Cryptology ePrint Archive: Listing for 2018

2018/078 ( PDF )
A Systematic Approach To Cryptocurrency Fees
Alexander Chepurnoy and Vasily Kharin and Dmitry Meshkov
2018/077 ( PDF )
On the Bit Security of Cryptographic Primitives
Daniele Micciancio and Michael Walter
2018/076 ( PDF )
EM Analysis in the IoT Context: Lessons Learned from an Attack on Thread
Daniel Dinu and Ilya Kizhvatov
2018/075 ( PDF )
MILP-aided Cube-attack-like Cryptanalysis on Keccak Keyed Modes
Wenquan Bi and Xiaoyang Dong and Zheng Li and Rui Zong and Xiaoyun Wang
2018/074 ( PDF )
Secure Logistic Regression based on Homomorphic Encryption
Miran Kim and Yongsoo Song and Shuang Wang and Yuhou Xia and Xiaoqian Jiang
2018/073 ( PDF )
GAZELLE: A Low Latency Framework for Secure Neural Network Inference
Chiraag Juvekar and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Anantha Chandrakasan
2018/072 ( PDF )
Template-based Fault Injection Analysis of Block Ciphers
Ashrujit Ghoshal and Sikhar Patranabis and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2018/071 ( PDF )
Exploiting Ineffective Fault Inductions on Symmetric Cryptography
Christoph Dobraunig and Maria Eichlseder and Thomas Korak and Stefan Mangard and Florian Mendel and Robert Primas
2018/070 ( PDF )
A Unified Framework for Trapdoor-Permutation-Based Sequential Aggregate Signatures
Craig Gentry and Adam O'Neill and Leonid Reyzin
2018/069 ( PDF )
Reusing Nonces in Schnorr Signatures
Marc Beunardeau and Aisling Connolly and Houda Ferradi and Rémi Géraud and David Naccache and Damien Vergnaud
2018/068 ( PDF )
Simple Schnorr Multi-Signatures with Applications to Bitcoin
Gregory Maxwell and Andrew Poelstra and Yannick Seurin and Pieter Wuille
2018/067 ( PDF )
Homomorphic Lower Digits Removal and Improved FHE Bootstrapping
Hao Chen and Kyoohyung Han
2018/066 ( PDF )
Tweaking Generic OTR to Avoid Forgery Attacks
Hassan Qahur Al Mahri and Leonie Simpson and Harry Bartlett and Ed Dawson and Kenneth Koon-Ho Wong
2018/065 ( PDF )
New Perspectives on Multi-Prover Interactive Proofs
Claude Crépeau and Nan Yang
2018/064 ( PDF )
Systematization Of A 256-Bit Lightweight Block Cipher Marvin
Sukanya Saha and Krishnendu Rarhi and Abhishek Bhattacharya
2018/063 ( PDF )
The Viability of Post-quantum X.509 Certificates
Panos Kampanakis and Peter Panburana and Ellie Daw and Daniel Van Geest
2018/062 ( PDF )
Countermeasures against a side-channel attack in a kernel memory
Na-Young Ahn and Dong Hoon Lee
2018/061 ( PDF )
Full-Hiding (Unbounded) Multi-Input Inner Product Functional Encryption from the $k$-Linear Assumption
Pratish Datta and Tatsuaki Okamoto and Junichi Tomida
2018/060 ( PDF )
A Simple Reduction from State Machine Replication to Binary Agreement in Partially Synchronous or Asynchronous Networks
Abhinav Aggarwal and Yue Guo
2018/059 ( PDF )
New Insights into Divide-and-Conquer Attacks on the Round-Reduced Keccak-MAC
Chen-Dong Ye and Tian Tian
2018/058 ( PDF )
Leakage-resilient Algebraic Manipulation Detection Codes with Optimal Parameters
Divesh Aggarwal and Tomasz Kazana and Maciej Obremski
2018/057 ( PDF )
Certifying RSA Public Keys with an Efficient NIZK
Foteini Baldimtsi and Sharon Goldberg and Leonid Reyzin and Omar Sagga
2018/056 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Signcryption From Lattice-Based Signatures
François Gérard and Keno Merckx
2018/055 ( PDF )
High-Resolution EM Attacks Against Leakage-Resilient PRFs Explained - And An Improved Construction
Florian Unterstein and Johann Heyszl and Fabrizio De Santis and Robert Specht and Georg Sigl
2018/054 ( PDF )
