Cryptology ePrint Archive: Listing for 2014

2014/277 ( PDF )
New Treatment of the BSW Sampling and Its Applications to Stream Ciphers
Lin Ding and Chenhui Jin and Jie Guan and Chuanda Qi
2014/276 ( PDF )
Design of identity-based digital signature schemes using extended chaotic maps
SK Hafizul Islam
2014/275 ( PDF )
Identity-based encryption and digital signature schemes using extended chaotic maps
SK Hafizul Islam
2014/274 ( PDF )
Weak instances of composite order protocols
Sorina Ionica and Malika Izabach{\`e}ne
2014/273 ( PDF )
Witness Encryption from Instance Independent Assumptions
Craig Gentry and Allison Bishop Lewko and Brent Waters
2014/272 ( PDF )
Impossible differential cryptanalysis of LBlock with concrete investigation of key scheduling algorithm
Jiageng Chen, Yuichi Futa, Atsuko Miyaji, Chunhua Su
2014/271 ( PDF )
STRIBOB: Authenticated Encryption from GOST R 34.11-2012 LPS Permutation
Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen
2014/270 ( PDF )
Faster Maliciously Secure Two-Party Computation Using the GPU
Tore Kasper Frederiksen and Thomas P. Jakobsen and Jesper Buus Nielsen
2014/269 ( PDF )
Chosen Ciphertext Security via Point Obfuscation
Takahiro Matsuda and Goichiro Hanaoka
2014/268 ( PDF )
A low complexity bit-parallel Montgomery multiplier based on squaring for trinomials
Yin Li and Yiyang Chen
2014/267 ( PDF )
Differential Fault Analysis on the families of SIMON and SPECK ciphers
Harshal Tupsamudre and Shikha Bisht and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2014/266 ( PDF )
ICEPOLE: High-speed, Hardware-oriented Authenticated Encryption
Pawel Morawiecki and Kris Gaj and Ekawat Homsirikamol and Krystian Matusiewicz and Josef Pieprzyk and Marcin Rogawski and Marian Srebrny and Marcin Wojcik
2014/265 ( PDF )
Dual System Groups and its Applications --- Compact HIBE and More
Jie Chen and Hoeteck Wee
2014/264 ( PDF )
Continuous After-the-fact Leakage-Resilient Key Exchange (full version)
Janaka Alawatugoda and Colin Boyd and Douglas Stebila
2014/263 ( PDF )
A Generic Scan Attack on Hardware based eStream Winners
Sandip Karmakar and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
2014/262 ( PDF )
Differential Fault Analysis of MICKEY Family of Stream Ciphers
Sandip Karmakar and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
2014/261 ( PDF )
Fault Analysis of Grain Family of Stream Ciphers
Sandip Karmakar and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
2014/260 ( PDF )
Locally Decodable Codes for edit distance
Rafail Ostrovsky and Anat Paskin-Cherniavsky
2014/259 ( PDF )
Practical Complexity Cube Attacks on Round-Reduced Keccak Sponge Function
Itai Dinur and Pawel Morawiecki and Josef Pieprzyk and Marian Srebrny and Michal Straus
2014/258 ( PDF )
A realtime key recovery attack on the authenticated cipher FASER128
Xiutao FENG and Fan ZHANG
2014/257 ( PDF )
Handycipher: a Low-tech, Randomized, Symmetric-key Cryptosystem
Bruce Kallick
2014/256 ( PDF )
Private and Dynamic Time-Series Data Aggregation with Trust Relaxation
Iraklis Leontiadis and Kaoutar Elkhiyaoui and Refik Molva
2014/255 ( PDF )
Certification and Efficient Proofs of Committed Topology Graphs
Thomas Gross
2014/254 ( PDF )
Enhanced Lattice-Based Signatures on Reconfigurable Hardware
Thomas P\"oppelmann and L{\'e}o Ducas and Tim G\"uneysu
2014/253 ( PDF )
Practical and Secure Query Processing for Large-scale Encrypted Cloud Storage Systems
Fangquan Cheng and Qian Wang and Kui Ren and Zhiyong Peng
2014/252 ( PDF )
Making RSA-PSS Provably Secure Against Non-Random Faults
Gilles Barthe and François Dupressoir and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Benjamin Grégoire and Mehdi Tibouchi and Jean-Christophe Zapalowicz
2014/251 ( PDF )
Forgery on Stateless CMCC
Guy Barwell
2014/250 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the MORE symmetric key fully homomorphic encryption scheme
Boaz Tsaban and Noam Lifshitz
2014/249 ( PDF )
Linear Extension Cube Attack on Stream Ciphers
Liren Ding, Yongjuan Wang, Zhufeng Li
2014/248 ( PDF )
Fine grain Cross-VM Attacks on Xen and VMware are possible!
