Cryptology ePrint Archive: Listing for 2019

2019/170 ( PDF )
Key-dependent cube attack on reduced Frit permutation in Duplex-AE modes
Lingyue Qin and Xiaoyang Dong and Keting Jia and Rui Zong
2019/169 ( PDF )
Updatable Anonymous Credentials and Applications to Incentive Systems
Johannes Blömer and Jan Bobolz and Denis Diemert and Fabian Eidens
2019/168 ( PDF )
Profiling Side-channel Analysis in the Restricted Attacker Framework
Stjepan Picek and Annelie Heuser and Sylvain Guilley
2019/167 ( PDF )
Analysis of Secure Caches and Timing-Based Side-Channel Attacks
Shuwen Deng and Wenjie Xiong and Jakub Szefer
2019/166 ( PDF )
Verifiable Delay Functions from Supersingular Isogenies and Pairings
Luca De Feo and Simon Masson and Christophe Petit and Antonio Sanso
2019/165 ( PDF )
libInterMAC: Beyond Confidentiality and Integrity in Practice
Martin R. Albrecht and Torben Brandt Hansen and Kenneth G. Paterson
2019/164 ( PDF )
Use your Brain! Arithmetic 3PC For Any Modulus with Active Security
Hendrik Eerikson and Claudio Orlandi and Pille Pullonen and Joonas Puura and Mark Simkin
2019/163 ( PDF )
Fast Side-Channel Security Evaluation of ECC Implementations: Shortcut Formulas for Horizontal Side-channel Attacks against ECSM with the Montgomery ladder
Melissa Azouaoui and Romain Poussier and François-Xavier Standaert
2019/162 ( PDF )
Multi-Stage Proof-of-Work Blockchain
Palash Sarkar
2019/161 ( PDF )
Understanding Optimizations and Measuring Performances of PBKDF2
Andrea Francesco Iuorio and Andrea Visconti
2019/160 ( PDF )
FPGA-based High-Performance Parallel Architecture for Homomorphic Computing on Encrypted Data
Sujoy Sinha Roy and Furkan Turan and Kimmo Jarvinen and Frederik Vercauteren and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2019/159 ( PDF )
Robust MPC: Asynchronous Responsiveness yet Synchronous Security
Chen-Da Liu-Zhang and Julian Loss and Ueli Maurer and Tal Moran and Daniel Tschudi
2019/158 ( PDF )
Noninteractive Zero Knowledge for NP from (Plain) Learning With Errors
Chris Peikert and Sina Shiehian
2019/157 ( PDF )
Schnorr-based implicit certification: improving the security and efficiency of V2X communications
Paulo S. L. M. Barreto and Marcos A. Simplicio Jr. and Jefferson E. Ricardini and Harsh Kupwade Patil
2019/156 ( PDF )
Efficient Constructions for Almost-everywhere Secure Computation
Siddhartha Jayanti and Srinivasan Raghuraman and Nikhil Vyas
2019/155 ( PDF )
Constant-time BCH Error-Correcting Code
Matthew Walters and Sujoy Sinha Roy
2019/154 ( PDF )
FastKitten: Practical Smart Contracts on Bitcoin
Poulami Das and Lisa Eckey and Tommaso Frassetto and David Gens and Kristina Hostáková and Patrick Jauernig and Sebastian Faust and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
2019/153 ( PDF )
Overdrive2k: Efficient Secure MPC over $Z_{2^k}$ from Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption
Emmanuela Orsini and Nigel P. Smart and Frederik Vercauteren
2019/152 ( PDF )
Privacy-preserving Approximate GWAS computation based on Homomorphic Encryption