More Efficient (Almost) Tightly Secure Structure-Preserving Signatures
Romain Gay and Dennis Hofheinz and Lisa Kohl and Jiaxin Pan
2018/053 ( PDF )
Study of Deep Learning Techniques for Side-Channel Analysis and Introduction to ASCAD Database
Emmanuel Prouff and Remi Strullu and Ryad Benadjila and Eleonora Cagli and Cecile Dumas
2018/052 ( PDF )
Optimizing Trees for Static Searchable Encryption
Mohammad Etemad and Mohammad Mahmoody and David Evans
2018/051 ( PDF )
Semantic Security Invariance under Variant Computational Assumptions
Eftychios Theodorakis and John C. Mitchell
2018/050 ( PDF )
A Constructive Perspective on Signcryption Security
Christian Badertscher and Fabio Banfi and Ueli Maurer
2018/049 ( PDF )
Attacks and Countermeasures for White-box Designs
Alex Biryukov and Aleksei Udovenko
2018/048 ( PDF )
Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis on Deoxys-BC-256
Alireza mehrdad and Farokhlagha Moazami and Hadi Soleimany
2018/047 ( PDF )
The distinguishing attack on Speck, Simon, Simeck, HIGHT and LEA
Boris Ryabko and Aleksandr Soskov
2018/046 ( PDF )
Scalable, transparent, and post-quantum secure computational integrity
Eli Ben-Sasson and Iddo Bentov and Yinon Horesh and Michael Riabzev
2018/045 ( PDF )
Efficient Batch Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Low Degree Polynomials
Jonathan Bootle and Jens Groth
2018/044 ( PDF )
Fast Lattice Basis Reduction Suitable for Massive Parallelization and Its Application to the Shortest Vector Problem
Tadanori Teruya and Kenji Kashiwabara and Goichiro Hanaoka
2018/043 ( PDF )
Efficient Adaptively Secure Zero-knowledge from Garbled Circuits
Chaya Ganesh and Yashvanth Kondi and Arpita Patra and Pratik Sarkar
2018/042 ( PDF )
Improved (Almost) Tightly-Secure Structure-Preserving Signatures
Charanjit S. Jutla and Miyako Ohkubo and Arnab Roy
2018/041 ( PDF )
Related Randomness Security for Public Key Encryption, Revisited
Takahiro Matsuda and Jacob C.N. Schuldt
2018/040 ( PDF )
An Analysis of Acceptance Policies For Blockchain Transactions
Seb Neumayer and Mayank Varia and Ittay Eyal
2018/039 ( PDF )
Faster AVX2 optimized NTT multiplication for Ring-LWE lattice cryptography
Gregor Seiler
2018/038 ( PDF )
On the Message Complexity of Secure Multiparty Computation
Yuval Ishai and Manika Mittal and Rafail Ostrovsky
2018/037 ( PDF )
Weakly Secure Equivalence-Class Signatures from Standard Assumptions
Georg Fuchsbauer and Romain Gay
2018/036 ( PDF )
Extending Oblivious Transfer with Low Communication via Key-Homomorphic PRFs
Peter Scholl
2018/035 ( PDF )
A Linearly Homomorphic Signature Scheme From Weaker Assumptions
Lucas Schabhüser and Johannes Buchmann and Patrick Struck
2018/034 ( PDF )
Constant-size Group Signatures from Lattices
San Ling and Khoa Nguyen and Huaxiong Wang and Yanhong Xu
2018/033 ( PDF )
Two-Factor Authentication with End-to-End Password Security
Stanislaw Jarecki and Hugo Krawczyk and Maliheh Shirvanian and Nitesh Saxena
2018/032 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Publicly Verifiable Proofs of Space
Markus Jakobsson
2018/031 ( PDF )
Secure Remote Attestation
Markus Jakobsson
2018/030 ( PDF )
Tightly SIM-SO-CCA Secure Public Key Encryption from Standard Assumptions
Lin Lyu and Shengli Liu and Shuai Han and Dawu Gu
2018/029 ( PDF )
Practical, Anonymous, and Publicly Linkable Universally-Composable Reputation Systems
Johannes Blömer and Fabian Eidens and Jakob Juhnke
2018/028 ( PDF )
Compact Energy and Delay-aware Authentication
Muslum Ozgur Ozmen and Rouzbeh Behnia and Attila A. Yavuz
2018/027 ( PDF )
A verifiable shuffle for the GSW cryptosystem
Martin Strand
