Cryptology ePrint Archive: Listing for 2020

2020/065 ( PDF )
A Performant, Misuse-Resistant API for Primality Testing
Jake Massimo and Kenneth G. Paterson
2020/064 ( PDF )
Dual System in Lattice: Fully Secure ABE from LWE Assumption
Geng Wang and Ming Wan and Zhen Liu and Dawu Gu
2020/063 ( PDF )
Attack on LAC Key Exchange in Misuse Situation
Aurelien Greuet and Simon Montoya and Guenael Renault
2020/062 ( PDF )
Lift-and-Shift: Obtaining Simulation Extractable Subversion and Updatable SNARKs Generically
Bezhad Abdolmaleki and Sebastian Ramacher and Daniel Slamanig
2020/061 ( PDF )
Simple Schnorr Signature with Pedersen Commitment as Key
Gary Yu
2020/060 ( PDF )
Auditable Asymmetric Password Authenticated Public Key Establishment
Antonio Faonio and Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco and Claudio Soriente and Hien Thi Thu Truong
2020/059 ( PDF )
ARX-KW, a family of key wrapping constructions using SipHash and ChaCha
Satō Shinichi
2020/058 ( PDF )
Learning when to stop: a mutual information approach to fight overfitting in profiled side-channel analysis
Guilherme Perin and Ileana Buhan and Stjepan Picek
2020/057 ( PDF )
On the smoothing parameter and last minimum of random orthogonal lattices
Elena Kirshanova and Huyen Nguyen and Damien Stehlé and Alexandre Wallet
2020/056 ( PDF )
AKCN-E8: Compact and Flexible KEM from Ideal Lattice
Zhengzhong JIn and Yunlei Zhao
2020/055 ( PDF )
When one vulnerable primitive turns viral: Novel single-trace attacks on ECDSA and RSA
Alejandro Cabrera Aldaya and Billy Bob Brumley
2020/054 ( PDF )
Parameterized Hardware Accelerators for Lattice-Based Cryptography and Their Application to the HW/SW Co-Design of qTESLA
Wen Wang and Shanquan Tian and Bernhard Jungk and Nina Bindel and Patrick Longa and Jakub Szefer
2020/053 ( PDF )
Security Analysis Against "A New Encryption Scheme for Multivariate Quadratic Systems"
Yasuhiko Ikematsu and Shuhei Nakamura
2020/052 ( PDF )
Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round Tweakable TWINE
Mohamed Tolba and Muhammad ElSheikh and Amr M. Youssef
2020/051 ( PDF )
Low-Latency Hardware Masking with Application to AES
Pascal Sasdrich and Begül Bilgin and Michael Hutter and Mark Marson
2020/050 ( PDF )
Delphi: A Cryptographic Inference Service for Neural Networks
Pratyush Mishra and Ryan Lehmkuhl and Akshayaram Srinivasan and Wenting Zheng and Raluca Ada Popa
2020/049 ( PDF )
ISA Extensions for Finite Field Arithmetic - Accelerating Kyber and NewHope on RISC-V
Erdem Alkim and Hülya Evkan and Norman Lahr and Ruben Niederhagen and Richard Petri
2020/048 ( PDF )
Practical Searchable Symmetric Encryption Supporting Conjunctive Queries without Keyword Pair Result Pattern Leakage
Changshe Ma and Yiping Gu and Hongfei Li
2020/047 ( PDF )
New Subquadratic Algorithms for Constructing Lightweight Hadamard MDS Matrices (Full Version)
Tianshuo Cong and Ximing Fu and Xuting Zhou and Yuli Zou and Haining Fan
2020/046 ( PDF )
On Analysis of Lightweight Stream Ciphers with Keyed Update
Orhun Kara and Muhammed F. Esgin
2020/045 ( PDF )
Pragmatic Authenticated Key Agreement for IEEE Std 802.15.6
Haibat Khan and Benjamin Dowling and Keith M. Martin
2020/044 ( PDF )
Bypassing Non-Outsourceable Proof-of-Work Schemes Using Collateralized Smart Contracts
Alexander Chepurnoy and Amitabh Saxena
2020/043 ( PDF )
Zone Encryption with Anonymous Authentication for V2V Communication
Jan Camenisch and Manu Drijvers and Anja Lehmann and Gregory Neven and Patrick Towa
2020/042 ( PDF )
BLAZE: Blazing Fast Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
Arpita Patra and Ajith Suresh
2020/041 ( PDF )
Consistency in Proof-of-Stake Blockchains with Concurrent Honest Slot Leaders
Aggelos Kiayias and Saad Quader and Alexander Russell
2020/040 ( PDF )
A Compact and Scalable Hardware/Software Co-design of SIKE
Pedro Maat C. Massolino and Patrick Longa and Joost Renes and Lejla Batina
2020/039 ( PDF )
Online Performance Evaluation of Deep Learning Networks for Side-Channel Analysis
Damien Robissout and Gabriel Zaid and Brice Colombier and Lilian Bossuet and Amaury Habrard
2020/038 ( PDF )
Bitstream Modification Attack on SNOW 3G
Michail Moraitis and Elena Dubrova
2020/037 ( PDF )
Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocols with Near-Optimal Throughput
Matthias Fitzi and Peter Gaži and Aggelos Kiayias and Alexander Russell
2020/036 ( PDF )
Analysis on Aigis-Enc: asymmetrical and symmetrical
Yupu Hu and Siyue Dong and Xingting Dong
2020/035 ( PDF )
Constant-round Dynamic Group Key Exchange from RLWE Assumption
