Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/214

An Improvement of Both Security and Reliability for Keccak Implementations on Smart Card

Pei Luo and Liwei Zhang and Yunsi Fei and A. Adam Ding

Abstract: As the new SHA-3 standard, the security and reliability of Keccak have attracted a lot of attentions. Previous works already show that both software and hardware implementations of Keccak have strong side-channel power (electromagnetic) leakages, and these leakages can be easily used by attackers to recover secret key bits. Meanwhile, Keccak is vulnerable to random errors and injected faults, which will cause errors in the computation results. In this paper, we introduce a scheme based on the round rotation invariance property of Keccak to reduce the side-channel leakages while improve its reliability. The proposed scheme is resource friendly. Side-channel analysis results show that this method can efficiently reduce the side-channel leakages of Keccak implementations. Meanwhile, fault injection simulation results show that the proposed scheme can effectively improve the reliability of Keccak implementation, with error coverage almost 100%.

Category / Keywords: applications / side-channel attacks, SHA-3

Date: received 26 Feb 2016

Contact author: silenceluo at gmail com

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