Cryptology ePrint Archive: Listing for 2009

2009/638 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Reducing Elliptic Curve Logarithm to Logarithm in a Finite Field $\mathbb{F}_q$ for Some Orders
Wei Yu, Kunpeng Wang, Bao Li
2009/637 ( PDF )
Efficient Characteristic Set Algorithms for Equation Solving in Finite Fields and Application in Analysis of Stream Ciphers
Xiao-shan Gao and Zhenyu Huang
2009/636 ( PDF )
Obtaining More Karatsuba-Like Formulae over The Binary Field
Haining Fan and Ming Gu and Jiaguang Sun and Kwok-Yan Lam
2009/635 ( PDF )
Flexible Quasi-Dyadic Code-Based Public-Key Encryption and Signature
Kazukuni Kobara
2009/634 ( PDF )
Attacks on Hash Functions based on Generalized Feistel - Application to Reduced-Round Lesamnta and SHAvite-3_{512}
Charles Bouillaguet and Orr Dunkelman and Gaëtan Leurent and Pierre-Alain Fouque
2009/633 ( PDF )
Traitor-Tracing on Binary Strings
Michael J. Collins
2009/632 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Secure Message Transmission Protocols with Feedback
Qiushi Yang and Yvo Desmedt
2009/631 ( PDF )
Improvement of Das's Two-Factor Authentication Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
DaeHun Nyang and Mun-Kyu Lee
2009/630 ( PDF )
Information-Theoretically Secure Protocols and Security Under Composition
Eyal Kushilevitz and Yehuda Lindell and Tal Rabin
2009/629 ( PDF )
A Comparative Analysis of Delay Based PUF Implementations on FPGA
Sergey Morozov and Abhranil Maiti and Patrick Schaumont,
2009/628 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Using Sphinx to Improve Onion Routing Circuit Construction
Aniket Kate and Ian Goldberg
2009/627 ( PDF )
A Unified Method for Finding Impossible Differentials of Block Cipher Structures
Yiyuan Luo, Zhongming Wu, Xuejia Lai and Guang Gong
2009/626 ( PDF )
Approximate Integer Common Divisor Problem relates to Implicit Factorization
Santanu Sarkar and Subhamoy Maitra
2009/625 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptographic Accumulators for Authenticated Hash Tables
Charalampos Papamanthou and Roberto Tamassia and Nikos Triandopoulos
2009/624 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Security Analysis of the PACE Key-Agreement Protocol
Jens Bender and Marc Fischlin and Dennis Kuegler
2009/623 ( PDF )
Universally Constructing 12-th Degree Extension Field for Ate Pairing
Masaaki Shirase
2009/622 ( PDF )
A Strong Blind Signature Scheme over Braid Groups
WEI Yun, XIONG Guo-Hua, BAO Wan-Su and ZHANG Xing-Kai
2009/621 ( PDF )
On the Analysis of Cryptographic Assumptions in the Generic Ring Model
Tibor Jager and Jörg Schwenk
2009/620 ( PDF )
Security of ECQV-Certified ECDSA Against Passive Adversaries
Daniel R. L. Brown and Matthew J. Campagna and Scott A. Vanstone
2009/619 ( PDF )
A Family of Weak Keys in HFE (and the Corresponding Practical Key-Recovery)
Charles Bouillaguet and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Antoine Joux and Joana Treger
2009/618 ( PDF )
Data-Depend Hash Algorithm
ZiJie Xu and Ke Xu
2009/617 ( PDF )
An efficient ID- based directed signature scheme from bilinear pairings
B. Umaprasada Rao and P. Vasudeva Reddy and T. Gowri
2009/616 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Integers
Marten van Dijk and Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2009/615 ( PDF )
Faster Pairing Computations on Curves with High-Degree Twists
Craig Costello and Tanja Lange and Michael Naehrig
2009/614 ( PDF )
Secure Multiparty AES (full paper)
Ivan Damgård and Marcel Keller
2009/613 ( PDF )
Classification of Elliptic/hyperelliptic Curves with Weak Coverings against GHS Attack without Isogeny Condition
Tsutomu Iijima and Fumiyuki Momose and Jinhui Chao
2009/612 ( PDF )
On the Impossibility of Batch Update for Cryptographic Accumulators
Philippe Camacho and Alejandro Hevia
2009/611 ( PDF )
Golden Fish: An Intelligent Stream Cipher Fuse Memory Modules
Lan Luo,QiongHai Dai,ZhiGuang Qin and ChunXiang Xu
2009/610 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of A Remote User Authentication Protocol by Liao and Wang
Dang Nguyen Duc and Kwangjo Kim
2009/609 ( PDF )
Grouping-Proof Protocol for RFID Tags: Security Definition and Scalable Construction
Dang Nguyen Duc and Kwangjo Kim
2009/608 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Non-Malleable Codes
Stefan Dziembowski and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Daniel Wichs
2009/607 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Efficient Client Puzzles based on Repeated-Squaring
Ghassan O. Karame and Srdjan Capkun
2009/606 ( PDF )
On a weakness of the Tu-Deng function and its repair
Claude Carlet
2009/605 ( PDF )
Solving the Shortest Lattice Vector Problem in Time 2^2.465n
Xavier Pujol and Damien Stehle
2009/604 ( PDF )
Composition of Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Efficient Provers
Eleanor Birrell and Salil Vadhan
2009/603 ( PDF )
An FPGA Technologies Area Examination of the SHA-3 Hash Candidate Implementations
Brian Baldwin and William P. Marnane
2009/602 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Secure Ranging With Message Temporal Integrity
Nils Ole Tippenhauer and Kasper Bonne Rasmussen and Srdjan Čapkun
2009/601 ( PDF )
Parallel Shortest Lattice Vector Enumeration on Graphics Cards
Jens Hermans and Michael Schneider and Johannes Buchmann and Frederik Vercauteren and Bart Preneel
2009/600 ( PDF )
Constructing Certificateless Encryption and ID-Based Encryption from ID-Based Key Agreement
D. Fiore and R. Gennaro and N.P. Smart
2009/599 ( PDF )
Groth--Sahai proofs revisited
E. Ghadafi, N.P. Smart and B. Warinschi
2009/598 ( PDF )
On the Design and Implementation of an Efficient DAA Scheme
L. Chen, D. Page and N.P. Smart
2009/597 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Twisted Jacobi Intersections Curves
Rongquan Feng, Menglong Nie, Hongfeng Wu
2009/596 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Could SFLASH be repaired?
Jintai Ding and Vivien Dubois and Bo-Yin Yang and Owen Chia-Hsin Chen and Chen-Mou Cheng
2009/595 ( PDF )
Efficiency Limitations for $\Sigma$-Protocols for Group Homomorphisms
Endre Bangerter and Jan Camenisch and Stephan Krenn
2009/594 ( PDF )
Efficient Set Operations in the Presence of Malicious Adversaries
Carmit Hazay and Kobbi Nissim
2009/593 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Enabling Efficient Fuzzy Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing
Jin Li and Qian Wang and Cong Wang and Ning Cao and Kui Ren and Wenjing Lou
2009/592 ( PDF )
From Passive to Covert Security at Low Cost
Ivan Damgård and Martin Geisler and Jesper Buus Nielsen
2009/591 ( PDF )
Embedded SFE: Offloading Server and Network using Hardware Tokens
Kimmo Järvinen and Vladimir Kolesnikov and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Thomas Schneider
2009/590 ( PDF )
More Constructions of Lossy and Correlation-Secure Trapdoor Functions
David Mandell Freeman and Oded Goldreich and Eike Kiltz and Alon Rosen and Gil Segev
2009/589 ( PDF )
Information-set decoding for linear codes over Fq
Christiane Peters
2009/588 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Confidential Signatures and Deterministic Signcryption
Alexander W. Dent, Marc Fischlin, Mark Manulis, Martijn Stam and Dominique Schroder
2009/587 ( PDF )
Poly-Dragon: An efficient Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystem
Rajesh P. Singh, A. Saikia and B.K. Sarma
2009/586 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A mean value formula for elliptic curves
Rongquan Feng and Hongfeng Wu
2009/585 ( PDF )
An Improved Differential Fault Attack on Camellia
ZHAO Xin-jie, WANG Tao
2009/584 ( PDF )
Scan-based Attacks on Linear Feedback Shift Register Based Stream Ciphers
Yu Liu, Kaijie Wu, and Ramesh Karri
2009/583 ( PDF )
Differential-Algebraic Algorithms for the Isomorphism of Polynomials Problem
Charles Bouillaguet and Jean-Charles Faugère and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Ludovic Perret
2009/582 ( PDF )
A Game-Based Definition of Coercion-Resistance and its Applications
Ralf Kuesters and Tomasz Truderung and Andreas Vogt
2009/581 ( PDF )
A Diagonal Fault Attack on the Advanced Encryption Standard
Dhiman Saha and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Dipanwita RoyChowdhury
2009/580 ( PDF )
A complete set of addition laws\\for incomplete Edwards curves
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange
2009/579 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage
Cong Wang and Sherman S.-M. Chow and Qian Wang and Kui Ren and Wenjing Lou
2009/578 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient and Provably Secure Certificateless Signcryption from Bilinear Maps
Wenjian Xie and Zhang Zhang
2009/577 ( PDF )
On the nonlinearity profile of the Dillon function
Claude Carlet
2009/576 ( PDF )
Public-Key Cryptographic Primitives Provably as Secure as Subset Sum
Vadim Lyubashevsky and Adriana Palacio and Gil Segev
2009/575 ( PDF )
Differential Fault Analysis of the Advanced Encryption Standard using a Single Fault
Michael Tunstall and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2009/574 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Voting with unconditional privacy: CFSY for booth voting
Jeroen van de Graaf
2009/573 ( PDF )
New Addition Operation and Its Application for Scalar Multiplication on Hessian Curves over Prime Fields
Leibo Li and Mingqiang Wang and Zhanjiang Xia
2009/572 ( -- withdrawn -- )
On the Equivalence of Two Models for Key-Dependent-Message Encryption
Alexander W. Dent
2009/571 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Relatively Small Key and Ciphertext Sizes
N.P. Smart and F. Vercauteren
2009/570 ( PDF )
Achieving Oblivious Transfer Capacity of Generalized Erasure Channels in the Malicious Model
Adriana C. B. Pinto and Rafael Dowsley and Kirill Morozov and Anderson C. A. Nascimento
2009/569 ( PDF )
Secure Network Coding Over the Integers
Rosario Gennaro and Jonathan Katz and Hugo Krawczyk and Tal Rabin
2009/568 ( PDF )
Ephemeral key compromise attack on the IB-KA protocol
Qingfeng Cheng and Chuangui Ma
2009/567 ( PDF )
Properties of the Discrete Differential with Cryptographic Applications
Daniel Smith-Tone
2009/566 ( PDF )
New Cryptosystems From CSP-Based Self-Distributive Systems
