Paper 2023/1207

DeFi Auditing: Mechanisms, Effectiveness, and User Perceptions

Ding Feng, University of Macau
Rupert Hitsch, ETH Zurich
Kaihua Qin, Imperial College London
Arthur Gervais, University College London
Roger Wattenhofer, ETH Zurich
Yaxing Yao, Virginia Tech
Ye Wang, University of Macau

Decentralized Finance (DeFi), a blockchain-based financial ecosystem, suffers from smart contract vulnerabilities that led to a loss exceeding 3.24 billion USD by April 2022. To address this, blockchain firms audit DeFi applications, a process known as DeFi auditing. Our research aims to comprehend the mechanism and efficacy of DeFi auditing. We discovered its ability to detect vulnerabilities in smart contract logic and interactivity with other DeFi entities, but also noted its limitations in communication, transparency, remedial action implementation, and in preventing certain DeFi attacks. Moreover, our interview study delved into user perceptions of DeFi auditing, unmasking gaps in awareness, usage, and trust, and offering insights to address these issues.

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kaihua qin @ imperial ac uk
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wattenhofer @ ethz ch
yaxing @ vt edu
yewang ethz @ gmail com
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