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Two Kinds of Biclique Attacks on Lightweight Block Cipher PRINCE

Zheng Yuan,Zhen Peng,Haiwen Ou

Abstract: Inspired by the paper [10], using better differential characteristics in the biclique construction, we give another balanced biclique attack on full rounds PRINCE with the lower complexity in this paper. Our balanced biclique attack has 2^62.67 computational complexity and 2^32 data complexity. Furthermore, we first illustrate a star-based biclique attack on full rounds PRINCE cipher in this paper. Our star-based biclique attack has computational complexity 2^63.02 and the required data can be reduced to only a single plaintext-ciphertext pair, this is the optimal data complexity among the existing results of full round attack on PRINCE.

Category / Keywords: balanced biclique attack, star-based biclique, PRINCE, PRINCEcore, data complexity

Date: received 17 Dec 2015, last revised 22 Dec 2015

Contact author: zyuan at tsinghua edu cn,pengzhen0822@126 com

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