Gorka Irazoqui Apecechea and Mehmet Sinan Inci and Thomas Eisenbarth and Berk Sunar
2014/247 ( PDF )
Introducing Fault Tolerance into Threshold Password-Authenticated Key Exchange
Ivan Pryvalov and Aniket Kate
2014/246 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of an Identity-Based Strongly Unforgeable Signature Scheme
Kwangsu Lee and Dong Hoon Lee
2014/245 ( PDF )
A practical state recovery attack on the stream cipher Sablier v1
Xiutao FENG and Fan ZHANG
2014/244 ( PDF )
bitcoin.BitMint: Reconciling Bitcoin with Central Banks
Gideon Samid
2014/243 ( PDF )
Key Derivation From Noisy Sources With More Errors Than Entropy
Ran Canetti and Benjamin Fuller and Omer Paneth and Leonid Reyzin
2014/242 ( PDF )
Zero-Knowledge Password Policy Checks and Verifier-Based PAKE
Franziskus Kiefer and Mark Manulis
2014/241 ( PDF )
A New Way to Prevent UKS Attacks Using Trusted Computing
Qianying Zhang and Shijun Zhao and Dengguo Feng
2014/240 ( PDF )
Automatic Proofs of Privacy of Secure Multi-Party Computation Protocols Against Active Adversaries
Martin Pettai and Peeter Laud
2014/239 ( PDF )
Logical Reasoning to Detect Weaknesses About SHA-1 and MD4/5
Florian Legendre and Gilles Dequen and Michaël Krajecki
2014/238 ( PDF )
High Parallel Complexity Graphs and Memory-Hard Functions
Joel Alwen and Vladimir Serbinenko
2014/237 ( PDF )
SIMON Says, Break the Area Records for Symmetric Key Block Ciphers on FPGAs
Aydin Aysu and Ege Gulcan and Patrick Schaumont
2014/236 ( PDF )
Linear Sequential Circuit Approximation of Acterbahn Stream Cipher
Shazia Afreen
2014/235 ( PDF )
Efficient Fuzzy Search on Encrypted Data
Alexandra Boldyreva and Nathan Chenette
2014/234 ( PDF )
Enhancing Oblivious RAM Performance Using Dynamic Prefetching
Xiangyao Yu and Ling Ren and Christopher Fletcher and Albert Kwon and Marten van Dijk and Srinivas Devadas
2014/233 ( PDF )
Toward Practical Homomorphic Evaluation of Block Ciphers Using Prince
Yark{\i}n Dor\"{o}z, Aria Shahverdi, Thomas Eisenbarth, and Berk Sunar
2014/232 ( PDF )
Bandwidth Efficient PIR from NTRU
Yark{\i}n Dor\"{o}z, Berk Sunar and Ghaith Hammouri
2014/231 ( PDF )
Self-Updatable Encryption with Short Public Parameters and Its Extensions
Kwangsu Lee
2014/230 ( PDF )
Isogeny graphs with maximal real multiplication
Sorina Ionica and Emmanuel Thomé
2014/229 ( PDF )
Investigating the Feasibility of LEAP+ in ZigBee Specification
Mohammad Rezaeirad, Muhammad Aamir Iqbal, Dmitri Perkins, Magdy Bayoumi
2014/228 ( PDF )
Improved Analysis of Zorro-Like Ciphers
Achiya Bar-On and Itai Dinur and Orr Dunkelman and Virginie Lallemand and Boaz Tsaban
2014/227 ( PDF )
CKEF: A Cluster-based Key Establishment Framework for homogenous mobile and static wireless sensor networks
Mohammad Rezaeirad, Sahar Mazloom, Mahdi Orooji, Miao Jin, Magdy Bayoumi
2014/226 ( PDF )
Weak-Key Analysis of POET
Mohamed Ahmed Abdelraheem and Andrey Bogdanov and Elmar Tischhauser
2014/225 ( PDF )
Adaptively Secure Functional Encryption for Finite Languages from DLIN Assumption
Tapas Pandit and Rana Barua
2014/224 ( PDF )
Whitewash: Outsourcing Garbled Circuit Generation for Mobile Devices
Henry Carter and Charles Lever and Patrick Traynor
2014/223 ( PDF )
Collision Spectrum, Entropy Loss, T-Sponges, and Cryptanalysis of GLUON-64
Léo Perrin and Dmitry Khovratovich
2014/222 ( PDF )
Optimizing Obfuscation: Avoiding Barrington's Theorem
Prabhanjan Ananth and Divya Gupta and Yuval Ishai and Amit Sahai
2014/221 ( PDF )
Hybrid Model of Fixed and Floating Point Numbers in Secure Multiparty Computations
Toomas Krips and Jan Willemson
2014/220 ( PDF )
Total Break of Zorro using Linear and Differential Attacks
Shahram Rasoolzadeh and Zahra Ahmadian and Mahmood Salmasizadeh and Mohammad Reza Aref
2014/219 ( PDF )
Dynamic Searchable Encryption via Blind Storage
Muhammad Naveed and Manoj Prabhakaran and Carl A. Gunter
2014/218 ( PDF )
A Practical Universal Forgery Attack against PAES-8
Yu Sasaki and Lei Wang
2014/217 ( PDF )
A Forgery Attack against PANDA-s
Yu Sasaki and Lei Wang
2014/216 ( PDF )
Implementation and improvement of the Partial Sum Attack on 6-round AES
Francesco Aldà and Riccardo Aragona and Lorenzo Nicolodi and Massimiliano Sala
2014/215 ( PDF )
Attack On the Markov Problem
James L. Adams
2014/214 ( PDF )
Squaring Algorithms with Delayed Carry Method and Efficient Parallelization
Vladislav Kovtun and Andrew Okhrimenko
2014/213 ( PDF )
Secret-Sharing for NP from Indistinguishability Obfuscation
Ilan Komargodski and Moni Naor and Eylon Yogev
2014/212 ( PDF )
Remarks on the Pocklington and Padr\'o-S\'aez Cube Root Algorithm in $\mathbb F_q$
