 ( PDF )
A High Speed Pairing Coprocessor Using RNS and Lazy Reduction
Gavin Xiaoxu Yao and Junfeng Fan and Ray C.C. Cheung and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2011/257 ( PDF )
Secure Multi-Party Computation of Boolean Circuits with Applications to Privacy in On-Line Marketplaces
Seung Geol Choi and Kyung-Wook Hwang and Jonathan Katz and Tal Malkin and Dan Rubenstein
2011/256 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Leakage Resilient Secure Two-Party Computation
Ivan Damgaard, Carmit Hazay and Arpita Patra
2011/255 ( PDF )
Hiding the Policy in Cryptographic Access Control
Sascha Müller and Stefan Katzenbeisser
2011/254 ( PDF )
Using the Cloud to Determine Key Strengths
T. Kleinjung and A.K. Lenstra and D. Page and N.P. Smart
2011/253 ( PDF )
Attack Cryptosystems Based on HCDLP
Mingqiang Wang and Xiaoyun Wang and Tao Zhan
2011/252 ( PDF )
Cryptography Secure Against Related-Key Attacks and Tampering
Mihir Bellare and David Cash and Rachel Miller
2011/251 ( PDF )
Concurrently Secure Computation in Constant Rounds
Sanjam Garg and Vipul Goyal and Abhishek Jain and Amit Sahai
2011/250 ( PDF )
A Parallel Repetition Theorem for Leakage Resilience
Zvika Brakerski and Yael Tauman Kalai
2011/249 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Breaking a certificateless key agreement protocol withour bilinear pairing
W. Han
2011/248 ( PDF )
Fast Password Recovery Attack: Application to APOP
Fanbao Liu and Yi Liu and Tao Xie and Yumeng Feng
2011/247 ( PDF )
An Ultra-Efficient Key Recovery Attack on the Lightweight Stream Cipher A2U2
Qi Chai, Xinxin Fan, Guang Gong
2011/246 ( PDF )
A Framework for Secure Single Sign-On
Bernardo Machado David and Anderson C. A. Nascimento and Rafael Tonicelli
2011/245 ( PDF )
On the Number of Carries Occuring in an Addition $\mod 2^k-1$
Jean-Pierre Flori and Hugues Randriam
2011/244 ( PDF )
PRISM -- Privacy-Preserving Search in MapReduce
Erik-Oliver Blass and Roberto Di Pietro and Refik Molva and Melek Onen
2011/243 ( PDF )
Affine Pairings on ARM
Tolga Acar and Kristin Lauter and Michael Naehrig and Daniel Shumow
2011/242 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of KeeLoq code-hopping using a Single FPGA
Idan Sheetrit and Avishai Wool
2011/241 ( PDF )
A Novel Adaptive Proactive Secret Sharing without a Trusted Party
Xiuqun Wang
2011/240 ( PDF )
Universal Composability from Essentially Any Trusted Setup
Mike Rosulek
2011/239 ( PDF )
Efficient Software Implementations of Modular Exponentiation
Shay Gueron
2011/238 ( PDF )
Attacks On a Double Length Blockcipher-based Hash Proposal
Yiyuan Luo, Xuejia Lai
2011/237 ( PDF )
The block cipher NSABC (public domain)
Alice Nguyenova-Stepanikova and Tran Ngoc Duong
2011/236 ( PDF )
Using Templates to Distinguish Multiplications from Squaring Operations
Neil Hanley and Michael Tunstall and William P. Marnane
2011/235 ( PDF )
Computer-Aided Decision-Making with Trust Relations and Trust Domains (Cryptographic Applications)
Simon Kramer and Rajeev Goré and Eiji Okamoto
2011/234 ( PDF )
Comments on a secure dynamic ID-based remote user authentication scheme for multi-server environment using smart cards
Debiao He
2011/233 ( PDF )
Correlated-Input Secure Hash Functions
Vipul Goyal and Adam O'Neill and Vanishree Rao
2011/232 ( PDF )
Remote Timing Attacks are Still Practical
Billy Bob Brumley and Nicola Tuveri
2011/231 ( PDF )
History-Free Sequential Aggregate Signatures
Marc Fischlin and Anja Lehmann and Dominique Schröder
2011/230 ( PDF )
All-But-Many Lossy Trapdoor Functions
Dennis Hofheinz
2011/229 ( PDF )
Routing Protocol Based Shared and Session Key Exchange Protocol for Wireless Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Md. Golam Kaosar
2011/228 ( PDF )
A Framework for Practical Universally Composable Zero-Knowledge Protocols
Jan Camenisch and Stephan Krenn and Victor Shoup
2011/227 ( PDF )
Robust parent-identifying codes and combinatorial arrays
Alexander Barg and Grigory Kabatiansky
2011/226 ( PDF )
Substitution-permutation networks, pseudorandom functions, and Natural Proofs
Eric Miles and Emanuele Viola
2011/225 ( PDF )
