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You may revise or withdraw a previously submitted or accepted report.

Archive Report
String of form year/number like 1999/001 for an archive report or xxxx/001 for revising a submission.
Existing information will be overwritten for all fields that you update below (unless you leave the field blank). Please pay attention to how the publication information should be updated.
Title and Authors
Please capitalize the title as on the paper and use LaTeX conventions for special characters.
Separate multiple authors with and and do not use LaTeX.
Abstract and Keywords
Only use latin characters and LaTeX conventions for math (displayed with MathJax); HTML tags are not allowed and filtered.
Have a look at the list of suggested keywords .
Publication Information

Is the submitted paper published elsewhere ? In other words, has this paper already appeared in another original publication or do you know that it will appear elsewhere?

If known, provide the DOI without including
Submission Content
Input at least one valid email address. Multiple addresses should be separated by commas. This will be used for communication.
The paper must be in PDF format and fit on ISO A4-sized or US letter-sized paper. The file should include the email address(es) of the author(s).
Add any further comments here (publicly visible).
Use the password received after the submission. If you forgot your password, please contact the co-editors.
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