Paper 2023/1678

BumbleBee: Secure Two-party Inference Framework for Large Transformers

Wen-jie Lu, Ant Group
Zhicong Huang, Ant Group
Zhen Gu, Alibaba Group (China)
Jingyu Li, Zhejiang University
Jian Liu, Zhejiang University
Kui Ren, Zhejiang University
Cheng Hong, Ant Group
Tao Wei, Ant Group
WenGuang Chen, Ant Group

Large transformer-based models have realized state- of-the-art performance on lots of real-world tasks such as natural language processing and computer vision. However, with the increasing sensitivity of the data and tasks they handle, privacy has become a major concern during model deployment. In this work, we focus on private inference in two-party settings, where one party holds private inputs and the other holds the model. We introduce BumbleBee, a fast and communication-friendly two-party private transformer inference system. Our contributions are three-fold: Firstly, we present optimized homomorphic encryption-based proto- cols that enable the multiplication of large matrices with 80 – 90% less communication cost than existing methods. Secondly, we offer a general method for designing efficient and accurate protocols for non-linear activation functions in transformers. Our activation protocols have demonstrated speed and reduced the communication overhead by 80 – 95% over two existing methods. Finally, we conducted intensive benchmarks on several large transformer models. Results show that BumbleBee is more than one order of magnitude faster than Iron (NeurIPS22).

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secure neural inferencesecure two-party computationprivacy-preserving machine learning
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juhou lwj @ antgroup com
2023-10-31: revised
2023-10-30: received
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