Licheng Wang and Lihua Wang and Zhenfu Cao and Eiji Okamoto and Jun Shao
2009/565 ( PDF )
Faster Squaring in the Cyclotomic Subgroup of Sixth Degree Extensions
Robert Granger and Michael Scott
2009/564 ( PDF )
Optimal pairing revisited
Mingqiang Wang and Puwen Wei and Haifeng Zhang and Yuliang Zheng
2009/563 ( PDF )
A Family of $p$-ary Binomial Bent Functions
Dabin Zheng and Xiangyong Zeng and Lei Hu
2009/562 ( PDF )
How to pair with a human
Stefan Dziembowski
2009/561 ( PDF )
Improvements on two password-based authentication protocols
Yalin Chen, Jue-Sam Chou, Chun-Hui Huang
2009/560 ( PDF )
On the Security Vulnerabilities of a Hash Based Strong Password Authentication Scheme
Manoj Kumar
2009/559 ( PDF )
New Integral Distinguisher for Rijndael-256
Yuechuan Wei and Bing Sun and Chao Li
2009/558 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Quantifying Trust
Mariusz Jakubowski and Ramarathnam Venkatesan and Yacov Yacobi
2009/557 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Towards a Theory of Trust Based Collaborative Search
Yacov Yacobi
2009/556 ( PDF )
Constructing Tower Extensions for the implementation of Pairing-Based Cryptography
Naomi Benger and Michael Scott
2009/555 ( -- withdrawn -- )
An enhanced password authenticated key agreement protocol for wireless mobile network
Zhigang Gao and Dengguo Feng
2009/554 ( PDF )
2009/553 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of a key exchange scheme based on block matrices
Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco and Angel L. Perez del Pozo and Pedro Taborda Duarte
2009/552 ( PDF )
Preimage Attacks on Reduced DHA-256
Jinmin Zhong and Xuejia Lai
2009/551 ( PDF )
A Novel Design Method of Stream Ciphers Based on Table-Element Permutation
Hongbo Zou
2009/550 ( PDF )
How to Construct Cryptosystems and Hash Functions in Weakened Random Oracle Models
Yusuke Naito and Lei Wang and Kazuo Ohta
2009/549 ( PDF )
Making Collusion-Secure Codes (More) Robust against Bit Erasure
Koji Nuida
2009/548 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Stéphane BALLET and Robert ROLLAND
2009/547 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Non-Interactive Verifiable Computing: Outsourcing Computation to Untrusted Workers
Rosario Gennaro and Craig Gentry and Bryan Parno
2009/546 ( PDF )
Construction of A New Class of Linear Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystem, K(I)SE(1)PKC
Masao Kasahara
2009/545 ( PDF )
Fuzzy extractors for continuous distributions
Ileana Buhan and Jeroen Doumen and Pieter Hartel
2009/544 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Connections between Quaternary and Binary Bent Functions
Patrick Solé and Natalia Tokareva
2009/543 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Formal Framework for Cryptanalyzing RFID Distance Bounding Protocols
Gildas Avoine and Muhammed Ali Bingol and Suleyman Kardas and Cedric Lauradoux and Benjamin Martin
2009/542 ( PDF )
Analysis of Intermediate Field Systems
Olivier Billet and Jacques Patarin and Yannick Seurin
2009/541 ( PDF )
Breaking ECC2K-130
Daniel V. Bailey and Lejla Batina and Daniel J. Bernstein and Peter Birkner and Joppe W. Bos and Hsieh-Chung Chen and Chen-Mou Cheng and Gauthier van Damme and Giacomo de Meulenaer and Luis Julian Dominguez Perez and Junfeng Fan and Tim Güneysu and Frank Gurkaynak and Thorsten Kleinjung and Tanja Lange and Nele Mentens and Ruben Niederhagen and Christof Paar and Francesco Regazzoni and Peter Schwabe and Leif Uhsadel and Anthony Van Herrewege and Bo-Yin Yang
2009/540 ( PDF )
Converting Pairing-Based Cryptosystems from Composite-Order Groups to Prime-Order Groups
David Mandell Freeman
2009/539 ( PDF )
Covering Radius of Two-dimensional Lattices
Yupeng Jiang and Yingpu Deng and Yanbin Pan
2009/538 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Side-Channel Analysis of Cryptographic Software via Early-Terminating Multiplications
Johann Großschädl and Elisabeth Oswald and Dan Page and Michael Tunstall
2009/537 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of two knapsack public-key cryptosystems
Jingguo Bi and Xianmeng Meng and Lidong Han
2009/536 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Practical remote mutual authentication with key agreement scheme for mobile devices on elliptic curve cryptosystem
S. Wu
2009/535 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Weakness of a three-party password-based authenticated key exchange protocol
S. Wu
2009/534 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Weaknesses and improvement of three-party authenticated key exchange protocol using elliptic curve cryptography
S. Wu
2009/533 ( PDF )
Finding composite order ordinary elliptic curves using the Cocks-Pinch method
D. Boneh and K. Rubin and A. Silverberg
2009/532 ( PDF )
Building Efficient Fully Collusion-Resilient Traitor Tracing and Revocation Schemes
Sanjam Garg and Abishek Kumarasubramanian and Amit Sahai and Brent Waters
2009/531 ( PDF )
Super-Sbox Cryptanalysis: Improved Attacks for AES-like permutations
Henri Gilbert and Thomas Peyrin
2009/530 ( PDF )
A New Proposal Against the Main of Generic Attacks
2009/529 ( PDF )
Oblivious Transfer with Access Control
Jan Camenisch and Maria Dubovitskaya and Gregory Neven
2009/528 ( PDF )
New Fault Attack on Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication
Alexey Chilikov and Oleg Taraskin
2009/527 ( PDF )
An Efficient Adaptive-Deniable-Concurrent Non-malleable Commitment Scheme
Seiko Arita
2009/526 ( PDF )
Improved Related-Key Boomerang Attacks on Round-Reduced Threefish-512
Jiazhe Chen and Keting Jia
2009/525 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On Quantifying the Resistance of Concrete Hash Functions to Generic Multi-Collision Attacks
Somindu C. Ramanna and Palash Sarkar
2009/524 ( PDF )
Chosen-Ciphertext Security from Slightly Lossy Trapdoor Functions
Petros Mol and Scott Yilek
2009/523 ( PDF )
Differential Addition in generalized Edwards Coordinates
Benjamin Justus and Daniel Loebenberger
2009/522 ( PDF )
Isogenies of Elliptic Curves: A Computational Approach
Daniel Shumow
2009/521 ( PDF )
An Efficient Secure Oblivious Transfer
Hung-Min Sun and Yalin Chen and Jue-Sam Chou
2009/520 ( PDF )
Universally Composable Incoercibility
Dominique Unruh and Jörn Müller-Quade
2009/519 ( PDF )
Secure Message Transmission with Small Public Discussion
Juan Garay and Clint Givens and Rafail Ostrovsky
2009/518 ( PDF )
Efficient Strong Designated Verifier Signature Schemes without Random Oracles or Delegatability
Qiong Huang and Guomin Yang and Duncan S. Wong and Willy Susilo
2009/517 ( PDF )
New Constructions of Convertible Undeniable Signature Schemes without Random Oracles
Qiong Huang and Duncan S. Wong
2009/516 ( PDF )
Lightweight Cryptography - Cryptographic Engineering for a Pervasive World
Axel Poschmann
2009/515 ( PDF )
Blake-Wilson, Johnson and Menezes Protocol Revisited
Hai Huang and Zhenfu Cao
2009/514 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Generic One Round Group Key Exchange in the Standard Model
M. Choudary Gorantla and Colin Boyd and Juan Manuel Gonzalez Nieto and Mark Manulis
2009/513 ( PDF )
On the round complexity of black-box constructions of commitments secure against selective opening attacks
David Xiao
2009/512 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Public-Key Encryption in the Bounded-Retrieval Model
Joel Alwen and Yevgeniy Dodis and Moni Naor and Gil Segev and Shabsi Walfish and Daniel Wichs
2009/511 ( PDF )
Bounded Key-Dependent Message Security
Boaz Barak and Iftach Haitner and Dennis Hofheinz and Yuval Ishai
2009/510 ( PDF )
High-Speed Hardware Implementations of BLAKE, Blue Midnight Wish, CubeHash, ECHO, Fugue, Grøstl, Hamsi, JH, Keccak, Luffa, Shabal, SHAvite-3, SIMD, and Skein
Stefan Tillich and Martin Feldhofer and Mario Kirschbaum and Thomas Plos and Jörn-Marc Schmidt and Alexander Szekely
2009/509 ( PDF )
Practical Key Recovery Attacks On Two McEliece Variants
Valerie Gauthier Umana and Gregor Leander
2009/508 ( PDF )
On the Efficiency of Classical and Quantum Oblivious Transfer Reductions
Severin Winkler and Juerg Wullschleger
2009/507 ( PDF )
Efficient Privacy-Preserving Face Recognition
Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Thomas Schneider and Immo Wehrenberg
2009/506 ( PDF )
An Investigation of the Enhanced Target Collision Resistance Property for Hash Functions
Mohammad Reza Reyhanitabar and Willy Susilo and Yi Mu
2009/505 ( PDF )
Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols with Enhanced Freshness Properties
Hai Huang, Zhenfu Cao
2009/504 ( PDF )
Insecure ``Provable Secure Network Coding''
Yongge Wang
2009/503 ( PDF )
Fault Attacks Against EMV Signatures
Jean-Sebastien Coron and David Naccache and Mehdi Tibouchi
2009/502 ( PDF )
On second order nonlinearities of cubic monomial Boolean functions
Ruchi Gode, Sugata Gangopadhyay
2009/501 ( PDF )
Fast Implementations of AES on Various Platforms
Joppe W. Bos, Dag Arne Osvik, and Deian Stefan
2009/500 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Key Recovery Attack on QuiSci
Nils Reimers
2009/499 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Underlying Assumptions and Designated Verifier Signatures
Chifumi Sato and Takeshi Okamoto and Eiji Okamoto
2009/498 ( PDF )
NTRU based group oriented signature
Chunbo Ma and Jun Ao
2009/497 ( PDF )
Cube Attack on Courtois Toy Cipher
Piotr Mroczkowski and Janusz Szmidt
2009/496 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Anonymous Fuzzy Identity-based Encryption for Similarity Search
Ye Zhang and Nikos Mamoulis and David W. Cheung and S.M. Yiu and W.K. Wong
2009/495 ( PDF )
Security Weakness in Two Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols
Qingfeng Cheng and Chuangui Ma
2009/494 ( PDF )
A Framework for Universally Composable Non-Committing Blind Signatures
Masayuki Abe and Miyako Ohkubo
2009/493 ( PDF )
Remarks on Some Quantum Cryptographic Schemes
Zhengjun Cao
2009/492 ( PDF )
Efficient Statistical Asynchronous Verifiable Secret Sharing and Multiparty Computation with Optimal Resilience
Arpita Patra and Ashish Choudhary and C. Pandu Rangan
2009/491 ( PDF )
Practical Private Set Intersection Protocols with Linear Computational and Bandwidth Complexity
Emiliano De Cristofaro and Gene Tsudik
