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Loiss: A Byte-Oriented Stream Cipher

Dengguo Feng and Xiutao Feng and Wentao Zhang and Xiubin Fan and Chuankun Wu

Abstract: This paper presents a byte-oriented stream cipher -- Loiss, which takes a 128-bit initial key and a 128-bit initial vector as inputs, and outputs a key stream of bytes. The algorithm is based on a linear feedback shift register, and uses a structure called BOMM in the filter generator, which has good property on resisting against algebraic attacks, linear distinguishing attacks and fast correlation attacks. In order for BOMM to be balanced, the S-boxes in BOMM must be orthomorphic permutations. To further improve the capability in resisting against those attacks, the S-boxes in BOMM must also possess some good cryptographic properties, for example, high algebraic immunity, high nonlinearity, and so on. However current researches on orthomorphic permutations pay little attention on their cryptographic properties, and we believe that Loiss not only enriches applications of orthomorphic permutations in cryptography, but also motivates the research on a variety of cryptographic properties of orthomorphic permutations.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / stream ciphers, Loiss, BOMM, orthomorphic permutations

Date: received 15 Sep 2010, last revised 18 Sep 2010

Contact author: fengxt at gmail com;fengxt@is iscas ac cn

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Note: Minor corrections.

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