Geon Heo and Seokhwan Choi and Kwang Ho Lee and Namhun Koo and Soonhak Kwon
2014/211 ( PDF )
Some Randomness Experiments on TRIVIUM
Subhabrata Samajder and Palash Sarkar
2014/210 ( PDF )
Structural Cryptanalysis of McEliece Schemes with Compact Keys
Jean-Charles Faugère and Ayoub Otmani and Ludovic Perret and Frédéric de Portzamparc and Jean-Pierre Tillich
2014/209 ( PDF )
A Little Honesty Goes a Long Way: The Two-Tier Model for Secure Multiparty Computation
Juan A. Garay and Ran Gelles and David S. Johnson and Aggelos Kiayias and Moti Yung
2014/208 ( PDF )
Offline Dictionary Attack on Password Authentication Schemes using Smart Cards
Ding Wang and Ping Wang
2014/207 ( PDF )
Expressive Attribute-Based Encryption with Constant-Size Ciphertexts from the Decisional Linear Assumption
Katsuyuki Takashima
2014/206 ( PDF )
Reconsidering Generic Composition
Chanathip Namprempre and Phillip Rogaway and Thomas Shrimpton
2014/205 ( PDF )
Unified Oblivious-RAM: Improving Recursive ORAM with Locality and Pseudorandomness
Ling Ren, Christopher Fletcher, Xiangyao Yu, Albert Kwon, Marten van Dijk, Srinivas Devadas
2014/204 ( PDF )
ChipWhisperer: An Open-Source Platform for Hardware Embedded Security Research
Colin O'Flynn and Zhizhang (David) Chen
2014/203 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Implicit Authentication
Nashad Ahmed Safa and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini and Siamak F. Shahandashti
2014/202 ( PDF )
Verifiable Computation over Encrypted Data in the Presence of Verification Queries
Rosario Gennaro and Valerio Pastro
2014/201 ( PDF )
From Input Private to Universally Composable Secure Multiparty Computation Primitives
Dan Bogdanov and Peeter Laud and Sven Laur and Pille Pullonen
2014/200 ( PDF )
Automatic Protocol Selection in Secure Two-Party Computations
Florian Kirschbaum and Thomas Schneider and Axel Schröpfer
2014/199 ( PDF )
Doubly Spatial Encryption from DBDH
Jie Chen and Hoeteck Wee
2014/198 ( PDF )
Fast GPGPU-Based Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication
Eric M. Mahé and Jean-Marie Chauvet
2014/197 ( PDF )
Breaking POET Authentication with a Single Query
Jian Guo and Jérémy Jean and Thomas Peyrin and Wang Lei
2014/196 ( PDF )
Benlcouiri Younes and Azizi Abdelmalek and Moulay Chrif Ismaili
2014/195 ( PDF )
Low Overhead Broadcast Encryption from Multilinear Maps
Dan Boneh and Brent Waters and Mark Zhandry
2014/194 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis and Security Enhancement of Two Advanced Authentication Protocols
Sai Raghu Talluri and Swapnoneel Roy
2014/193 ( PDF )
JHAE: An Authenticated Encryption Mode Based on JH
Javad Alizadeh, Mohammad Reza Aref and Nasour Bagheri
2014/192 ( PDF )
Two-sources Randomness Extractors for Elliptic Curves
Abdoul Aziz Ciss
2014/191 ( PDF )
Side-Channel Analysis on Blinded Regular Scalar Multiplications
Benoit Feix and Mylène Roussellet and Alexandre Venelli
2014/190 ( PDF )
The Temperature Side Channel and Heating Fault Attacks
Michael Hutter and Jörn-Marc Schmidt
2014/189 ( PDF )
Practical Receipt-Free Sealed-Bid Auction in the Coercive Environment
Jaydeep Howlader, Sanjit Kumar Roy, Ashis Kumar Mal
2014/188 ( PDF )
A Second Look at Fischlin's Transformation
Özgür Dagdelen and Daniele Venturi
2014/187 ( PDF )
FFT-Based Key Recovery for the Integral Attack
Yosuke Todo
2014/186 ( PDF )
AES-Based Authenticated Encryption Modes in Parallel High-Performance Software
Andrey Bogdanov and Martin M. Lauridsen and Elmar Tischhauser
2014/185 ( PDF )
Oblivious Data Structures
Xiao Wang and Kartik Nayak and Chang Liu and Elaine Shi and Emil Stefanov and Yan Huang
2014/184 ( PDF )
SETUP in Secret Sharing Schemes
Ruxandra F. Olimid
2014/183 ( PDF )
Impact of ANSI X9.24-1:2009 Key Check Value on ISO/IEC 9797-1:2011 MACs
Tetsu Iwata and Lei Wang
2014/182 ( PDF )
Proving the TLS Handshake Secure (as it is)
Karthikeyan Bhargavan and Cédric Fournet and Markulf Kohlweiss and Alfredo Pironti and Pierre-Yves Strub and Santiago Zanella-Béguelin
2014/181 ( PDF )
A Framework and Compact Constructions for Non-monotonic Attribute-Based Encryption
Shota Yamada, Nuttapong Attrapadung, Goichiro Hanaoka, and Noboru Kunihiro
2014/180 ( PDF )
Improving throughput of RC4 algorithm using multithreading techniques in multicore processors
T.D.B Weerasinghe
2014/179 ( PDF )
Optimal constructions for ID-based one-way-function key predistribution schemes realizing specified communication graphs
Maura B. Paterson and Douglas R. Stinson
2014/178 ( PDF )
Verifiable Delegated Set Intersection Operations on Outsourced Encrypted Data
Qingji Zheng and Shouhuai Xu
2014/177 ( PDF )
