Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/171

An Effective RC4 Stream Cipher

T.D.B Weerasinghe

Abstract: RC4 is the most widely used stream cipher around. A lot of modifications of RC4 cipher can be seen in open literature. Most of them enhance the secrecy of the cipher and the security levels have been analyzed theoretically by using mathematics. In this paper, a new effective RC4 cipher is proposed and the security analysis has been done using Shannon’s Secrecy theories where numerical values are obtained to depict the secrecy. The proposed cipher is a combination of Improved RC4 cipher proposed by Jian Xie et al and modified RC4 cipher proposed by T.D.B Weerasinghe, which were published prior to this work. Combination is done in such a way that the concept used in the modified RC4 algorithm is used in the Improved RC4 cipher by Jian Xie et al. Importantly, an immense improvement of performance and secrecy are obtained by this combination. Hence this particular modification of RC4 cipher can be used in software applications where there is a need to improve the throughput as well as secrecy.

Category / Keywords: Data encryption, RC4 modifications, Secrecy of ciphers, Stream cipher

Original Publication (with minor differences): IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Date: received 4 Mar 2014, last revised 4 Mar 2014

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