Cryptology ePrint Archive: Listing for 2002

2002/195 ( PS PS.GZ )
An addition to the paper: A polarisation based visual crypto system and its secret sharing schemes
H.D.L. Hollmann, J.H.v. Lint, L. Tolhuizen, P. Tuyls
2002/194 ( PS PS.GZ )
A polarisation based Visual Crypto System and its Secret Sharing Schemes
P. Tuyls, H.D.L. Hollmann, J.H.v. Lint, L. Tolhuizen
2002/193 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Note on Ideal Tripartite Access Structures
Michael J. Collins
2002/192 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Security Proofs for an Efficient Password-Based Key Exchange
Emmanuel Bresson and Olivier Chevassut and David Pointcheval
2002/191 ( PS PS.GZ )
A Linearization Attack on the Bluetooth Key Stream Generator
Frederik Armknecht
2002/190 ( PS PS.GZ )
Parallelizable Authentication Trees
Eric Hall and Charanjit S. Jutla
2002/189 ( PS PS.GZ )
Bit-Slice Auction Circuit
Kaoru Kurosawa and Wakaha Ogata
2002/188 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Key recovery attacks on NTRU without ciphertext validation routine
Daewan Han and Jin Hong and Jae Woo Han and Daesung Kwon
2002/187 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Entity Authentication Schemes Using Braid Word Reduction
Hervé SIBERT and Patrick DEHORNOY and Marc GIRAULT
2002/186 ( PS PS.GZ )
Zero-Knowledge twenty years after its invention
Oded Goldreich
2002/185 ( PDF )
Turing, a fast stream cipher
Greg Rose and Philip Hawkes
2002/184 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Identity Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocols from Pairings
Liqun Chen and Caroline Kudla
2002/183 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Simple backdoors to RSA key generation
Claude Crépeau and Alain Slakmon
2002/182 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Oblivious Keyword Search
Wakaha Ogata and Kaoru Kurosawa
2002/181 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Counting Points for Hyperelliptic Curves of type $y^2=x^5+ax$ over Finite Prime Fields
Eisaku Furukawa and Mitsuru Kawazoe and Tetsuya Takahashi
2002/180 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Tetsu Iwata and Kaoru Kurosawa
2002/179 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Parallel Algorithm for Multiplication on Elliptic Curves
Juan Manuel Garcia Garcia and Rolando Menchaca Garcia
2002/178 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Attack on A New Public Key Cryptosystem from ISC'02 (LNCS 2433)
Fangguo Zhang, Shengli Liu and Kwangjo Kim
2002/177 ( PDF )
two attacks on xia-you Group Signature
Jianhong Zhang Jilin Wang Yumin Wang
2002/176 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Theoretical Analysis of ``Correlations in RC6''
Masahiko Takenaka, Takeshi Shimoyama, Takeshi Koshiba
2002/175 ( PS PS.GZ )
Aggregate and Verifiably Encrypted Signatures from Bilinear Maps
Dan Boneh and Craig Gentry and Ben Lynn and Hovav Shacham
2002/174 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Designer's Guide to KEMs
Alexander W. Dent
2002/173 ( PDF )
Efficient Group Signatures without Trapdoors
Giuseppe Ateniese and Breno de Medeiros
2002/172 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
PECDSA. How to build a DL-based digital signature scheme with the best proven security
Louis Granboulan
2002/171 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Statistical weaknesses in the alleged RC4 keystream generator
Marina Pudovkina
2002/170 ( PS PS.GZ )
An Analysis of RMAC
Jack Lloyd
2002/169 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Theoretical Use of Cache Memory as a Cryptanalytic Side-Channel
D. Page
2002/168 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
New Signature Scheme Using Conjugacy Problem
Ki Hyoung Ko and Doo Ho Choi and Mi Sung Cho and Jang Won Lee
2002/167 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Two New Signature Schemes
Fangguo Zhang and Kwangjo Kim
2002/166 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Multi-Party Authenticated Key Agreement Protocols from Multilinear Forms
Ho-Kyu Lee and Hyang-Sook Lee and Young-Ran Lee
2002/165 ( PDF )
Coercion-Resistant Electronic Elections
Ari Juels and Dario Catalano and Markus Jakobsson
2002/164 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Authenticated ID-based Key Exchange and remote log-in with simple token and PIN number
Mike Scott
2002/163 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Man-in-the-Middle in Tunnelled Authentication Protocols
N. Asokan and Valtteri Niemi and Kaisa Nyberg
2002/162 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On Constructing Locally Computable Extractors and Cryptosystems in the Bounded Storage Model
Salil P. Vadhan
2002/161 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Practical Verifiable Encryption and Decryption of Discrete Logarithms
Jan Camenisch and Victor Shoup
2002/160 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptology and Physical Security: Rights Amplification in Master-Keyed Mechanical Locks
Matt Blaze
2002/159 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Related-Key and Key-Collision Attacks Against RMAC
Tadayoshi Kohno
2002/158 ( PS PS.GZ )
The Book of Rijndaels
Elad Barkan and Eli Biham
2002/157 ( PS PS.GZ )
In How Many Ways Can You Write Rijndael?