Duhyeong Kim and Yongha Son and Dongwoo Kim and Andrey Kim and Seungwan Hong and Jung Hee Cheon
2019/151 ( PDF )
Solving binary MQ with Grover's algorithm
Peter Schwabe and Bas Westerbaan
2019/150 ( PDF )
QcBits: Constant-Time Small-Key Code-Based Cryptography
Tung Chou
2019/149 ( PDF )
Improved Lattice-based CCA2-Secure PKE in the Standard Model
Jiang Zhang and Yu Yu and Shuqin Fan and Zhenfeng Zhang
2019/148 ( PDF )
On the efficiency of pairing-based proofs under the d-PKE
Ariel Gabizon
2019/147 ( PDF )
Practical Collision Attacks against Round-Reduced SHA-3
Jian Guo and Guohong Liao and Guozhen Liu and Meicheng Liu and Kexin Qiao and Ling Song
2019/146 ( PDF )
Boomerang Connectivity Table Revisited
Ling Song and Xianrui Qin and Lei Hu
2019/145 ( PDF )
Achieving GWAS with Homomorphic Encryption
Jun Jie Sim and Fook Mun Chan and Shibin Chen and Benjamin Hong Meng Tan and Khin Mi Mi Aung
2019/144 ( PDF )
Modeling Power Efficiency of S-boxes Using Machine Learning
Rajat Sadhukhan and Nilanjan Datta and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2019/143 ( PDF )
Deep Neural Network Attribution Methods for Leakage Analysis and Symmetric Key Recovery
Benjamin Hettwer and Stefan Gehrer and Tim Güneysu
2019/142 ( PDF )
LegoSNARK: Modular Design and Composition of Succinct Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Matteo Campanelli and Dario Fiore and Anaïs Querol
2019/141 ( PDF )
A General Proof Framework for Recent AES Distinguishers
Christina Boura and Anne Canteaut and Daniel Coggia
2019/140 ( PDF )
CodedPrivateML: A Fast and Privacy-Preserving Framework for Distributed Machine Learning
Jinhyun So and Basak Guler and A. Salman Avestimehr and Payman Mohassel
2019/139 ( PDF )
Vulnerability and Remedy of Stripped Function Logic Locking
Hai Zhou and Yuanqi Shen and Amin Rezaei
2019/138 ( PDF )
Unifying Leakage Models on a Rényi Day
Dahmun Goudarzi and Ange Martinelli and Alain Passelègue and Thomas Prest
2019/137 ( PDF )
TEDT, a Leakage-Resilient AEAD mode for High (Physical) Security Applications
Francesco Berti and Chun Guo and Olivier Pereira and Thomas Peters and François-Xavier Standaert
2019/136 ( PDF )
Divisible E-Cash from Constrained Pseudo-Random Functions
Florian Bourse and Olivier Sanders
2019/135 ( PDF )
It wasn't me! Repudiability and Unclaimability of Ring Signatures
Sunoo Park and Adam Sealfon
2019/134 ( PDF )
Tighter security proofs for generic key encapsulation mechanism in the quantum random oracle model
Haodong Jiang and Zhenfeng Zhang and Zhi Ma
2019/133 ( PDF )
On semigroups of multiplicative Cremona transformations and new solutions of Post Quantum Cryptography.
Vasyl Ustimenko
2019/132 ( PDF )
Leakage Certification Revisited: Bounding Model Errors in Side-Channel Security Evaluations
Olivier Bronchain and Julien M. Hendrickx and Clément Massart and Alex Olshevsky and François-Xavier Standaert
2019/131 ( PDF )
Secure Evaluation of Quantized Neural Networks
Assi Barak and Daniel Escudero and Anders Dalskov and Marcel Keller
2019/130 ( PDF )
Are Certificate Thumbprints Unique?
