Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/797

An MPC-based Privacy-Preserving Protocol for a Local Electricity Trading Market

Aysajan Abidin and Abdelrahaman Aly and Sara Cleemput and Mustafa A. Mustafa

Abstract: This paper proposes a decentralised and privacy-preserving local electricity trading market. The proposed market employs a bidding protocol based upon secure multiparty computations and allows users to trade their excess electricity among themselves. The bid selection and calculation of the clearance price at which the electricity is traded are performed by the market in a decentralised and privacy-preserving manner. We implemented the market in C++ and tested its performance with realistic data sets. Our simulation results show that the market tasks can be performed for 2500 bids in less than five minutes in the online phase, showing its feasibility for a typical electricity trading period of, for example, 30 minutes.

Category / Keywords: applications / Secure Multiparty Computation, Local Electricity Trading Market, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy Source, Security and Privacy

Date: received 19 Aug 2016, last revised 25 Aug 2016

Contact author: aysajan abidin at esat kuleuven be; abdelrahaman aly at esat kuleuven be; sara cleemput at esat kuleuven be; mustafa mustafa at esat kuleuven be

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