Elad Barkan and Eli Biham
2002/156 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Validating Digital Signatures without Time-Stamping and Certificate Revocation
Jianying Zhou, Feng Bao, and Robert Deng
2002/155 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Secure Bilinear Diffie-Hellman Bits
Steven D. Galbraith, Herbie J. Hopkins, Igor E. Shparlinski
2002/154 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On multi-exponentiation in cryptography
Roberto M. Avanzi
2002/153 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Weighted Coordinates on Genus 2 Hyperelliptic Curves
Tanja Lange
2002/152 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A note on Weak Keys of PES, IDEA and some Extended Variants
Jorge Nakahara Jr and Bart Preneel and Joos Vandewalle
2002/151 ( PDF )
Selective disclosure credential sets
Jason E. Holt and Kent E. Seamons
2002/150 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the Lee-Hwang Group-Oriented Undeniable Signature Schemes
Guilin Wang, Jianying Zhou, and Robert H. Deng
2002/149 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
About Filliol's Observations on DES, AES and Hash Functions (draft)
Nicolas T. Courtois
2002/148 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
The EMD Mode of Operation (A Tweaked, Wide-Blocksize, Strong PRP)
Phillip Rogaway
2002/147 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Inversion-Free Arithmetic on Genus 2 Hyperelliptic Curves
Tanja Lange
2002/146 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Bauer-Berson-Feiertag attack revisited
Jun-Bum Shin and Kwang H. Lee
2002/145 ( PS PS.GZ )
Cryptanalysis of MQV with partially known nonces
P.J. Leadbitter, N.P. Smart
2002/144 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On Some Algebraic Structures in the AES Round Function
A.M. Youssef and S.E. Tavares
2002/143 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
An Attack on the Isomorphisms of Polynomials Problem with One Secret
Willi Geiselmann and Willi Meier and Rainer Steinwandt
2002/142 ( PDF )
On the Applicability of Distinguishing Attacks Against Stream Ciphers
Greg Rose and Philip Hawkes
2002/141 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Applying General Access Structure to Proactive Secret Sharing Schemes
Ventzislav Nikov and Svetla Nikova and Bart Preneel and Joos Vandewalle
2002/140 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Universally Composable Two-Party and Multi-Party Secure Computation
Ran Canetti and Yehuda Lindell and Rafail Ostrovsky and Amit Sahai
2002/139 ( PS PS.GZ )
Reaction Attacks on Public Key Cryptosystems Based on the Word Problem
Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco and Rainer Steinwandt
2002/138 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On the Security of HFE, HFEv- and Quartz
Nicolas T. Courtois and Magnus Daum and Patrick Felke
2002/137 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Provably Secure Steganography
Nicholas J. Hopper and John Langford and Luis von Ahn
2002/136 ( PS PS.GZ )
Practical Non-Interactive Key Distribution Based on Pairings
Régis Dupont and Andreas Enge
2002/135 ( PDF )
Folklore, Practice and Theory of Robust Combiners
Amir Herzberg
2002/134 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Asynchronous Verifiable Secret Sharing and Proactive Cryptosystems
Christian Cachin and Klaus Kursawe and Anna Lysyanskaya and Reto Strobl
2002/133 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient Construction of (Distributed) Verifiable Random Functions
Yevgeniy Dodis
2002/132 ( PS PS.GZ )
Tight Lower Bound on Linear Authenticated Encryption
Charanjit S. Jutla
2002/131 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
An Improved Pseudorandom Generator Based on Hardness of Factoring
Nenad Dedic and Leonid Reyzin and Salil Vadhan
2002/130 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
OAEP++ : A Very Simple Way to Apply OAEP to Deterministic OW-CPA Primitives
Kazukuni Kobara and Hideki Imai
2002/129 ( PDF )
Key-collisions in (EC)DSA: Attacking Non-repudiation
Tomas Rosa
2002/128 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Perfectly Secure Message Transmission Revisited
Yvo Desmedt and Yongge Wang
2002/127 ( PDF )
Power of a Public Random Permutation and its Application to Authenticated-Encryption
Kaoru Kurosawa
2002/126 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Assumptions Related to Discrete Logarithms: Why Subtleties Make a Real Difference
Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Michael Steiner
2002/125 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
The Jacobi Model of an Elliptic Curve and Side-Channel Analysis
Olivier Billet and Marc Joye
2002/124 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On Optimal Hash Tree Traversal for Interval Time-Stamping
Helger Lipmaa
2002/123 ( PS PS.GZ )
New covering radius of Reed-Muller codes for $t$-resilient functions
Kaoru Kurosawa, Tetsu Iwata and Takayuki Yoshiwara
2002/122 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
ID-Based One Round Authenticated Tripartite Key Agreement Protocol with Pairings
Fangguo Zhang, Shengli Liu and Kwangjo Kim
2002/121 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient Arithmetic on Genus 2 Hyperelliptic Curves over Finite Fields via Explicit Formulae
Tanja Lange
2002/120 ( PS PS.GZ )
Security Analysis of IKE's Signature-based Key-Exchange Protocol
Ran Canetti and Hugo Krawczyk
2002/119 ( PDF )
Provably Secure Public-Key Encryption for Length-Preserving Chaumian Mixes
Bodo Möller
2002/118 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient threshold signature, multisignature and blind signature schemes based on the Gap-Diffie-Hellman-group signature scheme
Alexandra Boldyreva
2002/117 ( PS PS.GZ )
Diffie-Hellman Problems and Bilinear Maps
Jung Hee Cheon and Dong Hoon Lee
2002/116 ( PS PS.GZ )
How to convert any ID-based Signature Schemes
Claude Castelluccia
2002/115 ( PS PS.GZ )
Universal Padding Schemes for RSA
Jean-Sébastien Coron and Marc Joye and David Naccache and Pascal Paillier
2002/114 ( PS PS.GZ )
Point Multiplication on Ordinary Elliptic Curves over Fields of Characteristic Three
N.P. Smart and J. Westwood
2002/113 ( PS PS.GZ )
A Note on the Bilinear Diffie-Hellman Assumption
Yacov Yacobi
2002/112 ( PS PS.GZ )
An Efficient Procedure to Double and Add Points on an Elliptic Curve
Kirsten Eisentraeger, Kristin Lauter, and Peter L. Montgomery
2002/111 ( PS PS.GZ )
On Linear Redundancy in the AES S-Box
Joanne Fuller and William Millan
2002/110 ( PS PS.GZ )
The GGM Construction does NOT yield Correlation Intractable Function Ensembles
Oded Goldreich
2002/109 ( PDF )
A New Class of Unsafe Primes
Qi Cheng
2002/108 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Clock-Controlled Alternating Step Generator
Ali Adel Kanso
2002/107 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient Arithmetic on Hyperelliptic Curves
Tanja Lange
2002/106 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Secret sharing schemes on access structures with intersection number equal to one
Jaume Marti-Farre and Carles Padro
2002/105 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
An Extension of Kedlaya's Algorithm to Hyperelliptic Curves in Characteristic 2
Jan Denef and Frederik Vercauteren
2002/104 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Forward-Secure Signatures with Fast Key Update
Anton Kozlov and Leonid Reyzin
2002/103 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On the Power of Claw-Free Permutations
Yevgeniy Dodis and Leonid Reyzin
2002/102 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Applying General Access Structure to Metering Schemes
Ventzislav Nikov and Svetla Nikova and Bart Preneel and Joos Vandewalle
2002/101 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
An Upper Bound on the Size of a Code with the $k$-Identifiable Parent Property
Simon R. Blackburn
2002/100 ( PS PS.GZ )
Encryption-Scheme Security in the Presence of Key-Dependent Messages
J. Black and P. Rogaway and T. Shrimpton
2002/099 ( PS PS.GZ )
A New Statistical Testing for Symmetric Ciphers and Hash Functions
Eric Filiol
2002/098 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Identity-Based Signcryption
John Malone-Lee
2002/097 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A new public key encryption scheme provably secure against adaptive chosen cipher-text attack
Huafei Zhu
2002/096 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Generating Large Non-Singular Matrices over an Arbitrary Field with Blocks of Full Rank
James Xiao and Yongxin Zhou
2002/095 ( -- withdrawn -- )
The (a, b)-Shrinking Generator
Ali Adel Kanso
2002/094 ( PS PS.GZ )
Building curves with arbitrary small MOV degree over finite prime fields
R. Dupont and A. Enge and F. Morain
2002/093 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Fuzzy Vault Scheme
Ari Juels and Madhu Sudan