Pragmatism vs. Elegance: comparing two approaches to Simple Power Attacks on AES
Valentina Banciu and Elisabeth Oswald
2014/176 ( -- withdrawn -- )
One-Round Witness Indistinguishability from Indistinguishability Obfuscation
Qihua Niu, Hongda Li, Bei Liang, Fei Tang
2014/175 ( PDF )
Secrecy and Performance Analysis of Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithms
T.D.B Weerasinghe
2014/174 ( PDF )
Analysis of a Modified RC4 Algorithm
T.D.B Weerasinghe
2014/173 ( PDF )
Continuous Non-malleable Codes
Sebastian Faust and Pratyay Mukherjee and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Daniele Venturi
2014/172 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A novel PUF Scheme
Jeroen Delvaux
2014/171 ( PDF )
An Effective RC4 Stream Cipher
T.D.B Weerasinghe
2014/170 ( PDF )
Parallelized hashing via j-lanes and j-pointers tree modes, with applications to SHA-256
Shay Gueron
2014/169 ( PDF )
Encryption Quality Analysis of the RCBC Block Cipher Compared with RC6 and RC5 Algorithms
Abdul Hamid M. Ragab, Osama S. Farag Alla, Amin Y. Noaman
2014/168 ( PDF )
Privacy Failures in Encrypted Messaging Services: Apple iMessage and Beyond
Scott Coull and Kevin Dyer
2014/167 ( PDF )
How to Eat Your Entropy and Have it Too -- Optimal Recovery Strategies for Compromised RNGs
Yevgeniy Dodis and Adi Shamir and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz and Daniel Wichs
2014/166 ( PDF )
Tuple decoders for traitor tracing schemes
Jan-Jaap Oosterwijk, Jeroen Doumen, Thijs Laarhoven
2014/165 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Kirti Chawla and Om Pal Yadav
2014/164 ( PDF )
Generalized proper matrices and constructing of $m$-resilient Boolean functions with maximal nonlinearity for expanded range of parameters
Yuriy Tarannikov
2014/163 ( PDF )
Improved Secure Implementation of Code-Based Signature Schemes on Embedded Devices
Arnaud Dambra and Philippe Gaborit and Mylène Roussellet and Julien Schrek and Nicolas Tafforeau
2014/162 ( PDF )
Hu Xiong
2014/161 ( PDF )
``Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit'' : A small amount of side channel can go a long way
Naomi Benger and Joop van de Pol and Nigel P. Smart and Yuval Yarom
2014/160 ( PDF )
TRUESET: Nearly Practical Verifiable Set Computations
Ahmed E. Kosba and Dimitrios Papadopoulos and Charalampos Papamanthou and Mahmoud F. Sayed and Elaine Shi and Nikos Triandopoulos
2014/159 ( PDF )
Weak-Key Leakage Resilient Cryptography
Zuoxia Yu and Qiuliang Xu and Yongbin Zhou and Chengyu Hu and Rupeng Yang and Guangjun Fan
2014/158 ( PDF )
Point compression for the trace zero subgroup over a small degree extension field
Elisa Gorla and Maike Massierer
2014/157 ( PDF )
CLOC: Authenticated Encryption for Short Input
Tetsu Iwata and Kazuhiko Minematsu and Jian Guo and Sumio Morioka
2014/156 ( PDF )
Non-Malleable Extractors with Shorter Seeds and Min-Entropy Rate $<\frac{1}{2}$
Yanqing Yao and Zhoujun Li
2014/155 ( PDF )
Honey Encryption: Security Beyond the Brute-Force Bound
Ari Juels and Thomas Ristenpart
2014/154 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Cryptography in the RAM Model of Computation
Daniel Apon and Xiong Fan and Jonathan Katz and Feng-Hao Liu and Elaine Shi and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2014/153 ( PDF )
Verifiable Oblivious Storage
Daniel Apon and Jonathan Katz and Elaine Shi and Aishwarya Thiruvengadam
2014/152 ( PDF )
A Statistics-based Fundamental Model for Side-channel Attack Analysis
Yunsi Fei and A. Adam Ding and Jian Lao and Liwei Zhang
2014/151 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of Key-Alternating Feistel Ciphers
Rodolphe Lampe and Yannick Seurin
2014/150 ( PDF )
On the Effective Prevention of TLS Man-In-The-Middle Attacks in Web Applications
Nikolaos Karapanos and Srdjan Capkun
2014/149 ( PDF )
Millions of Millionaires: Multiparty Computation in Large Networks
Mahdi Zamani and Mahnush Movahedi and Jared Saia
2014/148 ( PDF )
Outsourcing Private RAM Computation
Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Mariana Raykova and Daniel Wichs
2014/147 ( PDF )
The Multiple Number Field Sieve for Medium and High Characteristic Finite Fields
Razvan Barbulescu and Cécile Pierrot
2014/146 ( PDF )
Untappable communication channels over optical fibers from quantum-optical noise
Geraldo A. Barbosa and Jeroen van de Graaf
2014/145 ( PDF )
Calculating Cryptographic Degree of an S-Box
Prasanna Raghaw Mishra
2014/144 ( PDF )
How to Securely Release Unverified Plaintext in Authenticated Encryption
Elena Andreeva and Andrey Bogdanov and Atul Luykx and Bart Mennink and Nicky Mouha and Kan Yasuda
2014/143 ( PDF )
Statistical Concurrent Non-Malleable Zero Knowledge
