Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1692

Private Lives Matter: A Differential Private Functional Encryption Scheme (extended version)

Alexandtros Bakas and Antonis Michalas and Tassos Dimitriou

Abstract: The use of data combined with tailored statistical analysis have presented a unique opportunity to organizations in diverse fields to observe users' behaviors and needs, and accordingly adapt and fine-tune their services. However, in order to offer utilizable, plausible, and personalized alternatives to users, this process usually also entails a breach of their privacy. The use of statistical databases for releasing data analytics is growing exponentially, and while many cryptographic methods are utilized to protect the confidentiality of the data -- a task that has been ably carried out by many authors over the years -- only a few %rudimentary number of works focus on the problem of privatizing the actual databases. Believing that securing and privatizing databases are two equilateral problems, in this paper, we propose a hybrid approach by combining Functional Encryption with the principles of Differential Privacy. Our main goal is not only to design a scheme for processing statistical data and releasing statistics in a privacy-preserving way but also to provide a richer, more balanced, and comprehensive approach in which data analytics and cryptography go hand in hand with a shift towards increased privacy.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Differential Privacy, Functional Encryption, Multi-Input Functional Encryption, Multi-Party Computation

Date: received 23 Dec 2021, last revised 26 Dec 2021

Contact author: alexandros bakas at tuni fi

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