A Simple and Efficient New Group Key Management Approach Based on Linear Geometry
Shaohua Tang and Jintai Ding and Yujun Liang
2011/224 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis and Improvement of an Efficient CCA Secure PKE Scheme
Xu An Wang and Liqiang Wu and Xiaoyuan Yang and Huaqun Wang
2011/223 ( PDF )
A Perfectly Binding Commitment Scheme Against Quantum Attacks
Zeng Bing and Chen Liang and Tang Xueming
2011/222 ( PDF )
Sequential Aggregate Signatures with Lazy Verification from Trapdoor Permutations
Kyle Brogle and Sharon Goldberg and Leonid Reyzin
2011/221 ( PDF )
Protecting Drive Encryption Systems Against Memory Attacks
Leo Dorrendorf
2011/220 ( PDF )
Framework for Security Proofs for On-demand Routing Protocols in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
István Vajda
2011/219 ( PDF )
On the Security of TLS-DHE in the Standard Model
Tibor Jager, Florian Kohlar, Sven Schäge, and Jörg Schwenk
2011/218 ( PDF )
Cryptographic Analysis of All 4 x 4 - Bit S-Boxes
Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen
2011/217 ( PDF )
Identity Based Deterministic Signature Scheme Without Forking-Lemma
S. Sharmila Deva Selvi and S. Sree Vivek and C. Pandu Rangan
2011/216 ( PDF )
Provably Secure Group Key Management Approach Based upon Hyper-sphere
Shaohua Tang and Lingling Xu and Niu Liu and Jintai Ding and Zhiming Yang
2011/215 ( PDF )
Delegatable Homomorphic Encryption with Applications to Secure Outsourcing of Computation
M. Barbosa and P. Farshim
2011/214 ( PDF )
On ``identities'', ``names'', ``NAMES'', ``ROLES'' and Security: A Manifesto
Charles Rackoff
2011/213 ( PDF )
On Cipher-Dependent Related-Key Attacks in the Ideal-Cipher Model
M.R. Albrecht and P. Farshim and K.G. Paterson and G.J. Watson
2011/212 ( PDF )
Maiorana-McFarland Functions with High Second-Order Nonlinearity
Nicholas Kolokotronis and Konstantinos Limniotis
2011/211 ( PDF )
Security Evaluation of GOST 28147-89 In View Of International Standardisation
Nicolas T. Courtois
2011/210 ( PDF )
The preimage security of double-block-length compression functions
Jooyoung Lee and Martijn Stam and John Steinberger
2011/209 ( PDF )
Better Security for Deterministic Public-Key Encryption: The Auxiliary-Input Setting
Zvika Brakerski and Gil Segev
2011/208 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Direct Constructions of Bidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption with Alleviated Trust in Proxy
Jian Weng and Yunlei Zhao
2011/207 ( PDF )
Proofs of Ownership in Remote Storage Systems
Shai Halevi, Danny Harnik, Benny Pinkas, Alexandra Shulman-Peleg
2011/206 ( PDF )
Isomorphism classes of Edwards curves over finite fields
R. Farashahi and D. Moody and H. Wu
2011/205 ( PDF )
Group-oriented ring signature
Chunbo Ma and Jun Ao
2011/204 ( PDF )
Leakage Tolerant Interactive Protocols
Nir Bitansky and Ran Canetti and Shai Halevi
2011/203 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Key agreement based on homomorphisms of algebraic structures
Juha Partala
2011/202 ( PDF )
Cycling Attacks on GCM, GHASH and Other Polynomial MACs and Hashes
Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen
2011/201 ( PDF )
Improved Meet-in-the-Middle Cryptanalysis of KTANTAN
Lei Wei and Christian Rechberger and Jian Guo and Hongjun Wu and Huaxiong Wang and San Ling
2011/200 ( PDF )
Fair and Privacy-Preserving Multi-Party Protocols for Reconciling Ordered Input Sets (Extended version)
Georg Neugebauer and Ulrike Meyer and Susanne Wetzel
2011/199 ( PDF )
An efficient deterministic test for Kloosterman sum zeros
Omran Ahmadi and Robert Granger
2011/198 ( PDF )
Terminating BKZ
Guillaume Hanrot and Xavier Pujol and Damien Stehlé
2011/197 ( PDF )
Public Key Encryption for the Forgetful
Puwen Wei and Yuliang Zheng and Xiaoyun Wang
2011/196 ( PDF )
Acceleration of Composite Order Bilinear Pairing on Graphics Hardware
Ye Zhang and Chun Jason Xue and Duncan S. Wong and Nikos Mamoulis and S.M. Yiu
2011/195 ( -- withdrawn -- )
An ID-based three-party authenticated key exchange protocol using elliptic curve cryptography for mobile-commerce environments
Debiao He, Yitao Chen
