Paper 2023/1581

CryptoZoo: A Viewer for Reduction Proofs

Chris Brzuska, Aalto University
Christoph Egger, Université Paris Cité, CNRS, IRIF
Kirthivaasan Puniamurthy, Aalto University

Cryptographers rely on visualization to effectively communicate cryptographic constructions with one another. Visual frameworks such as constructive cryptography (TOSCA 2011), the joy of cryptography (online book) and state-separating proofs (SSPs, Asiacrypt 2018) are useful to communicate not only the construction, but also their proof visually by representing a cryptographic system as graphs. One SSP core feature is the re-use of code, e.g., a package of code might be used in a game and be part of the description of a reduction as well. Thus, in a proof, the linear structure of a paper either requires the reader to turn pages to find definitions or writers to re-state them, thereby interrupting the visual flow of the game hops that are defined by a sequence of graphs. We present an interactive proof viewer for state-separating proofs (SSPs) which addresses the limitations and perform three case studies: The equivalence between simulation-based and game-based notions for symmetric encryption, the security proof of the Goldreich-Goldwasser-Micali construction of a pseudorandom function from a pseudorandom generator, and Brzuska's and Oechsner's SSP formalization of the proof for Yao's garbling scheme.

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Published elsewhere. ACNS 2024
state-separationproof viewerreduction proofstooling
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chris brzuska @ gmail com
egger @ irif fr
kirthivaasan puniamurthy @ aalto fi
2023-10-13: approved
2023-10-12: received
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