Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2009/566

New Cryptosystems From CSP-Based Self-Distributive Systems

Licheng Wang and Lihua Wang and Zhenfu Cao and Eiji Okamoto and Jun Shao

Abstract: We propose new cryptosystems based on self-distributive systems that are defined by conjugator searching problems (CSP) in noncommutative groups. Under the newly developed cryptographic assumptions, our basic construction is proven IND-CPA secure in the standard model. Then, we describe two extensions: The first is proven IND-CCA secure in the random oracle model, while the second achieves the IND-CCA security in the standard model. Moreover, our proposal is instantiated with braid groups, and leads to a new braid-based encryption scheme and its security is directly rooted in the intractability assumption of CSP in braid groups.

Category / Keywords: Self-distributive systems, conjugator searching problems, braid groups, cryptosystems

Date: received 21 Nov 2009, last revised 15 Apr 2010

Contact author: wanglc cn at gmail com

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