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ChipWhisperer: An Open-Source Platform for Hardware Embedded Security Research

Colin O'Flynn and Zhizhang (David) Chen

Abstract: This paper introduces a complete side channel analysis toolbox, inclusive of the analog capture hardware, target device, capture software, and analysis software. The highly modular design allows use of the hardware and software with a variety of existing systems. The hardware uses a synchronous capture method which greatly reduces the required sample rate, while also reducing the data storage requirement, and improving synchronization of traces. The synchronous nature of the hardware lends itself to fault injection, and a module to generate glitches of programmable width is also provided. The entire design (hardware and software) is open-source, and maintained in a publicly available repository. Several long example capture traces are provided for researchers looking to evaluate standard cryptographic implementations.

Category / Keywords: implementation / side-channel analysis, acquisition, synchronization, FPGA

Original Publication (in the same form): Proceedings of COSADE 2014

Date: received 19 Mar 2014, last revised 2 May 2014

Contact author: coflynn at newae com

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Note: Small changes in references.

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