Greg Zaverucha and Dan Shumow
2019/129 ( PDF )
Homomorphic Secret Sharing from Lattices Without FHE
Elette Boyle and Lisa Kohl and Peter Scholl
2019/128 ( PDF )
Tightly Secure Inner Product Functional Encryption: Multi-Input and Function-Hiding Constructions
Junichi Tomida
2019/127 ( PDF )
Beyond Birthday Bound Secure MAC in Faulty Nonce Model
Avijit Dutta and Mridul Nandi and Suprita Talnikar
2019/126 ( PDF )
New Automatic search method for Truncated-differential characteristics: Application to Midori and SKINNY
AmirHossein E. Moghaddam and Zahra Ahmadian
2019/125 ( PDF )
Combinatorial Primality Test
Maheswara Rao Valluri
2019/124 ( PDF )
Anomalous Look at Provable Security
Douglas Wikström
2019/123 ( PDF )
Security of Multilinear Galois Mode (MGM)
Liliya Akhmetzyanova and Evgeny Alekseev and Grigory Karpunin and Vladislav Nozdrunov
2019/122 ( PDF )
Lightweight Post-Quantum-Secure Digital Signature Approach for IoT Motes
Santosh Ghosh and Rafael Misoczki and Manoj R. Sastry
2019/121 ( PDF )
Anonymous Attestation for IoT
Santosh Ghosh and Andrew H. Reinders and Rafael Misoczki and Manoj R. Sastry
2019/120 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of a New Code-based Signature Scheme with Shorter Public Key in PKC 2019
Keita Xagawa
2019/119 ( PDF )
On the security of the BCTV Pinocchio zk-SNARK variant
Ariel Gabizon
2019/118 ( PDF )
Defeating the Hart, Kim, Micheli, Pascuel-Perez, Petit, Quek Attack on WalnutDSA(TM)
Iris Anshel and Derek Atkins and Dorian Goldfeld and Paul E Gunnells
2019/117 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Keyed-Verification Anonymous Credentials
Geoffroy Couteau and Michael Reichle
2019/116 ( PDF )
Multi-Key Homomophic Encryption from TFHE
Hao Chen and Ilaria Chillotti and Yongsoo Song
2019/115 ( PDF )
Distributional Collision Resistance Beyond One-Way Functions
Nir Bitansky and Iftach Haitner and Ilan Komargodski and Eylon Yogev
2019/114 ( PDF )
Fast Multiparty Threshold ECDSA with Fast Trustless Setup
Rosario Gennaro and Steven Goldfeder
2019/113 ( PDF )
Privacy and Reader-first Authentication in Vaudenay's RFID Model with Temporary State Disclosure
Ferucio Laurentiu Tiplea and Cristian Hristea
2019/112 ( PDF )
Variable Elimination - a Tool for Algebraic Cryptanalysis
Bjørn Greve and Øyvind Ytrehus and Håvard Raddum
2019/111 ( PDF )
On the Complexity of non-recursive $n$-term Karatsuba Multiplier for Trinomials
Yin Li and Yu Zhang and Xingpo Ma and Chuanda Qi
2019/110 ( PDF )
Optimized Method for Computing Odd-Degree Isogenies on Edwards Curves
Suhri Kim and Kisoon Yoon and Young-Ho Park and Seokhie Hong
2019/109 ( PDF )
Design and Implementation of a Fast and Scalable NTT-Based Polynomial Multiplier Architecture
Ahmet Can Mert and Erdinc Ozturk and Erkay Savas
2019/108 ( PDF )
Minicrypt Primitives with Algebraic Structure and Applications
Navid Alamati and Hart Montgomery and Sikhar Patranabis and Arnab Roy
2019/107 ( PDF )
Constructing Low-latency Involutory MDS Matrices with Lightweight Circuit
Shun Li and Siwei Sun and Chaoyun Li and Zihao Wei and Lei Hu
2019/106 ( PDF )
Identity-Based Higncryption
Hongbing Wang and Yunlei Zhao
2019/105 ( PDF )
Non-Malleable Secret Sharing in the Computational Setting: Adaptive Tampering, Noisy-Leakage Resilience, and Improved Rate
Antonio Faonio and Daniele Venturi
2019/104 ( PDF )
BADGER - Blockchain Auditable Distributed (RSA) key GEneRation
Naomi Farley and Robert Fitzpatrick and Duncan Jones
2019/103 ( PDF )
Quantum cryptanalysis in the RAM model: Claw-finding attacks on SIKE
Samuel Jaques and John M. Schanck
2019/102 ( PDF )
Trustee: Full Privacy Preserving Vickrey Auction on top of Ethereum
