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Ed448-Goldilocks, a new elliptic curve

Mike Hamburg

Abstract: Many papers have proposed elliptic curves which are faster and easier to implement than the NIST prime-order curves. Most of these curves have had fields of size around $2^256$, and thus security estimates of around 128 bits. Recently there has been interest in a stronger curve, prompting designs such as Curve41417 and Microsoft’s pseudo-Mersenne-prime curves.

Here I report on the design of another strong curve, called Ed448-Goldilocks. Implementations of this curve can perform very well for its security level on many architectures. As of this writing, this curve is favored by IRTF CFRG for inclusion in future versions of TLS along with Curve25519.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Elliptic curves, Edwards curves, implementations

Original Publication (in the same form): NIST ECC Workshop 2015

Date: received 23 Jun 2015, last revised 30 Jun 2015

Contact author: mike at shiftleft org

Available format(s): PDF | BibTeX Citation

Note: Fixed an error. I originally gave a base point which had order 2q. This revision rotates the base point by 180˚ so that it has prime order q.

Version: 20150630:202517 (All versions of this report)

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