2018/026 ( PDF )
Zero-Knowledge Proof of Decryption for FHE Ciphertexts
Christopher Carr and Anamaria Costache and Gareth T. Davies and Kristian Gjøsteen and Martin Strand
2018/025 ( PDF )
Hedged Nonce-Based Public-Key Encryption: Adaptive Security under Randomness Failures
Zhengan Huang and Junzuo Lai and Wenbin Chen and Man Ho Au and Zhen Peng and Jin Li
2018/024 ( PDF )
KEM Combiners
Federico Giacon and Felix Heuer and Bertram Poettering
2018/023 ( PDF )
Public-Key Encryption Resistant to Parameter Subversion and its Realization from Efficiently-Embeddable Groups
Benedikt Auerbach and Mihir Bellare and Eike Kiltz
2018/022 ( PDF )
Attribute-based Signatures for Unbounded Circuits in the ROM and Efficient Instantiations from Lattices
Ali El Kaafarani and Shuichi Katsumata
2018/021 ( PDF )
Regularly Lossy Functions and Their Applications
Yu Chen and Baodong Qin and Haiyang Xue
2018/020 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Compact-LWE Submitted to NIST PQC Project
Haoyu Li and Renzhang Liu and Yanbin Pan and Tianyuan Xie
2018/019 ( PDF )
Two Sides of the Same Coin: Counting and Enumerating Keys Post Side-Channel Attacks Revisited.
Daniel P. Martin and Luke Mather and Elisabeth Oswald
2018/018 ( PDF )
Multi-Key Searchable Encryption, Revisited
Ariel Hamlin and abhi shelat and Mor Weiss and Daniel Wichs
2018/017 ( PDF )
Verifiability of Helios Mixnet
Ben Smyth
2018/016 ( PDF )
New Techniques for Public Key Encryption with Sender Recovery
Murali Godi and Roopa Vishwanathan
2018/015 ( PDF )
On Composable Security for Digital Signatures
Christian Badertscher and Ueli Maurer and Björn Tackmann
2018/014 ( PDF )
Ubiquitous Weak-key Classes of BRW-polynomial Function
Kaiyan Zheng and Peng Wang
2018/013 ( PDF )
Hashing solutions instead of generating problems: On the interactive certification of RSA moduli
Benedikt Auerbach and Bertram Poettering
2018/012 ( PDF )
An Inside Job: Remote Power Analysis Attacks on FPGAs
Falk Schellenberg and Dennis R.E. Gnad and Amir Moradi and Mehdi B. Tahoori
2018/011 ( PDF )
Graded Encoding Schemes from Obfuscation
Pooya Farshim and Julia Hesse and Dennis Hofheinz and Enrique Larraia
2018/010 ( PDF )
Interactively Secure Groups from Obfuscation
Thomas Agrikola and Dennis Hofheinz
2018/009 ( PDF )
Evaluation of Resilience of randomized RNS implementation
Jérôme Courtois and Lokman Abbas-Turki and Jean-Claude Bajard
2018/008 ( PDF )
Quantum Algorithms for Boolean Equation Solving and Quantum Algebraic Attack on Cryptosystems
Yu-Ao Chen and Xiao-Shan Gao
2018/007 ( PDF )
An Efficient Public-Key Searchable Encryption Scheme Secure against Inside Keyword Guessing Attacks
Qiong Huang and Hongbo Li
2018/006 ( PDF )
Higher Order Side-Channel Attacks Resilient S-boxes
Liran Lerman and Stjepan Picek and Nikita Veshchikov and Olivier Markowitch
2018/005 ( PDF )
Simple and Efficient Two-Server ORAM
Xiao Wang and Dov Gordon and Jonathan Katz
2018/004 ( PDF )
On the Performance of Deep Learning for Side-channel Analysis
Stjepan Picek and Ioannis Petros Samiotis and Annelie Heuser and Jaehun Kim and Shivam Bhasin and Axel Legay
2018/003 ( PDF )
How to (not) share a password: Privacy preserving protocols for finding heavy hitters with adversarial behavior
Moni Naor and Benny Pinkas and Eyal Ronen
2018/002 ( PDF )
The Multiplicative Complexity of 6-variable Boolean Functions
Cagdas Calik and Meltem Sonmez Turan and Rene Peralta
2018/001 ( PDF )
Conditional Disclosure of Secrets and $d$-Uniform Secret Sharing with Constant Information Rate
Benny Applebaum and Barak Arkis

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