2011/194 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Chen \textit{et al.}'s RFID Access Control Protocol
Masoumeh Safkhani, Nasour Bagheri and Majid Naderi
2011/193 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of $LMAP^{++}$, an RFID Authentication Protocol
Nasour Bagheri, Masoumeh Safkhani, Majid Naderi, and Somitra Kumar Sanadhya
2011/192 ( PDF )
Short and Efficient Certificate-Based Signature
Joseph K. Liu and Feng Bao and Jianying Zhou
2011/191 ( PDF )
On the Security of the Winternitz One-Time Signature Scheme
Johannes Buchmann and Erik Dahmen and Sarah Ereth and Andreas Hülsing and Markus Rückert
2011/190 ( PDF )
SHS: Secure Hybrid Search by Combining Dynamic and Static Indexes in PEKS
Peng Xu and Hai Jin
2011/189 ( PDF )
SIMPL Systems as a Keyless Cryptographic and Security Primitive
Ulrich Rührmair
2011/188 ( PDF )
Physical Turing Machines and the Formalization of Physical Cryptography
Ulrich Rührmair
2011/187 ( PDF )
Accelerating ID-based Encryption based on Trapdoor DL using Pre-computation
Hyung Tae Lee and Jung Hee Cheon and Jin Hong
2011/186 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Some aspects of multi-variable secret sharing
Umadevi Ganugula and Prabal Paul
2011/185 ( PDF )
Efficient and Secure Data Storage Operations for Mobile Cloud Computing
Zhibin Zhou and Dijiang Huang
2011/184 ( PDF )
Fortification of AES with Dynamic Mix-Column Transformation
Ghulam Murtaza and Azhar Ali Khan and Syed Wasi Alam and Aqeel Farooqi
2011/183 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication Using MBNR and Point Halving
G.N.Purohit, Asmita SIngh Rawat
2011/182 ( PDF )
Designated Confirmer Signatures With Unified Verification
Guilin Wang, Fubiao Xia, and Yunlei Zhao
2011/181 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Security of Prime Field Pairing Cryptoprocessor Against Differential Power Attack
Santosh Ghosh, Debdeep Mukhopadhyay, and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
2011/180 ( PDF )
Highly-Efficient Universally-Composable Commitments based on the DDH Assumption
Yehuda Lindell
2011/179 ( PDF )
Compact McEliece keys based on Quasi-Dyadic Srivastava codes
Edoardo Persichetti
2011/178 ( PDF )
Differential Fault Analysis of AES: Toward Reducing Number of Faults
Chong Hee KIM
2011/177 ( PDF )
Dynamic MDS Matrices for Substantial Cryptographic Strength
Muhammad Yasir Malik and Jong-Seon No
2011/176 ( PDF )
A FPGA pairing implementation using the Residue Number System
Sylvain Duquesne and Nicolas Guillermin
2011/175 ( PDF )
Analysis of reduced-SHAvite-3-256 v2
Marine Minier, Maria Naya-Plasencia, and Thomas Peyrin
2011/174 ( PDF )
On-line secret sharing
Laszlo Csirmaz and Gabor Tardos
2011/173 ( -- withdrawn -- )
An efficient certificateless short signature scheme from pairings
Debiao He, Jianhua Chen
2011/172 ( PDF )
The weak password problem: chaos, criticality, and encrypted p-CAPTCHAs
T.V. Laptyeva and S. Flach and K. Kladko
2011/171 ( PDF )
On lower bounds on second--order nonliearities of bent functions obtained by using Niho power functions
Manish Garg and Sugata Gangopadhyay
2011/170 ( PDF )
Software implementation of binary elliptic curves: impact of the carry-less multiplier on scalar multiplication
Jonathan Taverne and Armando Faz-Hernández and Diego F. Aranha and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez and Darrel Hankerson and Julio López
2011/169 ( PDF )
Identity-Based Cryptography for Cloud Security
Hongwei Li, Yuanshun Dai, Bo Yang
2011/168 ( PDF )
A Commitment-Consistent Proof of a Shuffle
Douglas Wikström
2011/167 ( PDF )
Identifying Large-Scale RFID Tags Using Non-Cryptographic Approach
Yalin Chen, Jue-Sam Chou, Cheng-Lun Wu, Chi-Fong Lin
2011/166 ( PDF )
Selections: Internet Voting with Over-the-Shoulder Coercion-Resistance
Jeremy Clark and Urs Hengartner
2011/165 ( PDF )
Improved Side Channel Cube Attacks on PRESENT
XinJie Zhao and Tao Wang and ShiZe Guo
2011/164 ( PDF )
On the relation between the MXL family of algorithms and Gröbner basis algorithms
Martin Albrecht and Carlos Cid and Jean-Charles Faugère and Ludovic Perret
2011/163 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Improved Integral Attacks on Reduced Round Camellia