2009/490 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Multiple-Server Password-Authenticated Key
Sang-Gon Lee
2009/489 ( PDF )
Impossible Boomerang Attack for Block Cipher Structures
Jiali Choy and Huihui Yap
2009/488 ( PDF )
Little Dragon Two: An efficient Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystem
Rajesh P Singh and A.Saikia and B.K.Sarma
2009/487 ( PDF )
Error Decodable Secret Sharing and One-Round Perfectly Secure Message Transmission for General Adversary Structures
Keith M. Martin and Maura B. Paterson and Douglas R. Stinson
2009/486 ( PDF )
Efficient Pseudorandom Functions From the Decisional Linear Assumption and Weaker Variants
Allison Lewko and Brent Waters
2009/485 ( PDF )
Black-Box Circular-Secure Encryption Beyond Affine Functions
Zvika Brakerski and Shafi Goldwasser and Yael Kalai
2009/484 ( PDF )
New Pseudo-Near-Collision Attack on Reduced-Round of Hamsi-256
Meiqin Wang, Xiaoyun Wang, Keting Jia, Wei Wang
2009/483 ( PDF )
On the Security of UOV
Jean-Charles Faugère and Ludovic Perret
2009/482 ( PDF )
New Techniques for Dual System Encryption and Fully Secure HIBE with Short Ciphertexts
Allison Lewko and Brent Waters
2009/481 ( PDF )
PPS: Privacy Preserving Statistics using RFID Tags
Erik-Oliver Blass and Kaoutar Elkhiyaoui and Refik Molva
2009/480 ( PDF )
On Cryptographic Protocols Employing Asymmetric Pairings -- The Role of $\Psi$ Revisited
Sanjit Chatterjee and Alfred Menezes
2009/479 ( PDF )
Preimage Attacks on 41-Step SHA-256 and 46-Step SHA-512
Yu Sasaki and Lei Wang and Kazumaro Aoki
2009/478 ( PDF )
Pseudo-cryptanalysis of the Original Blue Midnight Wish
Søren S. Thomsen
2009/477 ( PDF )
Preimages for Step-Reduced SHA-2
Jian Guo and Krystian Matusiewicz
2009/476 ( PDF )
On the Security of PAS (Predicate-based Authentication Service)
Shujun Li, Hassan Jameel Asghar, Josef Pieprzyk, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Roland Schmitz and Huaxiong Wang
2009/475 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Double-Exponentiation in Factor-4 Groups and its Applications
Koray Karabina
2009/474 ( PDF )
Resettable Public-Key Encryption: How to Encrypt on a Virtual Machine
Scott Yilek
2009/473 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Simple Power Analysis Attack on the Serpent Key Schedule
Kevin J. Compton and Brian Timm and Joel VanLaven
2009/472 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of a Message Recognition Protocol by Mashatan and Stinson
Madeline Gonzalez and Rainer Steinwandt
2009/471 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Improving the Berlekamp algorithm for binomials \boldmath$x^{n} - a$
Ryuichi Harasawa and Yutaka Sueyoshi and Aichi Kudo and Liang Cui
2009/470 ( PDF )
On The Communication Complexity of Perfectly Secure Message Transmission in Directed Networks
Arpita Patra and Ashish Choudhary and C. Pandu Rangan
2009/469 ( PDF )
Additive Combinatorics and Discrete Logarithm Based Range Protocols
Rafik Chaabouni and Helger Lipmaa and abhi shelat
2009/468 ( PDF )
Password Based Key Exchange with Hidden Elliptic Curve Public Parameters
Julien Bringer and Herve Chabanne and Thomas Icart
2009/467 ( -- withdrawn -- )
The LPN Problem with Auxiliary Input
Yu Yu
2009/466 ( PDF )
The Certicom Challenges ECC2-X
Daniel V. Bailey, Brian Baldwin, Lejla Batina, Daniel J. Bernstein, Peter Birkner, Joppe W. Bos, Gauthier van Damme, Giacomo de Meulenaer, Junfeng Fan, Tim Güneysu, Frank Gurkaynak, Thorsten Kleinjung, Tanja Lange, Nele Mentens, Christof Paar, Francesco Regazzoni, Peter Schwabe, Leif Uhsadel
2009/465 ( PDF )
Readers Behaving Badly: Reader Revocation in PKI-Based RFID Systems
Rishab Nithyanand and Gene Tsudik and Ersin Uzun
2009/464 ( PDF )
On Key Authentic Degree of Cryptosystem
WANG Yong, WANG Huangdeng
2009/463 ( PDF )
On Linear Cryptanalysis with Many Linear Approximations
Benoit Gérard and Jean-Pierre Tillich
2009/462 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Certificateless KEM and Hybrid Signcryption Schemes Revisited
S. Sharmila Deva Selvi and S. Sree Vivek and C. Pandu Rangan
2009/461 ( PDF )
A Framework for Non-Interactive Instance-Dependent Commitment Schemes (NIC)
Bruce Kapron and Lior Malka and Venkatesh Srinivasan
2009/460 ( PDF )
Asymptotic enumeration of correlation-immune boolean functions
E. Rodney Canfield and Zhicheng Gao and Catherine Greenhill and Brendan D. McKay and Robert W. Robinson
2009/459 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient Oblivious Polynomial Evaluation with Simulation-Based Security
Carmit Hazay and Yehuda Lindell
2009/458 ( PDF )
Security Analysis and Design of Proxy Signature Schemes over Braid Groups
Wei Yun and Xiong Guo-hua and Zhang Xing-kai and Bao Wan-su
2009/457 ( PDF )
A remark on the computation of cube roots in finite fields
Nozomu Nishihara and Ryuichi Harasawa and Yutaka Sueyoshi and Aichi Kudo
2009/456 ( -- withdrawn -- )
An Automata-Theoretic Interpretation of Iterated Hash Functions - Application to Multicollisions
Kimmo Halunen and Juha Kortelainen and Tuomas Kortelainen
2009/455 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Identity-Based Hybrid Signcryption
Fagen Li and Masaaki Shirase and Tsuyoshi Takagi
2009/454 ( PDF )
An Efficient Convertible Undeniable Signature Scheme with Delegatable Verification
Jacob C. N. Schuldt and Kanta Matsuura
2009/453 ( PDF )
A Note on Linear Approximations of BLUE MIDNIGHT WISH Cryptographic Hash Function
Vlastimil Klima and Petr Susil
2009/452 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the Niederreiter Public Key Scheme Based on GRS Subcodes
Christian Wieschebrink
2009/451 ( PDF )
Efficient Certificateless KEM in the Standard Model
Georg Lippold, Colin Boyd, Juan González Nieto
2009/450 ( PDF )
On Hierarchical Threshold Secret Sharing
Ali Aydin Selcuk and Kerem Kaskaloglu and Ferruh Ozbudak
2009/449 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
One for All - All for One: Unifying Standard DPA Attacks
Stefan Mangard and Elisabeth Oswald and Francois-Xavier Standaert
2009/448 ( PDF )
Precise Bounded-Concurrent Zero-Knowledge in Almost Constant Rounds
Ning Ding and Dawu Gu and Bart Preneel
2009/447 ( PDF )
Sunil Pandey and Praveen Kaushik and Dr. S.C. Shrivastava
2009/446 ( PDF )
Ntr¹u-like Public Key Cryptosystems beyond Dedekind Domain Up to Alternative Algebra
Ehsan Malekian and Ali Zakerolhosseini
2009/445 ( PDF )
Computing Hilbert class polynomials with the Chinese Remainder Theorem
Andrew V. Sutherland
2009/444 ( PDF )
Secure and Efficient HB-CM Entity Authentication Protocol
Zhijun Li and Guang Gong and Zhiguang Qin
2009/443 ( PDF )
Rebound Attack on the Full LANE Compression Function
Krystian Matusiewicz and Maria Naya-Plasencia and Ivica Nikolic and Yu Sasaki and Martin Schläffer
2009/442 ( PDF )
Fuzzy Privacy Preserving Peer-to-Peer Reputation Management
Rishab Nithyanand and Karthik Raman
2009/441 ( PDF )
An Efficient Two-Party Identity-Based Key Exchange Protocol based on ECDLP
Jayaprakash Kar and Banshidhar Majhi
2009/440 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Multivariate Signature Scheme with an almost cyclic public key
Albrecht Petzoldt and Johannes Buchmann
2009/439 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Fast Mental Poker Protocol
Tzer-jen Wei and Lih-Chung Wang
2009/438 ( PDF )
Improved Cryptanalysis of Skein
Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Cagdas Calik and Willi Meier and Onur Ozen and Raphael C.-W. Phan and Kerem Varici
2009/437 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On the Relations Between Diffie-Hellman and ID-Based Key Agreement from Pairings
Shengbao Wang
2009/436 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On the Connection between Signcryption and One-pass Key Establishment
M. Choudary Gorantla and Colin Boyd and Juan Manuel González Nieto
2009/435 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient Confirmer Signatures from the ``Signature of a Commitment'' Paradigm
Laila El Aimani
2009/434 ( PDF )
Tight Bounds for Protocols with Hybrid Security
Matthias Fitzi and Dominik Raub
2009/433 ( PDF )
Communication Optimal Multi-Valued Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement with Optimal Resilience
Arpita Patra and C. Pandu Rangan
2009/432 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Practical Distributed Key Generation Scheme
Chen Huiyan and Li Zichen and Fang Yong
2009/431 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On the Design of Trivium
Yun Tian and Gongliang Chen and Jianhua Li
2009/430 ( PDF )
One-time-password-authenticated key exchange
Kenneth G. Paterson and Douglas Stebila
2009/429 ( PDF )
Precise Time and Space Simulatable Zero-Knowledge
Ning Ding and Dawu Gu
2009/428 ( PDF )
Efficiently from Semi-honest to Malicious OT via OLFE
Jürg Wullschleger
2009/427 ( PDF )
Efficient Verifiable Escrow and Fair Exchange with Trusted Hardware
Stephen R. Tate and Roopa Vishwanathan
2009/426 ( PDF )
Cheating Detection and Cheater Identification in CRT-based Secret Sharing Schemes
Daniel Pasaila and Vlad Alexa and Sorin Iftene
2009/425 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis and Security Enhancement on the Generation of Mu-Varadharajan Electronic Voting Protocol
Vahid Jahandideh, Amir S. Mortazavi, Yaser Baseri, Javad Mohajeri
2009/424 ( PDF )
Double Voter Perceptible Blind Signature Based Electronic Voting Protocol
Yaser Baseri, Amir S. Mortazavi, Maryam Rajabzadeh Asaar, Mohsen Pourpouneh, Javad Mohajeri
2009/423 ( PDF )
Utilizing postponed ephemeral and pseudo-static keys in tripartite and identity-based key agreement protocols
Atsushi Fujioka and Koutarou Suzuki and Berkant Ustaoglu
2009/422 ( PDF )
Attacks on {RFID}-Based Electronic Voting Systems
Yossef Oren and Avishai Wool
2009/421 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
How to Construct Identity-Based Signatures without the Key Escrow Problem
Tsz Hon Yuen and Willy Susilo and Yi Mu
2009/420 ( PDF )
Higher-order Masking and Shuffling for Software Implementations of Block Ciphers
Matthieu Rivain and Emmanuel Prouff and Julien Doget
2009/419 ( PDF )
An Efficient Method for Random Delay Generation in Embedded Software
Jean-Sébastien Coron and Ilya Kizhvatov
2009/418 ( PDF )
Subtleties in the Definition of IND-CCA: When and How Should Challenge-Decryption be Disallowed?
