Paper 2024/234

Bare PAKE: Universally Composable Key Exchange from just Passwords

Manuel Barbosa, University of Porto, INESC TEC, Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy
Kai Gellert, University of Wuppertal
Julia Hesse, IBM Research - Zurich
Stanislaw Jarecki, University of California, Irvine

In the past three decades, an impressive body of knowledge has been built around secure and private password authentication. In particular, secure password-authenticated key exchange (PAKE) protocols require only minimal overhead over a classical Diffie-Hellman key exchange. PAKEs are also known to fulfill strong composable security guarantees that capture many password-specific concerns such as password correlations or password mistyping, to name only a few. However, to enjoy both round-optimality and strong security, applications of PAKE protocols must provide unique session and participant identifiers. If such identifiers are not readily available, they must be agreed upon at the cost of additional communication flows, a fact which has been met with incomprehension among practitioners, and which hindered the adoption of provably secure password authentication in practice. In this work, we resolve this issue by proposing a new paradigm for truly password-only yet securely composable PAKE, called bare PAKE. We formally prove that two prominent PAKE protocols, namely CPace and EKE, can be cast as bare PAKEs and hence do not require pre-agreement of anything else than a password. Our bare PAKE modeling further allows us to investigate a novel "reusability" property of PAKEs, i.e., whether $n^2$ pairwise keys can be exchanged from only $n$ messages, just as the Diffie-Hellman non-interactive key exchange can do in a public-key setting. As a side contribution, this add-on property of bare PAKEs leads us to observe that some previous PAKE constructions relied on unnecessarily strong, "reusable" building blocks. By showing that ``non-reusable'' tools suffice for standard PAKE, we open a new path towards round-optimal post-quantum secure password-authenticated key exchange.

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