Paper 2024/258

SoK: Decentralized Storage Network

Chuanlei Li, Shandong University
Minghui Xu, Shandong University
Jiahao Zhang, Shandong University
Hechuan Guo, Shandong University
Xiuzhen Cheng, Shandong University

Decentralized Storage Networks (DSNs) represent a paradigm shift in data storage methodology, distributing and housing data across multiple network nodes rather than relying on a centralized server or data center architecture. The fundamental objective of DSNs is to enhance security, reinforce reliability, and mitigate censorship risks by eliminating a single point of failure. Leveraging blockchain technology for functions such as access control, ownership validation, and transaction facilitation, DSN initiatives aim to provide users with a robust and secure alternative to traditional centralized storage solutions. This paper conducts a comprehensive analysis of the developmental trajectory of DSNs, focusing on key components such as Proof of Storage protocols, consensus algorithms, and incentive mechanisms. Additionally, the study explores recent optimization tactics, encountered challenges, and potential avenues for future research, thereby offering insights into the ongoing evolution and advancement within the DSN domain.

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Decentralized storage networkBlockchainProof of StorageConsensus Algorithm
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2024-02-19: approved
2024-02-16: received
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