Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/071

Implementing Pairing-Based Cryptosystems in USB Tokens

Zhaohui Cheng

Abstract: In the last decade, pairing-based cryptography has been one of the most intensively studied subjects in cryptography. Various optimization techniques have been developed to speed up the pairing computation. However, implementing a pairing-based cryptosystem in resource constrained devices has been less tried. Moreover, due to progress on solving the discrete logarithm problem (DLP), those implementations are no longer safe to use. In this paper, we report an implementation of a couple of pairing-based cryptosystems at a high security level on a 32-bit microcontroller in a USB token. It shows that USB token supporting secure pairing-based cryptosystems is viable. The presented curve parameters may also be used by other pairing-related cryptosystems to achieve stronger security than those given in the existing literature.

Category / Keywords: implementation / pairing, identity-based cryptography

Date: received 1 Feb 2014, last revised 21 Nov 2014

Contact author: zhaohui_cheng at hotmail com

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Note: Minor technical and editorial changes and more references added

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