Mihir Bellare and Dennis Hofheinz and Eike Kiltz
2009/417 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
More Differential Paths of TIB3
Harry Wiggins and Philip Hawkes and Gregory G. Rose and Cameron McDonald
2009/416 ( PDF )
KronCrypt - A New Symmetric Cryptosystem Based on Kronecker's Approximation Theorem
Carsten Elsner and Martin Schmidt
2009/415 ( PDF )
Attacks Against Permute-Transform-Xor Compression Functions and Spectral Hash
Ethan Heilman
2009/414 ( PDF )
Security Bounds for the Design of Code-based Cryptosystems
Matthieu Finiasz and Nicolas Sendrier
2009/413 ( PDF )
Three Improved Algorithms for Multi-path Key Establishment in Sensor Networks Using Protocols for Secure Message Transmission
Jiang Wu and Douglas R. Stinson
2009/412 ( PDF )
Distinguishing Attacks on Stream Ciphers Based on Arrays of Pseudo-random Words
Nathan Keller and Stephen D. Miller
2009/411 ( PDF )
Improved Garbled Circuit Building Blocks and Applications to Auctions and Computing Minima
Vladimir Kolesnikov and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Thomas Schneider
2009/410 ( PDF )
Authenticated Broadcast with a Partially Compromised Public-Key Infrastructure
S. Dov Gordon and Jonathan Katz and Ranjit Kumaresan and Arkady Yerukhimovich
2009/409 ( PS PS.GZ )
A Tree Based Recursive Scheme for Space Efficient Secret Sharing
Abhishek Parakh and Subhash Kak
2009/408 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Secure and Efficient Authenticated Diffie–Hellman Protocol
Augustin P. Sarr and Philippe Elbaz–Vincent, and Jean–Claude Bajard
2009/407 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Single Block Attacks and Statistical Tests on CubeHash
Benjamin Bloom and Alan Kaminsky
2009/406 ( PDF )
On-line Non-transferable Signatures Revisited
Jacob C. N. Schuldt and Kanta Matsuura
2009/405 ( PDF )
Generic Attacks on Misty Schemes -5 rounds is not enough-
Valerie Nachef and Jacques Patarin and Joana Treger
2009/404 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Pairing-Friendly Elliptic Curves With Various Discriminants
Woo Sug Kang and Ki Taek Kim
2009/403 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On Generic Constructions of Designated Confirmer Signatures (The ``Encryption of a Signature'' Paradigm Revisited)
Laila El Aimani
2009/402 ( PDF )
AIDA Breaks BIVIUM (A&B) in 1 Minute Dual Core CPU Time
Michael Vielhaber
2009/401 ( PDF )
Longest Common Subsequence as Private Search
Mark Gondree and Payman Mohassel
2009/400 ( PDF )
Identity-Based Chameleon Hash Scheme Without Key Exposure
Xiaofeng Chen and Fangguo Zhang and Haibo Tian and Kwangjo Kim
2009/399 ( PDF )
Leakage-Resilient Storage
Francesco Davì and Stefan Dziembowski and Daniele Venturi
2009/398 ( PDF )
Fast Architectures for the $\eta_T$ Pairing over Small-Characteristic Supersingular Elliptic Curves
Jean-Luc Beuchat and Jérémie Detrey and Nicolas Estibals and Eiji Okamoto and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez
2009/397 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round PRESENT
Joo Yeon Cho
2009/396 ( PDF )
Computational Indistinguishability Amplification: Tight Product Theorems for System Composition
Ueli Maurer and Stefano Tessaro
2009/395 ( PDF )
First CPIR Protocol with Data-Dependent Computation
Helger Lipmaa
2009/394 ( PDF )
Provably Secure Convertible Undeniable Signatures with Unambiguity
Le Trieu Phong and Kaoru Kurosawa and Wakaha Ogata
2009/393 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Permutation Polynomials modulo $p^n$}
Rajesh P Singh and Soumen Maity
2009/392 ( PDF )
Computational Soundness for Key Exchange Protocols with Symmetric Encryption
Ralf Kuesters and Max Tuengerthal
2009/391 ( PDF )
Threshold Decryption and Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Lattice-Based Cryptosystems
Rikke Bendlin and Ivan Damgård
2009/390 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Sub-linear Size Pairing-based Non-interactive Zero-Knowledge Arguments
Jens Groth
2009/389 ( PDF )
On the Security of 1024-bit RSA and 160-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Joppe W. Bos and Marcelo E. Kaihara and Thorsten Kleinjung and Arjen K. Lenstra and Peter L. Montgomery
2009/388 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Simple Secret Sharing Scheme for Hierarchical Threshold Access Structures
Kerem Kaskaloglu and Ferruh Ozbudak
2009/387 ( PDF )
Securing Plastic Money Using an RFID Based Protocol Stack
Rishab Nithyanand
2009/386 ( PDF )
QTRU: A Lattice Attack Resistant Version of NTRU
Ehsan Malekian and Ali Zakerolhosseini and Atefeh Mashatan
2009/385 ( PDF )
Dual System Encryption: Realizing Fully Secure IBE and HIBE under Simple Assumptions
Brent Waters
2009/384 ( PDF )
Practical Attacks on NESHA-256
Orr Dunkelman and Tor E. Bjørstad
2009/383 ( PDF )
A Registration Scheme to Allocate a Unique Identification Number
Manoj Kumar
2009/382 ( PDF )
Linearization Framework for Collision Attacks: Application to CubeHash and MD6
Eric Brier and Shahram Khazaei and Willi Meier and Thomas Peyrin
2009/381 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A short Note on Discrete Log Problem in $\mathbbF_p$
Habeeb Syed
2009/380 ( PDF )
Untraceable Tags based on Mild Assumptions
Carlo Blundo and Angelo De Caro and Giuseppe Persiano
2009/379 ( PDF )
Protecting Circuits from Computationally Bounded and Noisy Leakage
Sebastian Faust and Tal Rabin and Leonid Reyzin and Eran Tromer and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2009/378 ( PDF )
Detectable correlations in Edon-R
Peter Novotney and Niels Ferguson
2009/377 ( PDF )
Chosen-Ciphertext Secure RSA-type Cryptosystems
Benoit Chevallier-Mames and Marc Joye
2009/376 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the Tillich-Zémor hash function
Markus Grassl and Ivana Ilic and Spyros Magliveras and Rainer Steinwandt
2009/375 ( PDF )
Forgotten Secret Recovering Scheme and Fuzzy Vault Scheme Constructed Based on Systematic Error-Correcting Codes
2009/374 ( PDF )
Key Recovery Attacks of Practical Complexity on AES Variants With Up To 10 Rounds
Alex Biryukov and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller and Dmitry Khovratovich and Adi Shamir
2009/373 ( PDF )
Utility Dependence in Correct and Fair Rational Secret Sharing
Gilad Asharov and Yehuda Lindell
2009/372 ( PS PS.GZ )
More on Key Wrapping
Rosario Gennaro and Shai Halevi
2009/371 ( PDF )
Attribute-Sets: A Practically Motivated Enhancement to Attribute-Based Encryption
Rakesh Bobba and Himanshu Khurana and Manoj Prabhakaran
2009/370 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A study of pairing computation for elliptic curves with embedding degree 15
Nadia El Mrabet and Nicolas Guillermin and Sorina Ionica
2009/369 ( PDF )
Quantum readout of Physical Unclonable Functions: Remote authentication without trusted readers and authenticated Quantum Key Exchange without initial shared secrets
Boris Skoric
2009/368 ( PDF )
A Simulation-Based Treatment of Authenticated Message Exchange
Klaas Ole Kuertz and Henning Schnoor and Thomas Wilke
2009/367 ( PDF )
Non-delegatable Identity-based Designated Verifier Signature
Qiong Huang and Willy Susilo and Duncan S. Wong
2009/366 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Adaptive Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Adaptively Secure Oblivious Transfer
Yehuda Lindell and Hila Zarosim
2009/365 ( PDF )
Space Efficient Secret Sharing: A Recursive Approach
Abhishek Parakh and Subhash Kak
2009/364 ( PDF )
Position Based Cryptography
Nishanth Chandran and Vipul Goyal and Ryan Moriarty and Rafail Ostrovsky
2009/363 ( PDF )
Some Lattices Attacks on DSA and ECDSA
Dimitrios Poulakis
2009/362 ( PDF )
Toward a Generic Construction of Convertible Undeniable Signatures from Pairing-Based Signatures
Laila El Aimani
2009/361 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On the Security of a Proxy Blind Signature Scheme over Braid Groups
Manoj Kumar
2009/360 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of a Generalized Unbalanced Feistel Network Structure
Ruilin Li and Bing Sun and Chao Li and Longjiang Qu
2009/359 ( PDF )
Bonsai Trees (or, Arboriculture in Lattice-Based Cryptography)
Chris Peikert
2009/358 ( PDF )
MAC Precomputation with Applications to Secure Memory
Juan A. Garay and Vladimir Kolesnikov and Rae McLellan
2009/357 ( PDF )
Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of FOX
Zhongming Wu and Xuejia Lai and Bo Zhu and Yiyuan Luo
2009/356 ( PDF )
A Domain Extender for the Ideal Cipher
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Yevgeniy Dodis and Avradip Mandal and Yannick Seurin
2009/355 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Asynchronous Distributed Private-Key Generators for Identity-Based Cryptography
Aniket Kate and Ian Goldberg
2009/354 ( PDF )
Cache Timing Attacks on Camellia Block Cipher
ZHAO Xin-jie and WANG Tao and ZHENG Yuan-yuan
2009/353 ( PDF )
Comparing SessionStateReveal and EphemeralKeyReveal for Diffie-Hellman protocols (extended version)
Berkant Ustaoglu
2009/352 ( PDF )
On the Duality of Probing and Fault Attacks
Berndt M. Gammel and Stefan Mangard
2009/351 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
How to Delegate a Lattice Basis
David Cash and Dennis Hofheinz and Eike Kiltz
2009/350 ( PDF )
Game Theoretic Resistance to Denial of Service Attacks Using Hidden Difficulty Puzzles
Harikrishna Narasimhan and Venkatanathan Varadarajan and C. Pandu Rangan
2009/349 ( PDF )
Compact Hardware Implementations of the SHA-3 Candidates ARIRANG, BLAKE, Grøstl, and Skein
Stefan Tillich and Martin Feldhofer and Wolfgang Issovits and Thomas Kern and Hermann Kureck and Michael Mühlberghuber and Georg Neubauer and Andreas Reiter and Armin Köfler and Mathias Mayrhofer
2009/348 ( PDF )
A provably secure really source hiding designated verifier signature scheme based on random oracle model
Huang-Ta Huang, Jue-Sam Chou
2009/347 ( PDF )
An Efficient Concurrent Repetition Theorem
Douglas Wikström
2009/346 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of the GF-NLFSR Structure and Four-Cell Block Cipher
Wenling Wu and Lei Zhang and Liting Zhang and Wentao Zhang
2009/345 ( PDF )
Anonymous ID Based Signcryption Scheme for Multiple Receivers
Sunder Lal and Prashant Kushwah
2009/344 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Comments on Shao-Cao's Unidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme from PKC 2009
Xi Zhang and Min-Rong Chen and Xia Li
2009/343 ( PDF )
Partitioning Multivariate Polynomial Equations via Vertex Separators for Algebraic Cryptanalysis and Mathematical Applications
Kenneth Koon-Ho Wong and Gregory V. Bard and Robert H. Lewis
2009/342 ( PDF )
FPGA Implementations of SHA-3 Candidates:CubeHash, Grøstl, L{\sc ane}, Shabal and Spectral Hash
Brian Baldwin and Andrew Byrne and Mark Hamilton and Neil Hanley and Robert P. McEvoy and Weibo Pan and William P. Marnane
2009/341 ( PDF )
Leakage Resilient Cryptography in Practice
Francois-Xavier Standaert and Olivier Pereira and Yu Yu and Jean-Jacques Quisquater and Moti Yung and Elisabeth Oswald
2009/340 ( PDF )
Efficient Indifferentiable Hashing into Ordinary Elliptic Curves
Eric Brier and Jean-Sebastien Coron and Thomas Icart and David Madore and Hugues Randriam and Mehdi Tibouchi
2009/339 ( PDF )
A Novel ID-based Electronic Cash System from Pairings
Jue-Sam Chou, Yalin Chen , Ming-Hsun Cho , Hung-Min Sun
2009/338 ( PDF )
Security weaknesses in two multi-server password based authentication protocols
Jue-Sam Chou, Chun-Hui Huang, Cheng-Chung Ding
2009/337 ( PDF )
A New Lattice-Based Cryptosystem Mixed with a Knapsack
Yanbin Pan and Yingpu Deng and Yupeng Jiang and Ziran Tu
2009/336 ( PDF )
Partial Signatures and their Applications
Mihir Bellare and Shanshan Duan
2009/335 ( PDF )
Related-Key Rectangle Attack of the Full 80-Round HAS-160 Encryption Mode
Ewan Fleischmann and Michael Gorski and Stefan Lucks
2009/334 ( PDF )
Attacking Reduced Rounds of the ARIA Block Cipher
Ewan Fleischmann and Michael Gorski and Stefan Lucks
2009/333 ( PDF )
Hard Fault Analysis of Trivium
Yupu Hu and Fengrong Zhang and Yiwei Zhang
2009/332 ( PDF )
Untraceable RFID protocols are not trivially composable: Attacks on the revision of EC-RAC
Ton van Deursen and Sasa Radomirovic
2009/331 ( PDF )
Security Notions and Generic Constructions for Client Puzzles
L. Chen and P. Morrissey and N.P. Smart and B. Warinschi
2009/330 ( -- withdrawn -- )
NTRU, quaternion algebra, public key cryptography
Ehsan Malekian and Ali Zakerolhosseini and Atefeh
2009/329 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Efficient Approximation of Higher Order Boolean function in a Low Order Function
Mehreen Afzal and Ashraf Masood
2009/328 ( PDF )
Flowchart description of security primitives for Controlled Physical Unclonable Functions
Boris Skoric and Marc X. Makkes
2009/327 ( PDF )
Simple Adaptive Oblivious Transfer Without Random Oracle
Kaoru Kurosawa and Ryo Nojima
2009/326 ( PDF )
The Application of Polynomials over the Field of Two Elements to a Problem in Intellectual Property
Gregory V. Bard
2009/325 ( PDF )
Characterizing Padding Rules of MD Hash Functions Preserving Collision Security
Mridul Nandi
2009/324 ( PDF )
Group-Oriented Fair Exchange of Signatures
Qiong Huang and Duncan S. Wong and Willy Susilo
2009/323 ( PDF )
Factoring Unbalanced Moduli with Known Bits
Eric Brier and David Naccache and Mehdi Tibouchi
2009/322 ( PDF )
Certifying Assembly with Formal Cryptographic Proofs: the Case of BBS
Reynald Affeldt, David Nowak and Kiyoshi Yamada