2002/092 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Kaoru Kurosawa and Tetsu Iwata
2002/091 ( PS PS.GZ )
Multiplicative Masking and Power Analysis of AES
Jovan Dj. Golić
2002/090 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient and Concurrent Zero-Knowledge from any public coin HVZK protocol
Daniele Micciancio and Erez Petrank
2002/089 ( PS PS.GZ )
On Chosen Ciphertext Security of Multiple Encryptions
Oded Goldreich, Yoad Lustig and Moni Naor
2002/088 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Constructing Elliptic Curves with Prescribed Embedding Degrees
Paulo S. L. M. Barreto and Ben Lynn and Michael Scott
2002/087 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Higher Order Correlation Attacks, XL algorithm and Cryptanalysis of Toyocrypt
Nicolas T. Courtois
2002/086 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Adapting the weaknesses of the Random Oracle model to the Generic Group model.
Alexander W. Dent
2002/085 ( PS PS.GZ )
Efficient and Player-Optimal Strong Consensus
Matthias Fitzi and Juan A. Garay
2002/084 ( PDF )
Towards Provably-Secure Timed E-Commerce: The Trusted Delivery Layer
Amir Herzberg
2002/083 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A semantically secure elliptic curve RSA scheme with small expansion factor
David Galindo and Sebastià Mart\'ın and Paz Morillo and Jorge L. Villar
2002/082 ( PS PS.GZ )
Authentication of Quantum Messages
Howard Barnum and Claude Crepeau and Daniel Gottesman and Adam Smith and Alain Tapp
2002/081 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Some Applications of Threshold Signature Schemes to Distributed Protocols
Vanesa Daza and Javier Herranz and Germán Sáez
2002/080 ( PDF )
Applications of Multilinear Forms to Cryptography
Dan Boneh and Alice Silverberg
2002/079 ( PS PS.GZ )
On the efficiency of the Clock Control Guessing Attack
Erik Zenner
2002/078 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Breaking and Provably Repairing the SSH Authenticated Encryption Scheme: A Case Study of the Encode-then-Encrypt-and-MAC Paradigm
Mihir Bellare and Tadayoshi Kohno and Chanathip Namprempre
2002/077 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Key-Insulated Public-Key Cryptosystems
Yevgeniy Dodis and Jonathan Katz and Shouhuai Xu and Moti Yung
2002/076 ( PDF )
Attack on Private Signature Keys of the OpenPGP Format, PGP(TM) Programs and Other Applications Compatible with OpenPGP
Vlastimil Klima and Tomas Rosa
2002/075 ( PDF )
Fault based cryptanalysis of the Advanced Encryption Standard
J. Blöemer and J.-P. Seifert
2002/074 ( PS PS.GZ )
How to repair ESIGN
Louis Granboulan
2002/073 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Fault attacks on RSA with CRT: Concrete Results and Practical Countermeasures
C.\ Aumüller and P.\ Bier and P. Hofreiter and W. Fischer and J.-P. Seifert
2002/072 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Authenticated Identity-Based Encryption
Ben Lynn
2002/071 ( PDF )
Further Results and Considerations on Side Channel Attacks on RSA
Vlastimil Klima and Tomas Rosa
2002/070 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Weak Keys in MST1
Jens-Matthias Bohli and Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco and Consuelo Martinez and Rainer Steinwandt
2002/069 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Distributed and Computationally Secure Key Distribution Scheme
Vanesa Daza and Javier Herranz and Carles Padró and Germán Sáez
2002/068 ( PS PS.GZ )
Improved key recovery of level 1 of the Bluetooth Encryption System
Scott Fluhrer
2002/067 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
(Not So) Random Shuffles of RC4
Ilya Mironov
2002/066 ( PS PS.GZ )
Black-Box Analysis of the Block-Cipher-Based Hash-Function Constructions from PGV
John Black and Phillip Rogaway and Thomas Shrimpton
2002/065 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Secure Channels based on Authenticated Encryption Schemes: A Simple Characterization
Chanathip Namprempre
2002/064 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Protecting against Key Exposure: Strongly Key-Insulated Encryption with Optimal Threshold
Mihir Bellare and Adriana Palacio
2002/063 ( PS PS.GZ )
On some Attacks on Multi-prime RSA
M Jason Hinek and Mo King Low and Edlyn Teske
2002/062 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
ABC - A Block Cipher
Dieter Schmidt
2002/061 ( PDF )
Strengthened Encryption in the CBC Mode
Vlastimil Klima and Tomas Rosa