Claudio Orlandi and Rafail Ostrovsky and Vanishree Rao and Amit Sahai and Ivan Visconti
2014/142 ( -- withdrawn -- )
FPGA-Based High Performance AES-GCM Using Efficient Karatsuba Ofman Algorithm
Karim M. Abdellatif, R. Chotin-Avot, and H. Mehrez
2014/141 ( PDF )
Unrestricted Identity-Based Aggregate Signcryption in the Standard Model from Multilinear Maps
Hao Wang
2014/140 ( PDF )
Recovering OpenSSL ECDSA Nonces Using the FLUSH+RELOAD Cache Side-channel Attack
Yuval Yarom and Naomi Benger
2014/139 ( PDF )
On the Phase Space of Block-Hiding Strategies
Assaf Shomer
2014/138 ( PDF )
Short Signatures from Diffie-Hellman, Revisited: Sublinear Public Key, CMA Security, and Tighter Reduction
Jae Hong Seo
2014/137 ( PDF )
Efficient, Oblivious Data Structures for MPC
Marcel Keller and Peter Scholl
2014/136 ( PDF )
Isolated Execution on Many-core Architectures
Ramya Jayaram Masti and Devendra Rai and Claudio Marforio and Srdjan Capkun
2014/135 ( PDF )
Anonymous Two-Factor Authentication: Certain Goals Are Beyond Attainment
Ding Wang, Ping Wang, and Debiao He
2014/134 ( PDF )
Kummer strikes back: new DH speed records
Daniel J. Bernstein and Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup and Tanja Lange and Peter Schwabe
2014/133 ( PDF )
Efficient Secure and Verifiable Outsourcing of Matrix Multiplications
Yihua Zhang and Marina Blanton
2014/132 ( PDF )
Efficient Revocable Identity-Based Encryption via Subset Difference Methods
Kwangsu Lee and Dong Hoon Lee and Jong Hwan Park
2014/131 ( PDF )
Modelling After-the-fact Leakage for Key Exchange
Janaka Alawatugoda and Douglas Stebila and Colin Boyd
2014/130 ( PDF )
Selecting Elliptic Curves for Cryptography: An Efficiency and Security Analysis
Joppe W. Bos and Craig Costello and Patrick Longa and Michael Naehrig
2014/129 ( PDF )
How to Use Bitcoin to Design Fair Protocols
Iddo Bentov and Ranjit Kumaresan
2014/128 ( PDF )
Efficient Three-Party Computation from Cut-and-Choose
Seung Geol Choi and Jonathan Katz and Alex J. Malozemoff and Vassilis Zikas
2014/127 ( PDF )
Algebraic Properties of Modular Addition Modulo a Power of Two
S. M. Dehnavi and Alireza Rahimipour
2014/126 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Public-Key Encryption Resilient Against Linear Related-Key Attacks Revisited
Hui Cui \and Yi Mu \and Man Ho Au
2014/125 ( PDF )
Removing Erasures with Explainable Hash Proof Systems
Michel Abdalla and Fabrice Benhamouda and David Pointcheval
2014/124 ( PDF )
Optimal Non-Perfect Uniform Secret Sharing Schemes
Oriol Farràs and Torben Hansen and Tarik Kaced and Carles Padró
2014/123 ( PDF )
FORSAKES: A Forward-Secure Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol Based on Symmetric Key-Evolving Schemes
Mohammad Sadeq Dousti and Rasool Jalili
2014/122 ( PDF )
New Way to Construct Cryptographic Hash Function
2014/121 ( PDF )
Oblivious Radix Sort: An Efficient Sorting Algorithm for Practical Secure Multi-party Computation
Koki Hamada and Dai Ikarashi and Koji Chida and Katsumi Takahashi
2014/120 ( PDF )
Automated Proof for Authorization Protocols of TPM 2.0 in Computational Model (full version)
Weijin Wang, Yu Qin, Dengguo Feng, Xiaobo Chu
2014/119 ( PDF )
Breaking `128-bit Secure' Supersingular Binary Curves (or how to solve discrete logarithms in $\F_{2^{4 \cdot 1223}}$ and $\F_{2^{12 \cdot 367}}$)
Robert Granger and Thorsten Kleinjung and Jens Zumbr\"agel
2014/118 ( PDF )
Quantum position verification in the random oracle model
Dominique Unruh
2014/117 ( PDF )
An Applicable Public-Key-Cryptosystem Based on NP-Complete Problems
Bjoern Grohmann
2014/116 ( PDF )
Optimal Algebraic Manipulation Detection Codes
Ronald Cramer and Carles Padr{\'o} and Chaoping Xing
2014/115 ( PDF )
Comments on a novel user authentication and key agreement scheme
Jia-Lun Tsai
2014/114 ( PDF )
Prover Anonymous and Deniable Distance-Bounding Authentication
Sebastien Gambs and Cristina Onete and Jean-Marc Robert
2014/113 ( PDF )
Secure Compression: Theory \& Practice
James Kelley and Roberto Tamassia
2014/112 ( PDF )
Polynomial Time Attack on Wild McEliece Over Quadratic Extensions
Alain Couvreur and Ayoub Otmani and Jean-Pierre Tillich
2014/111 ( PDF )
A Note on the CLRW2 Tweakable Block Cipher Construction
Gordon Procter
2014/110 ( PDF )
Halka: A Lightweight, Software Friendly Block Cipher Using Ultra-lightweight 8-bit S-box
Sourav Das
2014/109 ( PDF )
Diffusion Programmable Device : The device to prevent reverse engineering
Mitsuru Shiozaki, Ryohei Hori and Takeshi Fujino
2014/108 ( PDF )
MJH: A Faster Alternative to MDC-2
Jooyoung Lee and Martijn Stam
2014/107 ( PDF )