Rakyong Choi and Dongyeon Hong and Kwangjo Kim
2020/034 ( PDF )
SkyEye: A Traceable Scheme for Blockchain
Tianjun Ma and Haixia Xu and Peili Li
2020/033 ( PDF )
Scalable Open-Vote Network on Ethereum
Mohamed Seifelnasr and Hisham S. Galal and Amr M. Youssef
2020/032 ( PDF )
A New Approach for the Implementation of Binary Matrices Using SLP Applications
Mahdi Sajadieh and Mohsen Mousavi
2020/031 ( PDF )
Locally Decodable Codes with Randomized Encoding
Kuan Cheng and Xin Li and Yu Zheng
2020/030 ( PDF )
Κ-Cipher: A Low Latency, Bit Length Parameterizable Cipher
Michael Kounavis and Sergej Deutsch and Santosh Ghosh and David Durham
2020/029 ( PDF )
Differentially-Private Multi-Party Sketching for Large-Scale Statistics
Seung Geol Choi and Dana Dachman-Soled and Mukul Kulkarni and Arkady Yerukhimovich
2020/028 ( PDF )
Verified Security of BLT Signature Scheme
Denis Firsov and Ahto Buldas and Ahto Truu and Risto Laanoja
2020/027 ( PDF )
On Roots Factorization for PQC Algorithms
Alexander Maximov
2020/026 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Secure Architectures for Automotive Hardware Secure Modules
Wen Wang and Marc Stöttinger
2020/025 ( PDF )
Single Secret Leader Election
Dan Boneh and Saba Eskandarian and Lucjan Hanzlik and Nicola Greco
2020/024 ( PDF )
The Arwen Trading Protocols (Full Version)
Ethan Heilman and Sebastien Lipmann and Sharon Goldberg
2020/023 ( PDF )
Threshold Multi-Signature with an Offline Recovery Party
Riccardo Longo and Alessio Meneghetti and Massimiliano Sala
2020/022 ( PDF )
Differential Random Fault Attacks on certain CAESAR Stream Ciphers (Supplementary Material)
Kenneth Koon-Ho Wong and Harry Bartlett and Leonie Simpson and Ed Dawson
2020/021 ( PDF )
eSIDH: the revenge of the SIDH
Daniel Cervantes-Vázquez and Eduardo Ochoa-Jiménez and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez
2020/020 ( PDF )
Towards Practical Encrypted Network Traffic Pattern Matching for Secure Middleboxes
Shangqi Lai and Xingliang Yuan and Shi-Feng Sun and Joseph K. Liu and Ron Steinfeld and Amin Sakzad and Dongxi Liu
2020/019 ( PDF )
Short Selling Attack: A Self-Destructive But Profitable 51% Attack On PoS Blockchains
Suhyeon Lee and Seungjoo Kim
2020/018 ( PDF )
Triptych: logarithmic-sized linkable ring signatures with applications
Sarang Noether and Brandon Goodell
2020/017 ( PDF )
Biometric-Authenticated Searchable Encryption
Daniel Gardham and Mark Manulis and Constantin Cătălin Drăgan
2020/016 ( PDF )
Short Threshold Dynamic Group Signatures
Jan Camenisch and Manu Drijvers and Anja Lehmann and Gregory Neven and Patrick Towa
2020/015 ( PDF )
Efficient Homomorphic Conversion Between (Ring) LWE Ciphertexts
Hao Chen and Wei Dai and Miran Kim and Yongsoo Song
2020/014 ( PDF )
SHA-1 is a Shambles - First Chosen-Prefix Collision on SHA-1 and Application to the PGP Web of Trust
Gaëtan Leurent and Thomas Peyrin
2020/013 ( PDF )
On the Cryptographic Hardness of Local Search
Nir Bitansky and Idan Gerichter
2020/012 ( PDF )
Cortex-M4 Optimizations for \{R,M\}LWE Schemes
Erdem Alkim and Yusuf Alper Bilgin and Murat Cenk and François Gérard
2020/011 ( PDF )
BB-VDF: Enabling Accountability and Fine-grained Access Control for Vehicular Digital Forensics through Blockchain
Ming Li,Jian Weng, Jia-Nan Liu, Xiaodong Lin, Charlie Obimbo
2020/010 ( PDF )
Double point compression for elliptic curves of $j$-invariant $0$
Dmitrii Koshelev
2020/009 ( PDF )
Efficient Elliptic Curve Operations On Microcontrollers With Finite Field Extensions
Thomas Pornin
2020/008 ( PDF )
Secret Sharing Schemes for Ports of Matroids of Rank 3
Oriol Farràs
2020/007 ( PDF )
On Lattice-Based Interactive Protocols with Aborts
Nabil Alkeilani Alkadri and Rachid El Bansarkhani and Johannes Buchmann
2020/006 ( PDF )
Tight and Optimal Reductions for Signatures based on Average Trapdoor Preimage Sampleable Functions and Applications to Code-Based Signatures
André Chailloux and Thomas Debris-Alazard
2020/005 ( PDF )
Lai-Massey Scheme Revisited
M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad and S. M. Dehnavi
2020/004 ( PDF )
BPCEX: Towards Blockchain-based Privacy-preserving Currency Exchange
Wulu Li and Lei Chen and Xin Lai and Xiao Zhang and Jiajun Xin
2020/003 ( PDF )
New Constructions of Traceable Range Proofs: Towards Multiple Regulation and Joint Regulation
Wulu Li and Lei Chen and Xin Lai and Xiao Zhang and Jiajun Xin
2020/002 ( PDF )
On a Conjecture of O'Donnell
Qichun Wang
2020/001 ( PDF )
Elliptic Curves of Nearly Prime Order
Manoj Gyawali and Daniele Di Tullio

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