2002/060 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Forward-Secure Public-Key Encryption Scheme
Jonathan Katz
2002/059 ( PS PS.GZ )
Universally Composable Notions of Key Exchange and Secure Channels
Ran Canetti and Hugo Krawczyk
2002/058 ( PS PS.GZ )
Construction of UOWHF: Tree Hashing Revisited
Palash Sarkar
2002/057 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Simpler Construction of CCA2-Secure Public-Key Encryption Under General Assumptions
Yehuda Lindell
2002/056 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Hierarchical ID-Based Cryptography
Craig Gentry and Alice Silverberg
2002/055 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Concurrent Zero Knowledge Proofs with Logarithmic Round-Complexity
Manoj Prabhakaran and Amit Sahai
2002/054 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
SiBIR: Signer-Base Intrusion-Resilient Signatures
Gene Itkis and Leonid Reyzin
2002/053 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Extended Validity and Consistency in Byzantine Agreement
Matthias Fitzi and Martin Hirt and Thomas Holenstein and Jürg Wullschleger
2002/052 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Variant of the Cramer-Shoup Cryptosystem for Groups with Unknwon Order
Stefan Lucks
2002/051 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Fully Distributed Proxy Signature Schemes
Javier Herranz and Germán Sáez
2002/050 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Secret sharing schemes with three or four minimal qualified subsets
Jaume Martí-Farré and Carles Padró
2002/049 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Tensor Transform of Boolean Functions and Related Algebraic and Probabilistic Properties
Alexander Kholosha and Henk C.A. van Tilborg
2002/048 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Towards a Uniform Description of Several Group Based Cryptographic Primitives
Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco and Consuelo Martinez and Rainer Steinwandt
2002/047 ( PS PS.GZ )
Universal Composition with Joint State
Ran Canetti and Tal Rabin
2002/046 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On the Security of Joint Signature and Encryption
Jee Hea An and Yevgeniy Dodis and Tal Rabin
2002/045 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of S-DES
Dr. K. S. Ooi, Brain Chin Vito
2002/044 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers with Overdefined Systems of Equations
Nicolas Courtois and Josef Pieprzyk
2002/043 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Strict Polynomial-time in Simulation and Extraction
Boaz Barak and Yehuda Lindell
2002/042 ( PS PS.GZ )
A Unified Methodology For Constructing Public-Key Encryption Schemes Secure Against Adaptive Chosen-Ciphertext Attack
Edith Elkind and Amit Sahai
2002/041 ( PS PS.GZ )
New Results on Boomerang and Rectangle Attack
Eli Biham and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller
2002/040 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Secure Computation Without Agreement
Shafi Goldwasser and Yehuda Lindell
2002/039 ( PS PS.GZ )
Partial Key Escrow Monitoring Scheme
Jiang Shaoquan and Zhang Yufeng
2002/038 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Distributed RSA Signature Scheme for General Access Structures
Javier Herranz and Carles Padró and Germán Sáez
2002/037 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
An efficient semantically secure elliptic curve cryptosystem based on KMOV
David Galindo and Sebastià Mart\'ın and Paz Morillo and Jorge L. Villar
2002/036 ( PS PS.GZ )
Optimal Black-Box Secret Sharing over Arbitrary Abelian Groups
Ronald Cramer and Serge Fehr
2002/035 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Tripartite Authenticated Key Agreement Protocols from Pairings
Sattam S. Al-Riyami and Kenneth G. Paterson
2002/034 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
An OAEP Variant With a Tight Security Proof
Jakob Jonsson
2002/033 ( PS PS.GZ )
Equivalence between semantic security and indistinguishability against chosen ciphertext attacks
Yodai Watanabe and Junji Shikata and Hideki Imai
2002/032 ( PS PS.GZ )
Supersingular Hyperelliptic Curve of Genus 2 over Finite Fields
Y. Choie and E. Jeong and E. Lee
2002/031 ( PS PS.GZ )
A Parallelizable Design Principle for Cryptographic Hash Functions
Palash Sarkar and Paul J. Schellenberg
2002/030 ( PS PS.GZ )
Adaptive chi-square test and its application to some cryptographic problems.
