Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/774

Thring Signatures and their Applications to Spender-Ambiguous Digital Currencies

Brandon Goodell and Sarang Noether

Abstract: We present threshold ring multi-signatures (thring signatures) for collaborative computation of ring signatures. We discuss a game of existential forgery for thring signatures and the uses of thring signatures in digital currencies, including spender-ambiguous cross-chain atomic swaps for confidential amounts without a trusted set-up. We present an implementation of thring signatures inspired by the works of [13], [20], [14], [1], [18], and [15] we call linkable spontaneous threshold anonymous group (LSTAG) signatures, and we prove the implementation existentially unforgeable under the plain public key and random oracle models.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / ring signatures, confidential transactions, spender ambiguity, threshold multi-signatures, thring signatures, atomic swaps, public-key cryptography, implementation, applications

Date: received 24 Aug 2018, last revised 28 Aug 2018

Contact author: surae noether at protonmail com

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