Hisham S. Galal and Amr M. Youssef
2019/101 ( PDF )
Privacy-preserving semi-parallel logistic regression training with Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Sergiu Carpov and Nicolas Gama and Mariya Georgieva and Juan Ramon Troncoso-Pastoriza
2019/100 ( PDF )
Correlation Power Analysis on NTRU Prime and Related Countermeasures
Wei-Lun Huang and Jiun-Peng Chen and Bo-Yin Yang
2019/099 ( PDF )
Sonic: Zero-Knowledge SNARKs from Linear-Size Universal and Updateable Structured Reference Strings
Mary Maller and Sean Bowe and Markulf Kohlweiss and Sarah Meiklejohn
2019/098 ( PDF )
A Post-Quantum UC-Commitment Scheme in the Global Random Oracle Model from Code-Based Assumptions
Pedro Branco
2019/097 ( PDF )
Linearly equivalent S-boxes and the Division Property
Patrick Derbez and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Baptiste Lambin
2019/096 ( PDF )
On Recovering Affine Encodings in White-Box Implementations
Patrick Derbez and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Baptiste Lambin and Brice Minaud
2019/095 ( PDF )
Variants of the AES Key Schedule for Better Truncated Differential Bounds
Patrick Derbez and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Jérémy Jean and Baptiste Lambin
2019/094 ( PDF )
CHES 2018 Side Channel Contest CTF - Solution of the AES Challenges
Aron Gohr and Sven Jacob and Werner Schindler
2019/093 ( PDF )
Key Encapsulation Mechanism From Modular Multivariate Linear Equations
Muhammad Rezal Kamel Ariffin and Abderrahmane Nitaj and Yanbin Pan and Nur Azman Abu
2019/092 ( PDF )
Partitions in the S-Box of Streebog and Kuznyechik
Léo Perrin
2019/091 ( PDF )
Efficient Zero-Knowledge for NP from Secure Two-Party Computation
Li Hongda and Pan Dongxue and Ni Peifang
2019/090 ( PDF )
Round5: Compact and Fast Post-Quantum Public-Key Encryption
Hayo Baan and Sauvik Bhattacharya and Scott Fluhrer and Oscar Garcia-Morchon and Thijs Laarhoven and Ronald Rietman and Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen and Ludo Tolhuizen and Zhenfei Zhang
2019/089 ( PDF )
The General Sieve Kernel and New Records in Lattice Reduction
Martin R. Albrecht and Léo Ducas and Gottfried Herold and Elena Kirshanova and Eamonn W. Postlethwaite and Marc Stevens
2019/088 ( PDF )
Continuous Key Agreement with Reduced Bandwidth
Nir Drucker and Shay Gueron
2019/087 ( PDF )
The Secure Link Prediction Problem
Laltu Sardar and Sushmita Ruj
2019/086 ( PDF )
Reinterpreting and Improving the Cryptanalysis of the Flash Player PRNG
George Teseleanu
2019/085 ( PDF )
The Lattice-Based Digital Signature Scheme qTESLA
Erdem Alkim and Paulo S. L. M. Barreto and Nina Bindel and Patrick Longa and Jefferson E. Ricardini
2019/084 ( PDF )
An Information Obfuscation Calculus for Encrypted Computing
Peter T. Breuer
2019/083 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of an NTRU-based Proxy Encryption Scheme from ASIACCS'15
Zhen Liu and Yanbin Pan and Zhenfei Zhang
2019/082 ( PDF )
Arithmetic Garbling from Bilinear Maps
Nils Fleischhacker and Giulio Malavolta and Dominique Schröder
2019/081 ( PDF )
Practical Group-Signatures with Privacy-Friendly Openings
Stephan Krenn and Kai Samelin and Christoph Striecks
2019/080 ( PDF )
Turbospeedz: Double Your Online SPDZ! Improving SPDZ using Function Dependent Preprocessing
Aner Ben Efraim and Eran Omri
2019/079 ( PDF )
New Results about the Boomerang Uniformity of Permutation Polynomials
Kangquan Li and Longjiang Qu and Bing Sun and Chao Li
2019/078 ( PDF )
Testing the Randomness of Cryptographic Function Mappings
Alan Kaminsky
2019/077 ( PDF )
Pairing Implementation Revisited