Yanjun Li, Wenling Wu, Liting Zhang and Lei Zhang
2011/162 ( PDF )
Collision Timing Attack when Breaking 42 AES ASIC Cores
Amir Moradi and Oliver Mischke and Christof Paar
2011/161 ( PDF )
Efficient Hardware Implementations of BRW Polynomials and Tweakable Enciphering Schemes
Debrup Chakraborty and Cuauhtemoc Mancillas-Lopez and Francisco Rodriguez-Henriquez and Palash Sarkar
2011/160 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of ARMADILLO2
Mohamed Ahmed Abdelraheem and Céline Blondeau and María Naya-Plasencia and Marion Videau and Erik Zenner
2011/159 ( -- withdrawn -- )
The Block Cipher Thuca
Isaiah Makwakwa
2011/158 ( PDF )
Enhancing Data Privacy in the Cloud
Yanbin Lu and Gene Tsudik
2011/157 ( PDF )
Secure Computation on the Web: Computing without Simultaneous Interaction
Shai Halevi and Yehuda Lindell and Benny Pinkas
2011/156 ( PDF )
Strong Forward Security in Identity-Based Signcryption
Madeline González Muñiz and Peeter Laud
2011/155 ( -- withdrawn -- )
High-speed Hardware Implementation of Rainbow Signatures on FPGAs
Shaohua Tang and Haibo Yi and Huan Chen and Guomin Chen and Jintai Ding
2011/154 ( -- withdrawn -- )
The Block Cipher Vuna
Isaiah Makwakwa
2011/153 ( PDF )
Lower bounds of shortest vector lengths in random knapsack lattices and random NTRU lattices
Jingguo Bi and Qi Cheng
2011/152 ( PDF )
A Practical Application of Differential Privacy to Personalized Online Advertising
Yehuda Lindell and Eran Omri
2011/151 ( PDF )
Direct Exponent and Scalar Multiplication Classes of an MDS Matrix
Murtaza, G. and Ikram, N.
2011/150 ( PDF )
A Novel k-out-of-n Oblivious Transfer Protocol from Bilinear Pairing
Jue-Sam Chou*1, Cheng-Lun Wu 2, Yalin Chen 3
2011/149 ( PDF )
Generic Side-Channel Distinguishers: Improvements and Limitations
Nicolas Veyrat-Charvillon and François-Xavier Standaert
2011/148 ( PDF )
Near-Collision Attack on the Step-Reduced Compression Function of Skein-256
Hongbo Yu and Jiazhe Chen and Ketingjia and Xiaoyun Wang
2011/147 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
The Optimal Linear Secret Sharing Scheme for Any Given Access Structure
Tang Chunming, Gao Shuhong, Zhang Chengli
2011/146 ( PDF )
Lei Xu and Dongdai Lin and Jing Zou
2011/145 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Linear Diophantine Equation Discrete Log Problem, Matrix Decomposition Problem and the AA{\beta}-cryptosystem
M.R.K.Ariffin and N.A.Abu
2011/144 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Deniable Encryption from the McEliece Assumptions
Bernardo M. David and Anderson C. A. Nascimento
2011/143 ( PDF )
Computing $(\ell,\ell)$-isogenies in polynomial time on Jacobians of genus~$2$ curves
Romain Cosset and Damien Robert
2011/142 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Parallel Hardware Architecture for the Solution of Linear Equation Systems Implemented over GF(2^n)
Haibo Yi and Shaohua Tang and Huan Chen and Guomin Chen
2011/141 ( PDF )
Fast and Private Computation of Cardinality of Set Intersection and Union
Emiliano De Cristofaro and Paolo Gasti and Gene Tsudik
2011/140 ( PDF )
Some Instant- and Practical-Time Related-Key Attacks on KTANTAN32/48/64
Martin Ågren
2011/139 ( PDF )
Shortest Lattice Vectors in the Presence of Gaps
Mingjie Liu and Xiaoyun Wang and Guangwu Xu and Xuexin Zheng
2011/138 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Constant-Round Privacy Preserving Multiset Union
Jeongdae Hong and Jung Woo Kim and Jihye Kim and Kunsoo Park and Jung Hee Cheon
2011/137 ( PDF )
Towards a Game Theoretic View of Secure Computation
Gilad Asharov and Ran Canetti and Carmit Hazay
2011/136 ( PDF )
A Full Proof of the BGW Protocol for Perfectly-Secure Multiparty Computation
Gilad Asharov and Yehuda Lindell
2011/135 ( PDF )
On isogeny classes of Edwards curves over finite fields
Omran Ahmadi and Robert Granger
2011/134 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Differentially Private Billing with Rebates
George Danezis and Markulf Kohlweiss and Alfredo Rial
2011/133 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Fully Homomorphic SIMD Operations
