Paper 2023/1791

Decentralized Compromise-Tolerant Public Key Management Ecosystem with Threshold Validation

Jamal Mosakheil, The University of Memphis
Kan Yang, The University of Memphis

This paper examines the vulnerabilities inherent in prevailing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems reliant on centralized Certificate Authorities (CAs), wherein a compromise of the CA introduces risks to the integrity of public key management. We present PKChain, a decentralized and compromise-tolerant public key management system built on blockchain technology, offering transparent, tamper-resistant, and verifiable services for key operations such as registration, update, query, validation, and revocation. Our innovative approach involves a novel threshold block validation scheme that combines a novel threshold cryptographic scheme with blockchain consensus. This scheme allows each validator to validate each public key record partially and proactively secures it before inclusion in a block. Additionally, to further validate and verify each block and to facilitate public verification of the public key records, we introduce an aggregate commitment signature scheme. Our contribution extends to the development of a new, efficient, and practical Byzantine Compromise-Tolerant and Verifiable (pBCTV) consensus model, integrating the proposed validation and signature schemes with practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT). Through a comprehensive examination encompassing security analysis, performance evaluation, and a prototype implementation, we substantiate that PKChain is a secure, efficient, and robust solution for public key management.

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jmskheil @ memphis edu
kan yang @ memphis edu
2023-11-24: approved
2023-11-20: received
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