Paper 2024/265

Beyond the circuit: How to Minimize Foreign Arithmetic in ZKP Circuits

Michele Orrù, French National Centre for Scientific Research
George Kadianakis, Ethereum Foundation
Mary Maller, Ethereum Foundation, PQShield
Greg Zaverucha, Microsoft Research

Zero-knowledge circuits are frequently required to prove gadgets that are not optimised for the constraint system in question. A particularly daunting task is to embed foreign arithmetic such as Boolean operations, field arithmetic, or public-key cryptography. We construct techniques for offloading foreign arithmetic from a zero-knowledge circuit including: (i) equality of discrete logarithms across different groups; (ii) scalar multiplication without requiring elliptic curve operations; (iii) proving knowledge of an AES encryption. To achieve our goal, we employ techniques inherited from rejection sampling and lookup protocols. We implement and provide concrete benchmarks for our protocols.

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zero-knowledgeargument of knowledgediscrete logarithm equalityaes
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m @ orru net
george kadianakis @ ethereum org
mary maller @ ethereum org
gregz @ microsoft com
2024-02-19: approved
2024-02-16: received
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