Paper 2022/463

Reducing the Depth of Quantum FLT-Based Inversion Circuit

Harashta Tatimma Larasati, Dedy Septono Catur Putranto, Rini Wisnu Wardhani, and Howon Kim


In this study, we propose to reduce the depth of the existing quantum Fermat's Little Theorem (FLT)-based inversion circuit for binary finite field. In particular, we propose follow a complete waterfall approach to translate the Itoh-Tsujii's variant of FLT to the corresponding quantum circuit and remove the inverse squaring operations employed in the previous work by Banegas et al., lowering the number of CNOT gates (CNOT count), which contributes to reduced overall depth and gate count. Furthermore, compare the cost by firstly constructing our method and previous work's in Qiskit quantum computer simulator and perform the resource analysis. Our approach can serve as an alternative for a time-efficient implementation.

Note: v0.2 (revise Table & Algorithm captions)

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Preprint. Minor revision.
quantum cryptanalysisinversionbinary fieldsimulation
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tatimmaharashta @ gmail com
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2022-04-22: received
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