Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2009/614

Secure Multiparty AES (full paper)

Ivan Damgård and Marcel Keller

Abstract: We propose several variants of a secure multiparty computation protocol for AES encryption. The best variant requires $2200 + \frac{400}{255}$ expected elementary operations in expected $70 + \frac{20}{255}$ rounds to encrypt one 128-bit block with a 128-bit key. We implemented the variants using VIFF, a software framework for implementing secure multiparty computation (MPC). Tests with three players (passive security against at most one corrupted player) in a local network showed that one block can be encrypted in 2 seconds. We also argue that this result could be improved by an optimized implementation. The security requirements are the same as for the underlying MPC scheme.

Category / Keywords: implementation / multiparty computation, AES

Publication Info: A short version will appear in the proceedings of Financial Crypto '10.

Date: received 11 Dec 2009

Contact author: mkeller at cs au dk

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