2009/321 ( PDF )
Tweakable Enciphering Schemes From Stream Ciphers With IV
Palash Sarkar
2009/320 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Automorphic Signatures in Bilinear Groups and an Application to Round-Optimal Blind Signatures
Georg Fuchsbauer
2009/319 ( PDF )
Comments and Improvements on Chameleon Hashing Without Key Exposure Based on Factoring
Xiaofeng Chen and Haibo Tian and Fangguo Zhang
2009/318 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
The Fermat factorization method revisited
Robert ERRA and Christophe GRENIER
2009/317 ( PDF )
Related-key Cryptanalysis of the Full AES-192 and AES-256
Alex Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich
2009/316 ( PDF )
An Efficient Password Security of Key Exchange Protocol based on ECDLP
Jayaprakash Kar and Banshidhar Majhi
2009/315 ( PDF )
Breaking RSA-based PIN Encryption with thirty ciphertext validity queries
N.P. Smart
2009/314 ( PDF )
Secure Two-Party Computation is Practical
B. Pinkas and T. Schneider and N.P. Smart and S. Williams
2009/313 ( PDF )
Identity Based Group Signatures from Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption
Nigel P. Smart and Bogdan Warinschi
2009/312 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Jacobi Quartic Curves Revisited
Huseyin Hisil and Kenneth Koon-Ho Wong and Gary Carter and Ed Dawson
2009/311 ( PDF )
Multi Party Distributed Private Matching, Set Disjointness and Cardinality Set Intersection with Information Theoretic Security
Sathya Narayanan G, Aishwarya T, Anugrah Agrawal, Arpita Patra, Ashish Choudhary, Pandu Rangan C
2009/310 ( PDF )
RFID distance bounding protocol with mixed challenges to prevent relay attacks
Chong Hee Kim and Gildas Avoine
2009/309 ( PDF )
Fault Attacks on RSA Signatures with Partially Unknown Messages
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Antoine Joux and Ilya Kizhvatov and David Naccache and Pascal Paillier
2009/308 ( PDF )
A note on the Certificateless Multi-receiver Signcryption Scheme
S. Sharmila Deva Selvi and S. Sree Vivek and C. Pandu Rangan
2009/307 ( PDF )
Anonymous Signatures Revisited
Vishal Saraswat and Aaram Yun
2009/306 ( PDF )
Authentic Time-Stamps for Archival Storage
Alina Oprea and Kevin D. Bowers
2009/305 ( PDF )
Improved generic algorithms for 3-collisions
Antoine Joux and Stefan Lucks
2009/304 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Factor-4 and 6 Compression of Cyclotomic Subgroups
Koray Karabina
2009/303 ( PDF )
Key extraction from general non-discrete signals
E. Verbitskiy and P. Tuyls and C. Obi and B. Schoenmakers and B. Skoric
2009/302 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of ESSENCE
Maria Naya-Plasencia and Andrea Röck and Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Yann Laigle-Chapuy and Gaëtan Leurent and Willi Meier and Thomas Peyrin
2009/301 ( PDF )
A Probabilistic Secret Sharing Scheme for a Compartmented Access Structure
Yuyin Yu and Mingsheng Wang
2009/300 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Universally Composable Contributory Group Key Exchange
M. Choudary Gorantla and Colin Boyd and Juan Manuel Gonzàlez Nieto
2009/299 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On the security of oscillator-based random number generators
Mathieu Baudet and David Lubicz and Julien Micolod and André Tassiaux
2009/298 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Certificateless Signcryption Schemes and an Efficient Construction Without Pairing
S.Sharmila Deva Selvi and S.Sree Vivek and C.Pandu Rangan
2009/297 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A New Improved Distinguisher for HC-128
Subhabrata Sen and Rudradev Sengupta and Subhamoy Maitra and Goutam Paul and Shashwat Raizada
2009/296 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Perfectly Balanced Functions in Symbolic Dynamics
O.A. Logachev and A.A. Salnikov and S.V. Smyshlyaev and V.V. Yashchenko
2009/295 ( PDF )
Defending Against Key Abuse Attacks in KP-ABE Enabled Broadcast Systems
Shucheng Yu and Kui Ren and Wenjing Lou and Jin Li
2009/294 ( PDF )
Low Latency High Bandwidth Anonymous Overlay Network with Anonymous Routing
Roman Schlegel and Duncan S. Wong
2009/293 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Enhancing Attribute-based Encryption with Attribute Hierarchy
Jin Li and Qian Wang and Cong Wang and Kui Ren
2009/292 ( PDF )
Implementing Wagner's generalized birthday attack against the SHA-3 round-1 candidate FSB
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange and Ruben Niederhagen and Christiane Peters and Peter Schwabe
2009/291 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Modeling Key Compromise Impersonation Attacks on Group Key Exchange Protocols
M. Choudary Gorantla and Colin Boyd and Juan Manuel González Nieto
2009/290 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of Aggregate signature and Batch verification signature schemes
S.Sharmila Deva Selvi and S.Sree Vivek and J.Shriram and S.Kalaivani and C.Pandu Rangan
2009/289 ( PDF )
Analysis of the End-by-Hop Protocol for Secure Aggregation in Sensor Networks
Erik Zenner
2009/288 ( PDF )
Efficient Key Exchange with Tight Security Reduction
Jiang Wu and Berkant Ustaoglu
2009/287 ( PDF )
Generic Attacks on Alternating Unbalanced Feistel Schemes
Valerie Nachef
2009/286 ( PDF )
On Privacy Losses in the Trusted Agent Model (Abstract)
Paulo Mateus and Serge Vaudenay
2009/285 ( PDF )
Efficient Public Key Encryption Based on Ideal Lattices
Damien Stehlé, Ron Steinfeld, Keisuke Tanaka, Keita Xagawa
2009/284 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Privacy-aware Attribute-based Encryption with User Accountability
Jin Li, Kui Ren, Bo Zhu, and Zhiguo Wan
2009/283 ( PDF )
Short and Stateless Signatures from the RSA Assumption
Susan Hohenberger and Brent Waters
2009/282 ( PDF )
Leakage-Resilient Signatures
Sebastian Faust and Eike Kiltz and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Guy Rothblum
2009/281 ( PDF )
Enabling Public Verifiability and Data Dynamics for Storage Security
Qian Wang and Cong Wang and Jin Li and Kui Ren and Wenjing Lou
2009/280 ( PDF )
Universally Anonymous IBE based on the Quadratic Residuosity Assumption
Giuseppe Ateniese and Paolo Gasti
2009/279 ( PDF )
Algebraic Side-Channel Attacks
Mathieu Renauld and Francois-Xavier Standaert
2009/278 ( PDF )
Towards Electrical, Integrated Implementations of SIMPL Systems
Ulrich Rührmair and Qingqing Chen and Paolo Lugli and Ulf Schlichtmann and Martin Stutzmann and György Csaba
2009/277 ( PDF )
On the Foundations of Physical Unclonable Functions
Ulrich Rührmair and Jan Sölter and Frank Sehnke
2009/276 ( PDF )
Multi-core Implementation of the Tate Pairing over Supersingular Elliptic Curves
Jean-Luc Beuchat and Emmanuel López-Trejo and Luis Martínez-Ramos and Shigeo Mitsunari and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez
2009/275 ( PDF )
Algebraic Attacks specialized to \(\mathbb{F}_2\) (Diplomarbeit)
Thomas Dullien
2009/274 ( PDF )
A Collision-resistance Hash Function DIHA2
2009/273 ( PDF )
Universally Composable and Statistically Secure Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Pre-Distributed Data
Rafael Dowsley and Jörn Müller-Quade and Akira Otsuka and Goichiro Hanaoka and Hideki Imai and Anderson C. A. Nascimento
2009/272 ( PDF )
A Conjecture on Binary String and Its Applications on Constructing Boolean Functions of Optimal Algebraic Immunity
Ziran Tu and Yingpu Deng
2009/271 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Reducing the Ciphertext Size of Dolev-Dwork-Naor like Public Key Cryptosystems
Rafael Dowsley and Goichiro Hanaoka and Hideki Imai and Anderson C. A. Nascimento
2009/270 ( PDF )
Information-Theoretically Secure Oblivious Polynomial Evaluation in the Commodity-Based Model
Rafael Tonicelli and Rafael Dowsley and Goichiro Hanaoka and Hideki Imai and Jörn Müller-Quade and Akira Otsuka and Anderson C. A. Nascimento
2009/269 ( PDF )
Side-channel attacks based on linear approximations
Thomas Roche and Cédric Tavernier
2009/268 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Dealer-Free Dynamic Secret Sharing Schemes with Unconditional Security
Mehrdad Nojoumian and Douglas R. Stinson
2009/267 ( PDF )
Simulation based security in the applied pi calculus
Stéphanie Delaune and Steve Kremer and Olivier Pereira
2009/266 ( PDF )
Pseudorandomness Analysis of the Lai-Massey Scheme
Yiyuan Luo and Xuejia Lai and Zheng Gong and Zhongming Wu
2009/265 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Revisiting the Indifferentiability of PGV Hash Functions
Yiyuan Luo and Zheng Gong and Ming Duan and Bo Zhu and Xuejia Lai
2009/264 ( PDF )
Proposal of PPS Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystems
Shigeo Tsujii and Kohtaro Tadaki and Masahito Gotaishi and Ryo Fujita and Masao Kasahara
2009/263 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
General Error Decodable Secret Sharing Scheme and Its Application
Kaoru Kurosawa
2009/262 ( PDF )
Computationally Secure Two-Round Authenticated Message Exchange
Klaas Ole Kuertz and Henning Schnoor and Thomas Wilke
2009/261 ( PDF )
Security of Cyclic Double Block Length Hash Functions including Abreast-DM
Ewan Fleischmann and Michael Gorski and Stefan Lucks
2009/260 ( PDF )
A Study on RAM Requirements of Various SHA-3 Candidates on Low-cost 8-bit CPUs
Kota Ideguchi and Toru Owada and Hirotaka Yoshida
2009/259 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Differential Path for SHA-1 with complexity $O(2^{52})$
Cameron McDonald and Philip Hawkes and Josef Pieprzyk
2009/258 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
2009/257 ( PDF )
Ulf T. Mattsson
2009/256 ( PDF )
Multiple Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round SMS4 Block Cipher
Zhiqiang Liu and Dawu Gu and Jing Zhang
2009/255 ( PDF )
SIMPL Systems: On a Public Key Variant of Physical Unclonable Functions
Ulrich Rührmair
2009/254 ( PDF )
Improvement of One Quantum Encryption Scheme
Zhengjun Cao
2009/253 ( PDF )
Formally and Practically Relating the CK, CK-HMQV, and eCK Security Models for Authenticated Key Exchange
Cas J.F. Cremers
2009/252 ( PDF )
Sparse Boolean equations and circuit lattices
Igor Semaev
2009/251 ( PDF )
Format-Preserving Encryption
Mihir Bellare and Thomas Ristenpart and Phillip Rogaway and Till Stegers
2009/250 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Modifications in the Design of Trivium to Increase its Security Level
Mehreen Afzal and Ashraf Masood
2009/249 ( PDF )
Symbolic Encryption with Pseudorandom Keys
Daniele Micciancio
2009/248 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the MST_3 Public Key Cryptosystem
Simon R. Blackburn, Carlos Cid and Ciaran Mullan
2009/247 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On the Necessary and Sufficient Assumptions for UC Computation
Ivan Damgård and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Claudio Orlandi
2009/246 ( PDF )
On-Chip Electric Waves: An Analog Circuit Approach to Physical Uncloneable Functions
György Csaba and Xueming Ju and Qingqing Chen and Wolfgang Porod and Jürgen Schmidhuber and Ulf Schlichtmann and Paolo Lugli and Ulrich Rührmair
2009/245 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the Birational Permutation Signature Scheme over a Non-commutative Ring
Naoki Ogura and Shigenori Uchiyama
2009/244 ( PDF )
Tardos Fingerprinting Codes in the Combined Digit Model
Boris Skoric and Stefan Katzenbeisser and Hans Georg Schaathun and Mehmet U. Celik
2009/243 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Faster Pairings on Special Weierstrass Curves
Craig Costello and Huseyin Hisil and Colin Boyd and Juan Manuel Gonzalez Nieto and Kenneth Koon-Ho Wong
2009/242 ( PDF )
Examples of differential multicollisions for 13 and 14 rounds of AES-256
Alex Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich and Ivica Nikolić
2009/241 ( PDF )
Distinguisher and Related-Key Attack on the Full AES-256 (Extended Version)
Alex Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich and Ivica Nikolić
2009/240 ( PDF )
Group Testing and Batch Verification
Gregory M. Zaverucha and Douglas R. Stinson
2009/239 ( PDF )
Protecting the NOEKEON Cipher Against SCARE Attacks in FPGAs by using Dynamic Implementations
Julien Bringer and Herve Chabanne and Jean-Luc Danger
2009/238 ( PDF )
Attacks on Round-Reduced BLAKE
LI Ji and XU Liangyu
2009/237 ( PDF )
Remarks on One Arbitrated Quantum-signature Scheme
Zhengjun Cao
2009/236 ( PDF )
Elliptic curves with weak coverings over cubic extensions of finite fields with odd characteristics
Fumiyuki Momose and Jinhui Chao
2009/235 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Breaking and Fixing of an Identity Based Multi-Signcryption Scheme
S.Sharmila Deva Selvi and S.Sree Vivek and C.Pandu Rangan
2009/234 ( PDF )
On the Randomness and Regularity of Reduced EDON-$\mathcal{R}$ Compression Function
Rune Steinsmo Ødegård and Danilo Gligoroski
2009/233 ( PDF )
A strategy for recovering roots of bivariate polynomials modulo a prime
Paula Bustillo and Domingo Gomez and Jaime Gutierrez and Alvar Ibeas
2009/232 ( PDF )
Björn Fay
2009/231 ( PDF )
Practical DPA Attacks on MDPL
Elke De Mulder and Benedikt Gierlichs and Bart Preneel and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2009/230 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Adaptively Secure Broadcast
Martin Hirt and Vassilis Zikas
2009/229 ( PDF )
Hardware Implementations of a Variant of the Zémor-Tillich Hash Function: Can a Provably Secure Hash Function be very efficient ?
