Paper 2023/1633

One-time and Revocable Ring Signature with Logarithmic Size in Blockchain

Yang Li, Beijing Jiaotong University
Wei Wang, Beijing Jiaotong University
Dawei Zhang, Beijing Jiaotong University
Xu Han, Beijing Jiaotong University

Ring signature (RS) allows users to demonstrate to verifiers their membership within a specified group (ring) without disclosing their identities. Based on this, RS can be used as a privacy protection technology for users' identities in blockchain. However, there is currently a lack of RS schemes that are fully applicable to the blockchain applications: Firstly, users can only spend a UTXO once, and the current RS schemes are not yet perfect in a one-time manner. At the same time, the current RS schemes are not sufficiently developed in terms of regulation. Secondly, the size of the current RS is mostly linearly related to the number of ring members. When there are many members, the transaction processing speed is slow. We propose a one-time and revocable ring signature with logarithmic size in blockchain based on the Sigma-Protocols. Our scheme compresses the RS size and enables users to sign in the blockchain transactions. The scheme allows two RS generated with the same private key for a same UTXO to be linked together. Additionally, it allows regulatory authority to recover the signer's identity at any time. A security model was presented, and its security properties, namely, unforgeability, anonymity, one-time, revocability, and non-slanderability were proven in the random oracle model. Our scheme compresses the RS size to where is the number of ring users, enabling blockchain transactions to have better processing speeds. And it can prevent double-spending attacks in blockchain and allows regulatory authority to recover the identity of the signer.

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Public-key cryptography
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2023-10-20: received
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