Key-Indistinguishable Message Authentication Codes
Joel Alwen and Martin Hirt and Ueli Maurer and Arpita Patra and Pavel Raykov
2014/106 ( PDF )
Algorithms in HElib
Shai Halevi and Victor Shoup
2014/105 ( PDF )
Reducing the Overhead of Cloud MPC
Ashish Choudhury and Arpita Patra and Nigel P. Smart
2014/104 ( PDF )
Space-efficient, byte-wise incremental and perfectly private encryption schemes
Kévin Atighehchi
2014/103 ( PDF )
SHipher: Families of Block Ciphers based on SubSet-Sum Problem
Xiali Hei and Binheng Song
2014/102 ( PDF )
Actively Secure Private Function Evaluation
Payman Mohassel and Saeed Sadeghian and Nigel P. Smart
2014/101 ( PDF )
Dishonest Majority Multi-Party Computation for Binary Circuits
Enrique Larraia and Emmanuela Orsini and Nigel P. Smart
2014/100 ( PDF )
Improved Slender-set Linear Cryptanalysis
Guo-Qiang Liu and Chen-Hui Jin and Chuan-Da Qi
2014/099 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation and UCEs: The Case of Computationally Unpredictable Sources
Christina Brzuska and Pooya Farshim and Arno Mittelbach
2014/098 ( PDF )
Towards Characterizing Complete Fairness in Secure Two-Party Computation
Gilad Asharov
2014/097 ( PDF )
A Simple Framework for Noise-Free Construction of Fully Homomorphic Encryption from a Special Class of Non-Commutative Groups
Koji Nuida
2014/096 ( PDF )
Tight security bounds for multiple encryption
Yuanxi Dai, John Steinberger
2014/095 ( PDF )
Unified, Minimal and Selectively Randomizable Structure-Preserving Signatures
Masayuki Abe and Jens Groth and Miyako Ohkubo and Mehdi Tibouchi
2014/094 ( PDF )
Faster Bootstrapping with Polynomial Error
Jacob Alperin-Sheriff and Chris Peikert
2014/093 ( PDF )
The Related-Key Analysis of Feistel Constructions
Manuel Barbosa and Pooya Farshim
2014/092 ( PDF )
A new class of system oriented PKC, K(I)SOPKC.
2014/091 ( PDF )
On Cryptographic Applications of Matrices Acting on Finite Commutative Groups and Rings
S. M. Dehnavi and A. Mahmoodi Rishakani and M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad
2014/090 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of KLEIN (Full version)
Virginie Lallemand and María Naya-Plasencia
2014/089 ( PDF )
Multiple Di fferential Cryptanalysis of Round-Reduced PRINCE (Full version)
Anne Canteaut and Thomas Fuhr and Henri Gilbert and Maria Naya-Plasencia and Jean-René Reinhard
2014/088 ( PDF )
A Bound For Multiparty Secret Key Agreement And Implications For A Problem Of Secure Computing
Himanshu Tyagi and Shun Watanabe
2014/087 ( PDF )
AnoA: A Framework For Analyzing Anonymous Communication Protocols
Michael Backes and Aniket Kate and Praveen Manoharan and Sebastian Meiser and Esfandiar Mohammadi
2014/086 ( PDF )
Randomized and Efficient Authentication in Mobile Environments
Wei Jiang, Dan Lin, Feng Li, Elisa Bertino
2014/085 ( PDF )
Multipermutations in Crypto World: Different Faces of the Perfect Diffusion Layer
Aleksandra Mileva
2014/084 ( PDF )
RECTANGLE: A Bit-slice Ultra-Lightweight Block Cipher Suitable for Multiple Platforms
Wentao Zhang and Zhenzhen Bao and Dongdai Lin and Vincent Rijmen and Bohan Yang and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2014/083 ( PDF )
Garbled RAM Revisited, Part II
Steve Lu and Rafail Ostrovsky
2014/082 ( PDF )
Garbled RAM Revisited, Part I
Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Mariana Raykova and Daniel Wichs
2014/081 ( PDF )
Efficient Round Optimal Blind Signatures
Sanjam Garg and Divya Gupta
2014/080 ( PDF )
A Full Characterization of Completeness for Two-party Randomized Function Evaluation
Daniel Kraschewski and Hemanta K. Maji and Manoj Prabhakaran and Amit Sahai
2014/079 ( PDF )
Unifying Leakage Models: from Probing Attacks to Noisy Leakage
Alexandre Duc and Stefan Dziembowski and Sebastian Faust
2014/078 ( PDF )
Implementation and Comparison of Lattice-based Identification Protocols on Smart Cards and Microcontrollers
Ahmad Boorghany and Rasool Jalili
2014/077 ( PDF )
Mixcoin: Anonymity for Bitcoin with accountable mixes
Joseph Bonneau and Arvind Narayanan and Andrew Miller and Jeremy Clark and Joshua A. Kroll and Edward W. Felten
2014/076 ( PDF )
Certified Bitcoins
Giuseppe Ateniese and Antonio Faonio and Bernardo Magri and Breno de Medeiros
2014/075 ( PDF )
Publicly Auditable Secure Multi-Party Computation
Carsten Baum and Ivan Damgård and Claudio Orlandi
2014/074 ( PDF )
New and Improved Key-Homomorphic Pseudorandom Functions
Abhishek Banerjee and Chris Peikert
2014/073 ( PDF )
Anonymous Authentication with Shared Secrets
Joel Alwen and Martin Hirt and Ueli Maurer and Arpita Patra and Pavel Raykov
2014/072 ( PDF )
Efficient Privacy-Preserving Big Data Processing through Proxy-Assisted ORAM
