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Paper 2023/1082

Intmax2: A ZK-rollup with Minimal Onchain Data and Computation Costs Featuring Decentralized Aggregators

Erik Rybakken, Intmax
Leona Hioki, Intmax
Mario Yaksetig, University of Porto

We present a novel blockchain scaling solution called Intmax2, which is a Zero-Knowledge rollup (ZK-rollup) protocol featuring stateless and decentralized block production, while minimizing the usage of data and computation on the underlying blockchain. Our architecture distinctly diverges from existing ZK-rollups since essentially all of the data and computational costs are shifted to the client-side as opposed to imposing heavy requirements on the block producers or the underlying Layer 1 blockchain. The only job for block producers is to periodically generate a commitment to a set of transactions, distribute inclusion proofs to each sender, and collect and aggregate signatures by the senders. This design allows permissionless and stateless block production, and is highly scalable with the number of users.

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paper @ intmax io
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