Michael Scott
2019/076 ( PDF )
Analysis and Improvement of Differential Computation Attacks against Internally-Encoded White-Box Implementations
Matthieu Rivain and Junwei Wang
2019/075 ( PDF )
Assessment of the Key-Reuse Resilience of NewHope
Aurélie Bauer and Henri Gilbert and Guénaël Renault and Mélissa Rossi
2019/074 ( PDF )
Efficient and Secure Multiparty Computation from Fixed-Key Block Ciphers
Chun Guo and Jonathan Katz and Xiao Wang and Yu Yu
2019/073 ( PDF )
Destructive Privacy and Mutual Authentication in Vaudenay's RFID Model
Cristian Hristea and Ferucio Laurentiu Tiplea
2019/072 ( PDF )
ZeroCT: Improving ZeroCoin with Confidential Transactions and more
Alex Vazquez
2019/071 ( PDF )
Repeatable Oblivious Shuffling of Large Outsourced Data Blocks
Zhilin Zhang and Ke Wang and Weipeng Lin and Ada Wai-Chee Fu and Raymond Chi-Wing Wong
2019/070 ( PDF )
Uncle Traps: Harvesting Rewards in a Queue-based Ethereum Mining Pool
Sam M. Werner and Paul J. Pritz and Alexei Zamyatin and William J. Knottenbelt
2019/069 ( PDF )
Quantum Indistinguishability of Random Sponges
Jan Czajkowski and Andreas Hülsing and Christian Schaffner
2019/068 ( PDF )
Sampling the Integers with Low Relative Error
Michael Walter
2019/067 ( PDF )
Managing Your Kleptographic Subscription Plan
George Teseleanu
2019/066 ( PDF )
Publicly Verifiable Proofs from Blockchains
Alessandra Scafuro and Luisa Siniscalchi and Ivan Visconti
2019/065 ( PDF )
Multi-Protocol UC and its Use for Building Modular and Efficient Protocols
Jan Camenisch and Manu Drijvers and Björn Tackmann
2019/064 ( PDF )
A Revocable Group Signature Scheme with Scalability from Simple Assumptions and Its Application to Identity Management
Keita Emura and Takuya Hayashi
2019/063 ( PDF )
Efficient Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs in Cross-Domains without Trusted Setup
Michael Backes and Lucjan Hanzlik and Amir Herzberg and Aniket Kate and Ivan Pryvalov
2019/062 ( PDF )
Additively Homomorphic IBE from Higher Residuosity
Michael Clear and Ciaran McGoldrick
2019/061 ( PDF )
SigAttack: New High-level SAT-based Attack on Logic Encryptions
Yuanqi Shen and You Li and Shuyu Kong and Amin Rezaei and Hai Zhou
2019/060 ( PDF )
CycSAT-Unresolvable Cyclic Logic Encryption Using Unreachable States
Amin Rezaei and You Li and Yuanqi Shen and Shuyu Kong and Hai Zhou
2019/059 ( PDF )
BeSAT: Behavioral SAT-based Attack on Cyclic Logic Encryption
Yuanqi Shen and You Li and Amin Rezaei and Shuyu Kong and David Dlott and Hai Zhou
2019/058 ( PDF )
Tightly secure hierarchical identity-based encryption
Roman Langrehr and Jiaxin Pan
2019/057 ( PDF )
Short Discrete Log Proofs for FHE and Ring-LWE Ciphertexts
Rafael del Pino and Vadim Lyubashevsky and Gregor Seiler
2019/056 ( PDF )
Obfuscating simple functionalities from knowledge assumptions
Ward Beullens and Hoeteck Wee
2019/055 ( PDF )
Rate-Optimizing Compilers for Continuously Non-Malleable Codes
Sandro Coretti and Antonio Faonio and Daniele Venturi
2019/054 ( PDF )
Deep Learning to Evaluate Secure RSA Implementations
Mathieu Carbone and Vincent Conin and Marie-Angela Cornelie and Francois Dassance and Guillaume Dufresne and Cecile Dumas and Emmanuel Prouff and Alexandre Venelli
2019/053 ( PDF )
A New Code-based Signature Scheme with Shorter Public Key
Yongcheng Song and Xinyi Huang and Yi Mu and Wei Wu
2019/052 ( PDF )
Key Encapsulation Mechanism with Explicit Rejection in the Quantum Random Oracle Model
Haodong Jiang and Zhenfeng Zhang and Zhi Ma
2019/051 ( PDF )
Deterministic Identity-Based Encryption from Lattice-Based Programmable Hash Functions with High Min-Entropy
