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Survey and Benchmark of Lightweight Block Ciphers for Wireless Sensor Networks

Mickaël Cazorla and Kevin Marquet and Marine Minier

Abstract: For security applications in wireless sensor networks (WSNs), choosing best algorithms in terms of energy-efficiency and of small memory requirements is a real challenge because the sensor networks must be autonomous. In \cite{EisenbarthGGHIKKNPRSO12,LawDH06}, the authors have benchmarked on a dedicated platform some block-ciphers and have deduced the best candidates to use in the context of small embedded platforms. This article proposes to study on a dedicated platform of sensors most of the recent lightweight block ciphers as well as some conventional block ciphers. First, we describe the design of the chosen block ciphers with a security summary and we then present some implementation tests performed on our platform.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography /

Publication Info: A short version of this paper will appear at Secrypt 2013

Date: received 17 May 2013

Contact author: marine minier at insa-lyon fr

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