N.P. Smart and F. Vercauteren
2011/132 ( PDF )
Verifiable Delegation of Computation over Large Datasets
Siavosh Benabbas and Rosario Gennaro and Yevgeniy Vahlis
2011/131 ( PDF )
Trapdoor oneway functions associated with exponentiation
Virendra Sule
2011/130 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Ergodic Theory Over ${\F}_2[[T]]$
Dongdai Lin, Tao Shi, and Zifeng Yang
2011/129 ( PDF )
Distance Hijacking Attacks on Distance Bounding Protocols
Cas Cremers and Kasper B. Rasmussen and Benedikt Schmidt and Srdjan Capkun
2011/128 ( -- withdrawn -- )
The Ligo Block Cipher
Isaiah Makwakwa
2011/127 ( PDF )
Integer Arithmetic without Arithmetic Addition
Gideon Samid
2011/126 ( PDF )
The Hummingbird-2 Lightweight Authenticated Encryption Algorithm
Daniel Engels and Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen and Peter Schweitzer and Eric M. Smith
2011/125 ( PDF )
A Construction of A New Class of Knapsack-Type Public Key Cryptosystem, K(III)$\Sigma$PKC
2011/124 ( PDF )
A New Class of Biometrics on the Basis of Forgotten Secret Recovering Scheme, KSS(I)
2011/123 ( PDF )
Linear Hulls with Correlation Zero and Linear Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers
Andrey Bogdanov and Vincent Rijmen
2011/122 ( PDF )
Secure Multi-Party Sorting and Applications
Kristján Valur Jónsson and Gunnar Kreitz and Misbah Uddin
2011/121 ( PDF )
More Practical Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Gu Chunsheng
2011/120 ( PDF )
Faster 2-regular information-set decoding
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange and Christiane Peters and Peter Schwabe
2011/119 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Multiplicative Learning with Errors and Cryptosystems
Gu Chunsheng
2011/118 ( PDF )
New Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Integers
Gu Chunsheng
2011/117 ( PDF )
Bounded Vector Signatures and their Applications
Lei Wei and Scott E. Coull and Michael K. Reiter
2011/116 ( PDF )
Short-output universal hash functions and their use in fast and secure message authentication
Long Hoang Nguyen and Andrew William Roscoe
2011/115 ( PDF )
Multiple Differential Cryptanalysis: Theory and Practice (Corrected)
Céline Blondeau and Benoît Gérard
2011/114 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption, Approximate Lattice Problem and LWE
Gu Chunsheng
2011/113 ( PDF )
Efficient Techniques for Privacy-Preserving Sharing of Sensitive Information
Emiliano De Cristofaro and Yanbin Lu and Gene Tsudik
2011/112 ( PDF )
An efficient certificateless two-party authenticated key agreement scheme from pairings
Debiao He, Jin Hu
2011/111 ( PDF )
Generalizations of Bent Functions. A Survey
Natalia Tokareva
2011/110 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Binary Polynomials
Gu Chunsheng
2011/109 ( PDF )
Secure Blind Decryption
Matthew Green
2011/108 ( PDF )
Practical Secure and Efficient Multiparty Linear Programming Based on Problem Transformation
Jannik Dreier and Florian Kerschbaum
2011/107 ( PDF )
Threshold Encryption into Multiple Ciphertexts
Martin Stanek
2011/106 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Common Randomness and Secret Key Capacities of Two-way Channels
Hadi Ahmadi and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini
2011/105 ( PDF )
Explicit Formulas for Real Hyperelliptic Curves of Genus 2 in Affine Representation
S. Erickson and M. J. Jacobson, Jr. and A. Stein
2011/104 ( PDF )
Unconditionally Secure Signature Schemes Revisited
Colleen M. Swanson and Douglas R. Stinson
2011/103 ( PDF )
Cryptographically Sound Security Proof for On-Demand Source Routing Protocol EndairA
István Vajda
2011/102 ( PDF )
Optimal and Parallel Online Memory Checking
Charalampos Papamanthou and Roberto Tamassia
2011/101 ( PDF )
Lightweight Anonymous Authentication with TLS and DAA for Embedded Mobile Devices
Liqun Chen and Kurt Dietrich and Hans Löhr and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Christian Wachsmann and Johannes Winter
2011/100 ( PDF )
A Novel Group Signature Scheme Based on MPKC
Guangdong Yang and Shaohua Tang and Li Yang
2011/099 ( PDF )
Can Code Polymorphism Limit Information Leakage?
