Paper 2023/766

Lattice-based Commit-Transferrable Signatures and Applications to Anonymous Credentials

Qiqi Lai, School of Computer Science, Shaanxi Normal University
Chongshen Chen, School of Computer Science, Shaanxi Normal University
Feng-Hao Liu, Washington State University
Anna Lysyanskaya, Brown University
Zhedong Wang, School of Cyber Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Anonymous Credentials are an important tool to protect user's privacy for proving possession of certain credentials. Although various efficient constructions have been proposed based on pre-quantum assumptions, there have been limited accomplishments in the post-quantum and especially practical settings. This research aims to derive new methods that enhance the current state of the art. To achieve this, we make the following contributions. By distilling prior design insights, we propose a new primitive to instantiate \emph{signature with protocols}, called commit-transferrable signature (\CTS). When combined with a multi-theorem straight-line extractable non-interactive zero-knowledge proof of knowledge (\NIZKPoK), $\CTS$ gives a modular approach to construct anonymous credentials. We then show efficient instantiations of $\CTS$ and the required \NIZKPoK from lattices, which are believed to be post-quantum hard. Finally, we propose concrete parameters for the $\CTS$, \NIZKPoK, and the overall Anonymous Credentials, based on Module-\SIS~and Ring-\LWE. This would serve as an important guidance for future deployment in practice.

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Cryptographic protocols
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Anonymous CredentialsCommit-Transferrable SignatureLattice-Based CryptographyPost-Quantum Security
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laiqq @ snnu edu cn
chongshenchen @ snnu edu cn
feng-hao liu @ wsu edu
anna @ cs brown edu
wzdstill @ sjtu edu cn
2023-10-10: revised
2023-05-26: received
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