Paper 2024/163

On Tweakable Correlation Robust Hashing against Key Leakages

Chun Guo, Shandong University
Xiao Wang, Northwestern University
Kang Yang, State Key Laboratory of Cryptology
Yu Yu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

We continue the study of blockcipher-based (tweakable) correlation robust hash functions, which are central building blocks of circuit garbling and oblivious-transfer extension schemes. Motivated by Roy (CRYPTO 2022), we first enhance the multi-user tweakable correlation robust notion of Guo et al. (CRYPTO 2020) with a {\it key leaking oracle} that tells the adversary whether a certain user key satisfies the adversarially-chosen predicate. We then investigate the state-of-the-art hash construction of Guo et al. with respect to our new security definition, providing security proof as well as matching attacks. As an application, we exhibit an OT extension protocol with non-trivial multi-user security.

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Secret-key cryptography
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Correlation robust hashingkey leakageoblivious-transfer extension
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chun guo sc @ gmail com
wangxiao @ northwestern edu
yangk @ sklc org
yuyu @ yuyu hk
2024-03-18: revised
2024-02-05: received
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