Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1004

Towards Attack Resilient Arbiter PUF-Based Strong PUFs

Nils Wisiol

Abstract: We present the LP-PUF, a novel, Arbiter PUF-based, CMOS-compatible strong PUF design. We explain the motivation behind the design choices for LP-PUF and show evaluation results to demonstrate that LP-PUF has good uniqueness, low bias, and fair bit sensitivity and reliability values. Furthermore, based on analyses and discussion of the LR and splitting attacks, the reliability attacks, and MLP attack, we argue that the LP-PUF has potential to be secure against known PUF modeling attacks, which motivates a discussion of limitations of our study and future work with respect to the LP-PUF.

Category / Keywords: PUF

Date: received 28 Jul 2021

Contact author: nils at wisiol de

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