Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/899

A Comparison of Single-Bit and Multi-Bit DPA for Attacking AES128 on an ATmega328P

Michael Yonli

Abstract: Side channel attacks have demonstrated in the past that it is possible to break cryptographic algorithms by attacking the implementation rather than the algorithm. This paper compares an adaptation of Paul Kocher's Differential Power Analysis (DPA) for AES with a multi-bit variant by attacking an AES128 implementation for an ATmega328P microcontroller board. The results show that the use of multi-bit DPA can significantly reduce ghost peaks and allow for the recovery of a key with far fewer traces.

Category / Keywords: AES, DPA, multi-bit DPA, power analysis, side channel attack, microcontroller, cryptanalysis, Arduino, ATmega328P

Date: received 4 Aug 2019

Contact author: michiy at gmx net

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