Antoine Amarilli and Sascha Müller and David Naccache and Daniel Page and Pablo Rauzy and Michael Tunstall
2011/098 ( PDF )
Computing Discrete Logarithms in the Jacobian of High-Genus Hyperelliptic Curves over Even Characteristic Finite Fields
M. D. Velichka and M. J. Jacobson, Jr. and A. Stein
2011/097 ( PDF )
Fastplay-A Parallelization Model and Implementation of SMC on CUDA based GPU Cluster Architecture
Shi Pu, Pu Duan, Jyh-Charn Liu
2011/096 ( PDF )
Computing on Authenticated Data
Jae Hyun Ahn and Dan Boneh and Jan Camenisch and Susan Hohenberger and abhi shelat and Brent Waters
2011/095 ( PDF )
ALRED Blues: New Attacks on AES-Based MAC's
Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller and Adi Shamir
2011/094 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Graceful Degradation in Multi-Party Computation
Martin Hirt and Christoph Lucas and Ueli Maurer and Dominik Raub
2011/093 ( PDF )
Linear Cryptanalysis Using Multiple Linear Approximations
Miia Hermelin and Kaisa Nyberg
2011/092 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Characterization of the relations between information-theoretic non-malleability, secrecy, and authenticity
Akinori Kawachi and Christopher Portmann and Keisuke Tanaka
2011/091 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A New Approach to Practical Active-Secure Two-Party Computation
Jesper Buus Nielsen and Peter Sebastian Nordholt and Claudio Orlandi and Sai Sheshank Burra
2011/090 ( PDF )
Generic Methods to Achieve Tighter Security Reductions for a Category of IBE Schemes
Yu Chen and Liqun Chen and Zhong Chen
2011/089 ( PDF )
Octal Bent Generalized Boolean Functions
Pantelimon Stanica and Thor Martinsen
2011/088 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Leftover Hash Lemma, Revisited
Boaz Barak and Yevgeniy Dodis and Hugo Krawczyk and Olivier Pereira and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Francois-Xavier Standaert and Yu Yu
2011/087 ( PDF )
On the Instantiability of Hash-and-Sign RSA Signatures
Yevgeniy Dodis and Iftach Haitner and Aris Tentes
2011/086 ( PDF )
Fault-propagation Pattern Based DFA on SPN Structure Block Ciphers using Bitwise Permutation, with Application to PRESENT and PRINTcipher
Xin-jie Zhao, Tao Wang, Shi-ze Guo
2011/085 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Co-induction and Computational Semantics for Public-key Encryption with Key Cycles
Mohammad Hajiabadi, Bruce M. Kapron
2011/084 ( PDF )
Traitor Tracing against Public Collaboration (Full Version)
Xingwen Zhao and Fangguo Zhang
2011/083 ( PDF )
On the number of bent functions from iterative constructions: lower bounds and hypotheses
Natalia Tokareva
2011/082 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Does Pseudo-basis Extend to General Adversary?
Ashish Choudhury and Kaoru Kurosawa and Arpita Patra
2011/081 ( PDF )
Secure Datastructures based on Multiparty Computation
Tomas Toft
2011/080 ( PDF )
Turbo Codes Can Be Asymptotically Information-Theoretically Secure
Xiao Ma
2011/079 ( PDF )
Identity-based Digital Signature Scheme Without Bilinear Pairings
He Debiao, Chen Jianhua, Hu Jin
2011/078 ( PDF )
A Low-Area Unified Hardware Architecture for the AES and the Cryptographic Hash Function ECHO
Jean-Luc Beuchat and Eiji Okamoto and Teppei Yamazaki
2011/077 ( PDF )
DPA Leakage Evaluation and Countermeasure Plug-in
Tang Ming and Wang Xiaorong and Qiu Zhenlong and Gao Si and Zhang Huanguo and Wu Qianhong
2011/076 ( PDF )
A Unified Approach to Combinatorial Key Predistribution Schemes for Sensor Networks
Maura B. Paterson and Douglas R. Stinson
2011/075 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Novel RFID Distance Bounding Protocol Based on Physically Unclonable Functions
Suleyman Kardas and Mehmet Sabir Kiraz and Muhammed Ali Bingol and Huseyin Demirci
2011/074 ( PDF )
Really fast syndrome-based hashing
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange and Christiane Peters and Peter Schwabe
2011/073 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of three matrix-based key establishment protocols
Simon R. Blackburn, Carlos Cid and Ciaran Mullan
2011/072 ( PDF )
AES Variants Secure Against Related-Key Differential and Boomerang Attacks
Jiali Choy and Aileen Zhang and Khoongming Khoo and Matt Henricksen and Axel Poschmann
2011/071 ( PDF )
Information-theoretic Bounds for Differentially Private Mechanisms
Gilles Barthe and Boris Köpf
2011/070 ( PDF )
Rational authentication protocols
Long H. Nguyen
2011/069 ( PDF )
Constant-Rounds, Linear Multi-party Computation for Exponentiation and Modulo Reduction with Perfect Security
Chao Ning and Qiuliang Xu
2011/068 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Rational Secret Sharing with Honest Players over an Asynchronous Channel