Giacomo de Meulenaer and Christophe Petit and Jean-Jacques Quisquater
2009/228 ( PDF )
Revisiting Higher-Order DPA Attacks: Multivariate Mutual Information Analysis
Benedikt Gierlichs and Lejla Batina and Bart Preneel and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2009/227 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Computational soundness, co-induction, and encryption cycles
Daniele Micciancio
2009/226 ( PDF )
How to Hash into Elliptic Curves
Thomas Icart
2009/225 ( PDF )
The Security of Abreast-DM in the Ideal Cipher Model
Jooyoung Lee and Daesung Kwon
2009/224 ( PDF )
Pseudo-Cryptanalysis of Luffa
Keting Jia and Yvo Desmedt and Lidong Han and Xiaoyun Wang
2009/223 ( PDF )
How To Find Weak Input Differences For MD5 Collision Attacks
Tao Xie and Dengguo Feng
2009/222 ( PDF )
PET SNAKE: A Special Purpose Architecture to Implement an Algebraic Attack in Hardware
Willi Geiselmann and Kenneth Matheis and Rainer Steinwandt
2009/221 ( PDF )
Boneh-Boyen signatures and the Strong Diffie-Hellman problem
David Jao and Kayo Yoshida
2009/220 ( PDF )
Signature Schemes with Bounded Leakage Resilience
Jonathan Katz
2009/219 ( PDF )
Strongly Secure Certificateless Key Agreement
Georg Lippold and Colin Boyd and Juan González Nieto
2009/218 ( PDF )
Efficient FPGA Implementations of High-Dimensional Cube Testers on the Stream Cipher Grain-128
Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Itai Dinur and Luca Henzen and Willi Meier and Adi Shamir
2009/217 ( PDF )
Pseudo-Random Functions and Parallelizable Modes of Operations of a Block Cipher
Palash Sarkar
2009/216 ( PDF )
Tweakable Enciphering Schemes Using Only the Encryption Function of a Block Cipher
Palash Sarkar
2009/215 ( PDF )
A Simple and Generic Construction of Authenticated Encryption With Associated Data
Palash Sarkar
2009/214 ( PDF )
An Optimally Fair Coin Toss
Tal Moran and Moni Naor and Gil Segev
2009/213 ( PDF )
Elliptic Curves in Montgomery Form with B=1 and Their Low Order Torsion
Richard Moloney and Gary McGuire and Michael Markowitz
2009/212 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Flyweight RFID Authentication Protocol
Mike Burmester and Jorge Munilla
2009/211 ( PDF )
Bringing Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge to Practice
Endre Bangerter and Stefania Barzan and Stephan Krenn and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Thomas Schneider and Joe-Kai Tsay
2009/210 ( PDF )
Sufficient conditions for sound tree and sequential hashing modes
Guido Bertoni and Joan Daemen and Michael Peeters and Gilles Van Assche
2009/209 ( PDF )
On Directed Transitive Signature
Jia Xu and Ee-Chien Chang and Jianying Zhou
2009/208 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Rajesh P Singh and B.K.Sarma and A.Saikia
2009/207 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Unconditionally Secure Social Secret Sharing Scheme
Mehrdad Nojoumian and Douglas R. Stinson and Morgan Grainger
2009/206 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On Optimized FPGA Implementations of the SHA-3 Candidate Groestl
Bernhard Jungk, Steffen Reith, Juergen Apfelbeck
2009/205 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Related Message Attacks to Public Key Encryption Schemes: Relations among Security Notions
Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco and Angel L. Perez del Pozo
2009/204 ( PDF )
GUC-Secure Join Operator in Distributed Relational Database
2009/203 ( PDF )
Practical Cryptanalysis of ISO/IEC 9796-2 and EMV Signatures
Jean-Sebastien Coron and David Naccache and Mehdi Tibouchi and Ralf-Philipp Weinmann
2009/202 ( PDF )
Alawi A. Al-Saggaf and Acharya H. S.
2009/201 ( PDF )
Enhanced Cryptanalysis of Substitution Cipher Chaining mode (SCC-128)
Mohamed Abo El-Fotouh and Klaus Diepold
2009/200 ( PDF )
A Survey on the Evolution of Cryptographic Protocols in ePassports
Rishab Nithyanand
2009/199 ( PDF )
Indifferentiability with Distinguishers: Why Shabal\Does Not Require Ideal Ciphers
Emmanuel Bresson and Anne Canteaut and Benoit Chevallier-Mames and Christophe Clavier and Thomas Fuhr and Aline Gouget and Thomas Icart and Jean-Francois Misarsky and Maria Naya-Plasencia and Pascal Paillier and Thomas Pornin and Jean-Rene Reinhard and Celine Thuillet and Marion Videau
2009/198 ( -- withdrawn -- )
DAA: Fixing the pairing based protocols
L Chen and P. Morrissey and N.P. Smart
2009/197 ( PDF )
Practical pseudo-collisions for hash functions ARIRANG-224/384
Jian Guo and Krystian Matusiewicz and Lars R. Knudsen and San Ling and Huaxiong Wang
2009/196 ( PDF )
Analysis of one quantum bit string commitment
Zhengjun Cao
2009/195 ( PDF )
Secure Evaluation of Private Linear Branching Programs with Medical Applications
Mauro Barni and Pierluigi Failla and Vladimir Kolesnikov and Riccardo Lazzeretti and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Thomas Schneider
2009/194 ( PDF )
Analysis and Enhance of Anonymous Signcryption Scheme
Mingwu Zhang and Yusheng Zhong and Pengcheng Li and Bo Yang
2009/193 ( PDF )
Generalization of Barreto et al ID based Signcryption Scheme
Sunder Lal and Prashant Kushwah
2009/192 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Linkability of Blind Signature Schemes over Braid Groups
Manoj Kumar
2009/191 ( PDF )
New logic minimization techniques with applications to cryptology.
Joan Boyar and Rene Peralta
2009/190 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
The discrete logarithm problem in the group of non-singular circulant matrices
Ayan Mahalanobis
2009/189 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient Unidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption
Sherman S.M. Chow and Jian Weng and Yanjiang Yang and Robert H. Deng
2009/188 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Breaking and Building of Group Inside Signature
S. Sree Vivek and S. Sharmila Deva Selvi and S.Gopinath and C. Pandu Rangan
2009/187 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Compact McEliece Keys from Goppa Codes
Rafael Misoczki and Paulo S. L. M. Barreto
2009/186 ( PDF )
Statistics of Random Permutations and the Cryptanalysis of Periodic Block Ciphers
Nicolas T. Courtois and Gregory V. Bard and Shaun V. Ault
2009/185 ( PDF )
All-or-Nothing Transforms as a Countermeasure to Differential Side-Channel Analysis
Robert P. McEvoy and Michael Tunstall and Claire Whelan and Colin C. Murphy and William P. Marnane
2009/184 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Dynamic SHA(2)
Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Orr Dunkelman and Sebastiaan Indesteege and Bart Preneel
2009/183 ( PDF )
Proactive Linear Integer Secret Sharing
Rune Thorbek
2009/182 ( PDF )
Extended Substitution Cipher Chaining mode (ESCC)
Mohamed Abo El-Fotouh, Klaus Diepold
2009/181 ( PDF )
PSP: Private and Secure Payment with RFID
Erik-Oliver Blass and Anil Kurmus and Refik Molva and Thorsten Strufe
2009/180 ( PDF )
Collaborative, Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation at Scale
Haakon Ringberg and Benny Applebaum and Michael J. Freedman and Matthew Caesar and Jennifer Rexford
2009/179 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Near-Collision Attack on the Compression Function of Dynamic SHA2
Hongbo Yu and Xiaoyun Wang
2009/178 ( PDF )
Cryptographic Properties and Application of a Generalized Unbalanced Feistel Network Structure (Revised Version)
Jiali Choy and Guanhan Chew and Khoongming Khoo and Huihui Yap
2009/177 ( PDF )
Salvaging Merkle-Damgard for Practical Applications
Yevgeniy Dodis and Thomas Ristenpart and Thomas Shrimpton
2009/176 ( PDF )
A novel multi-server authentication protocol
Yalin Chen, Chun-Hui Huang, *Jue-Sam Chou
2009/175 ( PDF )
Concrete Security for Entity Recognition: The Jane Doe Protocol (Full Paper)
Stefan Lucks and Erik Zenner and Andre Weimerskirch and Dirk Westhoff
2009/174 ( PDF )
Making the Diffie-Hellman Protocol Identity-Based
Dario Fiore and Rosario Gennaro
2009/173 ( PDF )
Fast Multibase Methods and Other Several Optimizations for Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication
Patrick Longa and Catherine Gebotys
2009/172 ( PS PS.GZ )
A new Protocol for 1-2 Oblivious Transfer
Bjoern Grohmann
2009/171 ( PDF )
On the Theory and Practice of Personal Digital Signatures
Ivan Damgård and Gert Læssøe Mikkelsen
2009/170 ( PDF )
Analysis of Property-Preservation Capabilities of the ROX and ESh Hash Domain Extenders
Mohammad Reza Reyhanitabar and Willy Susilo and Yi Mu
2009/169 ( PDF )
Floating Fault analysis of Trivium under Weaker Assumptions
Hu Yupu and Gao Juntao and Liu Qing
2009/168 ( PDF )
A Second Pre-image Attack Against Elliptic Curve Only Hash (ECOH)
Michael A. Halcrow and Niels Ferguson
2009/167 ( PDF )
A new approach for FCSRs
François Arnault and Thierry Berger and Cédric Lauradoux and Marine Minier and Benjamin Pousse
2009/166 ( PDF )
I shall love you up to the death
Valerie Nachef and Jacques Patarin
2009/165 ( PDF )
Securing RSA against Fault Analysis by Double Addition Chain Exponentiation
Matthieu Rivain
2009/164 ( PDF )
CCA-Secure Proxy Re-Encryption without Pairings
Jun Shao and Zhenfu Cao
2009/163 ( PS PS.GZ )
A New Key-Agreement-Protocol
Bjoern Grohmann
2009/162 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Certificateless Hybrid Signcryption
Fagen Li and Masaaki Shirase and Tsuyoshi Takagi
2009/161 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Built-in Determined Sub-key Correlation Power Analysis
Yuichi Komano and Hideo Shimizu and Shinichi Kawamura
2009/160 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Leakage-Resilient Public-Key Cryptography in the Bounded-Retrieval Model
Joel Alwen and Yevgeniy Dodis and Daniel Wichs
2009/159 ( PDF )
Hardware Implementation of the SHA-3 Candidate Skein
Stefan Tillich
2009/158 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Security Analysis of a Proxy Signature Scheme over Braid Groups
Manoj Kumar
2009/157 ( PDF )
Efficient Halving for Genus 3 Curves over Binary Fields
Peter Birkner and Nicolas Thériault
2009/156 ( PDF )
A Deterministic Approach of Merging of Blocks in Transversal Design based Key Predistribution