Nikolaos P. Karvelas and Andreas Peter and Stefan Katzenbeisser and Sebastian Biedermann
2014/071 ( PDF )
Implementing Pairing-Based Cryptosystems in USB Tokens
Zhaohui Cheng
2014/070 ( PDF )
Lattice Cryptography for the Internet
Chris Peikert
2014/069 ( PDF )
One-Pass Authenticated Key Establishment Protocol on Bilinear Pairings for Wireless Sensor Networks
Manoj Ranjan Mishra, Jayaprakash Kar and Banshidhar Majhi
2014/068 ( PDF )
Some security bounds for the DGHV scheme
Franca Marinelli and Riccardo Aragona and Chiara Marcolla and Massimiliano Sala
2014/067 ( PDF )
Efficient and Strongly Secure Dynamic Domain-Specific Pseudonymous Signatures for ID Documents
Julien Bringer and Hervé Chabanne and Roch Lescuyer and Alain Patey
2014/066 ( PDF )
A Subexponential Construction of Graph Coloring for Multiparty Computation
Hassan Jameel Asghar, Yvo Desmedt, Josef Pieprzyk, and Ron Steinfeld
2014/065 ( PDF )
Fine Tuning the Function Field Sieve Algorithm for the Medium Prime Case
Palash Sarkar and Shashank Singh
2014/064 ( PDF )
A Polynomial Time Attack against Algebraic Geometry Code Based Public Key Cryptosystems
Alain Couvreur and Irene Márquez-Corbella and Ruud Pellikaan
2014/063 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis on “Secure untraceable off-line electronic cash system”
Yalin Chen and Jue-Sam Chou*
2014/062 ( PDF )
A Comparison of the Homomorphic Encryption Schemes FV and YASHE
Tancrède Lepoint and Michael Naehrig
2014/061 ( PDF )
Bounded-Collusion Identity-Based Encryption from Semantically-Secure Public-Key Encryption: Generic Constructions with Short Ciphertexts
Stefano Tessaro and David A. Wilson
2014/060 ( PDF )
Verifiable Computation in Multiparty Protocols with Honest Majority
Peeter Laud and Alisa Pankova
2014/059 ( PDF )
Cuckoo Cycle: a memory-hard proof-of-work system
John Tromp
2014/058 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of FIDES
Itai Dinur and Jérémy Jean
2014/057 ( PDF )
Computing Discrete Logarithms in F_{3^{6*137}} and F_{3^{6*163}} using Magma
Gora Adj and Alfred Menezes and Thomaz Oliveira and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez
2014/056 ( PDF )
Low Probability Differentials and the Cryptanalysis of Full-Round CLEFIA-128
Sareh Emami and San Ling and Ivica Nikolic and Josef Pieprzyk and Huaxiong Wang
2014/055 ( PDF )
Security Enhanced Anonymous Multi-Server Authenticated Key Agreement Scheme using Smart Card and Biometrics
Younsung Choi
2014/054 ( PDF )
The Fourier Entropy-Influence conjecture holds for a log-density 1 class of cryptographic Boolean functions
Sugata Gangopadhyay and Pantelimon Stanica
2014/053 ( PDF )
Masking and Leakage-Resilient Primitives: One, the Other(s) or Both?
Sonia Belaïd, and Vincent Grosso and François-Xavier Standaert
2014/052 ( PDF )
DAA-related APIs in TPM2.0 Revisited
Li Xi
2014/051 ( PDF )
An Equivalence-Preserving Transformation of Shift Registers
Elena Dubrova
2014/050 ( PDF )
Some Theoretical Conditions for Menezes--Qu--Vanstone Key Agreement to Provide Implicit Key Authentication
Daniel R. L. Brown
2014/049 ( PDF )
Data Security in Cloud Architecture Based on Diffie Hellman and Elliptical Curve Cryptography
Neha tirthani and Ganesan
2014/048 ( PDF )
When a Boolean Function can be Expressed as the Sum of two Bent Functions
Longjiang Qu and Shaojing Fu and Qingping Dai and Chao Li
2014/047 ( PDF )
Down the Rabbit Hole: Revisiting the Shrinking Method
Vivien Dubois
2014/046 ( PDF )
Crypto-analyses on “user efficient recoverable off-line e-cashs scheme with fast anonymity revoking”
Yalin Chen1 and Jue-Sam Chou*2
2014/045 ( PDF )
Human Assisted Randomness Generation Using Video Games
Mohsen Alimomeni and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini
2014/044 ( PDF )
rPIR: Ramp Secret Sharing based Communication Efficient Private Information Retrieval
Lichun Li and Michael Militzer and Anwitaman Datta
2014/043 ( PDF )
Elligator Squared: Uniform Points on Elliptic Curves of Prime Order as Uniform Random Strings
Mehdi Tibouchi
2014/042 ( PDF )
A New Algorithm for Solving the General Approximate Common Divisors Problem and Cryptanalysis of the FHE Based on the GACD problem
Jintai Ding, Chengdong Tao
2014/041 ( PDF )
Practical polynomial time solutions of several major problems in noncommutative-algebraic cryptography
Boaz Tsaban
2014/040 ( PDF )
A Fast Modular Reduction Method
Zhengjun Cao and Ruizhong Wei and Xiaodong Lin
2014/039 ( PDF )
Homomorphic AES Evaluation using NTRU
Yarkin Doroz and Yin Hu and Berk Sunar
2014/038 ( PDF )
Extending and Applying a Framework for the Cryptographic Verification of Java Programs.
