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Paper 2023/1556

Better Safe than Sorry: Recovering after Adversarial Majority

Srivatsan Sridhar, Stanford University
Dionysis Zindros, Stanford University
David Tse, Stanford University

The security of blockchain protocols is a combination of two properties: safety and liveness. It is well known that no blockchain protocol can provide both to sleepy (intermittently online) clients under adversarial majority. However, safety is more critical in that a single safety violation can cause users to lose money. At the same time, liveness must not be lost forever. We show that, in a synchronous network, it is possible to maintain safety for all clients even during adversarial majority, and recover liveness after honest majority is restored. Our solution takes the form of a recovery gadget that can be applied to any protocol with certificates (such as HotStuff, Streamlet, Tendermint, and their variants).

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Cryptographic protocols
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svatsan @ stanford edu
dionyziz @ stanford edu
dntse @ stanford edu
2023-11-03: revised
2023-10-10: received
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