Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2011/701

Decentralized Attribute-Based Signatures

Tatsuaki Okamoto and Katsuyuki Takashima

Abstract: In this paper, we present the first decentralized multi-authority attribute-based signature (DMA-ABS) scheme, in which no central authority and no trusted setup are required. The proposed DMA-ABS scheme for general (non-monotone) predicates is fully secure(adaptive-predicate unforgeable and perfect private) under a standard assumption, the decisional linear (DLIN) assumption, in the random oracle model. Our DMA-ABS scheme is comparably as efficient as the most efficient ABS scheme. As a by-product, this paper also presents an adaptively secure DMA functional encryption (DMA-FE) scheme under the DLIN assumption.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / attribute-based signatures, decentralized multi-authority system, non-monotone predicates, functional encryption

Date: received 22 Dec 2011, last revised 26 Jul 2012

Contact author: Takashima Katsuyuki at aj MitsubishiElectric co jp

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