William K. Moses Jr. and C. Pandu Rangan
2011/067 ( PDF )
On the Distribution of the Subset Sum Pseudorandom Number Generator on Elliptic Curves
Simon R. Blackburn, Alina Ostafe and Igor E. Shparlinski
2011/066 ( PDF )
Deniable Encryption with Negligible Detection Probability: An Interactive Construction
Markus Duermuth and David Mandell Freeman
2011/065 ( PDF )
Fully Simulatable Quantum-Secure Coin-Flipping and Applications
Carolin Lunemann and Jesper Buus Nielsen
2011/064 ( PDF )
Cryptographic Treatment of Private User Profiles
Felix Günther and Mark Manulis and Thorsten Strufe
2011/063 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Secret Keys from Channel Noise
Hadi Ahmadi and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini
2011/062 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis and Security Enhancement of an Advanced Authentication Scheme using Smart Cards, and a Key Agreement Scheme for Two-Party Communication
Swapnoneel Roy and Amlan K Das and Yu Li
2011/061 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Some Protocols for RFID Systems
Masoumeh Safkhani, Majid Naderi, Nasour Bagheri and Somitra Kumar Sanadhya
2011/060 ( PDF )
A Group Signature Scheme from Lattice Assumptions
S. Dov Gordon and Jonathan Katz and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2011/059 ( PDF )
Extending Baby-step Giant-step algorithm for FACTOR problem
Martin Stanek
2011/058 ( PDF )
Supplemental Access Control (PACE v2): Security Analysis of PACE Integrated Mapping
Jean-Sébastien Coron and Aline Gouget and Thomas Icart and Pascal Paillier
2011/057 ( PDF )
Another Look at RSA Signatures With Affine Padding
Jean-Sébastien Coron and David Naccache and Mehdi Tibouchi
2011/056 ( PDF )
Spectral Coherence Analysis - First Experimental Results -
Amine Dehbaoui and Sébastien Tiran and Philippe Maurine and François-Xavier Standaert and Nicolas Veyrat-Charvillon
2011/055 ( PDF )
On Enumeration of Polynomial Equivalence Classes and Their Application to MPKC
Dongdai Lin and Jean-Charles Faugere and Ludovic Perret and Tianze Wang
2011/054 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Non-Applicability of Pseudobasis for Designing Perfectly Secure Message Transmission Protocols Against Non-Threshold Adversary
Ashish Choudhury and Kaoru Kurosawa and Arpita Patra
2011/053 ( PDF )
Adaptive Pseudo-Free Groups and Applications
Dario Catalano and Dario Fiore and Bogdan Warinschi
2011/052 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Revocable Attribute-Based Signatures with Adaptive Security in the Standard Model
Alex Escala and Javier Herranz and Paz Morillo
2011/051 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Towards Strong Adaptive Corruption Security of Authenticated Key Exchange
Zheng Yang
2011/050 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Authenticated Key Exchange with Synchronized State
Zheng Yang
2011/049 ( PDF )
Unbounded HIBE and Attribute-Based Encryption
Allison Lewko and Brent Waters
2011/048 ( PDF )
A non-Abelian factorization problem and an associated cryptosystem
Srinath Baba, Srinivas Kotyad and Raghu Teja
2011/047 ( PDF )
Constructing differential 4-uniform permutations from know ones
Yuyin Yu and Mingsheng Wang and Yongqiang Li
2011/046 ( PDF )
Lower and Upper Bounds for Deniable Public-Key Encryption
Rikke Bendlin and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Peter Sebastian Nordholt and Claudio Orlandi
2011/045 ( PDF )
Private Identification, Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol with Security Mode Setup
Farshid Farhat, Somayeh Salimi, Ahmad Salahi
2011/044 ( PDF )
Fast Scalar Multiplication in ECC using The Multi base Number System.
G. N. Purohit , Asmita Singh Rawat
2011/043 ( PDF )
Proxy Blind Multi-signature Scheme using ECC for handheld devices
Jayaprakash Kar
2011/042 ( PDF )
Computing endomorphism rings of elliptic curves under the GRH
Gaetan Bisson
2011/041 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Reclaiming Privacy for Smartphone Applications (Revised Version)
Emiliano De Cristofaro and Anthony Durussel and Imad Aad
2011/040 ( PDF )
Simple and Exact Formula for Minimum Loop Length in Ate_i Pairing based on Brezing-Weng Curves
Hoon Hong, Eunjeong Lee, Hyang-Sook Lee and Cheol-Min Park
2011/039 ( PDF )
Fast point quadrupling on elliptic curves
Duc-Phong Le and Binh P Nguyen
2011/038 ( PDF )
Cold Boot Key Recovery by Solving Polynomial Systems with Noise
Martin Albrecht and Carlos Cid
2011/037 ( PDF )
Higher-Order Differential Attack on Reduced SHA-256
Mario Lamberger and Florian Mendel
2011/036 ( -- withdrawn -- )
The Complexity Analysis of the MutantXL Family
Mohamed Saied Emam Mohamed and Jintai Ding and Johannes Buchmann
2011/035 ( PDF )
A New Family of Implicitly Authenticated Diffie-Hellman Protocols