Ralf Kuesters and Enrico Scapin and Tomasz Truderung and Juergen Graf
2014/037 ( PDF )
On the Security of the Pre-Shared Key Ciphersuites of TLS
Yong Li and Sven Schäge and Zheng Yang and Florian Kohlar and Jörg Schwenk
2014/036 ( PDF )
A Secure Text Messaging Protocol
Gary Belvin
2014/035 ( PDF )
A new attack on RSA with a composed decryption exponent
Abderrahmane Nitaj and Mohamed Ould Douh
2014/034 ( PDF )
Authenticated Encryption with SPECK
Chase Manny
2014/033 ( PDF )
Lattice-based Group Signature Scheme with Verifier-local Revocation
Adeline Langlois and San Ling and Khoa Nguyen and Huaxiong Wang
2014/032 ( PDF )
Scale-Invariant Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Integers
Jean-Sébastien Coron and Tancrède Lepoint and Mehdi Tibouchi
2014/031 ( PDF )
On the Design of LIL Tests for (Pseudo) Random Generators and Some Experimental Results
Yongge Wang
2014/030 ( PDF )
Lyra: Password-Based Key Derivation with Tunable Memory and Processing Costs
Leonardo C. Almeida and Ewerton R. Andrade and Paulo S. L. M. Barreto and Marcos A. Simplicio Jr.
2014/029 ( PDF )
General Impossibility of Group Homomorphic Encryption in the Quantum World
Frederik Armknecht and Tommaso Gagliardoni and Stefan Katzenbeisser and Andreas Peter
2014/028 ( PDF )
Channel Equalization for Side Channel Attacks
Colin O'Flynn and Zhizhang (David) Chen
2014/027 ( PDF )
Twisting Edwards curves with isogenies
Mike Hamburg
2014/026 ( PDF )
Studying Potential Side Channel Leakages on an Embedded Biometric Comparison System
Maël Berthier and Yves Bocktaels and Julien Bringer and Hervé Chabanne and Taoufik Chouta and Jean-Luc Danger and Mélanie Favre and Tarik Graba
2014/025 ( PDF )
Side-Channel Leakage through Static Power –Should We Care about in Practice?–
Amir Moradi
2014/024 ( PDF )
An Efficient Pseudo-Random Generator with Applications to Public-Key Encryption and Constant-Round Multiparty Computation
Ivan Damgård and Jesper Buus Nielsen
2014/023 ( PDF )
Solving Random Subset Sum Problem by $l_{p}$-norm SVP Oracle
Gengran Hu and Yanbin Pan and Feng Zhang
2014/022 ( PDF )
Ultra-lightweight 8-bit Multiplicative Inverse Based S-box Using LFSR
Sourav Das
2014/021 ( PDF )
Online/Offline Attribute-Based Encryption
Susan Hohenberger and Brent Waters
2014/020 ( PDF )
(De-)Constructing TLS
Markulf Kohlweiss and Ueli Maurer and Cristina Onete and Bjoern Tackmann and Daniele Venturi
2014/019 ( PDF )
Lazy Modulus Switching for the BKW Algorithm on LWE
Martin R. Albrecht and Jean-Charles Faugère and Robert Fitzpatrick and Ludovic Perret
2014/018 ( PDF )
Completeness for Symmetric Two-Party Functionalities - Revisited
Yehuda Lindell and Eran Omri and Hila Zarosim
2014/017 ( PDF )
Two-round password-only authenticated key exchange in the three-party setting
Junghyun Nam and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo and Juryon Paik and Dongho Won
2014/016 ( PDF )
Triple and Quadruple Encryption: Bridging the Gaps
Bart Mennink and Bart Preneel
2014/015 ( PDF )
Tight Security Bounds for Triple Encryption
Jooyoung Lee
2014/014 ( PDF )
Linkable Message Tagging: Solving the key distribution problem of signature schemes
Felix Günther and Bertram Poettering
2014/013 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Novel Modular Adder for One Thousand Bits and More Using Fast Carry Chains of Modern FPGAs
Marcin Rogawski, Kris Gaj and Ekawat Homsirikamol
2014/012 ( PDF )
Maximal Information Coefficient Analysis
Yanis Linge and Cecile Dumas and Sophie Lambert-Lacroix
2014/011 ( PDF )
Construction of New Families of ‎MDS‎ Diffusion Layers
S. M. Dehnavi and A. Mahmoodi Rishakani and M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad and Hamidreza Maimani and Einollah Pasha
2014/010 ( PDF )
A Certificate-Based Proxy Signature with Message Recovery without Bilinear Pairing
Ali Mahmoodi, Javad Mohajeri, Mahmoud Salmasizadeh
2014/009 ( PDF )
Characterization of EME with Linear Mixing
Nilanjan Datta and Mridul Nandi
2014/008 ( PDF )
A Theoretical Study of Kolmogorov-Smirnov Distinguishers: Side-Channel Analysis vs. Differential Cryptanalysis
Annelie Heuser and Sylvain Guilley and Olivier Rioul
2014/007 ( PDF )
One Weird Trick to Stop Selfish Miners: Fresh Bitcoins, A Solution for the Honest Miner.
Ethan Heilman
2014/006 ( PDF )
Efficient Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Arguments for Set Operations
Prastudy Fauzi and Helger Lipmaa and Bingsheng Zhang
2014/005 ( -- withdrawn -- )
The analysis of the Keccak with the new method called parity
Ghanei yakhdan.mostafa
2014/004 ( PDF )
MaxMinMax problem and sparse equations over finite fields
Igor Semaev
2014/003 ( PDF )
$GF(2^n)$ Bit-Parallel Squarer Using Generalized Polynomial Basis For a New Class of Irreducible Pentanomials
Xi Xiong and Haining Fan
2014/002 ( PDF )
Pseudorandom Generator Based on Hard Lattice Problem
Kuan Cheng
2014/001 ( PDF )
Comments on: EIBAS - an efficient identity broadcast authentication scheme in wireless sensor networks
Yalin Chen and Jue-Sam Chou

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