Daode Zhang and Jie Li and Bao Li and Xianhui Lu and Haiyang Xue and Dingding Jia and Yamin Liu
2019/050 ( PDF )
Improved Security Evaluation Techniques for Imperfect Randomness from Arbitrary Distributions
Takahiro Matsuda and Kenta Takahashi and Takao Murakami and Goichiro Hanaoka
2019/049 ( PDF )
The Relationship between the Construction and Solution of the MILP Models and Applications
Lingchen Li and Wenling Wu and Yafei Zheng and Lei Zhang
2019/048 ( PDF )
Sub-logarithmic Distributed Oblivious RAM with Small Block Size
Eyal Kushilevitz and Tamer Mour
2019/047 ( PDF )
NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography- A Hardware Evaluation Study
Kanad Basu and Deepraj Soni and Mohammed Nabeel and Ramesh Karri
2019/046 ( PDF )
Block-Anti-Circulant Unbalanced Oil and Vinegar
Alan Szepieniec and Bart Preneel
2019/045 ( PDF )
Leakage-resilient Identity-based Encryption in Bounded Retrieval Model with Nearly Optimal Leakage-Ratio
Ryo Nishimaki and Takashi Yamakawa
2019/044 ( PDF )
Toha Key Hardened Function
Ahmad Almorabea
2019/043 ( PDF )
A Generic Attack on Lattice-based Schemes using Decryption Errors with Application to ss-ntru-pke
Qian Guo and Thomas Johansson and Alexander Nilsson
2019/042 ( PDF )
Hunting and Gathering - Verifiable Random Functions from Standard Assumptions with Short Proofs
Lisa Kohl
2019/041 ( PDF )
Message Authentication (MAC) Algorithm For The VMPC-R (RC4-like) Stream Cipher
Bartosz Zoltak
2019/040 ( PDF )
NTTRU: Truly Fast NTRU Using NTT
Vadim Lyubashevsky and Gregor Seiler
2019/039 ( PDF )
Fully Invisible Protean Signatures Schemes
Stephan Krenn and Henrich C. Pöhls and Kai Samelin and Daniel Slamanig
2019/038 ( PDF )
Identity-based Broadcast Encryption with Efficient Revocation
Aijun Ge and Puwen Wei
2019/037 ( PDF )
Improving Attacks on Speck32/64 using Deep Learning
Aron Gohr
2019/036 ( PDF )
Non-Zero Inner Product Encryption Schemes from Various Assumptions: LWE, DDH and DCR
Shuichi Katsumata and Shota Yamada
2019/035 ( PDF )
Using TopGear in Overdrive: A more efficient ZKPoK for SPDZ
Carsten Baum and Daniele Cozzo and Nigel P. Smart
2019/034 ( PDF )
A Formal Treatment of Hardware Wallets
Myrto Arapinis and Andriana Gkaniatsou and Dimitris Karakostas and Aggelos Kiayias
2019/033 ( PDF )
FE for Inner Products and Its Application to Decentralized ABE
Zhedong Wang and Xiong Fan and Feng-Hao Liu
2019/032 ( PDF )
Safety in Numbers: On the Need for Robust Diffie-Hellman Parameter Validation
Steven Galbraith and Jake Massimo and Kenneth G. Paterson
2019/031 ( PDF )
Collusion Resistant Broadcast and Trace from Positional Witness Encryption
Rishab Goyal and Satyanarayana Vusirikala and Brent Waters
2019/030 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Analysis of Two Countermeasures against the Signal Leakage Attack
Ke Wang and Zhenfeng Zhang
2019/029 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Upper Bound on $\lambda_1(\Lambda^{\bot}(\mathbf A))$
Huiwen Jia and Chunming Tang and Yanhua Zhang
2019/028 ( PDF )
nQUIC: Noise-Based QUIC Packet Protection
Mathias Hall-Andersen and David Wong and Nick Sullivan and Alishah Chator
2019/027 ( PDF )
Group Signatures with Selective Linkability
Lydia Garms and Anja Lehmann
2019/026 ( PDF )
Non-malleable encryption with proofs of plaintext knowledge and applications to voting
Ben Smyth and Yoshikazu Hanatani
2019/025 ( PDF )
STP Models of Optimal Differential and Linear Trail for S-box Based Ciphers
Yu Liu and Huicong Liang and Muzhou Li and Luning Huang and Kai Hu and Chenhe Yang and Meiqin Wang
2019/024 ( PDF )
A publicly verifiable quantum signature scheme based on asymmetric quantum cryptography