Anupam Pattanayak and B. Majhi
2009/155 ( PDF )
Faster Computation of the Tate Pairing
Christophe Arene and Tanja Lange and Michael Naehrig and Christophe Ritzenthaler
2009/154 ( PDF )
Algorithms to solve massively under-defined systems of multivariate quadratic equations
Yasufumi Hashimoto
2009/153 ( PDF )
A new bound for t−wise almost universal hash functions
Long Hoang Nguyen and A. W. Roscoe
2009/152 ( -- withdrawn -- )
FaceTrust: Assessing the Credibility of Online Personas via Social Networks
Michael Sirivianos
2009/151 ( PDF )
Euclid's Algorithm, Guass' Elimination and Buchberger's Algorithm
Shaohua Zhang
2009/150 ( PDF )
Efficient group authentication protocols based on human interaction
Long Hoang Nguyen and A. W. Roscoe
2009/149 ( PDF )
Secure EPC Gen2 compliant Radio Frequency Identification
Mike Burmester and Breno de Medeiros and Jorge Munilla and Alberto Peinado
2009/148 ( PDF )
Secret Handshake: Strong Anonymity Definition and Construction
Yutaka Kawai and Kazuki Yoneyama and Kazuo Ohta
2009/147 ( PDF )
Preimage Attack on ARIRANG
Deukjo Hong and Woo-Hwan Kim and Bonwook Koo
2009/146 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Transferable Constant-Size Fair E-Cash
Georg Fuchsbauer and David Pointcheval and Damien Vergnaud
2009/145 ( PDF )
Security of Permutation-based Compression Function lp 231
Jooyoung Lee and Daesung Kwon
2009/144 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On the security of Identity Based Ring Signcryption Schemes
S.Sharmila Deva Selvi and S.Sree Vivek and C.Pandu Rangan
2009/143 ( PDF )
Multiple and Unlinkable Public Key Encryption without Certificates
Soyoung Park and Sang-Ho Lee and Joohan Lee
2009/142 ( PDF )
Chosen-ciphertext Secure Encryption from Hard Algebraic Set Systems
Ronald Cramer and Dennis Hofheinz and Eike Kiltz
2009/141 ( PDF )
Ideal Hierarchical Secret Sharing Schemes
Oriol Farras and Carles Padro
2009/140 ( PDF )
The Analysis of Galois Substitution Counter Mode (GSCM)
Mohamed Abo El-Fotouh and Klaus Diepold
2009/139 ( PDF )
Certificateless Group Oriented Signature Secure Against Key Replacement Attack
Chunbo Ma and Jun Ao
2009/138 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Hybrid RFID Protocol against Tracking Attacks
Jen-Chun Chang and Hsin-Lung Wu
2009/137 ( PDF )
The Dark Side of Security by Obscurity and Cloning MiFare Classic Rail and Building Passes Anywhere, Anytime
Nicolas T. Courtois
2009/136 ( PDF )
How to Extract and Expand Randomness: A Summary and Explanation of Existing Results
Yvonne Cliff and Colin Boyd and Juan Gonzalez Nieto
2009/135 ( PDF )
Practical Key Recovery Attack against Secret-prefix Edon-R
Gaëtan Leurent
2009/134 ( PDF )
A First Order Recursive Construction of Boolean Function with Optimum Algebraic Immunity
Yindong Chen and Peizhong Lu
2009/133 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Signature Schemes with Bounded Leakage Resilience
Jonathan Katz
2009/132 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A New Lattice for Implicit Factoring
Yanbin Pan and Yingpu Deng
2009/131 ( PDF )
Key Predistribution Schemes in Distributed Wireless Sensor Network using Combinatorial Designs Revisited
Anupam Pattanayak and B. Majhi
2009/130 ( PDF )
Constructions of Even-variable Boolean Function with Optimum Algebraic Immunity
Yindong Chen and Peizhong Lu
2009/129 ( PDF )
Faster and Timing-Attack Resistant AES-GCM
Emilia Kasper and Peter Schwabe
2009/128 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Attacks on a Lightweight Cipher Based on a Multiple Recursive Generator
Lu Xiao and Gregory G. Rose
2009/127 ( PDF )
Side Channel Cube Attacks on Block Ciphers
Itai Dinur and Adi Shamir
2009/126 ( PDF )
Threshold Attribute-Based Signatures and Their Application to Anonymous Credential Systems
Siamak F Shahandashti and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini
2009/125 ( PDF )
A Full Key Recovery Attack on HMAC-AURORA-512
Yu Sasaki
2009/124 ( PDF )
Practical Secure Evaluation of Semi-Private Functions
Annika Paus and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Thomas Schneider
2009/123 ( PDF )
On the Complexity of Integer Factorization
N. A. Carella
2009/122 ( PDF )
Hardware Accelerator for the Tate Pairing in Characteristic Three Based on Karatsuba-Ofman Multipliers
Jean-Luc Beuchat and Jérémie Detrey and Nicolas Estibals and Eiji Okamoto and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez
2009/121 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Optimized Public Key Infrastructure -- A PKI to Support Efficient Document's Signatures
Martín Augusto Gagliotti Vigil and Ricardo Felipe Custódio and Nelson da Silva and Ricardo Moraes
2009/120 ( PDF )
On the Complexity of Khovratovich's Preimage Attack on Edon-R
Danilo Gligoroski and Rune Steinsmo Ødegård
2009/119 ( PDF )
A Continuous Fault Countermeasure for AES Providing a Constant Error Detection Rate
Marcel Medwed
2009/118 ( PDF )
A2BE: Accountable Attribute-Based Encryption for Abuse Free Access Control
Jin Li and Kui Ren and Kwangjo Kim
2009/117 ( PDF )
Changing probabilities of differentials and linear sums via isomorphisms of ciphers
Alexander Rostovtsev
2009/116 ( PDF )
Information Theoretically Secure Multi Party Set Intersection Re-Visited
Arpita Patra and Ashish Choudhary and C. Pandu Rangan
2009/115 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Scalable Compilers for Group Key Establishment : Two/Three Party to Group
S.Sree Vivek and S.Sharmila Deva Selvi, Deepanshu Shukla and C.Pandu Rangan
2009/114 ( PDF )
Weakness of Key Predistribution Scheme Proposed by J. Dong et al.
Anupam Pattanayak and B. Majhi
2009/113 ( PDF )
Attacks on AURORA-512 and the Double-Mix Merkle-Damgaard Transform
Niels Ferguson and Stefan Lucks
2009/112 ( PDF )
A 2nd-Preimage Attack on AURORA-512
Yu Sasaki
2009/111 ( PDF )
Short Chosen-Prefix Collisions for MD5 and the Creation of a Rogue CA Certificate
Marc Stevens and Alexander Sotirov and Jacob Appelbaum and Arjen Lenstra and David Molnar and Dag Arne Osvik and Benne de Weger
2009/110 ( PDF )
On the Security of Stream Cipher CryptMT v3
Haina Zhang and Xiaoyun Wang
2009/109 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Stream Cipher Grain Family
Haina Zhang and Xiaoyun Wang
2009/108 ( PDF )
Further Results on Implicit Factoring in Polynomial Time
Santanu Sarkar and Subhamoy Maitra
2009/107 ( PDF )
Compact E-Cash and Simulatable VRFs Revisited
Mira Belenkiy and Melissa Chase and Markulf Kohlweiss and Anna Lysyanskaya
2009/106 ( PDF )
A Collision Attack on AURORA-512
Yu Sasaki
2009/105 ( PDF )
Public-Key Cryptosystems Resilient to Key Leakage
Moni Naor and Gil Segev
2009/104 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
1024 - A High Security Software Oriented Block Cipher
Dieter Schmidt
2009/103 ( PDF )
Constructing pairing-friendly hyperelliptic curves using Weil restriction
David Mandell Freeman and Takakazu Satoh
2009/102 ( PDF )
A Step Towards QC Blind Signatures
Raphael Overbeck
2009/101 ( PDF )
Encryption Schemes Secure under Selective Opening Attack
Mihir Bellare and Scott Yilek
2009/100 ( PDF )
Computing the endomorphism ring of an ordinary elliptic curve over a finite field
Gaetan Bisson and Andrew V. Sutherland
2009/099 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Single Initialization Server for Multi-Party Cryptography
Hugue Blier and Alain Tapp
2009/098 ( PDF )
Attacking Cryptographic Schemes Based on "Perturbation Polynomials"
Martin Albrecht and Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Jonathan Katz
2009/097 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Identification of Multiple Invalid Signatures in Pairing-based Batched Signatures
Brian J. Matt
2009/096 ( PDF )
A note on the security of MST3
M.I. Gonzalez Vasco and A. L. Perez del Pozo and P. Taborda Duarte
2009/095 ( PDF )
Enhanced Privacy ID from Bilinear Pairing
Ernie Brickell and Jiangtao Li
2009/094 ( PDF )
On the Lower Bounds of the Second Order Nonlinearity of some Boolean Functions
Sugata Gangopadhyay, Sumanta Sarkar, Ruchi Telang
2009/093 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Cascade Encryption Revisited
Peter Gazi and Ueli Maurer
2009/092 ( PDF )
Reducing RFID Reader Load with the Meet-in-the-Middle Strategy
Jung Hee Cheon and Jeongdae Hong and Gene Tsudik
2009/091 ( PDF )
Knapsack Cryptosystem on Elliptic Curves
Koichiro Noro and Kunikatsu Kobayashi
2009/090 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Brief History of Provably-Secure Public-Key Encryption
Alexander W. Dent
2009/089 ( PDF )
A Provably Secure And Efficient Countermeasure Against Timing Attacks
Boris Köpf and Markus Dürmuth
2009/088 ( PDF )
Lossy Encryption: Constructions from General Assumptions and Efficient Selective Opening Chosen Ciphertext Security
Brett Hemenway and Benoit Libert and Rafail Ostrovsky and Damien Vergnaud
2009/087 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Unconditionally Secure Asynchronous Multiparty Computation with Quadratic Communication Per Multiplication Gate
Arpita Patra, Ashish Choudhary, C. Pandu Rangan
2009/086 ( PDF )
Point Compression for Koblitz Elliptic Curves
P. N. J. Eagle and Steven D. Galbraith and John Ong
2009/085 ( PDF )
UC-Secure Source Routing Protocol
Tao Feng and Xian Guo and Jianfeng Ma and Xinghua Li
2009/084 ( PDF )
Simulation without the Artificial Abort: Simplified Proof and Improved Concrete Security for Waters' IBE Scheme
Mihir Bellare and Thomas Ristenpart
2009/083 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Multi-authority attribute based encryption with honest-but-curious central authority
Vladimir Bozovic and Daniel Socek and Rainer Steinwandt and Viktoria I. Villanyi
2009/082 ( PDF )
The Case for Quantum Key Distribution
Douglas Stebila and Michele Mosca and Norbert Lütkenhaus
2009/081 ( PDF )
Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing
Cong Wang and Qian Wang and Kui Ren and Wenjing Lou
2009/080 ( PDF )
CoSP: A General Framework For Computational Soundness Proofs
Michael Backes and Dennis Hofheinz and Dominique Unruh
2009/079 ( PDF )
