Paper 2023/336

A Novel Approach to e-Voting with Group Identity Based Identification and Homomorphic Encryption

Apurva K Vangujar, University College Cork
Buvana Ganesh, University College Cork
Alia Umrani, University College Cork
Paolo Palmieri, University College Cork

This paper presents a novel e-voting scheme that combines Group Identity-based Identification (GIBI) with Homomorphic Encryption (HE) based on the discrete logarithmic assumption. The proposed scheme uses the Schnorr-like GIBI scheme for voter identification and authorization using Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proof to ensure the anonymity and eligibility of voters. The use of Distributed ElGamal (DE) provides fairness and receipt-freeness, while the use of partial shares for decryption enables individual and universal verifiability without the need for a central authority. Voters can maintain uncoerability by encrypting their votes and casting ballots based on their own choice. The proposed scheme is secure under various scenarios and robust in the Random Oracle (RO) model. The GIBI-HE scheme offers a promising solution for e-voting, providing a sustainable and accessible environment for voters while supports unreusability of votes and protecting privacy of voter.

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Public-key cryptography
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Identity-based IdentificationGroup Identity-based IdentificationHomomorphic EncryptionE-votingElGamalDEDL
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a vangujar @ cs ucc ie
b ganesh @ cs ucc ie
a umrani @ cs ucc ie
p palmieri @ cs ucc ie
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2023-03-07: received
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