Paper 2024/073

A Comparative Examination of Network and Contract-Based Blockchain Storage Solutions for Decentralized Applications

Lipeng He, University of Waterloo

Decentralized applications (DApps), which are innovative blockchain-powered software systems designed to serve as the fundamental building blocks for the next generation of Internet services, have witnessed exponential growth in recent years. This paper thoroughly compares and analyzes two blockchain-based decentralized storage networks (DSNs), which are crucial foundations for DApp and blockchain ecosystems. The study examines their respective mechanisms for data persistence, strategies for enforcing data retention, and token economics. In addition to delving into technical details, the suitability of each storage solution for decentralized application development is assessed, taking into consideration network performance, storage costs, and existing use cases. By evaluating these factors, the paper aims to provide insights into the effectiveness of these technologies in supporting the desirable properties of truly decentralized blockchain applications. In conclusion, the findings of this research are discussed and synthesized, offering valuable perspectives on the capabilities of these technologies. It sheds light on their potential to facilitate the development of DApps and provides an understanding of the ongoing trends in blockchain development.

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Published elsewhere. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Digital Economy and Computer Application (DECA 2023)
BlockchainData storageDistributed computingDecentralized storageDecentralized applicationsFilecoinArweaveIPFS
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lipeng he @ uwaterloo ca
2024-01-17: approved
2024-01-17: received
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