Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2002/122

ID-Based One Round Authenticated Tripartite Key Agreement Protocol with Pairings

Fangguo Zhang, Shengli Liu and Kwangjo Kim

Abstract: With positive applications of Weil pairing (Tate pairing) to cryptography, ID-based encryption schemes, digital signature schemes, blind signature scheme, two-party authenticated key agreement schemes, and tripartite key agreement scheme were proposed recently, all of them using bilinear pairing (Weil or Tate pairing). In this paper, we propose an ID-based one round authenticated tripartite key agreement protocol. The authenticity of the protocol is assured by a special signature scheme, so that messages carrying the information of two ephemeral keys can be broadcasted authentically by an entity. Consequently, one instance of our protocol results in eight session keys for the three entities. Security attributes of our protocol are presented, and the computational overhead and bandwidth of the broadcast messages are analyzed as well.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Key agreement, Bilinear pairings, ID-based cryptography

Date: received 19 Aug 2002, last revised 30 Aug 2002

Contact author: zhfg at icu ac kr

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