From Dolev-Yao to Strong Adaptive Corruption: Analyzing Security in the Presence of Compromising Adversaries
David Basin and Cas Cremers
2009/078 ( PDF )
Attacks on the DECT authentication mechanisms
Stefan Lucks and Andreas Schuler and Erik Tews and Ralf-Philipp Weinmann and Matthias Wenzel
2009/077 ( PDF )
On the Security of Iterated Hashing based on Forgery-resistant Compression Functions
Charles Bouillaguet and Orr Dunkelman and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Antoine Joux
2009/076 ( PDF )
Construction of large families of pseudorandom subsets using elliptic curves
Zhixiong Chen and Chenhuang Wu
2009/075 ( PDF )
Security of Practical Cryptosystems Using Merkle-Damgard Hash Function in the Ideal Cipher Model
Yusuke Naito and Kazuki Yoneyama and Lei Wang and Kazuo Ohta
2009/074 ( PDF )
Computational Oblivious Transfer and Interactive Hashing
Kirill Morozov and George Savvides
2009/073 ( PDF )
Automatic Approach of Provable Security and its Application for OAEP+
GU Chun-Xiang, Guang Yan, ZHU Yue-Fei
2009/072 ( PDF )
Implementing cryptographic pairings: a magma tutorial
Luis J Dominguez Perez, Ezekiel J Kachisa, and Michael Scott
2009/071 ( PDF )
Secret sharing on trees: problem solved
Laszlo Csirmaz and Gabor Tardos
2009/070 ( PDF )
Low Complexity Cubing and Cube Root Computation over $\F_{3^m}$ in Polynomial Basis
Omran Ahmadi and Francisco Rodríguez-Henriquez
2009/069 ( PDF )
Optimistic Fair Exchange with Multiple Arbiters
Alptekin Kupcu and Anna Lysyanskaya
2009/068 ( PDF )
Overview of Turbo-Code Reconstruction Techniques
Johann Barbier and Eric Filiol
2009/067 ( PDF )
On fractional correlation immunity of majority functions
Chuan-Kun Wu
2009/066 ( PDF )
Adaptive Preimage Resistance and Permutation-based Hash Functions
Jooyoung Lee and Je Hong Park
2009/065 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Foundations of Non-Malleable Hash and One-Way Functions
Alexandra Boldyreva and David Cash and Marc Fischlin and Bogdan Warinschi
2009/064 ( PDF )
On the Data Complexity of Statistical Attacks Against Block Ciphers (full version)
Céline Blondeau and Benoît Gérard
2009/063 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
CCZ-equivalence and Boolean functions
Lilya Budaghyan and Claude Carlet
2009/062 ( PDF )
On Deterministic Polynomial-Time Equivalence of Computing the CRT-RSA Secret Keys and Factoring
Subhamoy Maitra and Santanu Sarkar
2009/061 ( PDF )
Security Enhancement of Various MPKCs by 2-layer Nonlinear Piece In Hand Method
Shigeo Tsujii and Kohtaro Tadaki and Ryou Fujita and Masahito Gotaishi and Toshinobu Kaneko
2009/060 ( PDF )
Comparing Two Pairing-Based Aggregate Signature Schemes
Sanjit Chatterjee and Darrel Hankerson and Edward Knapp and Alfred Menezes
2009/059 ( PDF )
On the impossibility of graph secret sharing
Laszlo Csirmaz
2009/058 ( PDF )
On Generalization of Cheon's Algorithm
Takakazu Satoh
2009/057 ( PDF )
Anonymity in Shared Symmetric Key Primitives
Gregory M. Zaverucha and Douglas R. Stinson
2009/056 ( PDF )
Designing an ASIP for Cryptographic Pairings over Barreto-Naehrig Curves
David Kammler and Diandian Zhang and Peter Schwabe and Hanno Scharwaechter and Markus Langenberg and Dominik Auras and Gerd Ascheid and Rainer Leupers and Rudolf Mathar and Heinrich Meyr
2009/055 ( PDF )
Universally Composable Symmetric Encryption
Ralf Kuesters and Max Tuengerthal
2009/054 ( PDF )
On the Security of Tandem-DM
Ewan Fleischmann and Michael Gorski and Stefan Lucks
2009/053 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
New commutative semifields defined by PN multinomials
Lilya Budaghyan and Tor Helleseth
2009/052 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
S.Sree Vivek and S.Sharmila Deva Selvi and C.Pandu Rangan
2009/051 ( PDF )
Enhanced Target Collision Resistant Hash Functions Revisited
Mohammad Reza Reyhanitabar and Willy Susilo and Yi Mu
2009/050 ( PDF )
On the Portability of Generalized Schnorr Proofs
Jan Camenisch and Aggelos Kiayias and Moti Yung
2009/049 ( PDF )
Extensions of the Cube Attack based on Low Degree Annihilators
Aileen Zhang, Chu-Wee Lim, Khoongming Khoo, Wei Lei and Josef Pieprzyk
2009/048 ( PDF )
A Trade-Off Between Collision Probability and Key Size in Universal Hashing Using Polynomials
Palash Sarkar
2009/047 ( PDF )
On Approximating Addition by Exclusive OR
Palash Sarkar
2009/046 ( PDF )
Traceability Codes
Simon R. Blackburn and Tuvi Etzion and Siaw-Lynn Ng
2009/045 ( PDF )
Efficient Protocols for Set Intersection and Pattern Matching with Security Against Malicious and Covert Adversaries
Carmit Hazay and Yehuda Lindell
2009/044 ( PDF )
Un-Trusted-HB: Security Vulnerabilities of Trusted-HB
Dmitry Frumkin and Adi Shamir
2009/043 ( PDF )
Image Encryption by Pixel Property Separation
Karthik Chandrashekar Iyer and Aravinda Subramanya
2009/042 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
On CCZ-equivalence and its use in secondary constructions of bent functions
Lilya Budaghyan and Claude Carlet
2009/041 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Proofs of Retrievability via Hardness Amplification
Yevgeniy Dodis and Salil Vadhan and Daniel Wichs
2009/040 ( PDF )
How to Prove the Security of Practical Cryptosystems with Merkle-Damgård Hashing by Adopting Indifferentiability
Yusuke Naito and Kazuki Yoneyama and Lei Wang and Kazuo Ohta
2009/039 ( PDF )
Key Insulation and Intrusion Resilience Over a Public Channel
Mihir Bellare and Shanshan Duan and Adriana Palacio
2009/038 ( PDF )
On Algebraic Relations of Serpent S-Boxes
Bhupendra Singh and Lexy Alexander and Sanjay Burman
2009/037 ( PDF )
Common Modulus Attacks on Small Private Exponent RSA and Some Fast Variants (in Practice)
M. Jason Hinek and Charles C. Y. Lam
2009/036 ( PDF )
Constructions of Truly Practical Secure Protocols using Standard Smartcards
Carmit Hazay and Yehuda Lindell
2009/035 ( PDF )
Key-Exposure Free Chameleon Hashing and Signatures Based on Discrete Logarithm Systems
Xiaofeng Chen and Fangguo Zhang and Haibo Tian and Baodian Wei and Kwangjo Kim
2009/034 ( PDF )
On a Conditional Collision Attack on NaSHA-512
S. Markovski, A. Mileva, V. Dimitrova and D. Gligoroski
2009/033 ( PDF )
NESHA-256, NEw 256-bit Secure Hash Algorithm (Extended Abstract)
Yaser Esmaeili Salehani, Amir Tabatabaei, Mohammad Reza Sohizadeh Abyaneh, Mehdi Mohammad Hassanzadeh
2009/032 ( PDF )
A Fast Implementation of $\eta_T$ Pairing in Characteristic Three on Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
2009/031 ( PDF )
Adaptively Secure Two-Party Computation with Erasures
Yehuda Lindell
2009/030 ( PDF )
An efficient fuzzy extractor for limited noise
B. Skoric and P. Tuyls
2009/029 ( PDF )
Nofish - A new stream cipher
Marius Oliver Gheorghita
2009/028 ( PDF )
Realizing Hash-and-Sign Signatures under Standard Assumptions
Susan Hohenberger and Brent Waters
2009/027 ( PDF )
Security of Verifiably Encrypted Signatures
Markus Rückert and Dominique Schröder
2009/026 ( PDF )
Collision Attacks on NaSHA-384/512
Zhimin Li, Licheng Wang, Daofeng Li, Yixian Yang
2009/025 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Short Redactable Signatures Using Random Trees
Ee-Chien Chang and Chee Liang Lim and Jia Xu
2009/024 ( PDF )
On Second-Order Fault Analysis Resistance for CRT-RSA Implementations
Emmanuelle Dottax and Christophe Giraud and Matthieu Rivain and Yannick Sierra
2009/023 ( PDF )
Polynomial Runtime and Composability
Dennis Hofheinz and Dominique Unruh and Jörn Müller-Quade
2009/022 ( PDF )
Correctness of Li Generalization of RSA Cryptosystem
Roman Popovych
2009/021 ( PDF )
Comparing With RSA
Julien Cathalo and David Naccache and Jean-Jacques Quisquater
2009/020 ( PDF )
Applying Time-Memory-Data Trade-Off to Meet-in-the-Middle Attack
Jiali Choy and Khoongming Khoo and Chuan-Wen Loe
2009/019 ( PDF )
Communication-Efficient Private Protocols for Longest Common Subsequence
Matthew Franklin and Mark Gondree and Payman Mohassel
2009/018 ( PDF )
Huge 2ndpreimages and collisions of khichidi-1
prasanth Kumar Thandra, S.A.V. Satya Murty
2009/017 ( PDF )
Anonymous signature scheme
Chunbo Ma and Jun Ao
2009/016 ( PDF )
Fast elliptic-curve cryptography on the Cell Broadband Engine
Neil Costigan and Peter Schwabe
2009/015 ( PDF )
Cube Attacks on Trivium
S S Bedi and N Rajesh Pillai
2009/014 ( PDF )
Key Predistribution Techniques for Grid-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
Simon R. Blackburn and Tuvi Etzion and Keith M. Martin and Maura B. Paterson
2009/013 ( PDF )
Comparison-Based Key Exchange and the Security of the Numeric Comparison Mode in Bluetooth v2.1
Yehuda Lindell
2009/012 ( PDF )
Avoid Mask Re-use in Masked Galois Multipliers
D. Canright
2009/011 ( PDF )
A Very Compact "Perfectly Masked" S-Box for AES (corrected)
D. Canright and Lejla Batina
2009/010 ( PDF )
Optimal Multicast Group Communication
Zhibin Zhou and Dijiang Huang
2009/009 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Hybrid-Secure MPC: Trading Information-Theoretic Robustness for Computational Privacy
Christoph Lucas and Dominik Raub and Ueli Maurer
2009/008 ( PDF )
A note on Agrawal conjecture
Roman Popovych
2009/007 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Homomorphic Trapdoor Commitments to Group Elements
Jens Groth
2009/006 ( PDF )
Huge Multicollisions and Multipreimages of Hash Functions BLENDER-n
Vlastimil Klima
2009/005 ( PDF )
Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Pelican, MT-MAC-AES and PC-MAC-AES
Wei Wang and Xiaoyun Wang and Guangwu Xu
2009/004 ( -- withdrawn -- )
On Stateless Schemes for Message Authentication Using Pseudorandom Functions
Palash Sarkar
2009/003 ( PDF )
Separating two roles of hashing in one-way message authentication
L. H. Nguyen and A. W. Roscoe
2009/002 ( PDF )
Julien Brouchier and Nora Dabbous and Tom Kean and Carol Marsh and David Naccache
2009/001 ( PDF )
A Hardware Analysis of Twisted Edwards Curves for an Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
Brian Baldwin and Richard Moloney and Andrew Byrne and Gary McGuire and William P. Marnane

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