Yalin Chen and Jue-Sam Chou and Fang-Qi Zhou
2019/023 ( PDF )
Biased Nonce Sense: Lattice Attacks against Weak ECDSA Signatures in Cryptocurrencies
Joachim Breitner and Nadia Heninger
2019/022 ( PDF )
The BIG Cipher: Design, Security Analysis, and Hardware-Software Optimization Techniques
Anthony Demeri and Thomas Conroy and Alex Nolan and William Diehl
2019/021 ( PDF )
Ilya Aldanov
2019/020 ( PDF )
Decentralizing Inner-Product Functional Encryption
Michel Abdalla and Fabrice Benhamouda and Markulf Kolhweiss and Hendrik Waldner
2019/019 ( PDF )
Improving the MILP-based Security Evaluation Algorithms against Differential Cryptanalysis Using Divide-and-Conquer Approach
Chunning Zhou and Wentao Zhang and Tianyou Ding and Zejun Xiang
2019/018 ( PDF )
Generic Constructions of Robustly Reusable Fuzzy Extractor
Yunhua Wen and Shengli Liu and Dawu Gu
2019/017 ( PDF )
CHURP: Dynamic-Committee Proactive Secret Sharing
Sai Krishna Deepak Maram and Fan Zhang and Lun Wang and Andrew Low and Yupeng Zhang and Ari Juels and Dawn Song
2019/016 ( PDF )
Fast Message Franking: From Invisible Salamanders to Encryptment
Yevgeniy Dodis and Paul Grubbs and Thomas Ristenpart and Joanne Woodage
2019/015 ( PDF )
More Efficient Algorithms for the NTRU Key Generation using the Field Norm
Thomas Pornin and Thomas Prest
2019/014 ( PDF )
BlAnC: Blockchain-based Anonymous and Decentralized Credit Networks
Gaurav Panwar and Satyajayant Misra and Roopa Vishwanathan
2019/013 ( PDF )
Full Collision Attack: Pushing the Limits of Exhaustible Key Spaces
Changhai Ou and Siew-Kei Lam
2019/012 ( PDF )
A Proof of the Beierle-Kranz-Leander’s Conjecture related to Lightweight Multiplication in $F_{2^n}$
Sihem Mesnager and Kwang Ho Kim and Dujin Jo and Junyop Choe and Munhyon Han and Dok Nam Lee
2019/011 ( PDF )
Learning to Reconstruct: Statistical Learning Theory and Encrypted Database Attacks
Paul Grubbs and Marie-Sarah Lacharité and Brice Minaud and Kenneth G. Paterson
2019/010 ( PDF )
Survey for Performance & Security Problems of Passive Side-channel Attacks Countermeasures in ECC
Rodrigo Abarzúa and Claudio Valencia and Julio López
2019/009 ( PDF )
On the Asymptotics of Solving the LWE Problem Using Coded-BKW with Sieving
Qian Guo and Thomas Johansson and Erik Mårtensson and Paul Stankovski Wagner
2019/008 ( PDF )
One Fault is All it Needs: Breaking Higher-Order Masking with Persistent Fault Analysis
Jingyu Pan and Shivam Bhasin and Fan Zhang and Kui Ren
2019/007 ( PDF )
Tight Security Bounds for Generic Stream Cipher Constructions
Matthias Hamann and Matthias Krause
2019/006 ( PDF )
Minimizing Trust in Hardware Wallets with Two Factor Signatures
Antonio Marcedone and Rafael Pass and abhi shelat
2019/005 ( PDF )
ScanSAT: Unlocking Obfuscated Scan Chains
Lilas Alrahis, Muhammad Yasin, Hani Saleh, Baker Mohammad, Mahmoud Al-Qutayri, and Ozgur Sinanoglu
2019/004 ( PDF )
On the Bright Side of Darkness: Side-Channel Based Authentication Protocol Against Relay Attacks
Guillaume Dabosville and Houssem Maghrebi and Alexis Lhuillery and Julien Bringer and Thanh-Ha Le
2019/003 ( PDF )
Secure and Effective Logic Locking for Machine Learning Applications
Yuntao Liu and Yang Xie and Abhishek Charkraborty and Ankur Srivastava
2019/002 ( PDF )
Leakage-Resilient Group Signature: Definitions and Constructions
Jianye Huang and Qiong Huang
2019/001 ( PDF )
Sanctorum: A lightweight security monitor for secure enclaves
Ilia Lebedev and Kyle Hogan and Jules Drean and David Kohlbrenner and Dayeol Lee and Krste Asanović and Dawn Song and Srinivas Devadas

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