Paper 2022/1709

Dory: Asynchronous BFT with Reduced Communication and Improved Efficiency

You Zhou, Beihang University
Zongyang Zhang, Beihang University
Haibin Zhang, Beijing Institute of Technology
Sisi Duan, Tsinghua University
Bin Hu, Beihang University
Licheng Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology
Jianwei Liu, Beihang University

Asynchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) protocols have received increasing attention, as they are particularly robust against timing and performance attacks. This paper designs and implements Dory, an asynchronous BFT protocol with reduced communication and improved efficiency compared to existing systems. In particular, Dory reduces communication both asymptotically and concretely and gains improved performance. To achieve this goal, we have devised a novel primitive called asynchronous vector data dissemination, and moreover, we have developed the technique of supplemental consensus originally working with reliable broadcast only, such that the technique can be compatible with the more efficient provable broadcast. We also built Dory-NG by separating data transmission from agreement, just as in Dumbo-NG. We have implemented Dory, Dory-NG, Speeding Dumbo (sDumbo), and Dumbo-NG in a new Golang library. Via a deployment using up to 151 replicas on Amazon EC2, we have shown that Dory and Dory-NG consistently outperform sDumbo and Dumbo-NG, respectively---during both failure and failure-free scenarios. For instance, Dory has up to 5x the throughput of sDumbo, while lowering the communication cost for different batch sizes.

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Byzantine fault toleranceBFTconsensusasynchronous BFT
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haibin @ bit edu cn
duansisi @ tsinghua edu cn
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lcwang @ bit edu cn
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