Paper 2023/1965

More Efficient Public-Key Cryptography with Leakage and Tamper Resilience

Shuai Han, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shengli Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Dawu Gu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

In this paper, we study the design of efficient signature and public-key encryption (PKE) schemes in the presence of both leakage and tampering attacks. Firstly, we formalize the strong leakage and tamper-resilient (sLTR) security model for signature, which provides strong existential unforgeability, and deals with bounded leakage and restricted tampering attacks, as a counterpart to the sLTR security introduced by Sun et al. (ACNS 2019) for PKE. Then, we present direct constructions of signature and chosen-ciphertext attack (CCA) secure PKE schemes in the sLTR model, based on the matrix decisional Diffie-Hellman (MDDH) assumptions (which covers the standard symmetric external DH (SXDH) and k-Linear assumptions) over asymmetric pairing groups. Our schemes avoid the use of heavy building blocks such as the true-simulation extractable non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs (tSE-NIZK) proposed by Dodis et al. (ASIACRYPT 2010), which are usually needed in constructing schemes with leakage and tamper-resilience. Especially, our SXDH-based signature and PKE schemes are more efficient than the existing schemes in the leakage and tamper-resilient setting: our signature scheme has only 4 group elements in the signature, which is about 5×~8× shorter, and our PKE scheme has only 6 group elements in the ciphertext, which is about 1.3×~3.3× shorter. Finally, we note that our signature scheme is the {\it first} one achieving strong existential unforgeability in the leakage and tamper-resilient setting, where strong existential unforgeability has important applications in building more complex primitives such as signcryption and authenticated key exchange.

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Public-key cryptography
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Published by the IACR in PKC 2024
digital signaturepublic-key encryptionleakage attackstampering attacks
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dalen17 @ sjtu edu cn
slliu @ sjtu edu cn
dwgu @ sjtu edu cn
2023-12-31: approved
2023-12-28: received
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