Andrew C. Yao and Yunlei Zhao
2011/034 ( PDF )
Secure Authentication from a Weak Key, Without Leaking Information
Niek J. Bouman and Serge Fehr
2011/033 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
The Geometry of Flex Tangents to a Cubic Curve and its Parameterizations
Jean-Marc Couveignes and Jean-Gabriel Kammerer
2011/032 ( PDF )
Corrigendum to: The Cube Attack on Stream Cipher Trivium and Quadraticity Tests
Piotr Mroczkowski and Janusz Szmidt
2011/031 ( PDF )
Efficient Unconditional Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement with Optimal Resilience
Ashish Choudhury and Arpita Patra
2011/030 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Fast Elliptic Curve Cryptography Using Optimal Double-Base Chains
Vorapong Suppakitpaisarn and Masato Edahiro and Hiroshi Imai
2011/029 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Outline of a proposal responding to E.U. and U.S. calls for trustworthy global-scale IdM and CKM designs
Benjamin Gittins
2011/028 ( PDF )
The Parazoa Family: Generalizing the Sponge Hash Functions
Elena Andreeva and Bart Mennink and Bart Preneel
2011/027 ( PDF )
Simple and Efficient Single Round Almost Perfectly Secure Message Transmission Tolerating Generalized Adversary
Ashish Choudhury and Kaoru Kurosawa and Arpita Patra
2011/026 ( PDF )
Private Discovery of Common Social Contacts
Emiliano De Cristofaro and Mark Manulis and Bertram Poettering
2011/025 ( PDF )
Supporting Publication and Subscription Confidentiality in Pub/Sub Networks
Mihaela Ion and Giovanni Russello and Bruno Crispo
2011/024 ( PDF )
Secure evaluation of polynomial using privacy ring homomorphisms
Alexander Rostovtsev, Alexey Bogdanov and Mikhail Mikhaylov
2011/023 ( PDF )
Improved zero-sum distinguisher for full round Keccak-f permutation
Ming Duan and Xuajia Lai
2011/022 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis with Ternary Difference: Applied to Block Cipher PRESENT
Farzaneh Abazari and Babak Sadeghian
2011/021 ( PDF )
Fully Secure Anonymous Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption with Constant Size Ciphertexts
Jae Hong Seo and Jung Hee Cheon
2011/020 ( PDF )
Cover and Decomposition Index Calculus on Elliptic Curves made practical. Application to a seemingly secure curve over $\F_{p^6}$
Antoine Joux and Vanessa Vitse
2011/019 ( PDF )
Collision Resistance of the JH Hash Function
Jooyoung Lee and Deukjo Hong
2011/018 ( PDF )
Homomorphic Signatures for Polynomial Functions
Dan Boneh and David Mandell Freeman
2011/017 ( PDF )
New Impossible Differential Attacks of Reduced-Round Camellia-192 and Camellia-256
Jiazhe Chen and Keting Jia and Hongbo Yu and Xiaoyun Wang
2011/016 ( PDF )
An Anonymous Health Care System
Melissa Chase and Kristin Lauter
2011/015 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Exponential attacks on 6-round Luby-Rackoff and on 5-round Lai-Massey
Jean-Philippe Aumasson
2011/014 ( PDF )
Unconditionally Reliable Message Transmission in Directed Neighbour Networks
Shashank Agrawal and Abhinav Mehta and Kannan Srinathan
2011/013 ( PDF )
Secure Message Transmission In Asynchronous Directed Networks
Shashank Agrawal and Abhinav Mehta and Kannan Srinathan
2011/012 ( PDF )
Minimizing Non-interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs Using Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Jens Groth
2011/011 ( PDF )
After-the-Fact Leakage in Public-Key Encryption
Shai Halevi and Huijia Lin
2011/010 ( PDF )
Structured Encryption and Controlled Disclosure
Melissa Chase and Seny Kamara
2011/009 ( PDF )
Progression-Free Sets and Sublinear Pairing-Based Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Arguments
Helger Lipmaa
2011/008 ( PDF )
Computing Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithms with the Negation Map
Ping Wang and Fangguo Zhang
2011/007 ( PDF )
KISS: A Bit Too Simple
Greg Rose
2011/006 ( PDF )
Exploring the Limits of Common Coins Using Frontier Analysis of Protocols
Hemanta K. Maji and Pichayoot Ouppaphan and Manoj Prabhakaran and Mike Rosulek
2011/005 ( PDF )
Is privacy compatible with truthfulness?
David Xiao
2011/004 ( PDF )
A low-memory algorithm for finding short product representations in finite groups
Gaetan Bisson and Andrew V. Sutherland
2011/003 ( PDF )
On the correct use of the negation map in the Pollard rho method
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange and Peter Schwabe
2011/002 ( PDF )
A Zero-One Law for Secure Multi-Party Computation with Ternary Outputs (full version)
Gunnar Kreitz
2011/001 ( PDF )
Practical Frameworks For $h$-Out-Of-$n$ Oblivious Transfer With Security Against Covert and Malicious Adversaries
Zeng Bing and Tang Xueming and Xu Peng and Jing Jiandu

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