Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2011/091

A New Approach to Practical Active-Secure Two-Party Computation

Jesper Buus Nielsen and Peter Sebastian Nordholt and Claudio Orlandi and Sai Sheshank Burra

Abstract: We propose a new approach to practical two-party computation secure against an active adversary. All prior practical protocols were based on Yao's garbled circuits. We use an OT-based approach and get efficiency via OT extension in the random oracle model. To get a practical protocol we introduce a number of novel techniques for relating the outputs and inputs of OTs in a larger construction. We also report on an implementation of this approach, that shows that our protocol is more efficient than any previous one: For big enough circuits, we can evaluate more than 20000 Boolean gates per second. As an example, evaluating one oblivious AES encryption (~34000 gates) takes 64 seconds, but when repeating the task 27 times it only takes less than 3 seconds per instance.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols /

Date: received 23 Feb 2011, last revised 14 Feb 2012

Contact author: orlandi at cs au dk

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