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Versatile ABS: Usage Limited, Revocable, Threshold Traceable, Authority Hiding, Decentralized Attribute Based Signatures

Osman Bicer and Alptekin Kupcu

Abstract: In this work, we revisit multi-authority attribute based signatures (MA-ABS), and elaborate on the limitations of the current MA-ABS schemes to provide a hard to achieve (yet very useful) combination of features, i.e., decentralization, periodic usage limitation, dynamic revocation of users and attributes, reliable threshold traceability, and authority hiding. In contrast to previous work, we disallow even the authorities to de-anonymize an ABS, and only allow joint tracing by threshold-many tracing authorities. Moreover, in our solution, the authorities cannot sign on behalf of users. In this context, first we define a useful and practical attribute based signature scheme (versatile ABS or VABS) along with the necessary operations and security games to accomplish our targeted functionalities. Second, we provide the first VABS scheme in a modular design such that any application can utilize a subset of the features endowed by our VABS, while omitting the computation and communication overhead of the features that are not needed. Third, we prove the security of our VABS scheme based on standard assumptions, i.e., Strong RSA, DDH, and SDDHI, in the random oracle model. Fourth, we implement our signature generation and verification algorithms, and show that they are practical (for a VABS with 20 attributes, Sign and Verify times are below 1.2 seconds, and the generated signature size is below 0.5 MB).

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / attribute based signature, anonymous credentials, threshold cryptography.

Date: received 22 Feb 2019, last revised 13 Mar 2019

Contact author: obicer17 at ku edu tr,akupcu@ku edu tr

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