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On the Design of a Secure Proxy Signature-based Handover Authentication Scheme for LTEWireless Networks

Behnam Zahednejad and Majid Bayat and Ashok Kumar Das

Abstract: Designing a secure and efficient handover authentication scheme has always been a concern of cellular networks especially in 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless networks. What makes their handover so complex, is the presence of different types of base stations namely eNodeB (eNB) and Home eNodeB (HeNB). In addition, they cannot directly communicate with each other. Recently, an efficient proxy signature-based handover authentication scheme has been suggested by Qui et al. Despite its better performance and security advantages than previous schemes, it suffers serious vulnerabilities, namely being prone to DoS attack , eNB impersonation attack and lack of perfect forward secrecy. In this paper, we propose an improved handover authentication scheme in LTE wireless networks that resists against such attacks. Further, we validate the security of the proposed scheme using Real-Or- Random (ROR) model and ProVerif analysis tool. The results confirm our security claims of the proposed scheme. In addition, the performance analysis shows that compared to other schemes, our proposed scheme is more efficient.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / LTE, Handover authentication scheme ,Proxy Signature ,perfect forward secrecy,DoS attack,ProVerif, ROR model

Date: received 21 Oct 2018

Contact author: bzahednejad at ihu ac ir

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