Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/530

Speed-up of SCA attacks on 32-bit multiplications

Robert Nguyen and Adrien Facon and Sylvain Guilley and Guillaume Gautier and Safwan El Assad

Abstract: Many crypto-algorithms, Deep-Learning, DSP compute on words larger than 8-bit. SCA attacks can easily be done on Boolean operations like XOR, AND, OR, and substitution operations like s-box, p-box or q-box, as 8-bit hypothesis or less are enough to forge attacks. However, attacking larger hypothesis word increases exponentially required resources: memory and computation power. Considering multiplication, 32-bit operation implies $2^{32}$ hypothesis. Then a direct SCA attack cannot be efficiently performed. We propose to perform instead 4 small 8-bit SCA attacks. 32-bit attack complexity is reduced to 8-bit only complexity.

Category / Keywords: implementation / SCA, arithmetic multiplication, 32-bit, divide-and-conquer, 8-bit, reduce partition size

Original Publication (with minor differences): C2SI 2019

Date: received 13 May 2019

Contact author: sylvain guilley at secure-ic com

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Note: It is precised how the divide-and-conquer is performed

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