Boris Ryabko
2002/029 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient Computation Modulo a Shared Secret with Application to the Generation of Shared Safe-Prime Products
Joy Algesheimer and Jan Camenisch and Victor Shoup
2002/028 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Universal Forgery of Hess's Second ID-based Signature against the Known-message Attack
Jung Hee Cheon
2002/027 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient and Non-Malleable Proofs of Plaintext Knowledge and Applications
Jonathan Katz
2002/026 ( PS PS.GZ )
Generic Groups, Collision Resistance, and ECDSA
Daniel R. L. Brown
2002/025 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Making Mix Nets Robust For Electronic Voting By Randomized Partial Checking
Markus Jakobsson and Ari Juels and Ron Rivest
2002/024 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Timed Release of Standard Digital Signatures
Juan Garay and Markus Jakobsson
2002/023 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Almost Optimal Hash Sequence Traversal
Don Coppersmith and Markus Jakobsson
2002/022 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
From Identification to Signatures via the Fiat-Shamir Transform: Minimizing Assumptions for Security and Forward-Security
Michel Abdalla and Jee Hea An and Mihir Bellare and Chanathip Namprempre
2002/021 ( PS PS.GZ )
Spectral Analysis of Boolean Functions under Non-uniformity of Arguments
Kanstantsin Miranovich
2002/020 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of stream ciphers with linear masking
Don Coppersmith and Shai Halevi and Charanjit Jutla
2002/019 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Scream: a software-efficient stream cipher
Shai Halevi and Don Coppersmith and Charanjit Jutla
2002/018 ( PS PS.GZ )
An Identity-Based Signature from Gap Diffie-Hellman Groups
Jae Choon Cha and Jung Hee Cheon
2002/017 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
The Cramer-Shoup Strong-RSA Signature Scheme Revisited
Marc Fischlin
2002/016 ( PDF )
Content Extraction Signatures
Ron Steinfeld and Laurence Bull and Yuliang Zheng
2002/015 ( PDF )
Security proofs of cryptographic protocols
Eva Jencusova
2002/014 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Better than BiBa: Short One-time Signatures with Fast Signing and Verifying
Leonid Reyzin and Natan Reyzin
2002/013 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Generic Lower Bounds for Root Extraction and Signature Schemes in General Groups
Ivan Damgard and Maciej Koprowski
2002/012 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Exponent Group Signature Schemes and Efficient Identity Based Signature Schemes Based on Pairings
F. Hess
2002/011 ( PS PS.GZ )
Optimal Chosen-Ciphertext Secure Encryption of Arbitrary-Length Messages
Jean-Sebastien Coron, Helena Handschuh, Marc Joye, Pascal Paillier, David Pointcheval and Christophe Tymen
2002/010 ( PS PS.GZ )
Cut and Paste Attacks with Java
Serge Lefranc and David Naccache
2002/009 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Tree-based Group Key Agreement
Yongdae Kim and Adrian Perrig and Gene Tsudik
2002/008 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient Algorithms for Pairing-Based Cryptosystems
Paulo S.L.M. Barreto and Hae Y. Kim and Ben Lynn and Michael Scott
2002/007 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Parallel scalar multiplication on general elliptic curves over $\mathbb{F}_p$ hedged against Non-Differential Side-Channel Attacks
Wieland Fischer and Christophe Giraud and Erik Woodward Knudsen and Jean-Pierre Seifert
2002/006 ( PDF )
The best and worst of supersingular abelian varieties in cryptology
Karl Rubin and Alice Silverberg
2002/005 ( PS PS.GZ )
Cryptanalysis of Stream Cipher COS (2,128) Mode I
Hongjun Wu and Feng Bao
2002/004 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
ID-based Signatures from Pairings on Elliptic Curves
Kenneth G. Paterson
2002/003 ( PS PS.GZ )
Square Attacks on Reduced-Round Variants of the Skipjack Block Cipher
Jorge Nakahara Jr and Bart Preneel and Joos Vandewalle
2002/002 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Evaluating Security of Voting Schemes in the Universal Composability Framework
Jens Groth
2002/001 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Fractal Hash Sequence Representation and Traversal
Markus Jakobsson

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