Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2002/195

An addition to the paper: A polarisation based visual crypto system and its secret sharing schemes

H.D.L. Hollmann, J.H.v. Lint, L. Tolhuizen, P. Tuyls

Abstract: An (n,k) pair is a pair of binary nxm matrices (A,B), such that the weight of the modulo-two sum of any i rows, 1\leq i \leq k, from A or B is equal to a_i or b_i, respectively, and moreover, a_i=b_i, for 1\leq i < k, while a_k \neq b_k. In this note we first show how to construct an (n,k) Threshold Visual Secret Sharing Scheme from an (n,k) pair. Then, we explicitly construct an (n,k)-pair for all n and k with 1 \leq k <n.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Light Polarisation, XOR, (MDS) codes, Threshold Visual Secret Sharing Schemes

Date: received 19 Dec 2002

Contact author: pim tuyls at philips com

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