Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2010/249

Rational Secret Sharing without Broadcast

Amjed Shareef

Abstract: We consider the concept of rational secret sharing, which was initially introduced by Halpern and Teague \cite{ht04}, where players' preferences are that they prefer to learn the secret than not, and moreover they prefer that as few others learn the secret as possible. This paper is an attempt to introduce a rational secret sharing scheme which defers from previous RSS schemes in that this scheme does not rely on broadcast to send messages but instead uses point to point transmissions. Not only that, but the protocol will not rely on any cryptographic primitives and is coalition resilient except for when the short player colludes with a long player.

Category / Keywords: foundations / Rational Cryptography

Date: received 30 Apr 2010

Contact author: amjedshareef at gmail com

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